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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy IV

I'll be giving some information on attack patterns and combat strategies for most bosses and other battles I find interesting. Although my strategies will typically ignore items not available in all versions, many of them are highly useful if you have them. For instance, you can have a character use a Luminous Curtain, Scape Doll, Hermes's Shoes, or Bacchus's Wine instead of casting Reflect, Blink, Haste, or Berserk on them. Spider Silk, meanwhile, effectively casts Slow twice, and on all enemies, no less. Other items come in handy too, including the various attack items. Don't forget they're there if you're playing a version that has them!


Fade in to a formation of red flying ships, referred to (somewhat improperly) as "airships", flying north. Fade out, then back in, to show the deck of one of the ships. A man in dark armor stands at center, flanked by numerous generic soldiers in gold and red.

It turns out that "airship" is an actual English term referring to any powered and steerable lighter-than-air craft. Though certainly powered and steerable, these don't appear to be lighter than air. They look little different from normal oceangoing ships except for the massive propellers that keep them aloft.

In the DS remake, select scenes, including this one, are fully voiced.

 まもなく バロンにつきます!
Soldier: Commander {Cecil}!
 We will arrive in Baron shortly!
Crew: Captain {Cecil},
 we are about to arrive!
{Cecil}: Good.

As a form of shorthand, Cecil's lines are (in the Japanese versions) always set off with a 『 mark, rather than using his name.

The EasyType has a tendency to make minor adjustments to the text here and there, typically adding spaces or substituting more commonplace terms for more obscure ones to improve readability. I won't note all of the changes, but some of the more interesting ones seem worth mentioning. Here, the EasyType appends こく (koku) to バロン (BARON), making it plain that Baron is a country. The English version, meanwhile, doesn't mention their destination at all.

Cecil, who seems to be brooding on something unpleasant, lowers his head. The soldiers talk amongst themselves.

へいし「やはり たいちょうも‥‥
へいし「いくら めいれいとはいえ‥‥
へいし「つみもないひとから クリスタルを
Soldier: See, even the commander...
Soldier: Orders or no orders...
Soldier: Taking the Crystal from people
 who have done no wrong...
Crew: Why are we robbing
 crystals from innocent
Crew: That's our duty.
Crew: Do we really have to
 keep doing this?

The EasyType replaces めいれい (meirei) with おうの ごめいれい (ou no go-meirei), specifying that these are the king's orders.

The screen dims and transitions to another setting.

Cecil, flanked by the soldiers, is shown confronting a group of mages in classic Final Fantasy garb. The soldiers advance on and attack the mages, shove aside an older man who appears to be their leader, and stand by while Cecil walks up, takes a large Crystal, and walks away, looking upset.

This flashback scene contains no text in the original Japanese version. The English and EasyType versions have the following dialog added, though the scene has more impact without it, in my opinion.

へいし「さあ おとなしく クリスタルを
ちょうろう「ワシらが いったい なにを
『いのちが おしければ おとなしく クリスタルを
Soldier: Come on, hand over the
 Crystal without a fight!
Elder: And just what is it that we
 have done...?
『Hand over the Crystal without
 a fight if you value your lives.
Black Mage: We refuse!
『That leaves us no choice... attack...!
Crew: Give us the Crystal
 of Water!
Elder: What have we done?
{Cecil}: The crystal or
 your life!
Black Wizard: Never!
{Cecil}: Then, take the
 crystal by force!
くろまどうし「うわーっ! Black Mage: Waaah! Black Wizard: WAAAH!
White Mage: Please stop this!
Soldier: Trying to interfere!?
White Wizard: No! Don't!
Crew: Dare to defy us?
しろまどうし「キャーッ! White Mage: Eeeep! White Wizard: ARRRGH!
 クリスタルを もってゆくがよい‥‥
へいし「さいしょから すなおに
 わたせば よいものを!
Elder: How could you...?
 Very well...
 Take the Crystal and be gone...
Soldier: You should have listened
 and given it up to begin with!
Elder: My! All right...
 Take the crystal!
Crew: You should have said
 it earlier!
ちょうろう「なぜじゃ! あのバロンおうが
 こんなやりかたを するなぞ‥‥
 なにゆえ そなたらは こうまでして
 クリスタルを もとめる!?
Elder: Why!? I can't believe King
 Baron would resort to this...
 Why do you want the Crystal
 so badly as to go this far!?
Elder: Why is the King
 of Baron doing this?
 Why do you pursue the
 crystals so eagerly?
{Cecil}: ......

