kWhazit Oddities




A few things I'm making or have made, including an Unreal Tournament level, some small utilities, and a crude (and bug-ridden) Verge-based RPG. I do have some ideas for a Verge3 game... but nothing concrete enough to do anything with yet. Anyhow, this is the random stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere.


Various info on the Japanese language, including characters, some vocabulary, and grammar. There's also a little stuff on the series Ranma1/2by Rumiko Takahashi, hence the directory name, but I removed most of that a while ago.


A variety of things that I have translated or am translating from Japanese to English for fun. Mostly game text and song lyrics. This has been the most active section of the site for a long time, and is also the only part I ever seem to get any feedback on.


Miscellaneous infomation on the Inuyasha series, by Rumiko Takahashi. This started out as just an info page to keep my Japanese class from getting too lost when we did a unit on Inuyasha but I like it enough to keep it around and make it publicly available. I'm not currently working on this section, but everything that's already here is staying.

Order of Avatars

A Diablo II community dedicated to enjoyable playing. Or that was the idea, but it never really amounted to anything. I reduced this to a stub after a while and eventually removed it entirely.

E-mail comments, questions, feedback, constructive criticism, credit card numbers (just kidding), basically anything except spam. Which reminds me...