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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy IV

むかしのすいろ  Ancient Waterway  Cecil Porom Palom Tella Yang  Old Water-way

Don't miss the free money in the hidden passage before the stairs down.

The monsters down here are mostly fish (weak against Thunder) and reptiles (weak against Ice), so have Yang use the Ice and Thunder claws for maximum effect. Porom and possibly Tella should probably be using a Healing Staff to help maintain health, while Palom and possibly Tella can use the Thunder and Ice Rods as appropriate to supplement damage. Of course, spending MP is always an option too. Just be careful not to run out. Cecil basically just hits whatever's in front of him, as usual. Yang can Kick if you like, but note that it's rather slow and gets no elemental bonuses, so he's usually better off attacking normally.

However, the Thunder Fish (ElecFish), as their name suggests, absorb Thunder. While physical attacks can't heal them regardless, avoid magic of that element, and switch Yang off the Thunder Claw when attacking them to avoid a damage penalty.

Physical attacks not healing is no longer true in the DS remake, which compounds the problem by making equipment changes use up a turn. Yang should probably still use the Ice and Thunder Claws, and just avoid attacking the electric fish. That includes Kick, which now gets weapon effects.

Be on the lookout for hidden passages along the way, particularly the one in the save room. It's hiding an Ancient Sword, which, while not quite as powerful or accurate as Cecil's Sword of Legend, has no element (occasionally a plus), gets a racial bonus against Spirits, and may inflict Curse status.

In the EasyType, you'll instead find the Coral Sword, a Thunder weapon as accurate as and more powerful than Cecil's Sword of Legend.

The tunnel ends shortly after the save room, coming out behind...

バロンじょう  Baron Castle  Cecil Porom Palom Tella Yang  Baron

You can rest in Cecil's bed for free recovery. Take advantage of it.

The castle seems abandoned at first, with even the prisoners missing, until someone calls out as Cecil approaches the central hub.

「{セシル}どの! : Sir {Cecil}! {Cecil}!

Beigan approaches from the entrance.

『ベイガン! まさか きみも‥‥
ベイガン「わたくしが どうしました?
『{ゴルベーザ}に あやつられて‥‥
ベイガン「まさか。 わたくしとて このえへいを
 バロンへの ちゅうせいは だれにも
『{シド}が とらえられているときいたが?
ベイガン「わたくしども のこった このえへいで
 かれを たすけにきたのですが いきのこったのは
 この わたしだけ。
 いっしょに いこう!
 きみが いてくれれば こころづよい!
このえへいちょう ベイガンが なかまになった!
Beigan: You're all right, then!
『Beigan! Don't tell me you're also...
Beigan: I'm also what?
『Controlled by {Golubaeser}...
Beigan: Don't be absurd. I am the
 man in charge of the Royal Guard.
 My loyalty to Baron cannot be
 swayed by anyone!
『We heard that {Cid} has been arrested?
Beigan: We who remained of the Royal
 Guard also came here to rescue him,
 but only I have survived.
『I see.
 Come with us!
 Your presence would be reassuring!
Beigan: Yes, sir!
Royal Guard Captain Beigan became a companion!
Baigan: {Cecil}!
 Welcome back to Baron!
{Cecil}: Baigan! You aren't
 controlled by {Golbez}!
Baigan: No way! I am the
 Captain of the Guards.
 My loyalty to the state
 is unwavering!
{Cecil}: I see.
 Then come with us!
 You can be of great help!
Baigan: Yes, sir!
Chief Guard of Baron,
Baigan joined!

Cecil heads toward the throne room, with Beigan following, until Palom and Porom suddenly stop.

{ポロム}「まものの においですわ!
『What is it?
{Palom}: It reeks.
{Porom}: The smell of monster!
{Cecil}: What's wrong?
{Palom}: ...It smells!
{Porom}: Like a monster!
ベイガン「なに どこだ? Beigan: What? Where? Baigan: Where?

He looks around.

