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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy IV

ファブール  Fabul  Cecil Rydia Gilbert Rosa Yang  Fabul

First things first: shopping! Buy new armors for Cecil and the Ice Claw and Thunder Claw for Yang so he has more attack types to play with. Yang should equip two different claws at all times, swapping claws as the situation warrants. Physical attacks always get bonus damage whenever the enemy is weak against any element in the attack, and there's no extra benefit for having two of the same element. Since Yang's attack power ignores weapon strength anyway, there's never any reason to pass on a claw that strikes a weakness, assuming any exist. Most of the enemies in the upcoming battle have no weaknesses. However, one has a Thunder weakness, so make sure to equip the Thunder Claw.

The Thunder Claw works even better in the DS remake, since the human enemies are now weak against it. The Leshy, similarly, has a new weakness that the Fire Claw can exploit. I suppose it seemed a bit silly to have so many enemies with no weakness right after Yang got the means to hit weaknesses.

You'll probably want to heal, too, but don't bother with the inn. Instead, go outside from the second floor and climb the eastern tower. At the top is the king's room, and for a limited time only...

『おうさまの ベッドで ねちゃおっと! 『Let's snooze in the king's bed! Let's sleep in the
King's bed!

Said in a rather childish way, and quite out of character for Cecil.

And that slap in the face of royalty costs you nothing. Hah! Loot both towers for items, and stop by Yang's room in the western tower to meet his wife, if you like:

おんな「あら おかえり!
{ヤン}「わたしの つまだ。
 こちらは {セシル}どの。
 あぶないところを たすけていただいた。
{ヤン}のおくさん「そいつは どうもね!
 ところで あんた こんなとこで あぶら
 うってて いいのかい?
Woman: Oh, welcome back!
{Yang}: This is my wife.
 This is sir {Cecil}. He saved me
 from a dangerous situation.
{Yang}'s Wife: Thanks for that!
 By the way, hon, should you
 really be here slacking off?
Woman: Hi! Honey!
{Yang}: It's my wife.
 This is {Cecil}.
 He saved my life.
{Yang}'s wife: Thanks!

あんた (anta) is a rougher あなた (anata), so I picked "hon" as a rougher "honey".

Yang likes to suffix names with 殿 (dono), which is respectful, archaic, and roughly equivalent to "sir" (or perhaps something like "his lordship").

Anyway, she has a point. Go see the king in the throne room to advance the plot, but make sure to save and dequip Rosa first.

ファブールおう「{ヤン}よ もどったか。
 それよりも ファブールおう。
 {ゴルベーザ}なるものが バロンをうごかし
 クリスタルを うばいにきます!
{ヤン}「このかたたちは それをしらせに
ファブールおう「そのほうたちは なにものじゃ?
King Fabul: {Yang}, I see you've returned.
{Yang}: Yes, sir.
 Of more importance, King Fabul,
 one called {Golubaeser} is mobilizing
 Baron to come seize the Crystal!
King Fabul: Indeed!?
{Yang}: These persons have come
 to inform us of that.
King Fabul: And who are they?
King of Fabul: {Yang}...
{Yang}: King!
 The Baronian Kingdom
 mobilized his force to
 get our Crystal of Air!
 The one called {Golbez}
 is behind this attempt.
King of Fabul: Truly!?
{Yang}: These people here
 came to let us know.
King of Fabul: Who...
 are these people?

Cecil steps forward.

『じかんが ありません。
 はやく まもりを かためないと!
ファブールおう「しかし そのすがたは バロンの
 しんじて よいものかどうか‥‥
 しんらいできる かたたちです!
 わたしが おそわれていたところを
『いっこくを あらそいます!
『We have no time.
 You must fortify your defenses quickly!
King Fabul: But your appearance tells
 me you are a Dark Knight of Baron.
 I don't know whether I can trust you...
{Yang}: King!
 We can trust in these people!
 They came to my assistance
 when I was under attack...
『We cannot afford to lose a moment!
{Rosa}: Please hurry!
{Cecil}: We have no time
 to waste. The defence
 of the castle must be
 tighten immediately!
King of Fabul: But you're
 a Dark Knight of Baron.
 Can I really trust you?
{Yang}: King!
 They are trustworthy!
 They came to my defence
 when I was attacked.
{Cecil}: Not a moment is
 to be lost!
{Rosa}: There is no time!

