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古代の新王 The Ancient Era's New King The New King

The party wakes up in a small room that looks fairly sophisticated. There's a door in the front side of the room, and a ladder in the back. It's impossible to switch party members here, or even to rearrange the order of the characters who are already in the party!

Since your party is fixed for a long time from when you talk to the elder in the town square, it was a pain compiling all the different comments everyone can make... interesting, maybe... but it's one thing that motivated me to switch to text dumps as my main source of lines. :-P

Incidentally, I strongly recommend having Ayla in your party for this part, preferably not as the lead character.

Lead character.

マール「うーん…… Marle: Uhnn... {Marle}: Uhh...
ルッカ「うーん…… Lucca: Uhnn... {Lucca}: Unghh...
ロボ「……!? Robo: ...!? {Robo}: ...?!
カエル「ん……? Frog: Nh...? {Frog}: Huh...?
エイラ「フガ…… Ayla: Hga... {Ayla}: Fuga!

Second character.

マール「ここは……? Marle: Where are we...? {Marle}: Where are we?
ルッカ「ここは? Lucca: Where are we? {Lucca}: Where is this?
ロボ「ココは……。 Robo: THIS place... {Robo}: Unfamiliar...scenery.
カエル「ここは…… Frog: This place... {Frog}: Where are we?
エイラ「ここ どこ? Ayla: Here, where? {Ayla}: Where this?

Third character.

Marle: Ou-our equipment's been taken! {Marle}: Our equipment's gone!
Lucca: Our equipment's all been taken! {Lucca}: Our equipment's gone!
Robo: Our equipment HAS all BEEN taken! {Robo}: Our equipment's gone!
カエル「装備がひっぺがされてやがる! Frog: Our equipment's been looted! {Frog}: The equipment hath

Nice try, and the grammar's even correct for once, but "evanesced" doesn't apply here, unless the equipment faded away like mist clearing.

エイラ「エイラ達 武器 ない! Ayla: Aylas not have weapons! {Ayla}: Weapons!
 All gone!


マール「アイテムも……! Marle: Items too...! {Marle}: Our items too...!
ルッカ「アイテムも! Lucca: Items too! {Lucca}: Our items too...!
ロボ「アイテムもありマセン! Robo: The items are also NOT here! {Robo}: Items are missing, too!
カエル「アイテムも! Frog: Items too! {Frog}: The items too!
エイラ「他の物も! Ayla: Other things too! {Ayla}: All stuff, GONE!


マール「お金まで…… Marle: Even the money... {Marle}: Even the money...
ルッカ「お金までないわ! Lucca: Even the money's gone! {Lucca}: Even the money...
ロボ「所持金までうばわれていマス! Robo: Even our money on hand WAS taken away! {Robo}: The money has also been
カエル「ちっきしょ! 金まで!! Frog: Dammit! Even the cash!! {Frog}: Confound it!
 The money, too!!

Ayla: That "money" stuff you can
trade for anything gone too.

{Ayla}: What you buy stuff with,
 "money" gone too.

Aren't Ayla's lines supposed to have no particles and lots of spaces? Well, whatever.


マール「ど、どうしよう……? Marle: Wh-what should we do...? {Marle}: What do we do?...
ルッカ「まいったわね……。 Lucca: We're in trouble... {Lucca}: This's depressing...
Robo: We MUST search for a means
of escape.
{Robo}: Must think of a way to
カエル「さて、どうしたモンかな? Frog: Well then, what now? {Frog}: Now, what?

Ayla always says this if present.

エイラ「エイラ 戦える!
  みんな 武器 取いもどす!
  あいつ 倒す!

Ayla: Ayla can fight!
Get everyone weapons back!
Beat that guy!

{Ayla}: {Ayla} fight!
 Get all weapons back!
 Destroy bad man!!

The party tries the door first. It's locked, of course, and there's a guard outside.

見張り「いいザマだ。 武器がなけりゃ

Guard: Serves you right. Bet you can't
do a thing without your weapons.

GUARD: Serves 'em right.
 Without weapons they're powerless.