{ポロム}「おしばいするなら もうすこし
 うまく やっていただきたいものね。
『きみも {ゴルベーザ}に!
 あのかたは すばらしいものを
 わたしに くださったのですよ。
 こんなに すてきなちからをねッ!
{Palom}: I smell a rat!
{Porom}: If you must act, I would prefer
 that you do so a bit more skillfully.
『{Golubaeser} got to you, too!
Beigan: I would appreciate it if you
 would stop saying it like that...
 He has given me such a
 wonderful thing.
 Such fine power!
{Palom}: Something's fishy!
{Porom}: Can't you act a
 bit better?
{Cecil}: What?!
Baigan: I was given a great
 gift from my Master
 {Golbez}. I'll show you!

Creepy mutated Beigan and his two creepy mutated arms attack!

He'll recover the arms if you take both out, so consider killing just one. The Right Arm likes to Bloodsuck (damage+Slip), while the Left Arm may Paralyze your characters. Take your pick. Mainly, though, you just need to focus on killing the main body. Note that Beigan will cast Reflect on himself when hit with magic, so if you're going to him hit with a spell, make it count. One of Tella's -ga spells, or Bio from Palom if he's learned it (especially after a few Bravado), are probably the best choices. Pair Cast isn't all that useful in this battle.

I recommend having Cecil and Yang attack mindlessly while Porom and Tella handle healing and buffs. Slow might help too, but with the Reflect counter, it's questionable how useful it really is. Palom can use Bravado a few times before nuking the main body. Try casting Berserk and Haste on the fighters for more powerful and frequent attacks, especially useful in the versions without Bravado to turn Palom into death on two legs. It shouldn't take too much effort.

On a final note, the arms will self-destruct if left without the main body for long. Try to mop things up quickly, and keep your health up just in case.

The DS remake keeps the general idea of the battle, though Beigan's attacks can inflict status effects just to complicate things. He and his arms are also given an Ice weakness so Yang has something to exploit. I found that tossing Slow on them all seemed to help, even if it left Palom with little to do.

{パロム}「あまいぜ あんちゃん!
{Palom}: You're too trusting, bud!
『Even Beigan...!
{Palom}: See?
 Be careful, {Cecil}!

You can now access the treasures in the eastern stairwell and eastern tower of the castle. In particular, check the pots in the tower basement for an Elixir in the JP and NA versions, or the remarkable Piglet's Bamboo Sword in the EasyType.

Rest up in Cecil's room, then continue to the throne room.

バロンおう「{セシル} ぶじであったか!
 ずいぶん たくましく なったな。
バロンおう「そのすがたは パラディン。
 そうか パラディンになったか。
 だがな いかんぞ パラディンは。
『へいか‥‥いや バロン!
King Baron: {Cecil}, I see you're safe!
 And you've toughened up quite a bit.
『Your Majesty...
King Baron: You look to be a Paladin.
 Ah, then you really have become one.
 But that simply won't do.
『Your Majesty... no, Baron!
King: {Cecil}! I'm happy
 you returned.
{Cecil}: Your Majesty...
King: I see you've become
 Paladin. But I do not
 like that. That's not
 good, {Cecil}.
{Cecil}: ... King Baron?

Here, Cecil decides he's through with saying "Your Majesty" and bluntly addresses the man before him as simply "Baron", with no rank, title, or any other form of deference. He's asserting, in short, that such respect is not deserved. The official translation completely lost that.

 クカカカカ‥‥だれだ そいつは?
 おお そうか おもいだした。
 たしか このくには わたさんなどと
 いっていた おろかな にんげんか。
 そいつに なりすましていたんだっけなあ
『きさま へいかを!
バロンおう「あいたいか? おうに あいたいか?
 おれは スカルミリョーネのように
 ぶざまなことは せんぞお。
 なにしろ あいつは 4てんのうに
 なれたのが ふしぎなくらい
『ということは きさまも!
King Baron: Baron?
 Ku ka ka ka ka... who's that?
 Oh yes, yes, I remember.
 As I recall, he was the foolish human
 who refused to hand over the country.
 Ah yes, I've been posing as him,
 haven't I...? Hyaa, hya, hya!
『His Majesty... how dare you!
King Baron: Want to see him? Want
 to see your king? I won't be as
 incompetent as Scarmiglione.
 After all, he was such a weakling
 it's a wonder he managed to end
 up as one of the Elite Four.
 Gheh heh heh heh!
『Which means you're also...!
King: Baron? Who's that?
 Oh... I remember!
 He's the fool who refused
 to surrender!
 Oh, yes!
 And I took his place!
{Cecil}: You!!
King: Wanna see the King?
 Don't worry! You'll see
 him soon enough.
 I'm not like Milon, see?
 I'm surprised that he
 made it as one of the
 Four Fiends of Elements!
{Cecil}: Then you are...

