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Final Fantasy VI

Characters collected in this section: Gogo, Umaro, Cayenne

Bosses covered in this section: Freeze Dragon, Valigarmander, Umaro, Storm Dragon

Gogo's Cave (mostly)  | | | . . . . . . . . . .

Before going after the yeti, let's take advantage of Moruru's Charm to get a new party member who can help with those kleptomaniac urges Lock's absence may be setting off. Make a party with Mog (but don't put the charm on yet) and head to the island in the northeast. All battles here are encounters wtih the odd Zone Eater monster, which uses some ○ Gravity and a lot of Inhale. Inhale is superficially similar to Snort, in that it removes a character until the end of combat, but with the important difference that if all characters get Inhaled, the party winds up in a mysterious cave under the island.

The monsters in here are probably more than you want to deal with if you're coming here this soon, which is why I suggest having Mog wear Moruru's Charm to disable random encounters. If not doing that, or if returning when better prepared, expect a wide variety of attack traits and status attacks. Equip Ribbons and as much elemental defense as you can manage. Most enemies here are weak against Flame, Holy, or both, and none resist either. Also, don't Throw things, since two of the enemies will toss weapons right back at you. Try to encounter the rare Baal-zephon while you're here, as it's one of Gau's better Rages.

Anyway, this place is... weird. The first room features a series of bridges to jump across, with characters who like to shove the party off the edge. Let them do that once to find a Red Jacket and Ether Turbo below. The bridge room itself contains a Magical Brush, Impresario's Mustache, and Genji's Armor.

The next room has a save point. Use it, and make sure to have Dash Shoes on, for the room after that has a crushing ceiling. Move quickly but carefully, and loot the chests for a Zephyr Manteau, Brave Ring, and Kazaguruma.

The final obstacle is a room that involves hopping on chests that act like springboards. Navigate to the switch to open a side path to a Thundergod's Shield, then continue on to the next room to find a rather peculiar-looking character.

A man clad in peculiar clothing...
or rather, it's impossible to discern
from the appearance whether this is
man or woman, or even human.
Shrouded in odd clothing, this a man...?
...a woman...?
...or should we ask...?
{Gogo}: I am {Gogo}.
 Long have I lived doing mimicry.
 You're my first visitors in a long time.
CREATURE: I am {GOGO}, master of the simulacrum...
My miming skills will astonish you.
{Gogo}: I have an idea.
 I shall imitate you.
 What are you doing now?
{GOGO}: Yes...I have been idle for too long. If I deem you worthy, I'll mime your actions in battle.
But first you must tell me what you're doing here.
{Gogo}: I see.
 You're trying to save the world.
 Then I shall attempt to mimic
 saving the world as well.
{GOGO}: What an unusual tale...
But I sense that you're trying to help make things right again. This should be fun.
When do we leave?

Gogo can't equip Genjuu and has poor stats and a limited selection in equipment, but compensates with a Mimicry command that duplicates the last action taken by any party member (some exceptions apply) and a command list that is customizable with any command available to any of the twelve primary characters except for Tina's Transform (which also can't be mimicked). However, note that Shadow's Throw will be unavailable if he didn't make it off the Mystic Continent, and if Mog wasn't recruited in the WoB then Dance won't appear until he is recruited. Skills from any characters avoided entirely by glitch abuse (Celes and her Magicseal Sword being the easiest to avoid) will also be absent. Refer to the character entry for details.

Despite the drawbacks and limitations, Gogo can be a useful asset in the coliseum. Since characters are uncontrollable there, but Gogo's command list is editable, you can at least stack the odds in favor of what you want and avoid certain undesirable actions (like random spellcasting) entirely.

Gogo can also equip any accessory that transforms one command into another, and these will have their normal effect. For example, giving Gogo a Thief's Bracer when Steal is set will turn it into Mug, just as it would do for Lock.