The DS remake does something similar to the original version, though with a series of disjointed flashbacks suggestive of the events running unwelcome through someone's thoughts, and indeed, the other solders have to snap Cecil out of it before the scene continues.

The scene returns to the airship deck.

へいし「われわれ あかいつばさは
 ほこりたかき ひくうていだん!
 かよわいものから りゃくだつなど!
Soldier: Our pride as members of the
 Red Wings airship force cannot
 tolerate pillaging from the weak!
Crew: We take pride in
 being members of the
 Red Wings! Looting is out
 of the question!

Cecil steps forward.

『やめるんだ! 『That's enough! {Cecil}: Stop it!
へいし「しかし たいちょう!
へいし「むていこうな まどうしたちから
『いいか みんな!
 クリスタルは わが バロンこくの
 はんえいのため どうしても ひつようだ。
 ミシディアの ものたちは クリスタルの
 ひみつを しりすぎているとの へいかの
 われわれは バロンこく ひくうていだん
 バロンの あかいつばさだ!
 へいかのめいれいは ぜったいなのだ‥‥
Soldier: But commander!
Soldier: The thought of robbing
 from unresisting mages!
『Listen to me, all of you!
 The Crystal is absolutely essential
 for our country of Baron to prosper.
 It is His Majesty's judgment that the
 people of Mysidia know too much
 about the Crystal's secrets.
 We are Baron's airship force,
 the Red Wings of Baron!
 His Majesty's orders are absolute...
Soldier: Commander...
Crew: Captain!
Crew: We can't stand doing
 this anymore!
{Cecil}: Listen!
 Possessing the crystal is
 an essential factor for
 our prosperity.
 Moreover, His Majesty
 judged that Mysidians
 know too much about the
 secret of the crystal.
 We are the Red Wings,
 the air force of the
 Kingdom Baron!
 The Royal Command is
Crew: Captain!

The EasyType replaces バロンこくのはんえいのため (BARON koku no han'ei no tame, for the sake of Baron's prosperity) with バロンこくのため (BARON koku no tame, for the sake of Baron); perhaps はんえい (han'ei, prosperity) didn't seem clear enough. It also refers to the people of Mysidia as まどうしたち (madoushi-tachi, mages) rather than simply as ものたち (mono-tachi, people).

But the way he keeps staring at the ground and trailing off suggests Cecil doesn't like this any more than the crew does. Further discussion is forestalled when another soldier announces:

へいし「たいちょう まものが! Soldier: Commander, monsters! Crew: Monsters!!
『そういん せんとうはいび! 『All hands, prepare for battle! {Cecil}: Take up fighting

The soldiers take up positions as monsters attack. Cecil faces three フロータイボール (Float Eyeball) and swiftly dispatches them with a Red Fang.

Other than a rare drop from late-game monsters, this is the only time you'll see this item anywhere in the ET or NA versions of the game. Incidentally, because Cecil has 200 hit points, the damage is 100 + (0~100), multiplied by four because the creatures are very weak against Flame, for a final damage of 400 to 800 (or a bit less if he took any damage first, since it's based on current health, not maximum).

A soldier is down after the skirmish. Cecil checks on him.

へいし「まだ きます!
Soldier: Argh!
『Are you all right?
Soldier: They're still coming!
Crew: Ouch!
{Cecil}: You Okay?
Crew: More coming!
{Cecil}: Watch out!

This time, Cecil faces a ズー (Zuu), which he swiftly dispatches using a Blue Fang.

This is the only time you'll legitimately see this item anywhere at all in the ET or NA versions of the game. The damage is comparable to that of the Red Fang on the Float Eyeballs, since this Zuu is very weak against Thunder.