So they try the ladder. It goes to a small ledge outside, where the wind howls, and clouds are visible some distance below.


マール「キャアッ! Marle: Eeeek! {Marle}: Eeeeeeek!
ルッカ「わわッ! Lucca: Wh-what the! {Lucca}: Wh, what!
ロボ「そ、空デス! Robo: Th-this IS the sky! {Robo}: We're airborne!
カエル「わーったった! Frog: Wh-whoa! {Frog}: We're going up!

It's an arms-flailing, catching-his-balance sort of noise.

エイラ「!! Ayla: !! {Ayla}: !!


マール「そ、空! じゃあ、ここは…… Marle: Th-the sky! Then, this is... {Marle}: The sky!
 So we're inside...
ルッカ「空!? じゃ、ここは…… Lucca: The sky!? Then, this is... {Lucca}: Sky?!
  Then we're inside...
ロボ「すると、ココは…… Robo: In that case, THIS place is... {Robo}: This must be...

Frog: Th-the sky!
Then, this is...

{Frog}: The sky!
 We're in the belly of...!
エイラ「空! 空! ここ空! Ayla: Sky! Sky! Here sky! {Ayla}: Sky!
 This sky!

The screen pans across a large jet aircraft.

「黒鳥号!? : The Blackbird!? ...The Blackbird?!

As the party climbs back down the ladder, one of them notices something to the side. The second character takes this role, unless Marle is the second character, in which case it goes to the third.


Lucca: !?
There's an air duct.

{Lucca}: !?
 There's an airduct.

Robo: PLEASE wait!
It seems to BE an air duct.

{Robo}: Please wait!
 It seems like an airduct.

Frog: Mh!?
We can go up from here...

{Frog}: What?!
 We can get up there...
  ここも 風 入ってくる。

Ayla: !!
Wind coming in here too.

{Ayla}: !!
 Breeze come in here.

There are two options at this point. The vents are more useful, but first, the more amusing one... Play sick. The third character speaks, unless Marle's the third character, in which case the second one goes instead.


Lucca: I get it.
We'll lure the guard in.

{Lucca}: I see.
 We're gonna trick the guard.

Robo: I SEE, we will induce
the guard to be careless.

{Robo}: I see.
 Keep the guard OFF GUARD.

The pun isn't anywhere near as bad in Japanese. It's probably a stretch to say it's there at all.


Frog: I get it, you mean
to lure the guard in.

{Frog}: Oh, I get it...
 Get the guard in here...
エイラ「エイラ 元気だぞ……!
  {char1} そういうなら まあいい。

Ayla: Ayla healthy...!
If {char1} say so, then fine.

{Ayla}: {Ayla} healthy!
 {char1} want sick, then sick.

The character playing sick acts sick and cries out.

ルッカ「う、う~ん! イタタタ……! Lucca: U-uhhhhn! Ow ow ow ow...! {Lucca}: ...Owww!
 The pain...THE PAIN!!!

Frog: It hurts!
M-my navel HURTS!

{Frog}: Owww!
 Belly button...pain...ohhh...!
  制御不能! タ、助けてクダサイ~!

Robo: M-malfunction!
Control offline! P-PLEASE help!

{Robo}: Total system overload!
 Please help!
  エイラ いたいぞーッ!

Ayla: Graaah!
Ayla huuurt!

{Ayla}: Uooo...!
 {Ayla}...hurt bad!
見張り「どうした!? Guard: What's wrong!? GUARD: What's wrong?!

The guard foolishly rushes into the room, where the character playing sick promptly knocks him out.

ルッカ「作戦成功! Lucca: Mission accomplished! {Lucca}: Mission accomplished!

Frog: Heh, moron.
As if frogs have navels!

{Frog}: You fool.
 Frogs haven't belly buttons!
ロボ「ナ、何とか成功した様デス。 Robo: Th-that seems to HAVE succeeded. {Robo}: Seems we have succeeded.
  エイラ ウソ キライ……。

Ayla: ......
Ayla hate lie...

{Ayla}: ....
 {Ayla} don't like lie...