Gilbert steps forward.

ファブールおう「これは {ギルバート}おうじ!
 クリスタルを うばわれたのです!
 ちちも ははも‥‥
 こいびとも うしないました‥‥!
 このファブールを ダムシアンの にのまいに
 される おつもりですか!
{Gilbert}: It has been some time,
 King Fabul.
King Fabul: Ah, Prince {Gilbert}!
{Gilbert}: Damcyan was attacked
 as well, and our Crystal seized!
 I lost my father, my mother...
 and my lover too...!
 Do you mean to have Fabul
 fail just as Damcyan did!?
{Edward}: I am glad to see
 you again, sir.
King of Fabul: Oh!
 Prince {Edward}!
{Edward}: Damcyan, too, has
 suffered from the attack
 and had the crystal taken
 away! I lost my parents
 and beloved friend!
 Would you let the same
 thing happen to Fabul!?
ファブールおう「すまぬ! まことじゃったか。
 だが しゅりょくの モンクたいもなしに‥‥
 そなたらも ちからを かしてはくれぬか?
King Fabul: Pardon me! You spoke true.
 But without our main Monk force...
 Would you aid us as well?
King of Fabul: I'm sorry
 for the misunderstanding.
 Will you help us defend
 the crystal?

Agree, or the party will leave the room and you'll have to go through the whole scene all over again.

{ヤン}「このかたたちは すばらしいうでを
 わたしとともに さいぜんせんに ついて
ファブールおう「おぬしが そこまでいうのなら
 そなたらに かけてみよう!
 むすめたちは きゅうごのにんに ついて
{Yang}: These persons possess
 magnificent ability!
 I would have them fight by my
 side on the front lines!
King Fabul: If you so insist, then
 I will take a chance on you all!
 Let us have the girls work with
 the medic team.
{Rosa}: Understood.
King Fabul: I'm counting on you!
{Yang}: Yes, sir!
{Yang}: They are all
 outstanding combatants!
 I ask them to take the
King of Fabul: Very well!
 I leave the matter in
 your hands!
 Girls, would you take
 the office of relief?
{Rosa}: Certainly.
{ヤン}「では {セシル}どの! {Yang}: Well then, sir {Cecil}! {Yang}: Now, {Cecil}!

Yang leads Gilbert and Cecil to the exit. Rosa calls Cecil to a halt.

{ローザ}「{セシル}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}!
{ローザ}「きを つけてね‥‥
 {リディア}! {ローザ}を たのむ!
{Rosa}: Be careful...
『You too...
 {Rydia}! Look after {Rosa}!
{Rosa}: Take care.
{Cecil}: So do you,
 and you, {Rydia}!

Rydia nods, and Cecil leaves with the others. Fade out.

ファブール  Fabul  Cecil Gilbert Yang  Fabul

Yang stands at the castle entrance, flanked by Cecil and Gilbert and backed by a group of Monks. Another one rushes along the castle wall above to announce,

: Here they come!
{Yang}: Intercept them!
They are coming!
{Yang}: Meet them!

From here on, the party is locked into a series of battles, with no opportunity to access the menu between fights. Individually, the battles are fairly easy, but with no real healers and no breaks, they're more of a problem than they would be otherwise.

Naturally, Yang and Cecil should attack, while Gilbert does better to stay in the back row and hand out Potions as needed. He can also equip the Dream Harp and attempt to put enemies to sleep with it, especially in the NA version, which avoids a hit penalty by making harps long-ranged.

After the first battle...

