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Final Fantasy IV

ミシディア  Mysidia  Cecil  Mysidia

As you may recall, Cecil and the Red Wings attacked this town in the opening. Unsurprisingly, the locals aren't too happy about that, and many of the town's mages will hit Cecil with various status effects if spoken to. Most can be reversed just by talking to the same person again, though.

They're smarter about it in the DS remake and won't undo status effects that remain in effect.

The town's armor shop has some interesting items, but as a less-than-polite Black Mage comments,

ここにうっている しなは
きさまのような あんこくきしには
さわることも おそれおおいものだ。
The goods we sell here are too
majestic for a loathsome Dark
Knight like you to even touch.
Things here are too sacred
for you to even touch!

And sure enough, Cecil can't equip anything sold in the village. Anyway, head to the large central building and meet the elder to advance the plot.

ちょうろう「そなたは あのときの‥‥
 こんどは いったいなんの ようじゃ。
『ひくうていだんを しきしていました
 あのときは おうのめいれいに そむくゆうきが
ちょうろう「あやまってもらっても しんでいった
 ものたちは いきかえってはこん。
ちょうろう「しかし‥‥いまの そなたからは
 そのすがたとは ちがう かがやきの
 かけらが みうけられる。
 はなしをきくかちは ありそうじゃ。
『いまは バロンを あやつる {ゴルベーザ}と
 いうものと たたかっています。
 しかし なかまが とらわれ たすけにゆく
 とちゅう リヴァイアサンに おそわれて
 ほかの なかまも‥‥
ちょうろう「‥‥それも そなたに あたえられた
 しかし あんこくけんに たよっていては
 しんの あくを たおせぬばかりか
 そなたじしんも いつ あしき こころに
 もし そなたが よきこころで たたかおうと
 ねがうならば ひがしにある しれんのやまに
 そこで つよい うんめいが そなたを
『しかし はやく なかまを たすけださねば!
ちょうろう「そなたの だいじなひとじゃな?
 しかし あせってはならん!
 そなたは おおきな うんめいを せおって
 まずは しれんのやまに のぼってみるがよい。
 その じゃあくな けんを せいなる けんに
 かえねば ならぬ。
 せいなるひかりを うけいれられる ものは
 せいなるきし‥‥パラディンと なれるそう
 こころざしを いだき しれんのやまへ
 いったものは かずおおいが
 だれひとりとして もどってはこん。
 ‥‥どうじゃ いってみるか?
ちょうろう「しかし あんこくけんで ひとりでは
 まどうしを ともに つけてやろう。
 {パロム}! {ポロム}!
Elder: You're the one who...
 What do you want this time?
『I am {Cecil}, formerly in command
 of the airship corps.
 I lacked the courage then to defy
 the king's orders...
Elder: Even if we have you apologize,
 the dead will not return to life.
Elder: However... I have caught sight
 of a sliver of radiance in you now
 that runs counter to your appearance.
 I see merit in hearing you out.
『I am now fighting one known as {Golubaeser},
 who is controlling Baron. But my
 companion was captured, and on the
 way to save her, we were attacked by
 Leviathan, and my other companions...
Elder: ...that, too, must be an ordeal
 set before you.
 However, by relying on the Dark Sword,
 not only can you not defeat true evil,
 but there is no telling when you yourself
 may be tainted with an evil heart.
 If you wish to fight with a good heart,
 go east to Ordeal Mountain.
 A powerful destiny ought to await
 you there.
『But I must hurry and save my companion!
Elder: Someone precious to you, yes?
 However, you must not be impatient!
 It seems that you bear a great
 First try climbing Ordeal Mountain.
 You must exchange that wicked
 sword for a sacred sword.
 One who can accept the holy
 light supposedly becomes a holy
 knight... a Paladin...
 But though a great many have gone
 resolutely to Ordeal Mountain,
 not one has ever returned., will you try going?
Elder: However, it will be most difficult
 on your own with the Dark Sword.
 I shall send some mages with you.
 {Palom}! {Porom}!
Elder: What do you want
 from us this time?
{Cecil}: I am {Cecil},
 the ex-captain of the Red
 Wings. I could not
 disobey the King.
Elder: Apologies will not
 bring our friends back
 alive. But I can at least
 listen to your words.
{Cecil}: I'm fighting the
 one called {Golbez} who is
 the mastermind of Baron.
 A girl was captured.
 So we were on our way to
 Baron for her rescue but
 we were attacked by
 Leviatan... and...
Elder: Lost your friends.
 It would be your trial.
 But as long as you depend
 upon the Dark Sword, you
 cannot defeat true evil.
 Moreover, you might be
 consumed with its evil at
 any time.
 If you wish to fight
 against evil with good,
 go to Mt. Ordeals to
 the east of Mysidia.
{Cecil}: But I must hurry!
Elder: I do understand.
 But do not hurry.
 At first you must climb
 Mt. Ordeals and renounce
 this evil sword and gain
 the sword of sacredness.
 The one who can accept
 the holy light is called
 a Paladin. It is the
 sacred knight.
 Many went to Mt. Ordeals
 to be a Paladin, but none
 returned. Will you try?
{Cecil}: Yes!
Elder: But it would be hard
 for you alone with your
 Dark Sword.
 Take wizards with you.
 {Palom}! {Porom}!