That's enough to get out of the room, but they get thrown right back in if caught (unless Ayla is in the party... she can fight back, while the guards are so weak that having no armor hardly matters), and the sick ploy won't work again.

So they take to the vents... It's easy enough to hop up into the ventilation system, and there's plenty of room to move around.

Light comes in the grates on the floor every so often, which, as the third character (or second, if Marle's in third) points out, also means...


Lucca: We can sound out the situation
inside the plane from here.

{Lucca}: We can check out the lower
 deck from here.

Frog: We can see what the enemy's
up to from there...

{Frog}: Let us watch our captors
 from here...

Robo: We CAN look in there to
grasp the enemy's disposition.

{Robo}: We can observe the enemy
 from this point.
エイラ「そこ 下 見える! Ayla: Can see down there! {Ayla}: Down there, can see!

Most vents show nothing of particular interest, but one reveals a chest by a sleeping guard. The party can sneak in and take back the lead character's equipment from the chest (which is why Ayla shouldn't be in the lead). Once anyone is armed (or Ayla is in the party, as she always counts as being armed), guards have to fight the party instead of simply throwing them back into captivity. However, only armed characters can fight or gain experience and tech points. Don't worry; the guards are pathetically weak.

The Dalton Corps (Basher) guards have a measly 150 hit points each, no remarkable attacks, and normal defenses. In some locations, the robotic Byte adds to the security. It's a bit tougher and takes about half typical damage from physical attacks, but shouldn't pose any more of a threat than the guards.

I never understood how removing their weapons suddenly makes everyone but Ayla helpless. Marle and Lucca are powerful mages, Frog also has magic and should know a thing or two about fighting unarmed anyway, and Robo has his lasers and other built-in weaponry on top of exceptional strength and one heck of a bodyslam. All of them should be quite capable of fighting unarmed or even (if shame allows) buck naked. Presumably it's just an excuse to make the sneaking part matter, and to avoid the trouble of making weaponless combat sprites. That, and feeling powerless seems to be something of a theme of this part of the game, especially after how well the whole Abyssal Temple incident went.

A chest guarded by two guards (outside) and a robot sentry (inside) holds the second character's equipment, one with two guards has the third character's equipment, the money is in a chest with three guards, and two guards and a robot sentry guard the items. It doesn't hurt for the party to go ahead and take out every guard on the plane as long as they're here anyway, since nowhere else do such laughable foes give so many experience and tech points.

If you get the items before everyone has their equipment back, you can pass out any spares you have, allowing anyone so outfitted to fight normally. Getting back the equipment they were using when captured re-equips that and returns the spares to the inventory. Also, retrieving the items lets the party find a Magic Capsule in the vents, in a dead end that appears to be empty as long as the items are missing.

Speaking of the vents, there's an interesting one at one end of the ship...

「きさまらーッ!! : You worthless little...!! Hey you!!

No, the party hasn't been spotted. Through the vent they see Dalton overseeing and yelling at some lackeys, who are doing something to the Sylbird.

The second character and then the third one both speak (except Marle).


Lucca: H-hey!
That guy's tampering with the Sylbird!

{Lucca}: Look!
 He's messing around with the

Frog: That lowlife, how dare he
meddle with other people's stuff!

{Frog}: Me thinks he CAN'T just
 tinker with another's possession!

Robo: It seems he IS modifying
the Sylbird.

{Robo}: It seems he's modifying
エイラ「シルバード 何かされてる! Ayla: Something being done to Sylbird! {Ayla}: They change
{char1}「シーッ……! {char1}: Shhh...! {char1}: Shhhhh...

"Strange Happening" plays. Dalton resumes yelling at his underlings.


Dalton: No slacking off!
After all, this is the great new
king Dalton's flying throne!
Now the world will have to
do my bidding.
Hyaah hah haa!

DALTON: Pay close attention to what
 you're doing!
 This will be my royal "Airthrone!"
 The world now belongs to me!
 Mwa, ha, hahahaha!

One of the doors in the plane leads out onto the wing.

Try leaving without getting everything back first, and the second character (or third, if Marle's second) will object.