「あかいつばさだーー! : It's the Red Wings! The Red Wings!!

Bombing ensues. Cecil speaks to Yang.

『このままじゃ やられるだけだ!
{ヤン}「ひとまず じょうないまで
『We'll just get wiped out like this!
{Yang}: We'll retreat into the
 castle for the time being!
{Cecil}: We can't fight back
 the Airships!
{Yang}: Retreat!

Everyone falls back to the castle entryway.

 かちめのない たたかいに!
 ぼくたちの たたかいでもあると!
 それに まけと きまったわけじゃない!
{ギルバート}「く くる!
{Yang}: I apologize for bringing
 you into a hopeless battle!
『I thought I told you,
 this is our battle too!
 And we haven't lost yet!
{Gilbert}: Th-they're coming!
{Yang}: Sorry!
 I dragged you into a
 hopeless war!
{Cecil}: I told you.
 The cause of war is not
 yours alone! And...
 We haven't lost yet!

I never liked Cecil's NA line. It sounds too much like "it's not just you causing the war" when he means "it's not just for your sake that we're fighting."

More attackers arrive, monsters this time instead of soldiers.

After beating them, yet more attackers arrive, overwhelming the Monks guarding the side doors before converging on the main force.

{ヤン}「くッ! さがるぞ! {Yang}: Kh! Fall back! {Yang}: We must withdraw!

Most of the force falls back to the next stairway, though some don't make it.

『このうえは おうのまじゃ‥‥!?
{ヤン}「ごしんぱい めさるな。
 おうや おんなこどもは あんぜんなところに
 われわれが てきをひきつけ‥‥
『Isn't the throne room above here...!?
{Yang}: Do not be concerned.
 The king, and women and children,
 are taking shelter in a safe place!
 We lure the enemy to us...
{Yang}: The King has
 already taken refuge with
 the women and children!
 Draw the enemies and...

The EasyType replaces おうのま (ou no ma, throne room, more literally "king's chamber") with へいかの へや (heika no heya, His Majesty's room).

More opponents enter.

{ヤン}「たたく! {Yang}: And strike! {Yang}: Smash 'em!

After the battle, still more opponents enter.

{ギルバート}「ここは もうだめだ!
{Gilbert}: That's it for here!
{Yang}: Damn!
{Edward}: We can't hold here
 any longer!

The party falls back to the throne room. Only one of the trainee Monks remains with them, not that they helped much anyway.

 ここで ふせがねば!
{Yang}: I've locked it!
 We must hold out here!
『And the Crystal!?
{Yang}: It's above here!
{Yang}: Lock the door!
 We must at least hold
 this ground!
{Cecil}: Where is the
{Yang}: Upstairs!

The generic Monk walks to the door and...

カギを あけた! Unlocked it! Opened!
{Yang}: What are you doing!?
{Gilbert}: He's... not human!
{Yang}: What!?
 What are you doing?!

...make that none of the trainee Monks. One monster later... more rush in!

 クリスタルルームまで さがろう!
{Yang}: There's no end to them!
 We have little choice!
 Let us fall back to the Crystal room!
{Yang}: Let's retreat
 to the Crystal Room!

As they start to fall back, Gilbert trips, and monsters pounce on him. Sheesh.

{ギルバート}「うわあ! {Gilbert}: Waah! {Edward}: No!
『{ギルバート}! 『{Gilbert}! {Cecil}: {Edward}!

Okay, fine, might as well save him. After the battle, the party finaly falls back to the Crystal room. Then someone familiar walks in.

『{カイン}! ぶじだったのか!
{Cain}: It's been a while.
『{Cain}! You're all right!
{Kain}: It's been awhile,
{Cecil}: {Kain}!
 You're alive!

