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Final Fantasy IV

アントリオン  Antlion  Cecil Rydia Gilbert  Antlion

Another cave, this one more confusing than the ones before, though not particluarly large.

Rydia can inflict a fair amount of damage on certain enemies free of charge with the Ice Rod. Gilbert's status attacks may come in handy too. Cecil will still account for most of your offense. Don't miss the Lamia Harp, Gilbert's most powerful weapon (as already noted, he's really not much of a fighter).

In the depths of the cave, the party comes across a large depressed area.

{ギルバート}「ここが アントリオンの
{Gilbert}: This is the Antlion's
 spawning ground.
{Edward}: This is the lair
 of Antlion.

He steps forward, and huge pincers stick out of the ground.

 アントリオンは おとなしいんだ。
 にんげんには きがいをくわえない。
{Rydia}: Eeek!
{Gilbert}: Don't worry.
 The Antlion is docile.
 It would never harm a human.
 I'll go get what we need.
{Rydia}: Oh!
{Edward}: Worry not.
 Antlion is tame.
 I will take the SandRuby.

He steps forward, but the pincers take a swipe at him.

{ギルバート}「うわあ! {Gilbert}: Waah! {Edward}: No!
『いくぞ {リディア}! 『Let's go, {Rydia}! {Cecil}: Let's go {Rydia}!

She nods, and the inevitable boss battle begins. The only complication to this battle is that the Antlion uses Counterattack Horn whenever physically attacked.

Gilbert should not attack, since his damage is feeble and he'll just provoke counterattacks. His status attacks won't work, either, so he might as well just Hide unless you need him to pass out Potions. Cecil does well enough attacking to usually make it worth taking the counter, except when someone is at risk of keeling over. Rydia should Summon Chocobo, period. Blizzard and Thunder are far weaker, and Chocobo should hurt more than Cecil's attack. Even better, the Antlion doesn't react to any sort of magic at all, so there are no negative side-effects. The Antlion has no elemental resistances or weaknesses.

In the DS remake, the Antlion switches between countering physical attacks and countering magic damage as its eyes change color. Pay attention to the current mode, and don't queue any commands when the eyes haven't changed color recently. To assist with damage-dealing, the remake also gives the Antlion weaknesses to Dark and Ice that make Cecil's blade and the Ice Rod's item effect particularly potent. Gilbert can attack, too, when the eye color is right.

さばくのひかりを てにいれた。 Got the Light of the Desert. Found the SandRuby!

Come to think of it, the original script never really explains what the Light of the Desert is, aside from being formed from the creature's secretions when it lays eggs. The English DS version calls it a Sand Pearl, which at least makes sense as an analogue to oyster pearls.

{ギルバート}「そんな ばかな!
 なぜ アントリオンが‥‥
『さいきん まもののかずが ふえた。
 いままで おとなしかった けものたちまで
 やはり なにかのまえぶれ‥‥
『ああ いこう!
{Gilbert}: This is ridiculous!
 Why would the Antlion...?
『The number of monsters has
 increased lately. Even formerly
 docile beasts are attacking.
 It must be some kind of omen...
{Rydia}: To {Rosa}, hurry!
『Yes, let's go!
{Edward}: It can't be! Why
 did Antlion attack us?
{Cecil}: We see monsters
 increasing everyday.
 Tame creatures are
 getting aggressive day
 by day. It must be a
 portent of some kind...
{Rydia}: Let's go cure {Rosa}!
{Cecil}: Oh, yes.

They leave the cave and take the hovercraft back to Kaipo.

オアシスのむらカイポ  Oasis Village Kaipo  Cecil Rydia Gilbert  Kaipo

Cecil finds Rosa still in bed.

