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I have featured or am planning to feature some of the content from this section on my YouTube channel, under the name Erifellen. Specific video links will also be added where applicable, assuming I remember to do that.


This section started as a site for my (forever nameless and plotless) attempt at making a game in the Verge2 engine, then branched out when I decided some other things I was doing might also be of some interest too, and because the game had a tendency to stall for long periods of time when I didn't feel like working on it (which may sound familiar if you follow the other sections).

Anyway, the game no longer runs at all on modern versions of Windows, and with Verge2 having since been superceded by Verge3, which itself appears to have been abandoned, that's not likely to change. I don't see much point in distributing a non-working game with essentially no content, so it's no longer available here.

However, I did port as least the world map and lone town (such as they were) to Verge3, and that does still run even on 64-bit Windows 10. No menus, no cave map, no combat system, but it runs, so that's something.

Additionally, there were a few other things on the page that might still be of interest, so here some of them are again. Follow the Files link here or in the sidebar for screenshots, brief descriptions, and download links.


Once upon a time, there was more here. Then, for a time, there was no content. Now, something has returned.

Recent updates:

2022-02-27 - Added my incomplete port of Creepy Caverns, and additional video links where relevant.

2021-10-30 - Restored some of the content that used to be here before the move from FortuneCity... I'm not even sure how many years ago that was anymore, but it's been at least since 2014.

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