ルッカ「ちょっと! まだ全部

Lucca: Hold on! We still haven't gotten
everything back yet, okay!?

{Lucca}: But we haven't got our stuff
 back yet!

Robo: There ARE other things that
were taken; IS that acceptable?

{Robo}: There are still some missing

Frog: There's still stuff we haven't gotten
back. Are you okay with that?

{Frog}: We still have some missing
エイラ「とられた物 まだ ある!
  それでも いいのか?

Ayla: There still taken stuff!
Okay anyway?

{Ayla}: Still missing stuff!

The winds on the wing blow the party toward the tail of the aircraft. There are turret enemies here that, like the rocks on Grief Mountain, lock all techniques and items, are hard to hit, and leave combat if not killed fairly quickly, but give 100 tech points each if taken out.

Each Site (Turret) has somewhat more health and evasion than a Rokk, and they also shoot lasers, but as before, Ayla with an accessory to raise hit rate is your best bet. Also try to avoid encountering more than one at a time, since it's much harder to kill two before they run than it is to take out just one.

Near the end of the wing, the winds get stronger, and something happens... all characters present who have lines speak in this order:

エイラ「!! Ayla: !! {Ayla}: !!
カエル「来るぞ! Frog: Incoming! {Frog}: Something cometh!
マール「な、何? Marle: Wh-what? {Marle}: W, what's going on?

Robo: This IS a powerful magic energy

{Robo}: It's a massive magic energy

A portal opens, and yet another golem comes out, though this one is a somewhat different color.

Lucca, if present, has her line here.

ルッカ「こ、こいつ、あの……! Lucca: It-it's one of those...! {Lucca}: He's...!

Boss battle time. At least that's what the music indicates. The Master Golem (Golem Boss) actually talks...

マスターゴーレム『超破壊必殺魔法~!』 Master Golem: "Ultralethal Destruction Magic!" GolemBoss "Chew on this!"

The Master Golem counts down from five to one, doing nothing else. Then...

マスターゴーレム『え~と、、、』 Master Golem: "Errr..." Golem Boss: Um...

The Master Golem again counts down from five to one, doing nothing else. Then...

マスターゴーレム『ダメん こわい~』 Master Golem: "Forget it, I'm too scared!" GolemBoss "Impossible! I'm...s...scared!"

The Master Golem curls up and looks very nervous.

マスターゴーレム『たかいとこニガテなの』 Master Golem: "I can't handle heights!" GolemBoss "I HATE heights!"

For what it's worth, the Master Golem speaks in a feminine style.

After a little longer, the Master Golem runs away, without so much as attacking once. Alternately, inflicting enough damage quickly enough can kill it for experience, tech points, and money. However, there's nothing to steal from it.

The Master Golem has a lot of health, but all its defenses are normal. Use your strongest attacks, regardless of type, if you're going for the kill.

The first character present of those listed below speaks.

ルッカ「ふうッ……。 Lucca: Phew... {Lucca}: Phew...
エイラ「エイラ 負けない! Ayla: Ayla not lose! {Ayla}: {Ayla} don't give up!!
カエル「くどいんだよ。 Frog: Tedious. {Frog}: How annoying.


  出来た! 出来たぞ!!

: Hu ha ha...
It's done! It's done!!

At last...!
We did it! It's done!!

The scene fades into to show Dalton perched in the Sylbird, which now has wings. "Strange Happening" plays.


Dalton: Behold these beautiful wings!
THIS is the great new king Dalton's throne.
I name it...

DALTON: See these beautiful wings!
Now THIS is a King's throne.
I now name it...


Dalton: The Sky Dalton Throne!
And now, its first sacrifices will be them!

DALTON: The Aero-Dalton Imperial!
And THEY'RE gonna be my first


Dalton: Lift off!
Sky Dalton Throne!!

DALTON: Aero-Dalton Imperial, engage!

"Chrono Trigger" starts playing. Dalton gets annoyed.


Dalton: Wrong, all wrong!
Stop the music!

DALTON: No, no, no, no...!
 Stop the music!