『{ローザ}! 『{Rosa}! {Cecil}: {Rosa}!
{ローザ}を さばくのひかりで てらした! Shone the Light of the Desert on {Rosa}! Used the SandRuby over
{ローザ}「ううん‥‥ {Rosa}: Uhhn... {Rosa}: Mmm... ...
 いきていたのね! よかった‥‥
『むちゃだよ きみは‥‥
{ローザ}「ミストのじしんで あなたは
 しんだときいて‥‥でも しんじられなくて‥‥
 それより {ゴルベーザ}とは いったい?
{ローザ}「あなたにかわって あかいつばさを
 しきさせるため バロンおうが よんだの。
 かれがきてから おうは ますます おかしく
 なって‥‥きっと {ゴルベーザ}が おうを
 あやつり クリスタルを あつめてるんだわ。
 あなたが とってきた ミシディアの
 ダムシアンの ひのクリスタル。
 ファブールの かぜのクリスタル。
 それに トロイアの つちのクリスタル‥‥
{Rosa}: {Cecil}!
 You're alive! Thank goodness...
『That was reckless of you...
{Rosa}: I heard you had died in the Mist
 quake... but I couldn't believe it, and...
『I'm sorry...
 That aside, who is {Golubaeser}?
{Rosa}: King Baron called him in to
 command the Red Wings in your place.
 The king has grown stranger and stranger
 ever since he came... I'm sure {Golubaeser}
 is using him to collect the Crystals:
 Mysidia's Water Crystal
 that you brought back,
 Damcyan's Fire Crystal,
 Fabul's Wind Crystal,
 and Troy's Earth Crystal...
{Rosa}: Oh, {Cecil}!
{Cecil}: {Rosa}...
{Rosa}: I heard that you
 were lost since the
 earthquake at Mist. But
 I couldn't believe it.
{Cecil}: I'm sorry.
 I worried you.
 By the way, {Rosa}...
 Who is {Golbez}?
{Rosa}: The King invited
 him to the Red Wings.
 The King is not the same
 as he used to be.
 It seems he is nothing
 more than {Golbez}'s
 puppet to collect all
 the crystals.
 The Crystal of Water from
 Mysidia is already in his
 But other crystals...
 The Crystal of Fire is in
 Damcyan, Air is in Fabul,
 and Earth is in Toroia.
{ギルバート}「ひのクリスタルは すでに
 かれの てのなかです‥‥
『かれは {ギルバート}。
 かれのおかげで きみを なおすことが
 このこは ミストの‥‥{リディア}だ。
{ローザ}「ありがとう {リディア}
 ダムシアンが すでに おそわれたとしたら
 つぎは ファブール! こうしては!
 ゴホ ゴホッ!
{Gilbert}: The Fire Crystal is
 already in his hands...
『This is {Gilbert}.
 He's the prince of Damcyan.
 We were able to cure you
 thanks to him.
 This girl is {Rydia}, from... Mist.
{Rydia}: Are you okay?
{Rosa}: Thank you, {Rydia} and
 If Damcyan has already been
 attacked, Fabul is next! We must
 *cough* *cough*!
{Edward}: The Crystal of
 Fire is already gone.
{Cecil}: He is {Edward},
 the Prince of Damcyan.
 And this girl, {Rydia}
 of Mist.
{Rydia}: You okay?
{Rosa}: Yes. Thank you.
 Damcyan has already been
 Then the next target is...
 Fabul! We must hurry!
 ...Cough! Cough!
『{ローザ} むりをするな。
 ファブールへは ぼくらがいく!
{ギルバート}「でも ファブールへいく
 ホブスのやまは あつい こおりで‥‥
『{Rosa}, don't push yourself.
 We'll go to Fabul!
{Gilbert}: But there's thick ice on the
 way to Fabul over Hobs Mountain...
{Cecil}: {Rosa}...
 You must rest.
 We'll go to Fabul.
{Edward}: But we must get
 over Mt. Hobs to go to
 Fabul. The trail is
 blocked by thick ice.
{ローザ}「‥‥{リディア} あなた
 ファイアを つかえる?
 ‥‥ううん つかえない‥‥
{Rosa}: ...{Rydia}, can you
 use Fire?
{Rydia}: !, I can't...
{Rosa}: {Rydia}, can you
 use the spell of Fire?
{Rydia}: !
 N-No, I can't.
{ローザ}「しょうかんしの あなたが
 くろまほうの しょほともいえる ファイアを
{Rosa}: I can't imagine that a Summoner
 like you wouldn't be able to use such
 elementary Black Magic as Fire...
 ugh... *cough*!
{Rosa}: You're a Caller.
 Black magic should be
 easy for you, {Rydia}.

The EasyType simplifies しょほ (shoho, elementary) to きほん (kihon, basic).