The DS remake has the player control Cecil when facing the eyeballs, then skips the Zuu encounter entirely. In what may be a callback to the original, it also provides him with a Red Fang to use for an easy win, though he should be able to handle them without it.

『みんな ぶじか? 『Is everyone all right? {Cecil}: Everyone okay?

The soldiers gather around Cecil.

へいし「しかし ちかごろ まもののかずが‥‥
へいし「たしかに あまりに おおすぎる。
『なにかが‥‥おころうと しているのか?
Soldier: Yes, sir!
Soldier: But all these monsters lately...
Soldier: Far too many, indeed.
『Is something... about to happen?
Crew: Yes, sir!
Crew: But there are too
 many monsters these days...
Crew: Too many, agreed.
{Cecil}: What's happening?
へいし「バロンに とうちゃくしました!
『よし ちゃくりくだ。
Soldier: We have arrived at Baron!
『Good, make a landing.
Crew: We are over Baron!
{Cecil}: Make a landing.

The soldiers return to their posts, and the airships land by a castle with an attached town.

バロンじょう  Baron Castle  Cecil  Baron

Cecil is met at the castle gates by two soldiers. They stand aside, and one opens the gate. A soldier in a fancier uniform walks out of the castle.

ベイガン「おお クリスタルを てにいれた
『‥‥しかし ミシディアの ひとびとは
 まるで むていこうだった‥‥
 さあ へいかが おまちです。
Beigan: Ah, I see you have
 obtained the Crystal.
『...the people of Mysidia scarcely
 resisted at all, though...
Beigan: What are you trying to say?
 Come, His Majesty awaits.
Baigan: Oh, {Cecil}! Is it
 the Crystal of Water?
{Cecil}: But Mysidians were
 so helpless.
Baigan: What are you trying
 to say?
 This way, {Cecil}.

"Baygan" I could see... but "Baigan"? It doesn't really work with English phonetics. His name is pronounced like "bacon" with a 'g' instead of a 'c'.

Beigan escorts Cecil into the castle, then has him stop in a fancier hallway that presumably leads to the throne room.

 しばし おまちください。
Beigan: Sir {Cecil},
 please wait a moment.
Baigan: Please wait here.

The EasyType replaces the uncommon しばし (shibashi, for a brief while) with ここで (koko de, here), matching the English version.

Beigan leaves Cecil behind and walks into the next room, where he talks to the king.

 おそれながら {セシル}のやつめが
 へいかに ふしんを いだいているようすです。
 さすがは このえへいちょう。
 よく しらせてくれた!
 だが クリスタルさえ てにはいれば よい。
 {セシル}を よんでまいれ。
Beigan: Your Majesty...
 If I may be so bold, that wretch {Cecil}
 appears to be questioning Your Majesty.
King Baron: Indeed!?
 You're captain of the royal guard for
 a reason. Good job informing me!
 But it matters not as long as I get
 the Crystals. Go call for {Cecil}.
Beigan: Yes, sir.
Baigan: Your Majesty!
 I'm afraid {Cecil} has
 developed quite a
 rebellious air.
King: Truly!?
 Well done, Baigan!
 We must do something.
 Call him in!
Baigan: Yes, Your Majesty.

The EasyType replaces おそれながら, (osorenagara), which shows respect and humility when saying something that may not go over well, with どうやら (dou yara), which roughly equates to "it seems as though".

Beigan walks to the door.

 へいかが およびです。
Beigan: Sir {Cecil},
 His Majesty calls.
Baigan: {Cecil}! His
 Majesty summons you.
 Please come in.

Cecil enters and halts at a respectful distance.

バロンおう「{セシル} ごくろうであった。
 で クリスタルは?
『はっ こちらに。
King Baron: {Cecil}, well done.
 Now, the Crystal?
『Here, sir.
King: We thank you for
 successfully completing
 the mission.
 Now, where is it?
{Cecil}: Here, My Liege.

Beigan walks over to Cecil...

みずのクリスタルを てわたした。 Handed over the Water Crystal. Hand over the crystal.

...and back to the king.