Now that Gogo is in the party, feel free to go on a thieving spree. I prefer Lock, but he's probably the most difficult character to find and get back in the party. I'll be saving him for last, partly due to that and partly because it feels appropriate that Celes's search for the others would end with him.

I noted some overworld monsters with interesting things to steal in the previous section. Here are two more.

Peeping Bear: Found on the remote island where Celes woke up. They have an Elixir as a rare steal, but tend to drop dead before allowing much chance to try for it. Try using a Gale Hairpin, Hermes's Shoes, and ◎ Stop. You can also Sketch them for White Wind.

Earth Protector: Found in the desert on the remote island where Celes woke up; equip 'zombie' prevention since it's also home to Black Dragons (no relation to the Eight Dragons). These have a Last Elixir as a rare steal, but tend to drop dead almost immediately. Attempt the same countermeasures as above, and try a Sketch for Mighty Guard.

炭坑都市ナルシェ  Coal Mine City Narshe  | | | . . . . . . . . . . .  NARSHE

Okay, time to go find that yeti. Head up into the icefields above the town. There are now random encounters here, which means Mog can finally learn Snowman Rondo and finish his Dance list. There's also a dragon roaming around. Save if desired, equip Ice Shields (or at least Flame Shields), and that should win it.

The Freeze Dragon honestly doesn't have much going for it. Besides normal attacks, it uses Avalanche, Absolute Zero, and Northern Cross. If properly equipped, you'll absorb all the non-physical damage, and if Northern Cross freezes anyone, just use ○ Fire to thaw them out. As if all that weren't unimpressive enough already, it's also vulnerable to a surprising number of status ailments: 'poison', 'silence', 'berserk', 'confusion', and 'slow'. Granted, its physical attack is reasonably strong, but it only attacks physically about a third of the time except when confused, so even that ends up being more to your advantage than not. It should go without saying, but the Freeze Dragon is weak against Flame and absorbs Ice. Finally, the Freeze Dragon may use Avalanche one last time upon running out of health, but you should absorb that already, so yeah.

Win for a Force Shield, great against magic but not so much against physical attacks. No items to steal.

     8竜 あと6ひき Eight Dragons: Six more left       6 dragons left.

Unused combat text for this dragon:

Freeze Dragon called an ally!
Summoned the Skull Dragon!
Ice Dragon called its pal!
Skull Dragon summoned!

Continue up the cliff to find the frozen Genjuu still sitting where it was left a year ago. The difference is that this time, it responds to the party's presence by glowing, then attacking! Like the Freeze Dragon, this should be easy with Ice Shields ready, though since "Dark World" continues playing throughout the battle, it's likely to feel longer and more depressing than it actually is.

Valigarmander's only offense is ○ Blizzaga, which you should be absorbing. You'll also see lots of ◎ Raspil, which is both frequent in the normal attack script and used as a random counter against Flame attacks, its weakness. Ice is absorbed, the other six traits have no effect, and a very high defense makes physical attacks almost useless unless they ignore defense. However, Valigarmander may counter anything from Deathblow Sword, Machines, Deathblow Techniques, Memorized Techniques, Sketch, or Rage with Freezing Dust, which does what the name suggests. Freezing Dust may also come up infrequently in the normal attack script. Your best bet is to ignore the counters and kill it with fire, though things like Throw and the Ultima Weapon work reasonably well too.

Valigarmander has no dropped or stolen items to earn, but thawing it out enough will win the battle and finally allow for some communication.

