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Thieves' Town

A chest in a Bombable hut in the village surrounding the dungeon will contain the Magic Boomerang, instead of its usual 300 rupees, if you got this far with no Boomerang at all. If you have the basic Boomerang, the chest will still give money; only the Waterfall of Wishes can change the blue one to the red one.

In the middle of the Village of the Lost, the Dark World version of Kakariko Village, is a gargoyle with a large pitchfork. Link tries tugging on the pitchfork, which breaks off, revealing the dungeon entrance.

Like the Skull Woods dungeon, access requires, in addition to the Moon Pearl, any of the Powerful Gloves (Titan's Mitts), the Power Gloves plus the Hammer, or Dark World access via Agahnim plus the Hookshot and any of the Power Gloves or Hammer or Flippers.

Besides the usual hazards, a few Bunny Beams, and some horse-like monsters, this labyrinth is fairly small and not particularly remarkable for the most part. Except... the room where the compass indicates the boss should be is empty. In the room above it, Link can blast a hole in the floor, casting sunlight into the room, but it's still empty. He finds another telepathic tile, but it doesn't seem to help much:

Link... it's me, Zelda...
Don't be misled by the thief
Blind's dark magic! Be careful.
Link... It's me, Zelda...
Don't be deceived by the magic
of Blind the Thief! Be careful!

In the basement, Link finds the big chest surrounded by poundable barriers in a locked room with a collapsing floor.

おもくて、かつげなかった       powerful gloves
くろいイシも かつげるぞ!
I got the Powerful Gloves.
I can even carry the heavy black
stones I couldn't carry before!
You got the Titan's Mitt!
Now you can lift the heaviest
stones that were once
impossible to budge.

And so he can. Links hands now appear green as a small visual indication that he's wearing the gloves.

These and the upgrade they lead to are frankly worth making Thieves' Town your second Dark World dungeon in a regular playthrough.

Also in the basement, Link finds a maiden in a jail cell.

ふう ありがとうございます。
Phew, thank you.
I'm saved. Please
take me outside.
Ohh, thank you very much!
You saved my life. Please take
me outside.

She starts following him. But shouldn't she be trapped in a Crystal like the others? And if Link tries actually going outside...

あっ、… まって下さい。
Ah... please wait.
Don't go that way...
Err... Wait a minute...
Please don't go this way.

Link realizes something's not quite right about all this. He tries taking the girl, whoever she really is, to the boss room and into the sunlight...

Too bright!

The ALttP Ranomizer mostly removes dialog, but this particular line is always replaced with one bad pun or another.

And Blind reveals his true form... a floating sheet with a head...? Well, a boss is a boss. It flies around, shooting laser beams every so often and spewing fireballs when hit, and Link hits it until the sheet drops to the ground and the head flies around by itself, spewing fireballs at random. The sheet floats back up with a second head, and Link takes this one off too. A third head appears, and Link gives it more of the same, and Blind finally dies. Explosion, heart container, crystal.

リンク あなたのおかげで
できました。ありがとう…。      crystal
Link, I was able to escape
the fiend's clutches because
of you. Thank you...
When the Seven Sages sealed
the passage to the Dark World,
it was the Knight Clan who
protected the sages from attack
by the fiends. I have heard that
the bloodline of the Knights
nearly died out in that battle...
You are perhaps the last one to
carry the blood of the Knights...
It is curious that the last one
would have hidden in him the
power to become the Hero.
Surely you will be able to
beat Ganon!
May the way the hero travels
be guided unto the Triforce.
Link, because of you, I can
escape from the clutches of
the evil monsters. Thank you!
As the wise men sealed the way
to the Dark World, the Knights
Of Hyrule defended them from
the attacks of evil monsters.
I heard that the Knights Of
Hyrule were nearly wiped out in
that battle...
You are perhaps the last one
to carry on the blood-line of
the Knights...
It is ironic that the last one in
the line has the potential to
become the Hero of legend.
Surely you can destroy Ganon!
May the way of the Hero lead
to the Triforce.

For Randomizer purposes, the Thieves' Town dungeon contains a map, a compass, a small key, and a big key (if these aren't shuffled beyond their usual dungeons), and four other items. The first four chests have no requirements beyond dungeon entry. Everything else requires only the big key, except for the big chest, which also requires the Hammer and a key to unlock its room. Since the big chest is the only thing in the locked room, the small key could be inside.

The dungeon also has two small keys under skulls; these are not randomized and will always be in their usual locations.

Like Skull Woods, runners often treat the front of the Thieves' Town dungeon like overworld checks, grabbing whatever's there in passing whether or not they have any intention of clearing the dungeon at the time. Anyone with the Hammer is likely to go ahead and fully complete the dungeon if the boss has a Crystal, though, since it's quick to clear and has no other requirements. And sometimes they'll even do it without the Hammer or when there's no Crystal here.

Of special note is that when bosses are randomized, the boss will simply appear in the boss room as soon as you go there. There's no need to Bomb the floor above, and there won't be a false maiden at all. This makes clearing the dungeon even quicker... assuming you're able to beat the boss that was placed here.

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