『{ローザ}! やはり きみは
 まっていなきゃ ダメだ!
『{Rosa}! You really do
 need to wait!
{Cecil}: {Rosa}!
 You must rest!
{ローザ}「わたしなら だいじょうぶ。
 それに わたしも しろまどうし。
 あしでまといには ならないはずよ‥‥!
{Rosa}: I'll be fine.
 Besides, I'm a White Mage.
 I won't get in your way...!
{Rosa}: I am all right.
 And I am a white wizard.
 I won't bother you!
{Cecil}: ...
 {ローザ}は きみといっしょに
『‥‥わかった {ローザ}‥‥
 いっしょに いこう。
 もうよるだ‥‥あすのあさ たとう。
 とにかく こんやは ゆっくりおやすみ。
しろまどうし {ローザ}が なかまになった!
{Gilbert}: {Cecil}...
 {Rosa} wants to be
 with you.
『...all right, {Rosa}...
 We'll go together.
 It's evening... we'll leave tomorrow
 morning. Get plenty of rest tonight.
{Rosa}: {Cecil}...
White Mage {Rosa} became a companion!
{Edward}: {Cecil}... {Rosa}
 wants to be with you.
 Don't you see?
{Cecil}: Okay, {Rosa}.
 Let's go together. But
 it's too late tonight.
 Rest and sleep for now.
{Rosa}: Okay, {Cecil}...
{Rosa} joined!

Fade to black.

        その よる‥‥

That night...

        That night...

Gilbert walks out of the house and stands by the lakeside.

{ギルバート}「‥‥ {Gilbert}: ... {Edward}: ...

He pulls out his harp and begins playing.

{ギルバート}「やはり さみしいよ {アンナ}‥‥ {Gilbert}: I'm so lonely, {Anna}... {Edward}: I miss you,
 my dear {Anna}...

Then a monster leaps out of nowhere and attacks.

{ギルバート}「うわあ! {Gilbert}: Waah! {Edward}: No!

Combat ensues. Keep attacking to trigger the reaction scripts that Make Things Happen. Anna will appear after Gilbert first inflicts damage.

Except in the NA version (which makes harps long-ranged), try switching Gilbert to the front row so he doesn't miss as often.

アンナ「ゆうきを だすのよっ! Anna: Have courage! Anna: {Edward}!
「ア アンナっ! : A-Anna! {Edward}: A... Anna?!
「あなたは あなたがおもってるほど よわくないわ : You aren't as weak as you think. Anna: ...... Fight, {Edward}!

Inflict damage again for more dialog.

「じぶんを しんじるのよ! : Believe in yourself! Believe in yourself

Anna fades out.

「やってみるよ アンナ! : I'll try, Anna! and be strong!

The monster's defense now drops from 3 to 0, for what it's worth.

Inflict damage again to finish it.

「うっ ぐぺぺぺぺーっ! : Ungh, *gurgle* *gurgle*! ARRRGH......!

Combat ends to show us Anna floating over the lake.

{アンナ}「{ギルバート} わたしは そろそろ
 おおきな たましいと ひとつに
{ギルバート}「{アンナ}! いっちゃ いやだ!
{Gilbert}: {Anna}!
{Anna}: {Gilbert}, I have
 to go now...
 to become one with
 the great soul...
{Gilbert}: {Anna}! Don't go!
{Edward}: {Anna}!
{Anna}: {Edward}, dear...
 I must go now.
{Edward}: {Anna}!
 Don't go!
 Don't leave me alone!

The reference to a vast soul might be more meaningful in the context of the Shinto and Buddhist beliefs that permeate Japanese culture, or possibly it's an early conception of what would later develop into the Lifestream in FFVII (which may itself be rooted in Shinto and Buddhist concepts).

Anna drifts away...

{アンナ}「{ギルバート} ゆうきをだして!
 {ゴルベーザ}に クリスタルを わたしては
 あなたは わたしを あいしてくれたわ。
 こんどは そのあいを すべてのひとに‥‥
{Anna}: {Gilbert}, have courage!
 You must not let {Golubaeser}
 have the Crystals...
 You loved me.
 Now give that love to all people...
{Anna}: {Edward}......
 Do not let {Golbez} have
 all the crystals.
 You loved me.
 Now, give your love to
 all of your people.

...and disappears.

{ギルバート}「{アンナ} たたかうよ!
 でも ゆうきといっても‥‥
 {アンナ} ぼくは どうしたらいいんだ‥‥
{Gilbert}: {Anna}, I'll fight!
 But, courage...
 {Anna}, what should I do...?
{Edward}: I will, {Anna}!
 But, what am I supposed
 to do now, {Anna}?

Unfortunately, while this may do some good for plotline character development, it does nothing to make Gilbert more effective in combat beyond the small experience gain from the battle.

Rosa, on the other hand, is good with a bow and great with White Magic. She starts at level 10, and already outheals Tella by level 13 (when she learns Cura). She's not the most durable character, though. For best results, rearrange the party to have three back-row positions, with Cecil as the only one in the front.

In the DS remake, arrows are not consumed, so you only need one per archer, which I found out the hard way after wondering why it was so expensive to get Rosa a decent supply. Was that in the manual and I just missed it? It seems like a big change to make without warning, and completely counter-intuitive.

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