ベイガン「ほんものの ようです。
バロンおう「そうか! おお なんと まばゆい!
 さがってよいぞ {セシル}!
Beigan: It seems to be genuine.
King Baron: I see! Oh, how radiant!
 {Cecil}, you are dismissed!
Baigan: Real crystal...
King: Good! {Cecil}......
 You may leave now.

Cecil begins to leave, then hesitates and turns back.

『へいか! 『Your Majesty! {Cecil}: Your Majesty!

Beigan and the king startle.

バロンおう「な なんじゃ!
ベイガン「な なんです!
King Baron: Wh-what!?
Beigan: Wh-what!?
King: W... What?
Baigan: W... What is it?

Cecil advances another step.

『へいかは いったい どういうおつもりです?
 みな へいかに ふしんを いだいております!
バロンおう「おまえを はじめとしてか?
『! けして そのような‥‥
バロンおう「わたしが なにもしらぬとでも
 おまえほどのものが わたしを しんらい
 ざんねんだが これいじょう おまえに
 あかいつばさを まかせては おけん!
 いまより ひくうていぶたいちょうの
 にんを とく!
『What are Your Majesty's intentions?
 Everyone is having doubts about this!
King Baron: You first and foremost?
『! I meant nothing of the sort...
King Baron: Do you perhaps believe
 that I know nothing!?
 To think that one of such standing
 as yourself would not trust me...
 Though I regret it, I can no longer
 entrust the Red Wings to you!
 I hereby relieve you of your
 position as commander!
{Cecil}: We do not
 understand the meaning of
 taking crystals away from
 honest people.
King: Disobeying me?
{Cecil}: No, I don't.
King: We do know of your
 discontent, {Cecil}.
 If you cannot trust me,
 I can no longer place the
 Red Wings in your
 You are dismissed from
 your post!

Cecil advances another step.

『へいか! 『Your Majesty! {Cecil}: Your Majesty!

The guards flanking the king advance and push Cecil back.

バロンおう「かわって げんじゅう とうばつの
 にんに つけい!
 ミストのたにふきんに まぼろしの まもの
 げんじゅうが しゅつぼつするそうだ。
 そのまものをたおし ミストのむらへ
 このボムのゆびわを とどけるのだ。
 しゅっぱつは あすのあさだ!
King Baron: Instead, you are assigned
 to Genjuu suppression duty!
 We have reports of a fabled monster,
 a Genjuu, infesting the Mist Valley area.
 You are to defeat that monster and
 deliver this Bomb Ring to Mist Village.
 You depart tomorrow morning!
King: Go and hunt the
 Summoned Monsters of the
 Misty Valley!
 Take this Package to the
 Village Mist.
 You may depart tomorrow

Genjuu (幻獣) literally translates to "phantom beast". FF9's "Eidolon" is probably the best official localization I've seen, being an appropriately exotic term and essentially referring to the astral essence of a living or deceased being. I prefer to leave the term untranslated in most cases.

Cecil tries to circle around the guards, but they keep blocking him. Another man, this one in dark armor with unusual ornamentation, enters.

{カイン}「おまちください! {Cain}: Please wait! {Kain}: Your Majesty!
{カイン}「{セシル}は そんな‥‥ {Cain}: I'm sure {Cecil} wouldn't... {Kain}: {Cecil} didn't...

The guards shove both of them across the room. The king stands and advances on them, followed by Beigan.

 こやつのことが しんぱいなら おまえも
 {セシル}とともに ゆけ!
バロンおう「もう はなすことはない!
 そのゆびわをもち さがるがよい!
King Baron: {Cain}.
 If you are so worried about him,
 then you go with {Cecil} as well!
『Your Majesty!
King Baron: I have nothing more to say!
 Take that ring and be gone!
King: If you're concerned
 about {Cecil} that much,
 go with him, {Kain}!
{Cecil}: Your Majesty!
King: Now!
 Leave with the Package!
ボムのゆびわを てにいれた。 Got the Bomb Ring. Received the Package.
『へいか! 『Your Majesty! {Cecil}: Your Majesty!

The guards force Cecil and Cain out of the room entirely.

