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王国裁判 Kingdom Trial The Trial
 A.D. 1000 Guardia Castle Dungeon

The chancellor and a soldier escort Crono into what looks like the warden's room.


Chancellor: This guy's the terrorist who
plotted to overthrow the royal family.
As he was found guilty in trial, we
have come to hand him over.

CHANCELLOR: This terrorist has tried to
overthrow our kingdom!
He has been found guilty,
and you must now carry out his

Note that the chancellor claims Crono was found guilty regardless of what actually happened at the trial. As we'll see in just a few lines, this is deliberate, not an oversight. Also, remember that line about trying to overthrow the royal family during the Prismatic Shell sidequest.


Warden: So this guy's the terrorist
who kidnapped the lady princess.

SUPERVISOR: So THIS is the monster who
kidnapped the princess!


Chancellor: His execution's in three days.
Keep watch and don't let him escape.

CHANCELLOR: The execution is 3 days
Do NOT let him out of your sight!

If Crono was found guilty...

所長「しょうちいたしました。 Warden: Acknowledged. SUPERVISOR: Yes Sir!

If Crono was found not guilty...

所長「処刑? そのような話は

Warden: Execution? I've heard no talk
of any such thing...

SUPERVISOR: Execution?!
Strange, but I don't seem to recall
hearing anything abot an execution.


Chancellor: Never mind that.
The paperwork's just delayed.
Or can't you take me at my word?

How DARE you question ME!
The paperwork's probably just been
held up in the system!

所長「め、めっそうもない! Warden: Th-that is surely not the case! SUPERVISOR: Understood, sir!
所長「えいへい! Warden: Guards! SUPERVISOR: Guards!
所長「こいつをつれてゆけ! Warden: Take him away! SUPERVISOR: Take the prisioner away!

Two guards, clad in platemail from head to toe, walk in. Crono turns to go with them, but one knocks him out with a sword anyway. The music stops.

Crono wakes up in a small, dark, dank cell. The only sound is the continuous dripping of water. Two guards stand watch, even though the only way out is a heavy gate that can only be opened using a switch outside the cell. Apparently, they aren't taking any chances.

If Crono was found not guilty, a small package lies on the dirty bed. Crono investigates the package, and a guard yells in at him.

That's a present trial attendees
who pitied you brought when it
was decided you'd go to prison.
Some sympathizers brought that stuff
for you, you lousy felon.
エーテルを手に入れた! Got Ether(s)! Got 1 Ether!

So Crono has some support, but that won't help if he's executed. I've seen conflicting information on what the package may contain, but I'm inclined to trust the event script. It shows a reward of one Ether if the vote was 4-3, two if it was 5-2, three if it was 6-1, and and six for a unanimous 7-0 not guilty outcome. The number of "item get" noises before the message accurately indicates the number of Ethers obtained.

Here's the big catch. The outcome of the trial has no further effect. So while your choices do have that much impact, in the long run... they really don't matter.

Incidentally, each juror votes based on specific criteria. With one notable exception, they're sensible enough.

  1. GUILTY if you tried to sell Marle's pendant to Bosch, or if you admit during the trial to being "just a little" interested in her wealth. Otherwise, not guilty.
  2. GUILTY if you heard the little girl crying about her missing cat (whether you brought the cat back or not). NOT GUILTY if you brought the cat back to her without hearing her crying about it. If you didn't interact with her at all, he chooses randomly, with a roughly 11 in 16 chance of voting not guilty.
  3. GUILTY if you tried to drag Marle away from the candy booth at least twice, resulting in her "kidnapper" line. Otherwise, not guilty.
  4. GUILTY if you picked up Marle's Pendant without first talking to her, or if you admit to having your sights set on her wealth when the chancellor first asks during the trial. Otherwise, not guilty.
  5. GUILTY if you refused when Marle asked for her Pendant back, or if you admit to having your sights set on her wealth when the chancellor first asks during the trial. Otherwise, not guilty.
  6. GUILTY if you ate the old man's lunch. Otherwise, not guilty.
  7. GUILTY if you say Marle made the first move, or if you ate the old man's lunch but claim during the trial to have never committed theft. Otherwise, not guilty.

Ah, good old juror #2. His first two conditions should be the other way around, with returning the cat always netting you a not guilty vote—regardless of whether you first talked to the girl or not—and hearing about her plight only giving you a guilty vote if you did not help. That's the way the girl's appearence in the court is determined, so it's a mystery why the juror doesn't work the same way. At least the default case makes some sense; if you didn't help the girl but never witnessed her distress in the first place, there's nothing to count either for or against you here, so he's indecisive.