おろかな… 永久の戦い…
… … …? 
おまえたちは それを終わらせようと
いうのか… その心、信じてみるか…
Genjuu: Humans have broken
 my icy seal...?
 Bearing magicite...
 Who are you...?
I suppose it matters not.
But this bloodthirst filling the world?
Does the Great Magic War continue
even now, after a thousand years...?
How foolish... eternal war...
... ... ...?
You mean to put an end to it...?
I'll give believing in your hearts a try...
ESPER: You HUMANS freed me from that prison of ice?
You possess Magicite?!
Who are you?!
I sense war and destruction...
Could that stupid war possibly have lasted a thousand years?
I can tell that you want to put a stop to the madness...
Let's see if you are worthy!
魔石「ヴァリガルマンダ」を手に入れた Got the magicite Valigarmander.     Received the Magicite

Finally, advanced offensive magic, though it's slow to learn. Anyway, with the ice gone, a portion of the cliffside collapses, revealing a new opening.

There's a hole visible partway
down the cliff... Jump down?
There's an opening in the cliff. Hop into it?

I think we all know how to answer that question. Inside the cave, watch out for pitfalls. They aren't truly dangerous, but they are annoying. Many of the monsters like to hit with 'kappa' status, so equip protection. Flame works well on everything. The main thing to watch out for here is the rare encounter with a Tonberry. These will use Pacing Damage every turn, and counter all attacks with their signature Carving Knife (800% attack damage!) and Pacing Damage. Turn the tables and hit them with 'kappa' status to avoid the special attacks, though this gives them automatic critical hits. Gau's Deep Eye Rage can also kill them with Terror Glance, since they're immune to instant death but not petrification.

Explore to find an Ether Super, a Gauntlet, and... oops, that chest has three Tonberries in it. It's rather fortunate that they're actually a different monster entirely than the ones roaming the cave, since they won't use Pacing Damage and don't counterattack as hard. Actually, they only counter magic, casting ○ Holy despite their low magic power. Normally, they just attack and inch gradually closer. If one gets too close, it uses Carving Knife and resets position. Hit one a few times to knock it back a step. Also note that they'll use only physical attacks as long as you don't use magic on them, so turning invisible makes you invulnerable. Each has a Minerva Bustier, generally the best armor for Tina and Celes, as both a rare steal and a rare drop. You may not end up getting even one, but at least they'll show up on the Beast Plain after this to give you potentially unlimited chances to try again.

The chest Tonberries are also the only level 99 enemies in the game, but their other offensive stats are fairly lacking, so it makes little practical difference beyond making it difficult to successfully use Steal, Sketch, or Control on them.

Keep exploring to find a bone sculpture.

 … 魔石?
"What's with this carving?
 It's made of bone..."
"This thing in its eye is...
What's with this carving?
Looks like bone... that eye...
... Magicite?!

Leaving it alone is an option, but who ever leaves treasure behind?

魔石「ミドガルズオルム」を手に入れた Got the magicite Midgarðsormur.     Received the Magicite

Too bad that annoys the yeti, who suddenly stomps in and attacks. Oh well, what's one more battle? The yeti (who is not supposed to be named yet) is, unsurprisingly, a mixture of Ice and brawn, so set up defenses accordingly and attack with Flame, though that's likely to provoke a counterattack. He's also both weak against Poison and vulnerable to the status ailment, as well as 'berserk', 'slow', and 'sleep'. This has obvious potential for abuse.

More concretely, the yeti will mostly use normal attacks, but sometimes uses Tackle instead (triple damage), and may use Blizzard (enemy spell) if he has at least two targets. He may also counter with Tackle, and may additionally counter Flame attacks with Tackle or Blizzard. In another interesting twist, every third use of Magic against him will trigger a Jump attack. As long as he has at least two targets, there's also a periodic time-based attack that randomly selects from Snowball (halves health and adds 'slip' status), Avalanche (multitarget Ice damage), or Hailstone (reduces health by 75%). Instant death immunity will prevent the percent-based attacks from working, and you should be protected against the other one anyway. But seriously, just cast ○ Poison and ◎ Sleepel.