The king disguise drops, revealing a blue... something.

バロンおう「いかにも! {ゴルベーザ}4てんのう
King Baron: Indeed! Cagnazzo of Water,
 one of {Golubaeser}'s Elite Four!
King: Indeed!
 I am the Fiend of Water

Cagnazzo is another demon from Dante's Inferno. Like Scarmiglione, the exact meaning seems to be uncertain. I've seen claims from "nasty dog" to "nagging one" to "one with a dog-like flat head". If nothing else, it's not exactly flattering.

Cagnazzo attacks! He's some kind of musclebound tortoise, apparently. An enemy that's all about water must be weak against Thunder, right? Well, not exactly. Being reptilian, Cagnazzo's weakness is Ice by default. However, while charging for a Tsunami...

つなみのための みずを あつめはじめた! Began gathering water for Tsunami! Gathering the water! switches to Thunder. Quickly hit him with any Thunder magic, however weak, to cancel the Tsunami preparation:

サンダーぞくせいが バリアを うちくだいた! Thunder trait shattered the barrier! The Lit scared him!

This also resets his weakness to Ice. If you don't break his charge quickly enough, he'll get the Tsunami off regardless, so speed is key. If left alone even longer, he'll also cast Haste, making things worse. Palom and Tella should focus on Tsunami prevention. Keep in mind that the stronger spells have longer cast times. Cast a bit ahead of time, or use the Thunder Rod as an item for an instant effect, and never mind the pathetic damage.

Porom can cast Slow once or twice to delay Cagnazzo's turns somewhat. Meanwhile, Cecil basically just attacks, and Yang should pair the Ice Claw and Thunder Claw so he gets bonus damage no matter which weakness is active. As usual, Haste and Berserk can boost their damage output.

Once Cagnazzo's health gets low enough, he ducks into his shell when harmed:

とじこもって ぼうぎょたいせい! Shut up in a defensive posture! Hiding inside the shell!

This lets him heal and boost his defense against physical attacks. Magic still works as usual, though, and once you get to this point, you've practically won already anyway. Other than Tsunami, Cagnazzo has no noteworthy attacks, so if you can avoid that, defense should be a non-issue.

Also note that Tella's Blizzaga or Thundaga will absolutely devastate him if it hits while the appropriate weakness is active, typically taking off well over half his maximum HP. Even against the wrong weakness, they'll still hurt quite a bit, so feel free to pick one and go for it.

The DS remake complicates things. Cagnazzo will group-cast Slow to hinder your actions, and may counter physical attacks with Hold and magic with Silence. Also problematic is that he now absorbs Ice while gathering water (instead of being neutral to it), which in this version also means that Yang with an Ice Claw will heal him. Unfortunately, this remains true even if Yang's other weapon is a Thunder Claw (though it might limit how much healing occurs; all I'm sure of is that the amount was low compared to Yang's normal attack damage, and I didn't want to risk experimenting with switching weapons around). As before, preventing Tsunami seems to be the key to the battle, since Cagnazzo has little if any other offensive capability.

After the battle, we hear the door open, and someone starts yelling.

「このー にせバロンおうめがあ! : You damn fake King Baron! You imposter!

Cid walks in, still ranting.

{シド}「よくも あんなカビくさいところに
 とじこめおって! ブチのめしたるわい!
 あ あら?
{Cid}: How dare you shut me up in some musty
 place like that! I'll beat the snot outta you!
{Cid}: You are gonna pay
 for putting me in that
 smelly joint!

Belatedly, he notices that Cecil is here and the imposter is not.

