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The Joy of Blowing Stuff Up

For whatever reason, the Bomb Shop found in the Dark World where Link's House is in the Light World now has an oversized pink bomb available for a mere 100 rupees. Link buys it, of course.

Functionally, the reason is having the #5 and #6 Crystals. It's just not clear why this would expand the Bomb Shop's inventory, either in universe where these seem completely unrelated, or out of universe where the condition seems to make less sense than, for instance, having six Crystals in total. In any case, the same condition holds true in the ALttP Randomizer, regardless of which dungeons those two Crystals end up in.

Thank you.
You can set the bomb loose with
the A button. Do not forget...
Thank you very much. You can
drop this Bomb off anywhere.
(Press the A Button.)
Please don't forget it.

The jumbo bomb follows Link around, but stops moving and starts counting down with a press of the A button, or after certain sudden moves (such as jumping). Remembering that sealed doorway back at the pyramid, Link tries setting the bomb off there... and it blasts open a hole large enough to enter.

I used to think the only route was crossing the bridge with the hammer pegs, but assuming you've beaten Agahnim to open the warp at the castle gate, it's quicker to take the jumbo bomb north to the moat, Mirror to the Light World to cross the bridge, and return to the Dark World through the gate.

Because A starts the countdown, you can't dash with the jumbo bomb... except that's not quite true. There's a brief window after certain actions, such as moving by Hookshot, that allows you to dash without starting the timer, and the bomb will happily follow along at full sprinting speed. Runners may also use the Bomb Duping glitch to recover the bomb after leaving it behind, typically by crossing a screen transition just as it's about to explode.

Inside is another mysterious fountain, like the one behind the waterfall in the Light World, and just like at the other one, Link can try throwing various items in. So he tries his sword. An abnormally plump faerie appears, asks the usual question, gives the usual speech, and upgrades Link's sword.

なにかあたたかい手ざわりが      blessed master sword
My sword got stronger.
It feels somehow warm.
Your sword is stronger!
You can feel its power
throbbing in your hand!

The sword now glows gold, and its damage is again (usually) doubled.

Link tries tossing in his bow next. The faerie appears and asks the usual question, but doesn't give the usual speech.

You are an honest person.
I've taken a liking to you.
I will give you something important...
These are Silver Arrows.
They are absolutely essential to
delivering the finishing blow to Ganon!
It's because of Ganon's diabolic powers
that I'm a wee bit on the chubby side.
Be sure to do away with Ganon.
You are an honest person.
I like you.
I will give you something
These are the Silver Arrows.
To give Ganon his last
moment, you definitely need
them! I know I don't quite have
the figure of a faerie.
Ganon's cruel power
is to blame!
You must defeat Ganon!
おお、これがガノンにとどめを      silver arrows
Oh, these are the Silver Arrows
for finishing off Ganon!
These are the Silver Arrows
you need to defeat Ganon!

All of Link's current and future Arrows are now silver. Not only are they silver and shiny, but they also hurt much more than before... so much so that they'll kill nearly any normal enemy in a single hit, including those that took five normal Arrows, and even a few that normal Arrows couldn't harm.

Much like the Waterfall of Wishes, the ALttP Randomizer removes the dialog and places two treasure chests with random items. Tossing an empty Bottle in also refills it with contents randomly chosen when the seed is generated, and not necessarily the same as at the waterfall.

The familiar warp point on the mountain is in the wrong place to reach Turtle Rock, but between the Powerful Gloves and Hammer or Hookshot, Link can reach the top of a rock in the Light World that corresponds to Turtle Rock in the Dark World. Three pegs stick out of the top, and hitting them in the correct order makes a warp tile appear on the rock. Link steps on the tile and appears on top of Turtle Rock, a massive crag shaped like a turtle that has no apparent entrance. However, there's a platform above the head, with a symbol that looks a lot like a medal engraved with a wavy pattern. Link tries standing there and using the Shake Magic. Sure enough, the shockwaves make the head collapse, revealing the entrance.