"Stop the music" is in Japanized English, in case you were wondering.

The music cuts off, and switches to "Critical Moment".

ダルトン「フハハ! これだ、これだ!

Dalton: Hu ha ha! Yes, this is it!

 There we go!

A bay door opens in front of him.


Dalton: Sky Dalton Throne!

DALTON: Ready for takeoff!
 The Aero-Dalton Imperial!
 We have lift-off, Houston!!

The Sky Dal... err, Sylbird, leaves the bay, knocking the flunkies over in the backdraft. The music stops, and the scene switches back to the wing as the Sylbird streaks by.

The second character speaks, with Frog or Robo using a slightly different variant.

{char2}「あ、あれ! {char2}: Th-that's! {char2}: Look!
カエル「あ、ありゃあ! Frog: Th-that's! {Frog}: What in the...!
ロボ「ア、アレは! Robo: TH-THAT is! {Robo}: Th, that's!

Normally, the lead character gets this line, but Ayla will override it with her own version if and only if she's the third character. If she's the leader, though, she'll use the generic line. Weird.

{char 1}「シルバードが…… {char 1}: The Sylbird is... {char1}: {Epoch}'s...
エイラ「シルバード 空…… Ayla: Sylbird in sky... {Ayla}: {Epoch} fly...?
「飛んでるーッ!? : FLYING!? It's flying?!

"Critical Moment" starts up again.


Dalton: It's not the Sylbird!
It's the Sky Dalton Throne!!

DALTON: It's not {Epoch}!
It's the Aero-Dalton Imperial!


Dalton: Hya hya hyaaah!!
This time, I swear, I'm done with you all!

DALTON: Mwa, ha, haha!!
You are excess baggage!

ダルトン「空のもくずと消えろーッ!! Dalton: Now be lost at sky!!

DALTON: Make like the wind and blow
outta here...!

Dalton twists the idiom 海のもくず (umi no mokuzu, scraps of seaweed in the ocean), which refers to dying at sea.

Dalton hits a button, and the Sylbird fires lasers that narrowly miss hitting the party.

These lines are in the game data and seem to fit here, but I can't get anyone to say them.

マール「キャアッ! Marle: Eeek! {Marle}: Help!
ルッカ「わわわッ! Lucca: Wh-wh-what the! {Lucca}: What's going on!
ロボ「キ、危険デス! Robo: Th-that IS dangerous! {Robo}: Danger!
カエル「おわーッ! Frog: Whoaaah! {Frog}: Oh, no!

Dalton: Hya ha ha!
Squirming like worms!

DALTON: Mwa ha!
 You are like insects to me!

Second character, or third if Marle's in second.

ルッカ「あいつ~……! Lucca: Why you...! {Lucca}: There...

Frog: Dammit!
Such arrogance!

{Frog}: Filth!
 A lesson he shall learn this day!
ロボ「シルバードを取り返すのデス! Robo: We ARE taking back the Sylbird! {Robo}: We must retrieve
エイラ「シルバード 今 行く! Ayla: Sylbird, we come now! {Ayla}: {Epoch}!

Marle will always take the next line if she's in the party, otherwise the lead character will.


Marle: It's you guys' fault...!

{Marle}: It's all your fault!...
 Give back {Crono}!!
ルッカ「ダルトーンッ! Lucca: DALTON! {Lucca}: Dalton!
カエル「この野郎ーッ! Frog: You LOWLIFE! {Frog}: Cheerio...!
ロボ「行きマス!! Robo: Here we GO!! {Robo}: I am on my way!!
エイラ「うおーッ! Ayla: Graaah! {Ayla}: Grrrrrr...!

The character who spoke leaps onto the Sylbird, followed by the others. "Boss Battle 1" plays.

ダルトン「き、きさまらーッ! Dalton: Y-you BASTARDS! DALTON: You, you...!

Dalton R (Dalton Plus) has a few new tricks, otherwise it would be boring, right? The only one of note is that he strikes back when hit with elemental attacks...

あまのじゃく能力 / 反対の魔法で攻撃 Perverse ability / counterattack with opposite magic Opposite magic attack.

