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Final Fantasy IV

ミシディア  Mysidia  Cecil Porom Palom Tella  Mysidia

Cecil gets a rather different reception this time. Reactions range from impressed to incredulous, and at the very least, there's far less hostility now. Also note that Cecil can now use nearly all the equipment sold here. Anyway, it's time to see the elder again.

ちょうろう「おお そのすがたは! Elder: Oh, just look at you! Elder: Oh!
 You really became...!
{パロム}「まさかとは おもったけどな!
ちょうろう「わるいとはおもったが このふたりに
 そなたのみはりを めいじたのじゃ。
 もっとも そのひつようもなかったようじゃな。
 ごくろうじゃった {パロム}
{Porom}: Just as you can see!
{Palom}: Never would've thunk it, though!
『What do you mean?
Elder: I felt guilty about it, but I ordered
 these two to keep an eye on you.
 It seems there was no need, though.
 Thank you for your efforts, {Palom},
{Porom}: Here you are!
{Palom}: Man! Unbelievable!
{Cecil}: What about?
Elder: I felt guilty, but
 I had them spy on you.
 But it turned out that
 there was no need for it.

The EasyType makes a linguistically interesting change here, replacing the elder's もっとも (motto mo) with だが (da ga). Both express contrast, so there's little impact on the meaning, but it does affect the connotations. だが indicates a simple contrast—he sent them to watch Cecil, but it turned out to be unnecessary. もっとも, on the other hand, expresses a more complex sort of contrast that affirms the original statement even as it introduces an exception or partial disagreement. I get the impression here that it adds the implication that he still feels as though he acted properly in assigning the twins to keep an eye on Cecil, even though Cecil turned out to be trustworthy after all.

{パロム}「ま そんなわけだ。
{ポロム}「かくしてて ごめんなさい。
 でも しかたなかったの。
『いや とうぜんだ。 あれだけのことを ぼくは
ちょうろう「だが そなたは かこの みずからを
 のりこえ パラディンとなった‥‥!
 !? その けんは?
『さんちょうで さずかったものです。
 いにしえより この ミシディアに つたわる
 いいつたえと おなじことが
{Palom}: That's about the size of it.
{Porom}: I apologize for hiding it,
 but we didn't have much choice.
『No, it makes perfect sense.
 After everything I did...
Elder: But you have overcome your
 past self and become a Paladin...!
 !? That sword?
『I received it on the summit.
Elder: Oh!
 It's inscribed with the same words
 as the legend passed down since
 ancient times here in Mysidia!
{Palom}: That is the reason
 why we accompanied you.
{Porom}: I'm sorry I didn't
 tell you.
{Cecil}: I do understand.
 You did the right thing.
 I deserve it.
Elder: But you've overcome
 your past and became the
 ......!? That...... sword?!
{Cecil}: I received it on
 Mt. Ordeals.
Elder: The inscription upon
 this sword is exactly the
 same as the Mysidian
{Cecil}: Legend?

The EasyType describes the legend as ふるくから (furuku kara, from old times) rather than いにしえより (inishie yori, out of antiquity). Both mean essentially the same thing.

The screen fades, and the legend appears line by line.

    りゅうのくちより うまれしもの
      てんたかく まいあがり
      やみとひかりを かかげ
 ねむりのちに さらなるやくそくを もたらさん。
   つきは はてしなき ひかりにつつまれ
   ははなるだいちに おおいなる めぐみと
       じひを あたえん。
One born from the mouth of a dragon
Shall soar high into the heavens
Lifting darkness and light aloft
And bring yet further promise to the slumbering land.
The moon engulfed in boundless light
Shall grant unto Mother Earth
Great blessing and compassion.
      One to be born
       from a dragon
    hoisting the light
       and the dark
      arises high up
       in the sky to
      the still land.
   Veiling the moon with
   the light of eternity,
         it brings
      another promise
   to mother earth with
    a bounty and mercy.