As with Misery Mire, the ALttP Randomizer randomizes which medallion opens this dungeon and modifies the tile accordingly. Doing anything inside requires the Staff of Somaria, as described below (though you could, in theory, bypass this in some sections if you're exceptionally good at Hovering). In addition to that, access to the dungeon usually requires the Hammer and Powerful Gloves (Titan's Mitts), plus mountain access in general, to reach the top of the rock.

In Inverted world state, you can jump to the top of the rock from the tail, and an added staircase further west means you can get that far with nothing more than Death Mountain access. Furthermore, you can skip to the secondary dungeon entrances by using the Mirror from the Light World, letting you bypass parts of the dungeon including locked doors and the medallion requirement for the main entrance, and the item placement may very well expect you to do exactly that.

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カメイワ Turtle Rock

Just inside the entrance, Link finds another telepathic tile.

Link, do you carry Magic Medicine?
If you do not have the medicine,
do not continue on.
Link, do you possess the
Medicine of Magic? If not, I
recommend against going any

Again, "old man" speak implies Sahasrahla.

The dungeon is full of massive pits. To cross them, Link needs to use the Staff of Somaria on question marked spots at the end of dotted lines over the pits. This makes a platform appear that will travel along the dotted lines. These platforms will stop at all such spots, can be put into motion by pressing in a valid direction when stopped, and can be steered at marked intersections by holding the desired direction.

And no, I have no idea how you're expected to figure this mechanic out, other than trying everything in your inventory until something happens.

Since much of the dungeon requires using magic to proceed, many of the pots contain partial or full magic refills. There's even a room early on (through the eastern northward door from the first room after the entrance) with both a full magic refill and a faerie, though you need to wait out some attacking tiles first.

Other than Somaria platforms, there aren't any particularly remarkable puzzles, just an unusually long and sometimes disorienting dungeon with numerous eyes in the walls that shoot laser beams at Link, not to mention some enemies that don't appear anywhere else, including a room with Chain Chomps, of all things.

Riding some pipes over hot lava gets Link the big key, and after a quick trip across a mountain ledge outside the dungeon proper, he finds the big chest...

Also note that Mirroring from the ledge outside the dungeon on the big chest side leads to the final previously unreachable location in the Light World, dubbed "Mimic Cave" for the enemies inside, which contains the final heart container piece in a regular playthrough.

カガミの盾を みつけたぞっ!
今までの盾では、はねかえせな     mirror shield
I found the Mirror Shield!
It even repels beams that my
previous shields couldn't!
You found the Mirror Shield!
You can now reflect beams
that your old shield
couldn't block!

The Mirror Shield is a golden tower shield that doesn't, unfortunately, reflect attacks, but it does block nearly any ranged attack, including large fireballs and wall eye lasers. And that comes in handy with all the laser eyes in the walls, though it's never truly necessary as such. Blocking laser beams particularly helps in a room deep in the dungeon dubbed Laser Bridge, where aggressive laser eyes guard a series of treasure chests to either side of a narrow bridge. This room is also significant for the Bombable wall at the south end that leads to a small ledge outside. This is popularly known as the "safety door", since anyone who takes a death after going through it and back in will start at this entrance and only have a few rooms to redo.

You can also use the Mirror from the outdoor ledge to return to the Light World. The cave there leads to a pair of faeries for those in need of healing or an additional safety measure. You can even use the Ocarina to fly away, resupply (maybe buying a potion or two), then fly back up, climb the mountain on the east side, jump down from above, and return through the lingering portal, as long as you don't use the Mirror elsewhere in the meantime.