 しんぱい かけおって この‥‥!
{シド}「{ローザ}は どうした!?
 おまえはいきとると とびだして
『{ゴルベーザ}に とらわれてしまって‥‥
{シド}「おまえがついていながら なんという
 しかし あの{ゴルベーザ}‥‥
 ワシの ひくうていたちを ひどいことに
 つかうばかりか {ローザ}まで!
{Cid}: {Cecil}!
 You really are alive!
 Makin' me worry, you little...!
『I'm sorry.
{Cid}: What happened to {Rosa}!?
 She ran off, thinkin' you
 were alive...
『She was captured by {Golubaeser}...
{Cid}: How could you let that happen,
 with you right there with her!?
 That {Golubaeser}, though...
 Bad enough he use my airships
 for awful things, but now {Rosa}!
{Cecil}: {Cid}!
{Cid}: Oh! {Cecil}!
 Where is {Rosa}?
 She ran after you.
{Cecil}: {Golbez} took her...
{Cid}: {Golbez}... abused my
 airship and now {Rosa}!
{テラ}「そのむすめが あぶないのじゃ。
 はやく ひくうていとやらに
{Tella}: That girl is in danger.
 Now hurry up and take us
 to this airship thing!
{Tellah}: We must rescue her.
 Lead us to the airship!
{シド}「なんじゃ このジジイは?
{テラ}「おぬしに いわれたくはない!
{シド}「ワシャ まだ わかいわ!
{Cid}: What's with the old geezer?
{Tella}: You're one to talk!
{Cid}: Hey, I'm still young!
{Cid}: Who is this strange
 old man?
{Tellah}: What!?
 How about yourself?
{Cid}: I'm still young!

Cid gets in his face. Porom walks over and breaks them up.

 こちらは {テラ}さま。
 いだいな けんじゃさまですわ。
{Porom}: Now, now...
 You must be master {Cid}.
 This is master {Tella}.
 He is a great Sage.
{Porom}: Oh, please stop.
 Mr. {Cid}, this is
 Master {Tellah}, a great
{ポロム}「こちらが ファブールの
 モンクそうちょう {ヤン}さま。
 わたしは ミシディアの まどうしみならい
{Porom}: This is master {Yang},
 head of Fabul's Monks.
 I am {Porom}, an apprentice
 mage from Mysidia.
{Porom}: This is {Yang}, the
 Karate Master of Fabul.
 And I'm {Porom}. A white
 wizard of Mysidia.

Perhaps feeling left out, Palom hops and spins around, turning his back on everyone as he speaks.

{パロム}「ヘン ジジイどうしが!
{ポロム}「あのくちのわるいのが ふたごの
{パロム}「ヘッ いいこぶりやがって!
{Palom}: Huh, a bunch of old farts!
{Porom}: That foul-mouthed one is
 my twin, {Palom}.
{Palom}: Heh, acting all goodie-goodie!
{Palom}: Hi, guys!
{Porom}: That is my twin
 brother {Palom}.
{Palom}: Yeah!

Now that I'm paying attention to these things, the cheerful greeting the NA version puts in Palom's mouth doesn't fit with his actions at all.

{ヤン}「おはつに おめにかかります。
 ここはきけんゆえ いそぎませんと。
{シド}「れいぎを しっとるの おぬし!
{Yang}: I am pleased to meet you. As it
 is dangerous here, we must hurry.
{Cid}: You sure know your manners!
{Yang}: I am glad to meet
 you, sir.
{Cid}: Well! He knows some
『{シド} しんがたひくうていは いったい
『{Cid}, where exactly is the
 new-model airship?
{Cid}: Hu hu hu...
{Cecil}: Where is the latest
{Cid}: Well!
{シド}「だーれも わからんところじゃ!
 ちょっとばかり さいくしておいたんじゃ!
{Cid}: Where nobody'd figure it out!
 I used me a little trick!
{Cid}: Where nobody would
{テラ}「じかんがないと いっておろうに!
 {ローザ}の いのちが かかっとるんじゃ!
{Tella}: I already told you, there's no time!
 {Rosa}'s life is at stake!
{Tellah}: We have no time!
{シド}「いちいち うるさいジジイじゃの!
 さ こっちじゃ!
{Cid}: The old geezer's just gotta run
 his mouth off! I get it already!
 C'mon, this way!
{Cid}: Oh, be quiet and
 follow me!

