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Final Fantasy IV

ダムシアン じょう  Damcyan Castle  Cecil Rydia Tella  Damcyan

The castle definitely looks like it's been bombed. The walls are crumbling, the ground is cratered, parts of the castle are on fire, and dead or dying soldiers lie scattered around both inside and out. Before going in the main building, though, walk one step south from the entrance, then travel along the wall to the right. You'll find a semi-secret doorway leading to the dungeons, where another soldier lies dying.

‥‥めが みえん!
おまえは なかまか?
ここの たからを ヤツらの てには
...I can't see!
Are you on our side?
Don't let them have the
treasures in here... please!
I lost my sight!
Are you my allies?
Keep the treasures inside
away from the enemies...

While there's nothing exceptional here, the Crossbow and arrows could come in handy. Also remove Tella's equipment before going upstairs because...

...the party reaches the third floor to find a red-haired woman on the ground.

 おおーッ {アンナ}ー!
{Tella}: That's...
 Oh no, {Anna}!
{Tellah}: That is {Anna}!
 Ah-ah! {Anna}!

Tella rushes up to her. A gaily (in the minstrel sense of the word) dressed man with long flowing hair approaches from the side.

{テラ}「きさま あのときの
 きさまのせいで {アンナ}は!
{Tella}: You're that vile
 minstrel from before!
 It's your fault that {Anna}...!
Minstrel: !?
{Tellah}: You're the bard!
 You did this to her!
Bard: !?

Tella attacks! He only uses his normal attack, though. And his mouth.

And the Minstrel has 60,000 HP here anyway, so don't worry about him.

{テラ}「きさま よくも むすめを‥‥‥‥ {Tella}: That's my daughter! How dare you... {Tellah}: You swindler!
ぎんゆうしじん「ちがいます! Minstrel: You have it all wrong! Bard: Please! Listen!
{テラ}「なにが ちがうと いうのだ! {Tella}: And just what do I have wrong!? {Tellah}: You spoony bard!

"You spoony bard!" Though that remark is completely wrong as a translation and came out of nowhere, there is some truth to it, since "spoony" means something similar to "lovesick". In any case, the line is infamous enough that it's still there even in the DS remake, despite its sometimes excessive tendency toward fancier language, though they moved it to the beginning of the fight to keep the rest of the dialog more accurate.

ぎんゆうしじん「はなしを きいてください! Minstrel: Please, just hear me out! Bard: Please!
{テラ}「えーい だまれえ! {Tella}: Oh, just shut your mouth! {Tellah}: Shut up!
ぎんゆうしじん「おねがいです! Minstrel: Please! Bard: Listen!
{テラ}「このいたみ アンナのいたみ‥‥‥‥ {Tella}: This pain is Anna's pain... {Tellah}: Shut your mouth!
ぎんゆうしじん「アンナとは‥‥‥‥ Minstrel: Anna and I... Bard: I... I......
アンナ「おねがいっ! ふたりとも やめてっ! Anna: Please! Stop it, both of you! Anna: Please! Stop!

The spoony battle ends as Tella and the minstrel rush to Anna's side. Cecil and Rydia also approach.

{テラ}「{アンナ} いきていてくれたか‥‥
 この ダムシアンの おうじ‥‥
 カイポに きたの‥‥
 わたし {ギルバート}をあいしているの‥‥
 でも だいすきなおとうさんに‥‥
 ひきいる バロンの あかいつばさが‥‥
『{ゴルベーザ}とは いったい なにものなんだ?
{ギルバート}「わかりません‥‥くろい いような
 かっちゅうに みをつつんでいて‥‥
 ひととは おもえぬ つよさで‥‥
『なぜ あかいつばさが!?
{ギルバート}「やつらは クリスタルを
 うばうと ひをはなち‥‥
 ちちも ははもやられ‥‥{アンナ}も‥‥
 ぼくを かばって ゆみに‥‥
{Tella}: {Anna}, you're alive...
{Anna}: Father... he... {Gilbert}
 is the prince of Damcyan...
 He came to Kaipo as a
 minstrel... to hide his status...
 I'm sorry... father... for just
 running off like that...
 I love {Gilbert}...
 But I love you too, father... and had
 to get your permission... so I was
 about to return to Kaipo when...
{Gilbert}: Baron's Red Wings, with someone
 calling himself {Golubaeser} in charge...
『Who is this {Golubaeser}?
{Gilbert}: I'm not sure... his body was covered
 in a peculiar black armor and helmet...
 his strength hardly seemed human...
『Why would the Red Wings...!?
{Gilbert}: Once they had seized the
 Crystal, they set fires...
 Father and mother were slain... and
 {Anna}... shielding me from a bow...
{Tellah}: Are you all right?
{Anna}: Father, {Edward} is
 the Prince of Damcyan.
 He was disguised as a
 Bard when he came to see
 me in Kaipo.
 Forgive me, Father, for
 running away.
 But, I love {Edward}.
 We thought of asking for
 your consent. But when
 we were about to leave...
{Edward}: {Golbez} attacked us
 with Baron's Red Wings.
{Cecil}: Who is that man?
{Edward}: I don't know.
{Cecil}: But, why?
{Edward}: He took our Crystal
 of Fire. And {Anna}
 shielded me from the

Where the heck did I get Golubaeser? Some legends of Saint George and the Dragon have a nasty venomous mosquito-like "Golubaeser Fly" spring from the dragon's corpse in the caves near the castle of Golubaes. This is generally believed to be the origin of his name, though the Japanese source materials apparently spell it as "Golbeza", shortened to "Golbez" in the NA version to fit length constraints. In any case, the name practically oozes evil.