I didn't think to count this at first, but you're given the impression that Cain most likely died in the rockslide at Mist, so... Number of times someone has survived apparent certain death: 1

『いっしょに たたかってくれ!
{カイン}「むろん そのつもりだ。
 だが {セシル} たたかうのは
{カイン}「いっきうちだ {セシル}!
{Cain}: Yeah.
『Fight with us!
{Cain}: Yes, that's the idea.
 But you're the one I'll be
 fighting, {Cecil}!
{Cain}: One-on-one, {Cecil}!
『Don't do this!
{Cain}: Let's go!
{Kain}: Yeah.
{Cecil}: Fight with us!
{Kain}: Surely.
 But against you, {Cecil}!
{Cecil}: {Kain}!?
{Kain}: Single combat,
{Cecil}: No!

Yes, you have to fight him. Jerk. Don't bother trying to win, since the battle is scripted and he has 65,000 hit points anyway.

『なぜだっ! {カイン}っ! 『{Cain}, why!? {Cecil}: {Kain}!? {Kain}!
「もんどう むよう! : Don't waste your breath! {Kain}: .........
『いったい なにが あったんだ!? 『What's come over you!? {Cecil}: What's wrong?
「うるさい だまれっ! : Shut your mouth! {Kain}: ......... HA!

Once Cecil's HP gets low...

「{セシル}! とどめだっ : Now to finish you off, {Cecil}! {Kain}: Got you!

And combat ends with Cecil flat on his face. So much for dignity.

『まさか おまえも {ゴルベーザ}に!
{カイン}「いま らくにしてやろう!
『Don't tell me you're with {Golubaeser} too!
{Cain}: I'll put you out of your misery now!
{Yang}: I won't allow it!
{Cecil}: You are under
{Kain}: I'll put you out of
 your misery.
{Yang}: You can't!

Yang steps up, but then another voice interrupts...

「やめてーッ! : STOP IT! NO!!

Rosa walks in, followed by Rydia.

{ローザ}「{カイン} あなたまで!
{Cain}: {Rosa}!
{Rosa}: {Cain}, even you!?
{Cain}: U... unh!
 Don't look... at me!
{Kain}: {Rosa}!
{Rosa}: {Kain}, why you!
{Kain}: Don't look at me!

Cain seems conflicted, and then yet another voice interrupts.

「なにを ちまよっているのだ
: What are you losing your head for,
Why so upset, {Kain}?

Cue the Dramatic Evil Music™. Everyone turns to the entrance, and Rosa and Rydia step aside as someone enters, clad in armor that looks even more demonic than Cecil's.

『きさまが {ゴルベーザ}‥‥!
{ゴルベーザ}「おまえが {セシル}か。
 あえたばかりで ざんねんだが
 これが わたしの あいさつだ!
{Gilbert}: {Golubaeser}!
『You're {Golubaeser}...!
{Golubaeser}: You must be {Cecil}.
 It's a shame that we've only just met,
 but here is my greeting to you!
{Gilbert}: {Cecil}!
{Yang}: Don't think I'll let you!
{Edward}: {Golbez}!
{Cecil}: You are {Golbez}!
{Golbez}: And you are {Cecil}.
 Glad to see you...
 and take my greeting!
{Edward}: {Cecil}!
{Yang}: No!
{ゴルベーザ}「むしケラに ようはない! {Golubaeser}: I have no business with worms! {Golbez}: HA!

Cue the Dramatic Evil Lightning Bolt™. Yang and Gilbert are blasted out of the way and don't get up.

 あそびは そのへんにして
 クリスタルを てにいれるのだ。
{Golubaeser}: {Cain}...
 That's enough playing around.
 Get me the Crystal.
{Cain}: Yes, sir!
{Golbez}: That's enough.
 Take the crystal, {Kain}.
{Kain}: Yes, Master!

Rosa calls out to Cain as he walks toward the Crystal.