ねむりのちに should be taken as 眠りの地に (nemuri no chi ni, to the slumbering land), rather than 眠り後に (nemuri nochi ni, after slumbering) as I had initially read it. I'm fairly certain the second interpretation isn't entirely grammatical anyway; のち (後) would be used without the に.

Fade out, and back to the building.

『‥‥あのひかりは ぼくを むすこと
 あのひかりは いったいなんなのですか?
ちょうろう「しれんのやまの ひかりが
 このでんせつが なにを いみするかは
 ワシにも わからん‥‥
 ただ われわれ ミシディアのたみは この
 いいつたえのために いのれと だいだい
 そして せいなるかがやきを もつものを
 やはり そなたが そのものなのかもしれん!
『...that light called me "son".
 Just what exactly IS that light?
Elder: Even I do not know what
 the light on Ordeal Mountain
 is... nor what this legend
 Just that for generations we
 people of Mysidia have been
 told to pray for this legend.
 And to believe in the one who
 possesses the holy radiance...
 You may indeed be that person!
{Cecil}: The Light called
 me son.
 What is that Light?
Elder: I do not know what
 it is nor do I know
 what the legend means...
 But we Mysidians, from
 generation to generation,
 are told to wish for this
 And to believe in the one
 with the Sacred Light.
 Now I am sure that you
 are the one!

The EasyType replaces the archaic しんぜよ (shinzeyo) with its modern equivalent, しんじろ (shinjiro).

Tella steps forward.

{テラ}「あとは いっこくもはやく
 {ゴルベーザ}を たおすことじゃ!
ちょうろう「おお {テラ}!
{Tella}: All that's left is to defeat
 {Golubaeser} as soon as possible!
Elder: Ah, {Tella}!
{Tella}: It's been a long time.
{Tellah}: Now we must get rid
 of {Golbez} in a hurry!
Elder: Oh, {Tellah}!
{Tellah}: It's been a while!
{ポロム}「しれんのやまで おあいしたのです。 {Porom}: We met on Ordeal Mountain. {Porom}: We have met him on
 the Mt. Ordeals.
{パロム}「このじいちゃん メテオを
 あのまほうの ふういんが とかれるほどの
 ことが おきているというのか‥‥!
 これで {アンナ}のかたきを うつ!
{テラ}「{ゴルベーザ}に やられたのじゃ!
 ヤツだけは わたしが メテオで
 にくしみで たたかっては みを ほろぼす!
 まして いまのおぬしでは メテオは
{テラ}「たとえ わがみが ほろぼうと!
 ヤツだけは ゆるせんのじゃ!!
ちょうろう「じゃが {セシル}どのも
 ふたりの ちからを あわせれば‥‥!
『しかし {ゴルベーザ}に たちむかうには
 バロンに もどり ひくうていを‥‥
 デビルロードの ふういんを とこう!
 パラディンとなった そなたなら デビルロードを
 ゆくがよい バロンへ!
 ワシは いのりのとうに はいり そなたたちの
 ために いのりつづけるとしよう‥‥
 パラディン {セシル}どの!
{Palom}: This old man got Meteor!
Elder: Meteor...! You mean something
 serious enough for the seal on that
 magic to be released is happening...!?
{Tella}: It would seem so.
 I'll use it to avenge {Anna}!
Elder: You mean {Anna}...?
{Tella}: Was killed by {Golubaeser}!
 I will bring him down with Meteor,
 whatever it takes!
Elder: {Tella}.
 Fighting with hatred will destroy you!
 And that's not even considering that
 Meteor is too dangerous for you now!
{Tella}: Even if it does destroy me,
 I'll never let him get away with this!!
Elder: I knew you'd say that.
 You're just like in the old days.
{Tella}: And so are you...
Elder: But sir {Cecil} has become
 a Paladin.
 If you combine your strength...!
『However, to oppose {Golubaeser}, we
 must return to Baron for an airship...
Elder: Very well... we shall release
 the seal on Devil Road!
 You should be able to pass through
 it now that you are a Paladin!
 Go, then, to Baron!
 I shall enter the Tower of Prayer
 and keep praying for you all...
 We're depending on you...!
 Sir Paladin {Cecil}!
{Palom}: This old man knows
 the legendary Meteo!
Elder: What!?
 Is the world in such a
 dire crisis as to unseal
{Tellah}: It seems so.
 I'll avenge {Anna} with
 my Meteo!
Elder: Avenge!?
 You mean...
{Tellah}: {Golbez} took my
 daughter's life!
 I will make him pay for
 it with Meteo!
Elder: Do not fight with
 vengeance, {Tellah}.
 Moreover, you are in no
 condition to use Meteo!
{Tellah}: Even if the price
 is my life, I can't
 forgive {Golbez}!
Elder: I thought you'd
 say so.
 You haven't changed.
{Tellah}: You too...
Elder: But {Cecil} has
 become a Paladin.
 If you join forces...
{Cecil}: We must go back
 to Baron and get the
 airship to fight {Golbez}
 on equal terms...
Elder: Very well...
 I open the Serpent Road.
 Go to Baron!
 I will confine myself
 in the Tower of Wishes
 and wish for you all...
 Paladin {Cecil}!