Claims that your response to Marle, when she asks whether you would have seen the festival with her if you'd known she was the princess, has any effect are false. The game doesn't even remember your answer to that question. I can only guess that the rumor came about because the second juror makes little sense, and it's difficult to figure out what criteria he does use without sifting through the event code. Someone may have seen a phantom correlation.

Regardless, priority one is to avoid being executed.

Escape Option 1: Repeatedly rattle the bars to annoy the guards...

うるさいぞ! Shut up! Pipe down!
うるさいぞ! Shut up! Pipe down!
Didn't you hear me say to shut up!?
I'll make you shut it, asshole.
Hey, open the door!
Knock it off!
I'll show him.
Open it up!

The second guard opens the door, while the first goes in to smack Crono across the cell.

Heh, you're making a fuss all the
time, so now you pay for it.
That's what you get for misbehaving.

But this time, Crono is expecting a hit, and only pretends to be passed out. Even better, his captors never bothered to disarm him. So, when the guard turns to leave, Crono takes his own sword and knocks the guard out, then heads out the door. The other guard isn't too thrilled to see him, but he's too stupid to call for help, and Crono easily overpowers him in a fair fight. From this point, Crono is free to explore the dungeon.

Escape Option 2: Wait three days (about a minute of real time) until a soldier takes Crono to be executed...

We're taking you the execution site.
Come along, now.
We're here to take you to your place
of execution.
Come along.

The soldier and guards escort Crono past some cells you can't see any other way and to what looks like a torture chamber.

We'll carry out the guillotine sentence.
Any last words?
We've sharpened up the guillotine...
Any last words?

Lucca runs in, just in time.

How is it that she never seems to have any trouble getting into the castle, regardless of the era?

"Critical Moment" plays.


Lucca: Crono!
I came to help!

Lucca: Crono!
I've come to save you!

キサマ、何者だ! Who the hell are you!? Who the heck are YOU?

Lucca: You're in my way!
Sleep for a while!

Lucca: Get outta the way!!
Take 5 you mugs!

She pulls out some kind of gun and shoots everyone except Crono. They fall unmoving to the ground.

ルッカ「どう? ルッカ様じまんの

Lucca: So, how do you like your taste
of the Disposable Burst Blast Pistol,
proud invention of the great Lucca?
Come on, let's get out of here,

Lucca: So, what do you think of my
 Pretty cool, huh?
 Let's blow this joint!

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0x2E.

From this point, Crono and Lucca are free to explore the dungeon.

Regardless of how Crono gets free, he finds brutish guards scattered through the dungeon.

Crono can sneak up on and knock out some guards. Most have Middle Potions on them...

As far as combat goes, monsters here include the Inner Guard (Guard), Sentinel (Blue Shield / Yodu De), Lancer (Decedent), and one Gear (Omnicrone). Inner Guards are unremarkable. Sentinels are nearly invulnerable with their shields up, but become extrememly vulnerable when they lower their guard. Lancers have no magic defense and are weak against both Aether and Fire, so Wind Scythe or Flamethrower will make short work of them. The Gear has a lot of health and is immune to elemental attacks, but frequently misses when attacking, and is otherwise unremarkable.

There is one other significant event in here... a boy trapped in the torture chamber.

た、助けて H-help me! H, Help me!

Since this is the only other normal (and living) human Crono has found, he can help the poor guy out.

Thanks, I'm saved.
My name's Fritz.
My dad manages the goods
market in Truce. Be sure to stop
by when you're in the area.
You're a life saver!
I'm Fritz.
My dad runs a store in Truce village.
Stop by if you're in the area.

Eventually, Crono reaches the warden's room, which is the only exit from the area.

If Crono broke out without Lucca's help...

所長「ひ、ひえ~! お助け~!! Director: E-eeep! Help meee!! SUPERVISOR: H...Help!!!

He runs up the stairs, where there are sounds of a fight, and he falls back down, unconscious. "Critical Moment" begins playing. Lucca runs in from the stairs, which pretty much explains what happened.


Lucca: Crono!
I came to help!
...but anyhow, I see you were
able to escape by yourself.
...that's kinda boring.
Come on, let's get out of here,

Lucca: Crono!
I've come to save you!
Gee, it looks like you didn't
need my help, after all!
Let's blow this joint!