{ローザ}「やめて {カイン}!
『さがるんだ {ローザ}‥‥!
{ゴルベーザ}「ほう そんなに このおんなが
 ならば このおんなは あずかっていこう。
 おまえとは ぜひ また あいたい。
 その やくそくの あかしとしてな。
 ゆくぞ {カイン}!
{Rosa}: Stop it, {Cain}!
{Cain}: !
『Stay back, {Rosa}...!
{Golubaeser}: Oh? Is this woman
 so important to you?
 I'll hold on to the woman, then.
 I do so wish to meet you again.
 She can be a token of that promise.
 {Cain}, we're leaving!
{Rosa}: No, {Kain}!
{Kain}: !
{Cecil}: Don't!
{Golbez}: Is this girl so
 important to you?
 Very well!
 I shall see you again.
 I'm taking her as a token
 of this promise.
 Come, {Kain}!

Golubaeser grabs Rosa and leaves. Cain grabs the Crystal and walks back to Cecil.

{Cain}: Well, you get to cheat
 death this time, {Cecil}!
{Kain}: You had a narrow
 escape, {Cecil}!

And Cain leaves.

『ま‥‥て! 『W... ait! {Cecil}: W-wait!
『くッ‥‥ 『Kh... {Cecil}: {Rosa}...

Rydia, who had the sense to stay out of the way and thus avoided being fried or abducted, now moves between the fallen warriors.

{リディア}「ケアル! {Rydia}: Cure! {Rydia}: Cure!

And they all get up, like magic or something. Oh. Right.

It's kind of sad that one of the main reasons she has any white magic is as a plot device.

{ギルバート}「ありがとう {リディア}。
 でも {ローザ}が さらわれて
{ヤン}「クリスタルも まもれなかった‥‥
{Rydia}: Are you okay?
{Gilbert}: Thank you, {Rydia}.
 But {Rosa} has been
{Yang}: Nor could we protect the Crystal...
{Rydia}: You Okay?
{Edward}: Thanks, {Rydia}.
 But {Rosa} was taken.
{Yang}: And the crystal.
{Cecil}: {Rosa}...

Everyone looks depressed. Except Rydia, because she's Awesome like that.

{リディア}「しっかりしてよ みんな!
 {ローザ}は きっと ぶじよ。
 クリスタルだって とりかえせば
{Rydia}: Get a grip, everyone!
 I'm sure {Rosa}'s okay.
 And all we have to do about
 the Crystal is take it back!
{Rydia}: Come on!
 {Rosa} is all right.
 And we can take back the
 crystal, too!
{ギルバート}「‥‥そうだね! {Gilbert}:'re right! {Edward}: That's right!
 こんどは われわれが ちからになるばん。
 からだを いやし きゅうしゅつほうを
{Yang}: Sir {Cecil}!
 Now is our turn to help you.
 Let us recover our health and
 think upon a rescue plan.
『Thank you...
{Yang}: We will help you
 this time. Heal the wound
 and let us think about
 how to rescue {Rosa}.
{Cecil}: Thank you...

The party regroups, minus Rosa, and you're free to walk about the castle.

A treasure room connected to the throne room contains, among other things, a slightly stronger shield for Cecil.

An old man in the throne room explains why the king isn't there.

へいかは しゅうげきで ふしょうされ
しんしつに ふせってしまわれた。
His Majesty was wounded in the attack
and has retired to his bedchambers.
The King has been wounded.
So, he is resting in his

The king seems like he'll be fine. Naturally, you can't rest in his bed any more now that he's using it.

 だが たいせいを たてなおし
 まもりを かためんと いかん!
 わたしのことは しんぱいいらん。
 そなたらも とりあえず やすむがよい。
King Fabul: What a mess...
 But we must regain our footing
 and strengthen our defenses!
 You need not worry about me.
 You should also all rest for now.
King of Fabul: We will have
 to do something.
 But do not worry and rest
 for now.
へいかも なうての モンクだったんじゃ。
なんのしんぱいも いらんわ!
His Majesty, too, was a famed Monk.
There's no need to worry about him!
The King used to be a
great Karate fighter also.
It's nothing to worry

The EasyType changes へいかも なうての モンクだったんじゃ (heika mo naude no MONKU datta n ja, His Majesty, too, was a famed monk) to わかいころは へいかも モンクだったんじゃ (wakai koro wa heika mo MONKU datta n ja, when he was younger, His Majesty, too, was a monk).