After considerable journey deep underground, Link finally reaches the boss room. It's a three-headed stone turtle. The center and largest head occasionally lunges at Link, but doesn't do anything else and is invulnerable. As for the other heads... one is bright blue and breathes ice, while the other is bright red and breathes fire. Both are invulnerable until hit with the Rod of the opposite element, which stuns it long enough for Link to get in several solid sword blows. Once both side heads die, the turtle pulls into its shell and explodes... but it's not done yet. The inner part, resembling a large stone snake, bursts out and chases after Link. Fortunately, it's a bit sluggish and has a poor turning radius. The middle is vulnerable, and a few hits takes it down, this time for real. After a satisfying explosion, the final heart container appears, giving Link twenty if he's collected all the heart container pieces. The Crystal imprisoning Princess Zelda drops.

れました。 やっぱりあなたが
伝説の『勇者』だったのね。      crystal
 … … …
 リンク …
とり戻しましょうね … …
Link, you have done well to
come this far. You really are
the legendary Hero.
I've had a feeling you were
ever since we first met.
 ... ... ...
Ganon has raised a barrier on the Death
Mountain tower as he waits to slip through
the passage between the two worlds.
If Ganon were to come to the
World of Light, it might no longer
be possible to catch him.
But while he's inside this closed-off
space, you can be sure to find him
no matter where he runs.
Now, take the seven crystals and
hurry to Ganon's Tower.
We'll break the barrier with our power.
 Link ...
Let's not fail to take back our
peaceful land ... ...
May the way the hero travels
be guided unto the Triforce.
I appreciate your coming so far
to rescue me. As I thought,
you are the legendary Hero.
I have felt this from the first
time we met.
... ... ...
Ganon is waiting inside of his
tower to pass through the
gate linking the two worlds.
Once Ganon enters the Light
World, it is unlikely that
anyone can stop him.
But if he stays in the closed
space of this world, you can
find him wherever he runs.
Now, go to the Tower Of
Ganon! We will use our
combined powers to break the
barrier. Let's return peace to
the country without fail...
... ... ...
May the road the hero travels
be guided to the Triforce.

The later part of Zelda's speech changes if you haven't rescued all of the other maidens already, as she urges you to go do that.

For Randomizer purposes, Turtle Rock is another unusually item-rich dungeon, containing a map, a compass, four small keys, and a big key (if these aren't shuffled beyond their usual dungeons), and five other items. That's 12 total locations, counting what the boss drops, and don't forget that Turtle Rock is also the access route to Mimic Cave (under most settings), for an additional item location not in the dungeon itself as long as you have the Mirror.

The first chest (normally the compass) has no additional requirements. The next two (normally the map and a small key) require the Fire Rod to light torches in the previous room. Except in Inverted state, or when entrances or keys are shuffled, glitchless logic requires at least one of these three chests to have a small key to allow continuing deeper into the dungeon, and if the first chest doesn't have one, then the entire rest of the dungeon is locked by the Fire Rod.

Past that first hurdle, the next chest has no further requirements, other than surviving the Chain Chomps. The chest over the lava (normally the big key) requires spending a key. The big chest, as well as the remainder of the dungeon (except with Entrance Shuffle or Inverted settings), requires the big key.

The four chests on Laser Bridge, if I'm not mistaken, logically require either the Mirror Shield or an invulnerability item, and if one of these chests has a small key, then the boss also logically requires the same. However, it's possible with careful positioning to slip past the lasers even without any protection. Since this section of the dungeon lies beyond a torchless dark room, both Laser Bridge and the boss also logically require the Lantern (again, this doesn't apply in Entrance Shuffle or Inverted mode, where you can enter directly from the safety door; regardless, most runners can handle the dark in any case).

The dungeon also has two small keys dropped by enemies, which as usual are not randomized and will always appear in their usual locations. Both of these are intended to be used in the rooms where they drop. The first can be used elsewhere in modes where the other entrances are accesssible, and the second can be used elsewhere if you're willing to forego the vanilla big key chest in the lava room or come back for it later if necessary.

When using Entrance Shuffle, keep in mind that Turtle Rock has four different entrances. Depending on the settings, they might all connect to completely different parts of the overworld. Also keep the secondary entrances in mind for Inverted mode, where, as noted above, you can Mirror from the Light World to reach them.

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