I never understood why Mysidia sealed the Devil Road in the first place. Baron already got what they came for, and if they wanted to come back, they'd just use the Red Wings again like they did the first time. Yet other NPCs indicate it was sealed to prevent what happened before from happening again, even though there's no indication that Baron has ever attacked through there.

As Cecil and Tella start to leave, Palom and Porom move to follow after them.

ちょうろう「{パロム}! {ポロム}!
 おぬしらの やくめは おわったのじゃぞ!
Elder: {Palom}! {Porom}!
 Your duty is complete!
Elder: {Palom}! {Porom}!
 You have completed your
 ちょうろうは こいつのちからに
 しれんのやまが おまえたちをうけいれたと
 いうことは おまえたちの うんめいでも
 ワシは ミシディアを はなれることは
 {セシル}どの {テラ}‥‥
 ふたりを たのむぞ!
{Palom}: It's hardly finished!
 You told us to help this guy
 out, didn't you, elder!?
{Porom}: Your permission, please!
Elder: You two...
 The fact that Ordeal Mountain
 accepted you may mean that
 this destiny is yours as well...
 I cannot leave Mysidia.
 Sir {Cecil}, {Tella}...
 look after these two!
{Palom}: It's not over yet!
 You told us to help him!
{Porom}: Please allow us to
 go with him!
Elder: ...The Mt. Ordeals
 accepted you and returned
 you alive...... Thus this
 may be your destiny.
 {Cecil}, {Tellah}...
 Please look after these
 two children!
 わたしも ついておる!
{Palom}: You do know how
 strong we are, right!?
{Porom}: Just as he says!
{Tella}: Worry not.
 I'll be with you too!
『Very well... I'll rely on you!
{Cecil}: But...
{Palom}: You know what we
 can do, don't you?
{Porom}: Right!
{Tellah}: Never worry.
 I am with you!
{Cecil}: Okay...
 I'm counting on you all!
{パロム}「ヒャッホー そうこなくちゃ!
{ポロム}「はしゃいでないで いくわよ!
{Palom}: Yahoo, that's more like it!
{Porom}: Quit gloating and let's go!
{Palom}: Thanks, old man!
{Porom}: Calm down!
 And let's go!
ちょうろう「さあ まちの みぎにある
 デビルロードで バロンへむかうのじゃ!
 わたしは このうえの いのりのとうで
 すべての せいあるもののため
Elder: Now use the Devil Road, on the
 right side of town, to go to Baron!
 I will be in the Tower of Prayer
 above here, continually praying for
 your... no, praying for everything
 that has life!
 We're depending on you...!
Elder: Now go to Baron
 through the Serpent Road
 to the right of this
 We will be wishing for
 not only you but for all
 those living on this

The elder heads upstairs. From this point on, he can be found praying in a tower beyond the crystal room.