After taking 6,960 damage, the yeti will use a Yellow Cherry on himself, then flash and display the following message:

100 times more energetic!
Defense up.
Magic defense up.
Agility up.
Regenerative ability up.
Power 100 times up!
Defense up
Mag Def up
Speed up
Recovery up

What this actually does is give him the 'protect', 'shell', and 'haste' statuses. It's supposed to also add 'regenerate', but he's immune to 'slip' and the two are linked, so that fails. Use ◎ Dispel or Ripple and carry on. Incidentally, if you use a Yellow Cherry on him yourself before he does, that triggers the same effect early. In either case, it will only happen once per battle.

No items to win or steal. The yeti goes to sulk in a corner after losing. However, if Mog is here, he'll order the yeti to cooperate.

{Mog}: I'm your boss, kupo!
 You're joining us, kupo!!!
{MOG}: I'm your boss, kupo!
You're gonna join us, kupo!!!
A yeti who loves bone carvings.
His strength can mow down massive trees.
...but he's a bit reckless.
Admirer of bone-carvings,
as strong as a gigas,
a sasquatch pal with muscle!
 よ ろ し く!
: Uuuu... me {Umaro}, uuuu.
 Boss give order...
 me... join you now!
 Gree tings!
{Mog}: {Umaro}!
 Do your best, kupo!! {UMARO}...
Yes, boss...
Me join you!
No slouching, now!

I would have called him Oomaro (and changed the uuuus to oooos so they match), but that works too.

Unlike most characters, Umaro will not immediately join the active party even if it has room for him.

Me get on flying ship yous
rode here, uuuu! wait for you in big airship!

Umaro can't equip Genjuu, and his equipment other than accessories is also unchangable. He wields a Bone Club, which is mediocre at best, and wears the Snow Muffler, the awesomeness of which is offset by his lack of any headgear or shield. He's also uncontrollable in combat, though at least has more variety than a traditional berserker, especially with the right accessories. Refer to his character entry for details. Also, despite what happened during the battle, using a Yellow Cherry on him has no unusual effects.

Like Gogo, Umaro can be useful in the coliseum, if only because his limited options at least mean he'll be attacking all the time, and no character is controllable in there anyway. Being unable to change his equipment is a serious limitation, though. To paraphrase Djibriel, Umaro is automatically a good character by default, but there's really no way to make him into a great character; everyone else can outdo him with some preparation and know-how.

Also note that Umaro is skipped when the NPC on the airship unequips characters. This includes his accessories as well as his fixed equipment, so you'll need to take them off manually if you want to move them to other characters.

ゾゾ  Zozo  | | | . . . . . . . . . .  ZOZO

Remember the bird that took Lola's letter? This is where it went. Find the bird just inside the town to see it fly past a door that's rusted shut. Fortunately, Zozo's only honest man can help.

Climb up the building with the pub
sign to find a path that leads to
Zozo Mountain!
The monsters in Zozo Mountain are
nimble, so you should think about
a way to reliably inflict damage.
A Sni... something or other...
Climb the stairs of the building with the CAFE sign on it, and you can find a path leading to Mt. Zozo.
With this rust remover you'll be
able to open the door over there.
Buy it for 1000?
With this Rust-Rid you can open that door.
Yours for 1000 GP!

ゾゾ山  Zozo Mountain  | | | . . . . . . . . . .  MT. ZOZO

There's a cave behind the door. Odd, but Zozo never was known for making much sense. None of the monsters in random encounters here will use any magical attacks, so feel free to use 'transparent' status for invulnerability.

Most monsters here have over 100 evade, which should make them difficult to hit, and is why the honest man hints at using the Sniper Eye. Magic, weapons with high accuracy, and unblockable attacks would be all but essential for dealing with them... except that the evade bug means it's their 0 MEvd that matters, so you'll have no trouble landing hits.

Watch out for the Stolen Bear, which loves to steal your money and then run away before you can get it back. The Glasya-Labolas is the strongest monster here, but has the useful Muscle Belt as a rare steal. The Punisher has the Rising Sun as a common steal and the oddball Bone Club as a rare steal.