Yang's wife is still up in their room.

{ヤン}「みなさんのおかげで わたしも
 ファブールも たすかったのだ。
{ヤン}のおくさん「うちのが せわ
 かけたね。 ありがとうよ!
{ヤン}「おまえこそ けがは ないのか?
 あんたの つまだよ!
 バロンへいが きたけど フライパンで
{Yang}'s Wife: Hon, you're okay!
{Yang}: Thanks to everyone, both
 I and Fabul were saved.
{Yang}'s Wife: We sure do owe
 you one. Thanks!
{Yang}: You are unharmed, then?
{Yang}'s Wife: Well, of course.
 I'm your wife!
 A Baron soldier came, but I
 walloped him with my frypan.
{Yang}'s wife: My...!
 You are alive!
{Yang}: They saved not only
 me, but Fabul as well.
{Yang}'s wife: Thanks for
{Yang}: Are you okay?
{Yang}'s wife: Sure!
 A soldier came, but I hit
 him with my frying pan!

You can't leave the castle yet, and everyone who isn't talking about the attack says to go rest, so head for the inn.

「{ヤン}さま おつかれでしょう。
 ゆっくり おやすみください。
: Master {Yang}, you must be tired out.
 Please rest as long as you need.
{Yang}, you must be very
 Please rest here!

The party enters the inn, and instead of resting, talks strategy.

{ギルバート}「{ローザ}を たすけなければ!
『{ゴルベーザ}に たいこうするには ひくうていが
 しかし ひくうていは バロンでしか
{ヤン}「バロンに しんにゅうできる
 ほうほうは ないものかな。
{Gilbert}: We have to save {Rosa}!
『We'll need an airship to
 oppose {Golubaeser}...
 However, no one outside of
 Baron can make them...
{Yang}: Might there be a means
 to make our way into Baron?
{Edward}: We must rescue
{Cecil}: But we need the
 Baron is the only one who
 has it.
{Yang}: Can't we sneak in?

Please tell me the translator didn't think there was only one airship in the world. That would bother me more than poor grammar.

『バロンは あかいつばさが しゅりょくのため
 ひかくてき かいへいぶたいが てうすだ。
 しんにゅう するなら うみから‥‥!
{リディア}「だったら ふねがいるわ。
{ヤン}「ならば さっそく みょうちょう
 おうに たのみ ふねをだしてもらおう。
 そなたたちには せわになった。
 おうも きょうりょくは おしまぬはず。
『As the Red Wings are Baron's main force,
 their naval power is relatively sparse.
 If we're going in, then we go by sea...!
{Rydia}: In that case, we'll need a ship.
{Yang}: Then first thing tomorrow morning
 I'll ask the king to have a ship readied.
 We are indebted to you all.
 The king ought not begrudge you this.
『Please do so...
{Cecil}: Baron's main
 force is the Red Wings.
 The Sea Power is
 relatively weak.
 Let's make it on the sea!
{Rydia}: But how?
{Yang}: I will ask the King
 for a ship.
 He will cooperate with
{Cecil}: Thanks.
{ヤン}「‥‥あのりゅうきしは いったい?
『{カイン}といって ぼくの‥‥
 ともに バロンをぬけようと ちかったのに‥‥
{ギルバート}「‥‥ともかく きょうは ゆっくり
{Yang}: ...who was that Wyrmknight?
『That was {Cain}, my... former best
 friend... although he had sworn
 to leave leave Baron with me...
{Yang}: That explains that...
{Gilbert}: any case, let's rest
 up for today...
{Yang}: Who is that
{Cecil}: {Kain} who used
 to be my best friend.
 Together, we swore to get
 out of Baron.
{Yang}: I see.
{Edward}: Anyway, we must
 take a rest now.
{Cecil}: ......