『すまない{カイン} おまえまで‥‥
{カイン}「その げんじゅうとやらを たおせば
 へいかも ゆるしてくださる。
 また あかいつばさに もどれるさ。
 じゅんびは おれにまかせて
 こんやは ゆっくりやすめ。
『Sorry, {Cain}. I've gotten even you...
{Cain}: Just beat that Genjuu thing and
 His Majesty is sure to forgive you.
 You'll return to the Red Wings, too.
{Cain}: Don't worry about it.
 Leave the preparations to
 me, and rest up tonight.
(see below)

The English and EasyType versions expand Cain's dialog, apparently to help new players:

『すまない{カイン} おまえまで‥‥
{カイン}「その げんじゅうとやらを たおせば
 へいかも ゆるしてくださる。
 また あかいつばさに もどれるさ。
 じゃ おれは あすのしたくにかかる。
 おまえは へやにもどれ。
 じゅうじキーで 4ほうこうに いどうして
 Aボタンで ひとのはなしを きいて
 ひとびとのはなしには ちゅういして
 みみを かたむけるんだ。
 おもわぬひとが じゅうような じょうほうを
 とりあえず へいしたちの はなしを きいたら
 へやへ もどって やすめ。
『Sorry, {Cain}. I've gotten even you...
{Cain}: Just beat that Genjuu thing and
 His Majesty is sure to forgive you.
 You'll return to the Red Wings too.
{Cain}: Don't worry about it.
 I'll get to preparing for the morning, then.
 You return to your room.
 Move in four directions with the control
 pad and go around listening to what
 people are saying with the A button.
 Listen carefully and pay attention
 to what people say.
 Unexpected people might have
 important information, after all.
 In any case, return to your room and rest
 once you've listened to the soldiers.
{Cecil}: Sorry, {Kain}.
{Kain}: Don't worry. He'll
 put you back in command
 of the Red Wings after
 this mission.
{Cecil}: But...
{Kain}: Never mind!
 Go back to your room
 and take a rest.
 Walk in all directions
 using the Control Pad and
 talk to every person you
 meet using the A-Button.
 You must be careful not
 to miss what they say.
 An unexpected person may
 give you information.

The soldiers don't have much to say, except that the king has seemed a bit odd lately, and that the Mist Valley lies to the northwest. Cain, on the other hand...

『すまなかった {カイン}‥‥
{カイン}「まだ そんなことを いってるのか。
『ぼくは へいかの めいれいで
 あんこくけんを きわめた。
 でも それは バロンをまもるためで
 つみもない ひとびとから りゃくだつを
 するためでは なかったはずだ。
{カイン}「そんなに じぶんをせめるな。
 へいかにも おかんがえが あってのことだ。
『{カイン} おまえが うらやましいよ。
 あんこくけんを きわめれば かいきゅうも
 あがるだろうが おれには こっちのほうが
 それに りゅうきしで いれば おさないころ
 しにわかれた ちちを いつでも かんじられる
{カイン}「フッ らしくないはなしを
 ともかく かんがえすぎるな。
 おまえがそんなじゃ はりあいがない。
 げんじゅうを たおすのは おれだぞ。
『ぼくも まけはしない!
{カイン}「あすは はやい。 はやくやすめ。
{Cain}: What's wrong?
『Sorry, {Cain}...
{Cain}: You're still on about that?
 That's not like you.
『I mastered the Dark Sword
 on His Majesty's orders.
 But that was supposed to be
 to defend Baron, not to loot
 from innocent people.
{Cain}: Don't blame yourself so much.
 His Majesty knows what he's doing.
『I envy you, {Cain}.
{Cain}: My father was a
 Wyrmknight like me.
 Odds are my rank would rise
 if I mastered the Dark Sword,
 but this way suits me better.
 Besides, as a Wyrmknight, it always
 feels like I have a sense of my father,
 who died when I was a child...
{Cain}: Heh, it's not like me
 to be talking like that.
 Anyhow, don't overthink things.
 You're no use when you get like that.
 I'll be the one to beat the Genjuu.
『I'm not about to be outdone either!
{Cain}: We have a long day ahead of us.
 Hurry up and get some rest.
{Kain}: What's wrong?
{Cecil}: Sorry {Kain}...
{Kain}: Oh, stop that!
{Cecil}: I mastered the Dark
 Sword as commanded by His
 Majesty. But, it was to
 defend and not to rob.
{Kain}: Do not blame
 yourself. His Majesty
 must have his own reason.