The cave is, perhaps unsurprisingly, in poor repair. Search around for an Ice Shield, Red Cap, Thundergod's Shield, Aegis Shield, and Gold Headdress. Near a save point further in is a button to step on. The button opens a chest that's out of reach, freeing a dragon, which circles around and attacks if contact is made.

The Storm Dragon represents (and absorbs) Wind, but its weakness is Thunder, rather than the more appropriate Earth (most such attacks will miss since it's airborne, though the few that can hit will inflict normal damage). Wind immunity will protect against many of its attacks, but not everything, so don't get careless. No meaningful status effects work except 'slip', and that one is hard to come by and relatively useless.

The Storm Dragon's basic attack pattern consists of a normal attack, Wind Scythe, or Leaf Flurry on the first turn, then a normal attack (67%) or Wind Scythe (33%) on the second, then repeat. Leaf Flurry is the problematic one, since it's unblockable magic with no element, so there's no way to negate it entirely. However, it doesn't ignore defense, so you can at least reduce the damage. After losing 26,640 of 42,000 health, the pattern switches to cycling between normal attack (67%) or Aeroga (33%), then normal attack, Wing Saber (triple damage), or Great Whirlwind. Great Whirlwind can be devastating, but instant death protection will nullify it. The Storm Dragon also has a chance to strike back when hit, but honestly, that's barely even worth mentioning.

Win to get a Force Armor, one of the best armors in the game thanks to its good stats, elemental resistance, and bonus to MEvd. There are no items to steal.

     8竜 あと5ひき Eight Dragons: Five more left       5 dragons left.

Unused combat text for this dragon:

Storm Dragon called an ally!
Summoned the Earth Dragon!
Storm Dragon called its pal!
Dirt Dragon summoned!
ストームドラゴンに変化がおきる! A change occurs in the Storm Dragon! Storm Drgn undergoing changes!

That's the only boss in the area, and it's entirely avoidable. Continue on to find a room full of silk flowers like the ones in Lola's house.

"Artificial flowers.
 They're quite well made."
Silk flowers...
Beautifully made, too...

There's also a locked chest. Step outside to find Cayenne with the pigeon. It flies off, "Cyan" plays, and the man waxes poetic.

A world on the brink of destruction...
Yet the light of dawn changeth not.
Nor ever will the heart of man change...
 The world before the fall...
Delightful is the light of dawn...
 Noble is the heart of man...
『{カイエン}!! "{Cayenne}!!" {CYAN}!!
{Cayenne}: Everyone!!
 You are unhurt!!!
{CYAN}: Hey!!
You're alive!?
『{カイエン}… "{Cayenne}..." {CYAN}...
 ま、まさか わしの書いた手紙を
{Cayenne}: I shall go as well!
 We must not leave the world as it is!
 But how could you have found...?
 C-could it be that... you read the
 letters I wrote!?
{CYAN}: I shall go with you!
I shan't leave the world as it is!
But how did you find me?
Tell me you didn't read my letters...!!

With a startled look, Cayenne rushes inside, and sets about hiding the flowers and a letter on the desk. He relaxes briefly before remembering there are more flowers on a high shelf. The others walk in to find him hopping in an attempt to grab the last bunch.

 いや… その… 
{Cayenne}: These...
 be just... ahh...
 a trifling hobby of mine...
{CYAN}: These...
they're... um...
Merely a diversion of mine...
 These flowers are pretty well made."
These flowers are gorgeous!
{Cayenne}: M-mh!!
 How dare—!!!!
{CYAN}: Mm...m...!?
This is an outrage...!
{カイエン}「ほんとでござるか? {Cayenne}: Are they indeed? {CYAN}: Seriously?

At this point, he laughs, drops the act, and confesses.