Also, he uses his annoying halve-target-hit-points attack when hit with non-elemental or Aether attacks.

Apparently Dalton just doesn't have what it takes to handle the Dark element. Though possibly the AI scripter didn't realize anyone could have a Aether attack without Crono (Robo's final technique is the only one possible with the characters available), so coded specific counters for Fire, Ice, and Dark, while leaving the 1/2 HP attack as an "everything else" case.

Since he's still Dalton, he still doesn't have many hit points, and when he runs out, he tries summoning...

いでよ!マスターゴーレム、、、、??? Come forth! Master Golem...??? Go! GolemBoss...???

...but just gets sucked into his own portal and vanishes without a trace.

All characters present speak, in the order listed below.

マール「ハアハア…… Marle: *pant* *pant*... {Marle}: Pant...wheeze...
ルッカ「シルバード、無事だった!? Lucca: Sylbird, you're okay!? {Lucca}: Is {Epoch} okay?!
ロボ「ダッカン成功デス! Robo: RECOVERY successful! {Robo}: Success!
カエル「あのコソドロ野郎! Frog: That sneak-thieving lowlife! {Frog}: That groundling thief!
エイラ「シルバード 元気か? Ayla: Sylbird healthy? {Ayla}: {Epoch}, okay?

The first of the characters listed below who is in the party speaks.

ルッカ「そ、そんな事より操縦法は!? Lucca: N-never mind that, the controls!? {Lucca}: More importantly, did he
 change the controls?

Robo: MORE importantly, if we do not know
how to pilot it, we WILL keep falling...

{Robo}: More importantly, did he
 change the controls?
エイラ「シルバード おとなしい……。 Ayla: Sylbird quiet... {Ayla}: {Epoch}...steer

Everyone gets into the ship to check it out, and "Critical Moment" starts up yet again.

The second character speaks unless Ayla's second, in which case this line is skipped, even though Ayla has a line in the ROMs.

マール「だ、だいじょうぶ!? Marle: Is e-everything okay!? {Marle}: Is everything okay?!
ルッカ「そ、そのレバーは!? Lucca: Wh-what's that lever!? {Lucca}: What's that lever for?!
カエル「お、俺には、何が何やら…… Frog: I d-don't know what's what... {Frog}: I am at a loss!

Robo: I HAVE never dealt with this
type of meter...

{Robo}: These instruments are
エイラ「起きろ シルバード! Ayla: Wake up, Sylbird! {Ayla}: {Epoch}, wake up!

The third character speaks, or no one (oops) if Ayla's third.

マール「そこの緑ボタンじゃない!? Marle: Isn't it the green button there!? {Marle}: Hit the Y Button, quick!
ルッカ「そこの緑のボタンを!! Lucca: The green button there!! {Lucca}: Hit the Y Button, quick!
カエル「その緑のヤツじゃないか!? Frog: Isn't it that green one!? {Frog}: Me thinketh, 'tis the Y Button!
ロボ「その緑のボタンをおしてみてクダサイ! Robo: PLEASE try hitting that green button! {Robo}: Please press the Y Button!

The lead character hits the button—press Y—and the lasers activate, striking the wing of the Blackbird.

The second character chips in, or the third if Ayla's second.

Marle: P-push the blue one! {Marle}: Oh...then try the X Button!
Lucca: Th-the blue button there!? {Lucca}: Well, then try the X Button!
Frog: H-how about the blue one!? {Frog}: Then hit the X Button!
Robo: Th-that blue button!! {Robo}: Then try the X Button!

The lead character hits the button—press X—which seems to restart the engines. Meanwhile, the heavily damaged Blackbird gets worse and falls faster... Elsewhere, in the town square, the people see this and rejoice.

「うわあー! : Whoa! Yea!
「やったー! : Yes! Justice!
「ダルトンのヤツ、ざまあねーや! : Serves you right, Dalton! Dalton got what he deserved!
長老「おお、あの船が飛んでおる……! Elder: Oh, that ship is flying...! ELDER: Whoa!
 That ship can fly!

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0xD2.