The EasyType clarifies Cain's らしくない (rashiku nai, out of character) after Cecil's ellipses to おれらしくもない (ore rashiku mo nai, out of character for me).

As Cecil continues toward his room in the left tower, someone calls him to a halt.

{ローザ}「{セシル}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}!

A woman with light hair and a deep pink outfit comes up behind him.

{ローザ}「よかった ぶじだったのね。
 あまり きゅうな にんむだったので
『ぶじさ ぼくらは‥‥
 むていこうな まどうし あいてに
 きずなど おいはしない‥‥
{Rosa}: Thank goodness you're safe.
 Your mission was so sudden
 that I was worried.
『We're unharmed...
 There's no risk of suffering wounds
 when facing unresisting mages...
{Rosa}: You are not hurt?
 I was so anxious.
{Cecil}: We are not hurt.
 How could we be? The
 wizards didn't even
 raise their hands.

Cecil starts to walk away.

{ローザ}「{セシル}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}!
{ローザ}「あとで あなたのへやに
{Rosa}: I'll come to your room
{Rosa}: Can I see you
{Cecil}: Yeah. Later.

She leaves, glancing back at him before exiting.

Cecil can visit the castle dungeon, where several Mysidian mages are held captive. Some have things to say that seem important.

おまえら なにも わかっちゃいないんだ!
クリスタルは ただの ほうせきなんかじゃない!
None of you understand a thing!
The Crystal isn't just a jewel!
You don't understand!
The crystal is not just
わたしたちは どうなろうと かまいません。
しかし クリスタルだけは ミシディアに!
We don't care what happens to us.
Just return the Crystal to Mysidia!
Please return the crystal
to Mysidia!

As Cecil continues to his room, a funny-looking man with goggles and a large beard spots him.

{シド}「もどったかー {セシル}! {Cid}: So, you're back, {Cecil}! {Cid}: Hey! {Cecil}!

Cid waves, then rushes through the connecting passages to meet Cecil outside.

Cid talks kind of oddly. I've tried to reflect that in translation, though my initial attempt went overboard and I've cut it back quite a bit since then.

{シド}「{ローザ}が しんぱい
 {ローザ}を なかせたら
 このワシが ゆるさんからな!
 ところで ワシの かわいい ひくうていは
 おまえのぶかは あらっぽくて いかん。
 なんじゃ うかないかおして!
『じつは {シド}‥‥
 げんじゅうの とうばつに?
 おまえいがいに あかいつばさを しきれる
 ヤツが おるか!
 まったく へいかは どうされたんじゃ。
 しんがたの ひくうていを つくれと
 ワシは ひくうていを ひとごろしの
 どうぐになぞ したくないんじゃ!
 まちのものも ふしぎがっとる‥‥
 ともかく きをつけてな!
 げんじゅうなぞ おまえの あんこくけんで
 ワシは いえに かえる。
 さいきん かえっとらんので むすめが
{Cid}: {Rosa} was all worried
 about you!
 You make {Rosa} cry and I ain't
 gonna let you get away with it!
 And by the way, are my
 darlin' airships okay?
 Your men can't be so rough.
 What's the depressed look for!?
『Well, {Cid}, you see...
{Cid}: What's that?
 Off suppressin' Genjuu?
 As if there's anyone but you what
 can manage the Red Wings!
 Good grief, what's up with his
 highness? He's tellin' me to make
 a new model of airship...
 I don't wanna make no airship
 as no instrument of murder! The
 townspeople don't get him either...
 Anyhow, be careful now!
 Take that Genjuu thing out with
 one swing of your Dark Sword!
 I'm headin' back home.
 My daughter's makin' a big fuss
 since I haven't been back lately!
{Cid}: How's my airship
 ...What's wrong?
{Cecil}: I was...
{Cid}: What?!
 Who's gonna command the
 Red Wings then?
 I'm not sure what the
 King is thinking.
 He ordered me to make an
 airship, but I don't want
 it to be used as a
 Well, I gotta go home.
 I have been working all
 night, and my daughter is
 worried about me.