{Cayenne}: I paid a visit to Maranda,
 concerned for the girl we met upon
 a time who was awaiting letters.
 The girl knew replies would come
 no more, yet still each day she
 wrote her letters...
 I could not bear to watch...
{CYAN}: I learned of that poor girl when I passed through Maranda.
When I heard that she sent a letter each day, but never received any replies...
Something inside me snapped...
{Cayenne}: As I wrote my letters
 I realized that I too was doing
 the same thing as that girl.
 That in truth I was not facing forward...
 I shall avert mine eyes no more.
 Thus, forward...
{CYAN}: As I wrote to that girl, I realized I was very much like her.
I was looking behind...full of despair. My eyes were closed...
And then something changed...

Added if Gau hasn't rejoined.

I encountered Sir {Gau} in Maranda.
He said, "I'll get stronger to beat Cefca,"
and went off somewhere...
Belike Sir {Gau} headed
for the Beast Plain.
I bumped into Sir {GAU} in Maranda. He said he had to become stronger if he was to face Kefka.
He probably returned to the Veldt.

Cayenne rejoins the party. Go back outside now to find a shiny.

Found the key to {Cayenne}'s treasure chest. Found the key to {CYAN}'s treasure chest.

Opening it is only good for a joke or a botched translation, though.

 … … それと… 
W-well, now...
"Machinery for Dummies",
"Understanding Machines through Manga",
"Cure Your Mechanical Incompetence!",
"The Machinery Comprehension Book",
 ... ... and...
some fairly lewd books found!
A child could use this machine!
This is a joke! I'll never be afraid of machines again!
Found "Machinery Manual"
Book of Secrets.

Cayenne reacts if present.

{Cayenne}: No!
 That is my precious...!
{CYAN}: No!
That's mine!!!

We did suspect he had something of a dirty mind, didn't we? Not that you can blame him, living up here all alone.

マランダの町  Town of Maranda  | | | | . . . . . . . . . .  MARANDA

Bring Cayenne to see Lola for a brief event.

Lola: I knew these flowers and letters
 weren't from my boyfriend.
 But I was afraid to admit it...
 I've been lying to myself...
 But I'll be all right now.
 I don't know who it was, but as I
 read the letters he wrote me,
 the wounds of my heart healed...
 I'm sure that person had much the
 same kind of wounds in his heart...
 I'd like to meet him if I can...
LOLA: I knew that these flowers and letters weren't sent by my boyfriend. I just didn't want to admit it.
I was lying to myself...
But I'm all right now.
As I read those letters...
...the pain I felt in my heart became bearable...
I'm sure whoever wrote them has suffered greatly...
I wish I could meet him...
『実はそれは… "Actually, he's..." Actually, ...

Cayenne cuts them off.

{Cayenne}: Face forward and live.
 The light comes from before thee...
{CYAN}: Look to the future...
We have a lot of life left to live...
Face forward...
where the light comes from...
I'll do my best.
I feel like I have a future now! I'll take your words to heart...
I'll be okay.

Check the letter for a little extra.

{Cayenne} replaced the letter... {CYAN} exchanged the letters...
I implore thee to forgive me
for having lied to thee thus far.
I now take up brush with the
thought that thou must now cease
averting thine eyes from reality.
That lad in Mobliz is no longer of
this world. I have been writing letters
in his stead. Mine apologies...
A simple matter it is to be bound by
what is past and squander the future.
Yet that doth bring forth nothing.
Nor can it continue onward.
I would that thou dost remember once
more to look forward. I would that thou
dost remember what it is to love...
        - {Cayenne}
Dear Lola,
I am writing to beg for your forgiveness. I am guilty of perpetuating a terrible lie...
I have only now realized the error of my ways. I hope I can correct a great wrong.
Your boyfriend, who you thought was in Mobliz, passed away some time ago. I have been writing in his stead...
We humans tend to allow the past to destroy our lives.
I implore you not to let this happen.
It is time to look forward, to rediscover love, and embrace the beauty of life.
You have so much of life left to live...

There's more to be done for Cayenne's recovery, but that will have to wait until another time.

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