The EasyType replaces くろい いような かっちゅう (kuroi iyou na katchuu, peculiar black armor and helmet) with くろい よろい (kuroi yoroi, black armor), using a more commonplace term for armor.

{テラ}「そんなにまで こやつのことを‥‥
{アンナ}「おとうさん‥‥わたしを ゆるして‥‥
{Tella}: You care for him that much...
{Anna}: Father... forgive me...
 {Gilbert}.... I... love... you...!
{Tellah}: You loved him
 that much...
{Anna}: Father... forgive me...
 I... love {Edward}...!

Sad music starts playing.

{テラ}「{アンナ}! {アンナ}ーッ!
{Gilbert}: {Anna}!
{Tella}: {Anna}! {Anna}!!
{Edward}: {Anna}!
{Tellah}: {Anna}! {Anna}!

It would seem that she's dead now. Gilbert looks stricken. Tella would rather take action.

{テラ}「‥‥その {ゴルベーザ}とは
 いったい なにものなんだ!
{ギルバート}「さいきん バロンに やってきて
 あかいつばさを ひきい クリスタルを
 ないても {アンナ}は いきかえらん!
 バロンの {ゴルベーザ}‥‥!
 わたしが {アンナ}のかたきを
{Tella}: ...and just who exactly
 is that {Golubaeser}!?
{Gilbert}: All I know is that he came
 to Baron recently and is leading the
 Red Wings to gather the Crystals...
{Tella}: You're pathetic!
 Crying won't bring {Anna} back!
 {Golubaeser} of Baron...!
 I'm coming to take vengeance
 for {Anna}!
{Tellah}: Who is {Golbez}?
{Edward}: I heard that he's
 gathering crystals using
 Baron's Red Wings.
 ...sob ...sob
{Tellah}: Stop crying!
 Your tears won't bring
 back {Anna}.
 Wait for me {Golbez}!
 I'm coming to avenge my

The EasyType replaces Gilbert's ひきい (hikii, leading a force) with つかい (tsukai, using) here, though it leaves ひきいる (hikiiru, to lead a force) unchanged a few lines before this.

Of course, taking vengeance won't bring her back any more than crying will, but try telling Tella that.

Tella starts to leave, but Cecil cuts him off.

『{テラ} ひとりでは‥‥! 『{Tella}, not alone...! {Cecil}: You can't go alone!

Tella knocks him aside.

{テラ}「たすけなぞ いらん!
 {ゴルベーザ}は わたしひとりで
{Tella}: I need no assistance!
 I'll kill {Golubaeser} on my own!
{Tellah}: I don't need any
 help! This is my own

He leaves.

{テラ}と わかれた。 Parted ways with {Tella}. {Tellah} left.
{ギルバート}「ア {アンナ}ァ‥‥シクシク‥‥ {Gilbert}: A-{Anna}... *sob* *sob*... {Edward}: Ah... {Anna}...
 sob... sob...

Cecil turns to find Gilbert crying like a baby. Understandable, but still. Rydia gets in his face.

{リディア}「よわむし! {Rydia}: Crybaby! {Rydia}: Crybaby!
{リディア}「おにいちゃんは おとこでしょ!
{Rydia}: Aren't you a man!?
 Aren't you a grown-up!?
 And look at you...!
 I have just as much reason...
{Rydia}: You are a man!
 You are a grown-up!
 You are not the only one
 who has lost loved ones!
{Cecil}: {Rydia}.....
{ギルバート}「そうさ‥‥きみの いうとおり
 ぼくは よわむしさ!
 だから ずっとこうして {アンナ}の
 もう なにもかも どうでもいいんだ!
{Gilbert}: Yes... I'm a crybaby,
 just as you said!
 So I'm going to stay here
 with {Anna} forever!
 Nothing matters any more!
{Edward}: You may be right.
 I'm just a coward.
 But I don't care. I'm
 staying here with {Anna}.

Cecil walks over and hits him. +1 for attacking a prince with impunity.