Scene change back to the Sylbird. 3-10 シルバード~時を渡る翼~ (Sylbird ~Wings that Cross Time~) plays, as it normally does when the party flies the Sylbird, now that it flies.

If Lucca is in the party, she speaks. Robo speaks instead if he's here but Lucca isn't.

ルッカ「ふーッ、大体わかったわ。 Lucca: Phew, I've pretty much figured it out. {Lucca}: Phew, now I get it!

Robo: I should HAVE made a direct
connection to MY unit.

{Robo}: I should have linked my

All of the following characters who are present speak in the order listed.


Frog: This feels great!
Though I guess I've got to admit
it's thanks to that lowlife.

{Frog}: Fantastic!
 We are actually in his debt!
エイラ「シルバード 元気!
  シルバード 鳥 なった!!

Ayla: Sylbird healthy!
Sylbird became bird!!

{Ayla}: {Epoch} in good
 {Epoch}...become bird!!

Robo: This is what IS called
a lucky break, is it NOT?
Though unexpectedly, we HAVE
obtained flight capabilities!

{Robo}: We were lucky!
 If we had pressed the wrong control

Missing the point entirely...


Lucca: And here I'd been thinking
about modifying it myself...

{Lucca}: It needed a remodel

It wouldn't do to be left without an inventory, so if the party left any stolen items behind on the Blackbird, someone says...


Lucca: !!
Our items were here!

{Lucca}: !!
 There's something in here!

Robo: !!
THESE are OUR items!

{Robo}: !!
 Our items!
  エイラ達の物 あった!!

Ayla: !!
Aylas's stuff here!!

{Ayla}: !!
 Found {Ayla} stuff!!

And someone else adds...

Lucca: He was trying to make off with them! {Lucca}: He was going to steal it all!
Robo: Dalton WAS trying to take them with him. {Robo}: So!
 Dalton was stealing everything!
カエル「あの野郎、人様のモンを! Frog: That lowlife, taking peoples stuff! {Frog}: A dog of a man, if there
 ever was one!

Money, though... if that remained on the Blackbird, someone says...

ルッカ「お、お金はないわ……! Lucca: Th-the money's not here...! {Lucca}: Our money isn't here!...
ロボ「所持金はアリマセン! Robo: The money we had IS NOT here! {Robo}: Our money isn't here!
カエル「けど、金は見あたらないぜ! Frog: But our money's nowhere to be found! {Frog}: But, where is our money!

And someone else adds...

ロボ「黒鳥号の中……デスネ。 Robo: It must BE... inside the Blackbird. {Robo}: Probably back in the
Frog: Lost at sea along with the Blackbird...? {Frog}: Oh!
 What a tragic thought!

Frog here correctly uses the seaweed idiom that Dalton twisted earlier.

エイラ「ん? みんな どした? Ayla: Hm? What wrong, everyone? {Ayla}: What's wrong, everyone?

If Marle is in the active party, then she speaks, and the others respond in the order listed.

マール「クロノ…… Marle: Crono... {Marle}: {Crono}...
ルッカ「マール…… Lucca: Marle... {Lucca}: {Marle}...

Robo: The Sylbird WAS safe.
Surely, Crono too...

{Robo}: If {Epoch} is
 I'm sure that {Crono} is too...
カエル「あのバカ……。 Frog: That idiot... {Frog}: That poor lad...
エイラ「クロ 強い!
  クロ 死なない!!

Ayla: Cro strong!
Cro not die!!

{Ayla}: {Cro} strong!
 {Cro} won't die!!

The party flies the Sylbird back to the village, landing in the outskirts.

Marle takes this line too if she's around, otherwise the leader does.

  いるはずよ! 私探すよ!!

Marle: Crono's gotta be somewhere!
I'm looking for him!!

{Marle}: {Crono}'s gotta be
 I'll find him!!

Lucca: Maybe Crono's managed to
make it to this island too...

{Lucca}: {Crono} might be on this

Frog: Guess we'll try searching for Crono,
never mind whether he's dead or alive...