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0x2E.

If Lucca broke Crono out, the warden is already unconcious, and Lucca's obviously already with Crono.

Either way, search him for five Middle Potions, then check him again to see Lucca gloat.


Lucca: All the fools who stand in
the way of the great Lucca
end up like this.

        O, ho, ho!

Lucca: This is what happens to
fools who challenge the mighty

Regardless, there's an important-looking document on the floor. Crono reads it.



To the Guardia Kingdom Prison Warden:

 Dragon Tank Blueprints

The Dragon Tank's head is furnished with the
ability to restore damage the body has taken.
The head is equipped with a shield that defends
against skills of the Aether and Fire traits, so it is not
possible to inflict damage upon it except by means
of attacks with weapons such as swords or pistols.
In other words, as long as the head is not broken
by the use of attacks from swords, etc., you may
consider the Dragon Tank unbeatable.
 — Guardia Kingdom Development Dept.
To the Prison Supervisor

  "Dragon Tank Owner's Manual"

The Tank Head repairs body damage.
 It contains a shield that prevents
 damage by Lightning and Fire.
 Unless the Head can be defeated, the
 Tank is unbeatable.
       Guardia R & D

Are physical attacks really that unexpected? The only way I can make sense of this is by assuming it was meant to be used against Demons (Mystics) that make extensive use of magic, but even they have no shortage of hulking brutes that could rip the head apart. It is a mystery.

Crono and Lucca leave the dungeon and begin to cross the bridge that connects to the main castle. When they're about halfway across, they head a loud clanking rumbling noise, and a hiss like steam being vented.

ルッカ「何の音かしら? Lucca: What could that noise be? Lucca: What was that?

As they approach the far end, a large dragon-shaped machine rumbles onto the bridge, follwed by the chancellor.

  テロリストどもを たたきのめせ!

Chancellor: Go, Dragon Tank!
Take down the terrorists!

CHANCELLOR: Forward, Dragon Tank!
Crush those rebels!

Time for another boss battle! Luckily, Crono and Lucca already know its weakness. Attack the head and keep health up, and the tank breaks down in no time.

The Head (Tank Head) heals damage and has immunity to Aether and Fire, as noted, on top of high magic defense to start with, but utterly lacks any physical defense. Weapons are similarly your best choice against the Wheel (Grinder), which also has some resistance to Aether, Fire, and magic in general. The Dragon Tank's main body has higher than usual defense against both physical and magic attacks, but not by much, so use anything you like except Wind Scythe, since the body also has a 20% Aether resistance and Crono's magic isn't very high to begin with. Blaze Wheel gives no damage bonus, so Crono shouldn't wait around for Lucca to be ready. I'd also say not to go out of your way to destroy the Wheel. Take out the head to eliminate the healing, then focus on the main body.

With the tank beaten, Crono dramatically leaps onto its back and stabs his sword into it, setting off sparks and explosions.


Chancellor: Th-the Dragon Tank!!

CHANCELLOR: They got the Dragon Tank!!
Fix it!

The chancellor and two soldiers attempt to fix it, but it blows a hole in the bridge and leaves them precariously hanging onto each other across the gap.

大臣「き、きさまら、おぼえておれよ! Chancellor: Y-you bastards, you'll pay for this!

CHANCELLOR: Don't fool yourselves into
thinking you've gotten away with

Of course, there are more soldiers up ahead, and they aren't too happy to see Crono.

「脱走だーッ! : Jailbreak! They're escaping!
ルッカ「ここは強行突破しかないわね! Lucca: Our only choice is to force our way through! Lucca: We have no choice but to
 break through!

They press through even as more soldiers join the chase, and as they're nearing the exit, the music stops...

「おやめなさい! : Stop it! Stop!

Marle walks in from the direction of the throne room, wearing a fancy princessly dress.

兵士「マールディア様! Soldiers: Lady Marledia! SOLDIER: Princess Nadia!

Marle: I'm indebted to that person!
Make him welcome, as a guest!

Marle: This is my friend!
Show him your respect!

兵士「し、しかし…… Soldier: B-but... SOLDIER: B, but...
マール「私の言う事が聞けないの? Marle: You won't obey what I say? Marle: Can't you take orders?
兵士「いえ、めっそうもありません! Soldier: No, that is surely not the case! SOLDIER: Of course!