Cid rushes off, leaving Cecil free to head to his room with no further interruptions... until he runs into the maid.

The DS remake also has Cecil run into Namingway, the name-changing NPC. However, character names can't be changed, due to voice acting in certain cutscenes, so Namingway, distraught, sets off on a journey to find a new purpose, which turns into an extended sidequest for the player.

ベッドの シーツは とりかえておきました。
みょうちょう しゅっぱつ なさるとか‥‥
こんやは ゆっくり おやすみください。
I've changed the bedsheets.
I heard you leave tomorrow morning...?
Please, get plenty of rest tonight.
I've changed the sheets.
Leaving early tomorrow
morning, sir?
Good night.

She leaves, and this time, Cecil finally makes it to bed without being waylaid again... except by his own misgivings.

 いぜんは ナイトとしても なをはせ
 やさしく つよいおかただった。
 みなしごの ぼくや {カイン}を じぶんの
 こどものように そだててくれた。
 むていこうな むらびとから うばってまで
 てにいれねば ならぬほどの
 めいれいとはいえ あんなことは!
『His Majesty... what's happened to him?
 He used to be a strong, kind man,
 and a renowned knight as well.
 He raised orphans like me and {Cain}
 as though we were his own children.
 Mysidia's Crystal...
 Did we really need it badly enough
 to justify seizing it from unresisting
 Orders or not, that's just...!
{Cecil}: What happened to
 His Majesty?
 The crystal of Mysidia...
 Did we really have to
 snatch it from the peace
 loving people?
 Never again!
 Even if ordered!

Rosa walks in. Apparently these late-night visits are not an unusual occurance for them.

{ローザ}「{セシル}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}!

Cecil glances at her, then turns away as she approaches.

 きゅうに ミシディアへいったかと
 おもえば げんじゅうとうばつに
 それに もどってきてから へんよ。
『いや なんでもない‥‥
{Rosa}: What's happened?
 No sooner do you suddenly go to
 Mysidia but you're off on Genjuu
 suppression... and you haven't
 been yourself since you returned.
『No, it's nothing...
{Rosa}: What's wrong?
 You're not quite yourself
{Cecil}: Nothing.
{ローザ}「だったら こっちを むいて。 {Rosa}: Then look at me. {Rosa}: Then...
 Please don't look away.

Cecil hesitates, then begins talking, but doesn't turn around.

『ぼくは ミシディアで‥‥
 つみもない ひとびとから クリスタルを!
 この あんこくきしの すがた どうよう
 ぼくの こころも‥‥!
『In Mysidia... we took the Crystal
 from innocent people!
 I have the look of a Dark Knight,
 and on the inside, I'm just as...!
{Cecil}: In Mysidia...
 We had to rob from the
 innocent people!

Rosa walks closer.

{ローザ}「‥‥あなたは そんなひとじゃないわ。 {Rosa}:'re not that kind of person. {Rosa}: Oh, dear...

Cecil still won't turn around.

『ぼくは へいかには さからえない
 おくびょうな あんこくきしさ‥‥
『I'm a cowardly Dark Knight
 who can't defy His Majesty...
{Cecil}: I am just a Dark
 Knight with no courage to
 disobey His Majesty.

Rosa steps away.

{ローザ}「あかいつばさの {セシル}は
 そんな よわねは はかないはずよ!
 わたしのすきな {セシル}は‥‥
{Rosa}: {Cecil} of the Red Wings
 wouldn't whine like that!
 Not the {Cecil} I love...
{Rosa}: The real {Cecil}
 I know would never
 whimper like this!

Cecil finally turns around, but Rosa is facing away now.

{ローザ}「あすは ミストへ ゆくんでしょ。
 あなたに もしものことがあったら
{Rosa}: You go to Mist tomorrow, right?
 If anything were to happen to you,
 I would...
{Rosa}: You are going to
 Mist tomorrow, right?
 If anything should happen
 to you...

She looks upset. Cecil steps out of bed and to her side.