{Frog}: Dead or alive, let's go find
ロボ「クロノを探しマショウ! Robo: LET US search for Crono! {Robo}: Let us find {Crono}!
エイラ「クロノ 探す!
  クロノ ぜったい 生きてる!!

Ayla: Search Crono!
Crono alive for sure!!

{Ayla}: Find {Crono}!
 {Crono} still alive!!

Ayla's forgetting to use the "Cro" nickname again.

After taking out some Anger on Dalton, we seem to have slid back into the Denial stage of grief.

残された村の広場 12,000 B.C. Lingering Village Town Square Commons

There are more people here than before. Jyaki's cat Alphard has turned up too, and is following a little boy around. There's no sign of Jyaki, though, or Sara, and of course Crono isn't here either, for that matter. Let's try asking around.

I caught a glimpse of someone at the northern
cape. I hope it doesn't mean any trouble...
I saw a suspicious looking person up
north, on the cape.
Ahh, how refreshing...
When I see you guys, I just can't keep
on being depressed.
Gee, seeing you has really made my
Did you know?
I heard there was someone who washed
up here after all of you.
It seems he was looking for someone.
A stranger trying to locate someone,
passed by after you left.
The person who washed ashore after all of you...
I'd never seen him, even in the world in the
heavens. Could he be a companion of yours?
No one had ever seen the person who
came looking for you.
Could he be a friend of yours?

Elder: Everyone in the village is
gradually cheering up too...
We just have to start over...
That's all there is to it.

ELDER: We're slowly recovering.
 We've got to start from scratch.

北の岬 12,000 B.C. Northern Cape North Cape

There's no sign of anyone (and no music), but something sparkles on the ground. The party investigates, and the Magus appears out of nowhere.

魔王「お前達か……。 Magus: So, it's you lot... {Magus}: So, it's you...

The first one of the following characters who is in the group reacts, and acts as effective leader for rest of the scene.

カエル「ま、魔王!! Frog: M-Magus!! {Frog}: {Magus}!
マール「ま、魔王……。 Marle: M-Magus... {Marle}: {Magus}...
ルッカ「ま、魔王……。 Lucca: M-Magus... {Lucca}: {Magus}...

Everyone draws their weapons. The Magus ignores them.


Magus: Behold.
It's all at the bottom of the ocean...
Zeal, the eternal kingdom of dreams...

{Magus}: Behold.
Everything's at the bottom of the
Gone is the magical kingdom of Zeal,
and all the dreams and ambitions of
its people.


Magus: I lived there, once upon a time.
Though I wasn't who I am now...

{Magus}: I once lived there...
But I was another person then.

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0xD3, starting the next chapter.

The following line found in the game data fits here, but appears to be unused.


Magus: The lost kingdom of dreams...
Incredible that I would regain it in such
a way, only to lose it once again...

{Magus}: The lost Kingdom of Dreams.
 To have gained so much, and then
 have lost it again...

The Magus has a flashback after this...

Knowing the prophet's identity and seeing the Magus's upcoming flashback tell us that some of the specifics of the events in this era have been altered. However, the overall outcome has not changed, and the devastation Lavos caused should be more than enough to wipe out any lasting effects of the divergence. So it looks as though, once again, the overall historical impact has been insignificant.

However, the issue of the prophet shows that defeating the Magus did have an effect that was not immediately obvious. Interrupting his summoning caused him to be thrown here, rather than whatever happened originally. My guess would be that his summoning worked well enough for him to get himself killed challenging Lavos, and to give the Demons enough of a glimpse of this powerful creature that they continued worshiping it and the Magus for centuries. However, the loss of their leader, even if he did seem to leave most of the day-to-day operations to Vinnegar, crippled their ability to wage war, and Guardia declared victory. Something similar happened in the modified timeline, but with the summoning disrupted, they didn't get their glimpse of Lavos to cement their reverence for the Magus, so Vinnegar and his heirs were able to seize the glory for themselves, and the descendants seem to have forgotten about Lavos entirely.

Anyway, while the party's intervention led to the Magus appearing here and claiming the mantle of prophet, that ultimately has no lasting historical effects.

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