うんめいは そなたらに ゆだねられている。
ワシにできることは いのることだけじゃ‥‥
{パロム} {ポロム}。
{セシル}どのの あしを ひっぱらぬようにな。
Our destiny is entrusted to your group.
All I can do is pray...
{Palom}, {Porom}.
Make sure not to hinder sir {Cecil}.
The destiny is within your
hands. The only thing I
can do is to wish for all
of you.
{Palom} and {Porom}.
Behave yourselves and
help {Cecil}.

The building containing the Devil Road portal is now no longer blocked off. But first, a few words from a small selection of townspeople:

パラディンのせいしんを わすれないでください。 Please do not forget the spirit of a Paladin. Never forget the spirit
of the Paladin.

I can't recall why I decided to include this particular line when I first put this page together. However, I've recently been watching Legends of Localization's Funky Fantasy IV videos, which play through a fully machine-translated version of the game, and this line came out as "Please do not forget the paladin's sex." Apparently, Google Translate (in late 2016) misinterpreted the せい of せいしん as being 性 (and ignored the しん entirely), rather than correctly taking せいしん as 精神.

Out of curiousity, I tried dropping the sentence into Google Translate (in mid-2018), and out came "Do not forget the spirit of Paladin." Better! Except that it also notes "Showing translation for パラディンの精神を 忘れないでください。" So, what happened when I clicked on "Translate instead パラディンのせいしんを わすれないでください。"? It gave me "Please do not forget the paladin's sex." Which seems especially strange given that it was able to guess the kanji correctly, and translate more-or-less correctly from there, except for apparently assuming "Paladin" to be someone's name.

デビルロードとは じげんのみち。
ここをとおるには かなりの せいめいりょくが
ぎせいとされるため あくまのみち デビルロードと
The Devil Road is a dimensional path.
It was named the Devil Road because
passing through here means sacrificing
a significant amount of life energy.
The Serpent Road was named
because it drains much
stamina from travelers.

The Devil Road links to a building in Baron, and despite what the townspeople say about it, passing through brings the party no harm at all.

Gameplay and Story Segregation at work. It would have made sense for this form of travel to take a chunk out of everyone's current HP.

バロンじょう  Baron Castle  Cecil Porom Palom Tella  Baron

This seems like a good place to try, except that soldiers bar the entrance. What's more, they don't appear to recognize Cecil, though to be fair, he looks a lot different without his highly concealing Dark Knight armor.

なんだ きさま?
つうこうきょかを えているのか?
Who do you think you are?
Do you have clearance to pass?
What are you?

Even worse, they've apparently been afflicted with clunky translation syndrome. There's a lot of that going around.

This is going nowhere, so let's try the town.

バロンのまち  Town of Baron  Cecil Porom Palom Tella  Town of Baron

While things don't look much different at first, the townspeople are more uneasy than ever. Cid's daughter is home, but there's no sign of him.

おとうさんが ずっと おしろから
Master {Cecil}!?
Then you are alive!
Father hasn't come back from
the castle this whole time.
So, you are alive!
My father hasn't come home
for a long time.

That doesn't sound too good, especially with the other townspeople talking about how unusually ruthless the king has been lately.

おうは ますますきびしくなられた!
しかし さからっては {シド}のように‥‥
The king has grown stricter and stricter!
But oppose him, and just like {Cid}...
What is wrong with the
King? He has changed!
{Cid} was arrested for
acting against him!

The bartender in the inn has heard more rumors, unsurprisingly enough.