Cid leads the way out of the throne room, though Porom needs to drag Palom along. Unfortunately, something creepy happens as they reach the antechamber.

 この おれを たおすとはなあ。
 だが おれは さびしがりやでな。
 クカカカ‥‥ししてなお すさまじい
 この みずのカイナッツォの おそろしさ
 とくと あじわいながら しねえ!
 さきに じごくで まってるぞお!
: Ku ka ka ka...
 I never expected you to beat me.
 But I hate being alone, you see.
 Ku ka ka ka... have a good taste of how
 fearsome Cagnazzo of Water is, all the
 more terrifying once slain, as you die!
 I'll be waiting for you in hell!
 Hehhh heh heh!
I didn't expect you to
defeat me...... But this does
not mean anything to this
Why don't you accompany me
to the Dark World!

The EasyType rewrites a sizable chunk of the middle, removing ししてなお すさまじい (shishite nao susamajii, all the more terrifying once slain) and replacing カイナッツォの おそろしさ とくと あじわい (KAINATTSO no osoroshisa toku to ajiwai, have a good taste of Cagnazzo's fearsomeness) with カイナッツォを たおしたこと とくと こうかい (KAINATTSO wo taoshita koto toku to koukai, thoroughly regret defeating Cagnazzo).

{テラ}「かべが! {Tella}: The walls! {Tellah}: Walls!

The walls start to close in. Cid and Tella try the doors.

{Cid}: It won't open!
{Tella}: This one either!
{Cid}: It's locked!
{Tellah}: This one too!

The wals continue to close in. Palom and Porom exchange a glance, then nod and move to face the walls on either side of the rest of the party.

『{パロム}! {ポロム}! 『{Palom}! {Porom}! {Cecil}: {Palom}! {Porom}!
{パロム}「あんちゃん ありがとよ!
{ポロム}「おにいさまが できたみたいで
 とっても うれしかったですわ!
{テラ}「おまえたち なにを!
{パロム}「あんたらを ここで
 {セシル}さんを おねがいしますわ!
{Palom}: Thanks, bud!
{Porom}: You made us very happy,
 like we'd gained a big brother!
{Tella}: What are you doing!?
{Palom}: We're not gonna let him
 kill you guys here!
{Porom}: Master {Tella}!
 Take care of {Cecil}!
{Palom}: Thanks, dude!
{Porom}: We loved to be
 with all of you!
{Cecil}: What...
{Palom}: You won't be stuck
 in a place like this!
{Porom}: Please look after
 {Cecil}, Master {Tellah}!
{パロム}「いくぞ {ポロム}!
{Palom}: Here goes, {Porom}!
{Porom}: Right!
{Palom}: Ready, {Porom}?
{Porom}: Yes!

The walls keep closing in.

{パロム} {ポロム}「ブレイク!
{Palom} and {Porom}: Break!
{Cecil}: Wait!
{Palom} and {Porom}: STONE!!

Palom and Porom turn to stone, stopping the walls.

Yes, this means you lose whatever they have equipped. Unfortunately, there's no menu access between the boss fight and now, so anything you want to remove has to come off BEFORE combat with Cagnazzo (or during, for weapons). It's probably not worth it. Just don't leave anything on them you can't replace easily.

{Cecil}: {Palom}!......{Porom}!!
{Tella}: Such rashness...!
 Just a moment!
{Tellah}: What a rash thing
 to do......
ふたりのいしにより せきかしているので
They were petrified of their own will,
so it has no effect...
No effect.
They have become stone by
their will.
 しぬのは このおいぼれでよかったろうに!
{Tella}: The fools! If somebody had to die,
 it should have been this old man!
{Tellah}: ...Fools!
 An old man should fulfill
 his share first!
{ヤン}「こんな おさなごが‥‥! {Yang}: Such young children...! {Yang}: Oh, children...
{テラ}「このわたしが むねんをはらす! {Tella}: I will take vengeance! {Tellah}: I shall avenge!
 エンタープライズを だすぞ!!
{Cid}: We're fightin' to avenge them!
 I'm breakin' out the Enterprise!!
{Cid}: I'll avenge you!
 To the Enterprise!!
『Just you wait...
{Cecil}: Wait for me.

Cut to black.