The party rests, and the next scene begins in the king's bedroom.

ファブールおう「‥‥そうか あいわかった。
 おぬしも どうこうし ちからをかすがよい。
 {セシル}どのには かんしゃの
 {ローザ}どのまで うばわれて
 すぐさま ふねをよういさせよう。
 このけんを もっていくがよい。
 これは そのむかし ファブールにきた
 あんこくきしの もっていたものじゃ。
 なに ファブールのため たたかってくれた
 せめてもの れいだ。
 だが あんこくけんは しょせん
 しんのあくには つうようせんはずだ。
 かならずや {ゴルベーザ}を たおしてくれ。
King Fabul: ...yes, I do understand.
 {Yang}. You should accompany
 them and lend your strength.
 There are no words to express
 my thanks to you, sir {Cecil}.
 And to think that even lady
 {Rosa} was seized...
 I shall have a ship readied at once.
 Sir {Cecil}.
 Take this sword with you.
 It belonged to a Dark Knight who
 came to Fabul long ago.
 It's the least I can do for one who
 has fought on Fabul's behalf.
 But in the end, the Dark Sword
 is still a sword of darkness...
 against true evil, it will be of no use.
 Be sure to defeat {Golubaeser}.
King: I see... {Yang}, go and
 help them. We owe {Cecil}
 so much. A ship will be
 arranged soon.
 We hope it will help.
 {Cecil}. Take this sword.
 Dark Knight who came to
 Fabul left this long ago.
 But it is still the arms
 of the dark side...
 It will not work against
 the true evil.

The EasyType changes どうこうし (doukou shi, accompany) near the beginning of the block to ともにゆき (tomo ni yuki, go with).

デスブリンガーを てにいれた! Got the Deathbringer! Received (dark sword)Black!

Equip that on Cecil right away. Combining stat bonuses (and a largely trivial penalty) with a fatal strike, it's a major upgrade.

ファブールおう「じゅんびが できしだい
 ひがしの さんばしに ゆかれるがよい。
 ふねが よういされておるはず。
King Fabul: Once you're prepared,
 proceed east to the wharf.
 The ship will be ready and waiting.
King: Go to the harbor to
 the east as soon as you
 get prepared. You'll find
 a ship is there for you.
ファブールおう「すべてのクリスタルが ヤツの
 てにわたれば せかいは かつてない ききに
King Fabul: If all the Crystals fall into
 his hands, the world will be faced
 with a crisis such as never before.
 I'm counting on you!
King: If {Golbez} acquires
 them all, the world will
 face an unprecedented

Buy anything you want and head east to the waiting ship.

Fabul Docks  Cecil Rydia Gilbert Yang

And by the way, remove all equipment from everyone but Cecil before entering. You'll see why soon.

Yang's wife is here to see them off.

 きいつけて しっかり たたかってきな!
{Yang}'s Wife: Hon!
 Take care and fight hard!
{Yang}: Consider it done!
{Yang}'s Wife: {Cecil}, you and
 the others stand firm too!
『Of course!
{Yang}'s wife: Honey! Take
 good care and fight
{Yang}: Certainly!
{Yang}'s wife: The others
{Cecil}: Yes, madam!

The EasyType removes きいつけて (ki wo tsukete, take care) from Yang's Wife's first sentence, then replaces しっかり (shikkari, stand firm) with きいつけて in the second.

{ヤン}「では るすを たのむ!
{Yang}: Take care of things while I'm away!
{Yang}'s Wife: Just leave it to me!
{Yang}: Take care!
{Yang}'s wife: Don't worry!

The party boards the ship.