{シド}が しろに とらわれているって
なんでも さいしんえいの ひくうていを
どこかに かくしたらしい。
They say {Cid} is being
imprisoned in the castle!
Supposedly he hid the newest
cutting-edge airship somewhere.
I heard that {Cid} is
imprisoned in the castle
for hiding the latest

But Yang is here too, at a table with some of the castle guards. He must have survived Leviathan's attack somehow!

Number of times someone has survived apparent certain death: 2

『{ヤン}じゃないか ぶじだったのか!
『パラディンに なったから わからないのか。
 ぼくだ {セシル}だ!
{ヤン}「{セシル} さがしたぞ!
 バロンおうに さからう いぬめ!
『{Yang}, you're all right!
{Yang}: You!
『I suppose you can't tell since I became
 a Paladin. It's me, {Cecil}!
{Yang}: {Cecil}, we've been looking for you!
 You dog, defying King Baron!
 Get him!
Royal Guard: Yes, sir!
{Cecil}: {Yang}!
{Yang}: ......?!
{Cecil}: It's me, {Cecil}!
 I became a Paladin!
{Yang}: Get him!
Guards: Yes, sir!

Wait, what? Maybe he's not okay after all. The guards attack!

They're not too difficult, with only 280 hit points. Just be careful, since they'll counter physical attacks with Minimum and magic with Porky. They don't have any weaknesses, either. You might want to have the twins take them out just to be on the safe side.

『{ヤン} わからないのか!?
{ヤン}「わかるとも このおたずねものが!
『{Yang}, don't you recognize me!?
{Yang}: Of course I do, you criminal!
{Cecil}: {Yang}! It's me!
{Yang}: I know that!

Yang attacks!

Don't worry too much if you have lingering status effects from the last battle. They don't have much meaningful effect on this one.

This is actually a more of a survival game than a real battle. Yang will Kick twice, with the following lines, then repeat indefinitely.

The script also includes lines for Cecil in rounds where Yang attacks him specifically. These incorrectly target Dark Knight Cecil, however, so the text never appears and Yang does nothing on those turns. This may actually have been deliberate, since enemy player characters using normal attacks will use the Deathbringer's attack animation. In any case, if he seems to spend a relatively long time idle, that's why.

『めをさませ! {ヤン}! 『Snap out of it, {Yang}! {Cecil}: Come on, {Yang}!
「しねえっ!! : Die!! {Yang}: Shut up!
『{セシル}だ! わからないのか! 『It's me, {Cecil}! Can't you tell!? {Cecil}: ...... It's me!
「うりゃうりゃー! : Urya uryaa! {Yang}: ACHOOOOO

However, the battle ends immediately if (Paladin) Cecil attacks him at any time after his second kick.

「うっ‥‥ : Oof... {Yang}: Ouch!

Take advantage of the scriptedness. Palom can defend the whole time, Porom and Tella should each have a Healing Staff and use it to keep health up, and Cecil should defend until Yang's second kick, then immediately attack. It's that easy.

This still seems to work the same way in the DS remake, though the kicks come faster and hurt more. Cecil's lines now display, as well.

Yang collapses, then gets up slowly.

 わたしは リヴァイアサンに‥‥
 バロンに りようされていたらしいのう。
{Yang}: Sir {Cecil}!
 I... Leviathan...
{Tella}: It would appear that you
 had amnesia that was taken
 advantage of by Baron.
{Yang}: ...I owe you my thanks.
{Yang}: {Cecil}!
 Leviatan attacked us and
 I don't remember what
 happened after that.
{Tellah}: It seems you are
 being utilized by
 the Baron while you're
{Yang}: I am sorry.
『{リディア}と {ギルバート}は!? 『What became of {Rydia} and {Gilbert}!? {Cecil}: Where's {Rydia}
 and {Edward}!?
{ヤン}「{リディア}は リヴァイアサンに
{Yang}: {Rydia} was swallowed
 by Leviathan.
 {Gilbert}... I don't know...
『I see...
{Yang}: {Rydia} was
 swallowed by Leviatan.
 I don't know what
 happened to {Edward}.
{Cecil}: I see.
 へいしに きかれると まずい。
 へやで さくをねろう!
モンクそう {ヤン}が なかまになった!
{Yang}: Where are we?
 Being heard by soldiers means trouble.
 Let's put a plan together in a room!
Monk {Yang} became a companion!
{Yang}: Where am I?
{Cecil}: We are in Baron.
 Soldiers will hear us.
 Let's talk over there.
{Yang} joined the Party!