『かなしいのは きみだけじゃないんだぞ!
 そんなことをしていても {アンナ}もよろこびは
 それに いまのぼくらには きみのたすけが
{ギルバート}「ぼくが きみたちを たすける?
『ぼくは {セシル}。
 カイポで こうねつびょうに たおれている
 なかまを たすけるため さばくのひかりが
 どうしても ひつようなんだ。
{ギルバート}「ぼくが たすける‥‥
『You aren't the only one who is sad!
 Doing this isn't going to bring
 {Anna} any joy!
 Furthermore, we need your
 help now!
{Gilbert}: Me, help you?
『I am {Cecil}.
 We absolutely need the Light of the
 Desert to save a companion of mine
 down with extreme fever in Kaipo.
 For that... we need your help!
{Gilbert}: Me, help...?
『That's right.
 For {Rosa}... please!
{Cecil}: You're not the only
 one who is sad, {Edward}.
 Besides, {Anna} won't be
 happy if you do that.
 We really need your help.
 Please come with us.
{Edward}: My help...?
{Cecil}: I am {Cecil}. I'm
 looking for the SandRuby
 to help my friend who is
 ill in Kaipo.
 And I need your help!
{Edward}: I...? Help you...?
{Cecil}: Yes. You.
 きみの だいじなひとらしいね‥‥
{Gilbert}: It would seem that this {Rosa}
 person is important to you...
 You mustn't... lose those you love.
{Edward}: She seems to be
 an important person.
 You shouldn't lose your
 loved one.
{ギルバート}「さばくのひかりは ひがしの
 どうくつにすむ アントリオンが さんらんの
 ときにだす ぶんぴつぶつから できる。
 どうくつには あさせを わたらなければ
 ダムシアンにある ホバーせんなら あさせも
 カイポにも あさせをこえて ゆけるはずだ。
{Gilbert}: The Light of the Desert forms from
 secretions the Antlion that lives in the cave
 to the east makes when it lays its eggs.
 The only way to reach the cave is over
 the shallows.
 We have a hovercraft in Damcyan that
 can travel across them. It should also
 be able to cross the shallows to Kaipo.
{Edward}: The SandRuby is
 made from the Antlion
 when it lays its eggs
 in the cave.
 The cave is in the east,
 but we must go across
 shallows to get there.
 There is the Hovercraft
 in Damcyan we can use.
 We can also go to Kaipo
 through the shallows!
{ギルバート}「さあ いそごう!
おうぞく {ギルバート}が なかまになった!
{Gilbert}: Now, let's hurry!
Royalty {Gilbert} became a companion!
{Edward}: Let's hurry!
Prince {Edward} joined as
a Bard!

Everyone walks out of the room, though Gilbert turns back for one last look at Anna.

{ギルバート}「さよなら‥‥{アンナ}! {Gilbert}: Farewell... {Anna}! {Edward}: Good-bye... {Anna}!

Her body vanishes (since that's apparently what the dead do in this world), and Gilbert leaves with the others.

Did I say Tella ought to be placed in the back row to protect him? That goes triple for Gilbert. Though his stats easily surpass Tella's at higher levels, he's quite weak for now, his abilities aren't very good, and it doesn't help that he joins at only level 5. He's fairly good at inflicting status effects, but not much else. And his harps, though not very powerful to begin with, aren't even long-ranged weapons except in the NA version! You may be better off giving him a bow and arrows if you want him trying to inflict damage, though that disables his halfway useful Sing command.

In the DS remake, most of Gilbert's commands have been redone to improve their usefulness. His stats, on the other hand, remain unimpressive.

Outside, a hovercraft appears from the castle, and the party rides it away. As promised, it can cross shallows, and no monsters attack while the party is riding it. Shallows lead south to Kaipo and east to the antlion's cave and Hobs Mountain (which is blocked by thick ice). Also feel free to return to the castle, where pots on the third floor restore HP and MP, free of charge.

If you like incredibly rare but largely useless items, the groups of eight Goblins in the desert around the castle make it perhaps the best place to hunt the Goblin summon item. You'd better have plenty of patience or luck, though, since each Goblin only has a 15 in 256 chance to drop anything, and the summon item only has 1 chance in 64 to drop when anything drops at all, making the odds of any given Goblin dropping it 15 in 16,384, worse than one in a thousand.

I've gone back and crunched the numbers with the help of a spreadsheet after checking the possible monster formations in various areas, the number of Goblins in each formation, and the probability of each formation appearing. The Damcyan area does indeed have the statistically highest number of Goblins per battle, averaging 622 per 256 battles (the next highest are the Mist Cave with 590 per 256 battles and the Baron area with 458 per 256 battles). The Lil' Murder (Tricker), which can also drop the item, at the same meager rate, doesn't really figure into this, since it never appears in even remotely similar quantities.

Despite this being the highest rate of Goblins, though, the odds say you'll still average around 450 battles per drop.

Techincally, in the JP version or when hacking your item list, you could spam Alarms around Baron to get 6x Goblin encounters consistently, assuming that you don't mind wasting Alarms on it. Even with that, though, the average would still be 182 battles per drop. If you really, really want a Goblin summon, it may be better to wait until a certain cave later on, and search for an enemy Summoner (Conjuror) that can continually summon Goblin after Goblin.

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