『しんぱい いらないさ。
 {カイン}も いっしょだ‥‥
『There's no need to worry.
 {Cain} will be there with me...
{Cecil}: Don't worry.
 {Kain} is coming, too.
『もうおそい‥‥きみも やすむんだ。 『It's late... you get some rest too. {Cecil}: It's late.
 Go back to your room.

Instead of sticking around and... well, it's pretty strongly implied what they would normally be doing.

{ローザ}「きをつけてね‥‥! {Rosa}: Be careful...! {Rosa}: Take care!

Rosa leaves. Cecil walks halfway across the room toward the stairs.

『ありがとう {ローザ}‥‥
 だが ぼくは あんこくきし。
『Thank you, {Rosa}...
 But I'm a Dark Knight.
 You and I...
{Cecil}: Thanks, {Rosa}.
 Still, I am just a Dark

Yay, an ambiguous line. I see two possibilities, which would be roughly: "I'm not good and pure like you" or "I can't be with you".

Fade out. The next morning, Cecil descends to the main entry hall of the castle, where he meets Cain arriving from the other direction.

{カイン}「いくか {セシル}。
『あてにしてるぜ {カイン}。
{カイン}「フッ まかせておけ。
 しろをでたら すぐに バロンのまちがある。
 まずは そこで たびじたくを ととのえると
{Cain}: Let's go, {Cecil}.
『I'm depending on you, {Cain}.
{Cain}: Heh, leave it to me.
 The city of Baron is right outside
 the castle. Let's finish preparing
 for the journey there first.
{Kain}: Let's go, {Cecil}.
 Outside the Castle is the
 city of Baron. Let's
 gather information and
 equipment in the city.

Cain's additional comment about preparing in town only exists in the NA and ET versions.

Cecil and Cain walk out of the castle as the familiar (to anyone with previous Final Fantasy experience) Prelude plays. Change scene to a side view outside the castle, showing some surrounding terrain, a larger and a smaller moon, and plenty of sky for the following introductory text to scroll along.

   かくして バロンこく ひくうていだん
  「あかいつばさ」の ぶたいちょうであった
      あんこくきし {セシル}は
      そのざを はくだつされ
  りゅうきしぶたいちょう {カイン}とともに
   へんきょうのむら ミストを めざし
   きりふかく たちこめる たにへと
   バロンじょうを あとにした‥‥

     ひとびとの ゆめであった
    あまかけるふね ひくうてい‥‥
  だが そのひくうていの きどうりょくは
      ゆめの じつげんばかりか
  よくぼうをみたす しゅだんにまでなりえた。

   ひくうていだん 「あかいつばさ」により
さいきょうの ぐんじこっかとなった バロンこく。
 なぜ そのきょうだいなちからをもつ バロンが
     クリスタルを もとめたのか‥‥
そしてなぜ あまたの まものが はくじつのもとに
   そのすがたを あらわしはじめたのか‥‥

     クリスタルは ただ しずかに
     そのひかりを たたえていた‥‥
Thus the Dark Knight {Cecil}, formerly
commander of the Red Wings,
the country of Baron's airship force,
was stripped of his position.
Along with {Cain}, commander of the
Wyrmknights, he departed Baron Castle
for a valley enshrouded in deep fog
on the way to the border village Mist...

Airships, vessels that soar through the
heavens, had been a dream of mankind...
But the mobility of these airships could make
them not only the realization of a dream,
but also a means to satisfy dark desires.

Baron had become the most powerful military
nation thanks to its Red Wings airship force.
Why would Baron, already in possession
of such great power, seek the Crystals...?
And why had so many monsters begun
to show themselves in broad daylight...?

The Crystals simply shone
their light in silence...
  Thus, the Dark Knight
  {Cecil} was expelled from
 his command as a Captain
     of the Red Wings.
  And he and Dragoon {Kain}
left Baron for the Village
     Mist in a valley
   enclosed in deep fog.

 Airships had been a dream
      of many people...
  After the realization
    of the dream, came
    greed and ambition.

   Through its fleet of
  airships, Baron became
 the most powerful nation.
     But why is Baron
   seeking the crystals?
    Why do the monsters
     keep increasing...?

 The crystal was shedding
   its light silently......

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