If this seems familiar, it closely parallels the earlier scene when Marle acted as Queen Leene, though her phrasing is more relaxed this time.

「そこまでじゃ~ッ! : That's as far as you go! Hold it right there!

The chancellor walks in, having somehow beaten them here, and overreacts as usual.


Chancellor: Aiiee! Such insolence!
King Guardia XXXIII is on his way!


The king walks in as "Courage and Pride" starts up. Given the track name, it seems a bit ironic...

マール「父上……。 Marle: Father... Marle: Father...

King: Behave yourself, Marledia.
You are princess to the entire country
before you are an individual.

KING: Silence, Princess Nadia!
The throne comes before your
personal wishes!


Marle: You're wrong!
I'm my own girl before I'm a princess!

Marle: What!?
Just because I have a title doesn't
mean I'm not a person!


King: You're suffering bad influences
from heading out of the castle!

KING: You pick up strange ideas
venturing outside!


Marle: It's not influence!
I decided it myself!

Marle: I didn't "pick up" anything!
It's called "common sense!"

王「マールディア! King: Marledia! KING: Princess Nadia!

Marle: I'm sick of being here!
I'm leaving the castle!

Marle: I despise you!
I'm leaving!

She spontaneously switches from the fancy dress to her street clothes.

大臣「マールディア様! Chancellor: Lady Marledia! CHANCELLOR: Princess Nadia!
マール「行こう! クロノ!! Marle: Let's go, Crono!! Marle: Come on, Crono!!

She, Crono, and Lucca run out of the castle before anyone can react.

  追えッ! 追え~いッ!!

Chancellor: What are you doing!
After them! AFTER THEM!!

CHANCELLOR: Don't just stand there!
After them!

Belatedly, the solders rush out after them. The music fades out, as King Guardia looks downcast.

王「マールディア……。 King: Marledia... KING: Princess Nadia...

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0x30.

ガルディアの森 A.D. 1000 Guardia Forest Guardia Forest

Since this is the only route away from the castle, it's where the chase resumes. "Critical Moment" plays.


Soldier: There they are!
Don't let them escape!!

SOLDIER: There they are!
Don't lose 'em!!

The soldiers run in after the party, forcing them down a side path.

兵士「もう逃げられんぞ!! Soldier: You can't run any more!! SOLDIER: There's no escape!
兵士「おとなしくしろ! Soldier: Come along quietly! SOLDIER: Silence!

Crono's group runs down the path to a dead-end in a small clearing. There's a familiar bluish glowing something here that wasn't before...

マール「行き止まり!? Marle: A dead end!? Marle: Looks like a dead end!
ルッカ「!! ゲートが! Lucca: !! A Gate! Lucca: A Gate
マール「行こう! Marle: Let's go! Marle: Come on!

Lucca: Go...?
We don't know which era we'll come out in!
Or even whether we'll make it back this time!

Lucca: But we don't know where
it will take us!


Marle: That's still fine!
Better than this era where Crono
was arrested because of me!

Marle: Who cares?!
This place stinks anyway!

In the original, Marle actually gives a meaningful reason.

大臣「マールディア様~! Chancellor: Lady Marlediaaa! CHANCELLOR: Princess Nadia!

The chancellor and a bunch of solders run in.


Lucca: Oh, forget it, whatever
happens, happens!

Lucca: This is completely irrational.
マール「行こう、クロノ! Marle: Let's go, Crono! Marle: Hurry, Crono!

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0x33, starting the next chapter.

Like Crono's trial, the escape does an excellent job of giving the player a large number of choices with immediate and tangible effects... that are ultimately meaningless. Regardless of how incriminating or blameless Crono's actions were, he's still slated for execution. Regardless of whether he makes a break for it on his own or meekly (or bravely, take your pick) awaits death, he avoids execution and ends up fighting the Dragon Tank with Lucca. Regardless of exactly how events reach that point, Marle joins the two of them as they flee from the castle and come to an unknown Gate. Even saving Fritz, though it does have some effect, doesn't change anything in the long run.

It's tempting to call running off with Marle, the kingdom's princess and probable heir, a historically significant event, but it seems inevitable that she would have run away even without Crono's involvement. We know that she doesn't get along well with her father, we know she chafes under the restrictions being royalty imposes upon her, and we know she's already snuck out in the guise of a commoner at least once. Besides, she'll probably return either way... eventually. It looks like, once again, there hasn't been any significant historical impact.

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