The EasyType says that Cecil risks his heart becoming あくの (aku no) rather than あしき (ashiki); both translate to "evil" but あしき has a more archaic feel. Similarly, it replaces the more archaic-sounding よきこころ (yoki kokoro, good heart) with ただしいこころ (tadashii kokoro, righteous heart). Later in the text block, it also describes his sword as あんこく (ankoku, dark) rather than じゃあく (jaaku, wicked).

A young girl with orange clothing and a green cape walks in.

ちょうろう「{パロム}は どうした?
おんなのこ「{パロム}ったら また!
Girl: Yes?
Elder: Where is {Palom}?
Girl: That {Palom}, not again!
Girl: You called for us?
Elder: Where is {Palom}?
Girl: {Palom}! Come on!

A young boy with green clothing and an orange cape appears in a puff of smoke. He strongly resembles the girl, in appearance if not in demeanor.

おとこのこ「おめーが あのときの バロンの
 じーさんの めいれいだから しかたなく
 てをかしてやるんだから ありがたくおもえよ!
Boy: So you're that guy from Baron from
 back then. I haven't got a choice
 about helping you out since it's the
 old man's orders, so be grateful!
Boy: So you are that
 Baronian guy, aren't you?
 I'm gonna help you.
 So thank me!

The EasyType changes てをかしてやる (te wo kashite yaru, help you out) to いってやる (itte yaru, go with you). Either way, the phrasing says he's doing you a favor.

Cecil looks rather skeptically at them.

 ふたごの まどうし {パロム}と {ポロム}じゃ。
 しゅぎょうちゅうの みじゃが たすけに
 まだ おさないが そのししつは ワシが
{パロム}「このミシディアの てんさいじ
 {パロム}さまが おともしてやるんだから
 ありがたく おもうんだな!
 おぬしらの しゅぎょうも かねておるんじゃ!
『These two?
Elder: Indeed.
 The twin mages {Palom} and {Porom}.
 Though they remain in training, they
 should be of assistance to you.
 Though they remain young yet,
 I assure you of their talents.
{Palom}: I, the great {Palom}, child prodigy
 of Mysidia, deign to accompany you,
 so you'd better be grateful!
Elder: {Palom}!
 This is also training for you both!
{Cecil}: These two!?
Elder: {Palom} and {Porom}.
 They may be of help.
 Do not be deceived by
 their appearances.
{Palom}: Be thankful that
 Mysidian genius {Palom}
 will accompany you!
Elder: {Palom}!
 It's for your own good!

Porom steps forward and bows politely.

{Porom}: Your name would
 be {Cecil}, yes?
 It's a pleasure to meet you.
{Porom}: Well.
 How do you do, sir.
{ポロム}「ほら {パロム}も! {Porom}: Go on, {Palom}, you too! {Porom}: {Palom}!
 You must greet him!

Porom drags Palom in front of Cecil.

{パロム}「よろしくな あんちゃん! {Palom}: Hiya, bud! {Palom}: Hi, man!

あんちゃん (an-chan) literally means "older brother", similar to the more common お兄ちゃん (o-nii-chan), though with a rather more irreverent tone.

くろまどうし {パロム}
しろまどうし {ポロム}が なかまになった!
Black Mage {Palom} and
White Mage {Porom} became companions!
{Palom} the Black Wizard
{Porom} the White Wizard
ちょうろう「たびだつのじゃ しれんのやまへ!
 {パロム} {ポロム}! たのんだぞ!
Elder: Set out for Ordeal Mountain!
 {Palom}, {Porom}! I'm counting on you!
Elder: Now to Mt. Ordeals!
 {Palom} and {Porom}!
 Do everything in your
 power to help {Cecil}!

As usual, stick the mages in the back row. Position Palom closer to the lead slot (as shown on save files) than Porom to make the most of their cooperative magic. The twins could also use some better equipment, so head to the armor shop and get a Triangle Hat, Earth Garb, and Silver Bracelet for each of them. Also get a third Triangle Hat and Silver Bracelet, since another character joining shortly will need them. In the weapon shop, buy a Flame Rod for Palom and a Healing Staff for Porom, or you could go with a Crossbow and Holy Arrows for either or both of them. If you can afford it after all that, I'd also suggest buying a Knight's Armor and Gauntlet from the armor shop for later, your choice of a Helmet of Light (more physical defense) or yet another Triangle Hat (more everything else, and far cheaper to boot), and especially a Shield of Light. It's probably best to gain a few levels before moving on, too.

Palom and Porom can't use bows in the DS remake. They do, however, come already equipped with the best of what the local shops sell.

This is also where I really started feeling the difficulty increase in the DS remake. The Deathbringer isn't nearly as consistent about killing the HP-heavy Zuu birds, the harder-hitting monsters can kill off the twins surprisingly quickly, and some enemies even have an alarmingly high chance to inflict Stone on attack. While the redesigned bosses may get the most attention, those who claim that it's the random encounters that are the real threat seem to have a point.

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