They approach the innkeeper.

あんたら つよいねえ!
このえへいを のしちまうなんざ。
きにいった! とまってきな!
Boy, you guys are strong, taking
down the Royal Guard and all!
I like it! Stay the night!
Beaten the guards!?
That's great!
Stay at my Inn!
It's free!

They head into a room. Palom hops in bed, while the others gather to talk.

{ヤン}「こちらの ごじんは?
『けんじゃの {テラ}だ。
{テラ}「わたしのむすめは いのちをかけて
 あのおとこを あいしおった‥‥
 わたしは ファブールの モンクそうちょう
{Yang}: Who might this person be?
『This is {Tella} the Sage.
{Tella}: My daughter loved that man
 enough to give up her life...
{Yang}: I see...
 I am {Yang}, head of Fabul's
{Yang}: Who is this
{Cecil}: {Tellah} the Sage.
 {Edward}'s father.
{Tellah}: My daughter loved
 him... even sacrificing
 her own life.
{Yang}: I see.
 I am a Karate Master
 of Fabul.

Curiously, the EasyType leaves Yang's ごじん (go-jin) alone this time, instead of changing it to おかた (o-kata) as it did the last time he used it.

I always mentally appended an "-in-law" to the "Edward's father" remark, but as written it could defintely be taken the wrong way. Originally, Cecil never finished his sentence, and it's more likely he was planning on (accurately) introducing Tella as the father of Gilbert's lover—Yang has at least heard of her, since Gilbert mentioned in Fabul that she was killed in the attack on Damcyan.

{パロム}「オイラが ミシディアのてんさいじ
{Palom}: I'm {Palom}, child
 prodigy of Mysidia!
{Palom}: I'm the Mysidian
 genius, {Palom}!
{ポロム}「なまいきで すみません。
 ふたごの {ポロム}ですわ。
{パロム}「ったく バロンなんかに りよう
{Porom}: I apologize for his cheek.
 I am his twin, {Porom}.
{Palom}: Jeez, getting used by
 Baron, seriously!
{Porom}: Please do not mind
 him. I am his twin
 sister {Porom}.
{Palom}: You hurt us, man!
『ともかく {シド}を きゅうしゅつ
{テラ}「じゃが たやすくは
{Porom}: {Palom}!
{Yang}: Much to my shame...
『In any case, we must rescue
{Tella}: But I doubt we'll be able
 to get in there so easily...
{Porom}: Stop it, {Palom}!
{Yang}: I'm ashamed.
{Cecil}: Anyway, we must
 rescue {Cid}.
{Tellah}: But it won't be
 easy to sneak into the
 Castle Baron.
{ヤン}「ん? これは! {Yang}: Hm? What's this!? {Yang}: What is this...!?
『これは バロンのカギだ!
 {ヤン}に このえへいを
バロンのカギを てにいれた!
『This is a Baron Key!
 Of course!
 Because they had the Royal
 Guard working for you...
 This should do the trick!
Got the (key)Baron Key!
{Cecil}: The Key of Baron!
 Yeah! With this key,
 we can make it!
Received (key)Baron!

The party proceeds after resting up. Unlock the equipment shop with the key to outfit Yang and get a Thunder Rod or two (and slip through the secret passage to clean out their treasure chests), then head to the west side of town to unlock another door...

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