せんちょう「あんたが {セシル}か!
 かつやくは きーてるぜ!
 なーに ゆっくりしててくれ。
 バロンなんざ あっというまに ついちまわあ!
 よーし さっそく しゅっこうだ!
Captain: You must be {Cecil}!
 I've heard about what you're up to!
 Just kick back and relax.
 We'll hit Baron in no time flat!
 All right, let's be off!
Captain: You are {Cecil}!
 I've heard of your feat!
 Feel at home on my ship.
 It won't take long to
 reach Baron!
 Now, let's get going!
せんちょう「ヤロウども イカリをあげろー!
Captain: Weigh anchor, you scurvy dogs!
Sailors: Hya ho!
Captain: Raise the anchor!
Sailors: Hoy!

The sailors get to work, and the ship sails off.

{ヤン}「で バロンに ついたら
 どうされる おつもりで?
{Yang}: So, once we reach Baron,
 what do you plan on doing?
{Yang}: What would you do
 after we arrive at Baron?
『まず ひくうていぎしの {シド}に あおう。
 かれなら ひくうていに せいつう
 しているし ちからになってくれるはずだ。
{ヤン}「その ごじんが ぶじだとよいが。
『First, let's see {Cid}, the airship engineer.
 He's an expert when it comes to
 airships, and I expect he'll help.
{Yang}: Hopefully the man is safe.
{Gilbert}: ...
{Cecil}: Let's find {Cid}
 the Master Engineer.
 He's the expert of the
 airships. He'll help us.
{Yang}: Hope he's okay.
{Edward}: ......

The EasyType changes Yang's ごじん (go-jin) to the more common おかた (o-kata); both are respectful ways to refer to a person, and the first is more obscure.

{リディア}「さむいの? ふるえてるよ。
{ギルバート}「いや なんでも ないんだ‥‥
{Rydia}: Are you cold? You're shivering.
{Gilbert}: No, it's nothing...
{Rydia}: Are you cold?
 You are shivering.
{Edward}: No, it's nothing...

The ship continues. And then starts shaking...

『なんだ? 『What? {Cecil}: What?

A vortex appears before the ship. Something sticks out of it.

ふなのり「まさか! Sailor: It couldn't be! Sailors: It can't be!
ふなのり「ホントに いたのか! Sailor: It really DOES exist! Sailor: Is that true!
ふなのり「おおうなばらの ぬし! Sailor: The Master of the Great Deep! Sailor: The Master of the
ふなのり「あいつが‥‥ Sailor: That's... Sailor: That's...
せんちょう「リヴァイアサンだーッ! Captain: Leviathan! Captain: Leviatan!

What looks like a giant sea serpent rises from the vortex.

せんちょう「てめーら オロオロすんじゃねえ!
 なんとか やりすごさんかい!
Captain: Quit freaking out, you wimps!
 Find a way to ride it out!
Captain: Stop it!

The sailors just keep panicking. Then, with a particularly large shudder, Rydia falls off.

{リディア}「キャアー! {Rydia}: Eeeek! {Rydia}: Help!
{ヤン}「{リディア}! {Yang}: {Rydia}! {Yang}: {Rydia}!

Yang jumps in after her.

『{リディア}! {ヤン}! 『{Rydia}! {Yang}! {Cecil}: {Rydia}! {Yang}!

The boat shakes again, throwing nearly everyone off their feet.

{ギルバート}「うわあ! {Gilbert}: Waah! {Edward}: No!

That's at least the fourth time an うわあ! from Gilbert has turned into a "No!" in the NA version. They likely all reference the same line of text.

『{ギルバート}! 『{Gilbert}! {Cecil}: {Edward}!

Then the whole ship is sucked into the vortex as Leviathan leaves. Cecil wakes up on a beach some time later.

{Cecil}: ...
『ここは? 『Where am I? {Cecil}: Where am I?
『{リディア}! 『{Rydia}! {Cecil}: {Rydia}!
『{ギルバート}! 『{Gilbert}! {Cecil}: {Edward}!
『{ヤン}! 『{Yang}! {Cecil}: {Yang}!
『ひとり‥‥か。 『Just me... it seems. {Cecil}: Guess I'm... alone.

But there's a town nearby, so Cecil heads there.

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