      いっぽう そのころ‥‥

Elsewhere, about then...


Change scene to where Golubaeser still holds Rosa captive. Cain stands guard.

{ゴルベーザ}「カイナッツォまでも やられたか。
 だいぶ うでを あげたようだな‥‥
{Golubaeser}: So even Cagnazzo is beaten.
 It seems he's grown quite skilled...
{Golbez}: Seems like Kainazzo
 has been defeated...
 あそこは すこしばかり やっかいだ。
{カイン}「{セシル}に とってこさせては
{Cain}: About the one Crystal
{Golubaeser}: I know... in any event, it's
 in something of a bothersome place.
{Cain}: Why don't we make {Cecil}
 go bring it to you?
{Golubaeser}: Make... him?
{Kain}: About the last
{Golbez}: I know... but it is
 a problem.
{Kain}: How about if we let
 {Cecil} get it for you?
{Golbez}: {Cecil}...?
 この {ローザ}がいます。
 クリスタルと ひきかえに‥‥
 ということでは いかがでしょう。
{Cain}: We have {Rosa} here.
 An exchange for the Crystal...
 How does that sound?
{Kain}: We have {Rosa}.
 We can exchange her for
 the last crystal.
 ヤツを しまつするのも
{カイン}「では わたしが
{Golubaeser}: I see... not bad.
 And we can take care of
 him then as well...
{Cain}: I will go deliver the
 message, then.
{Golbez}: That's an idea.
 We can do away with him
{Kain}: I'll be the
{ローザ}「{カイン}! {Rosa}: {Cain}! {Rosa}: {Kain}!
 おれのほうが うえだということを
{Cain}: I'll show you how much
 better I am than that {Cecil}.
{Kain}: I'll show you that
 I'm better than your
 sweet {Cecil}!

Cain leaves. Change scene back to Baron Castle, where Cid is facing a wall in the central area.

{シド}「とうだい もとくらしってやつじゃ!
『Here, of all places?
{Cid}: You never notice what's
 right under your nose!
{Cecil}: It's a surprise.
{Cid}: They obviously
 didn't understand!

Who didn't understand what? The translators and the line? The idiom literally translates to "It's dark at the base of a lighthouse." The English DS remake, as it thankfully often does, gets the meaning right, and uses a related saying about the darkness at the base of a candlestick.

Cid opens a hidden passage that everyone follows him into. Down several flights of stairs is an underground airship dock, complete with airship.

{ヤン}「こんなところに あったとは‥‥
{シド}「またせたの エンタープライズ!
{Yang}: To think that it was here...
{Tella}: Incredible!
{Cid}: I've kept you waitin', Enterprise!
 Let's get goin'!
{Yang}: What a surprise!
{Tellah}: Amazing!
{Cid}: Let's go now,

Cid takes the controls, and the Enterprise lifts off.

エンタープライズ  The Enterprise  Cecil Tella Yang Cid  The Enterprise

Another airship approaches.

{シド}「さっそく おでましじゃな!
 エンタープライズの いりょく
 とくと みせてやるわ!
{Cid}: Time to show our stuff already!
 I'll give you a good look at the
 might of the Enterprise!
{Cid}: Here they come!
 Let's see the power of
 this Enterprise!
{Yang}: That's...
{Tella}: A white flag?
{Cecil}: Wait!
{Yang}: White flag...
{Tellah}: for surrender...?

Popular usage aside, a white flag normally indicates a temporary truce, most often for negotiations. There's no one surrendering here.

The other airship pulls alongside the Enterprise. It appears to have monsters for crew, except for...

『{カイン}! 『{Cain}! {Cecil}: {Kain}!
{カイン}「いきていたか {セシル}。 {Cain}: So, you're alive, {Cecil}. {Kain}: You are alive...
{シド}「{カイン} どういうつもりじゃ! {Cid}: {Cain}, what's the big idea!? {Cid}: What do you think
 you're doing, {Kain}?
{カイン}「フッ やはり しんぱいか?
 {ローザ}の いのちがおしければ
 トロイアの つちのクリスタルと
『I trust... that {Rosa} is safe.
{Cain}: Heh, you really are worried?
 If you value {Rosa}'s life, then
 exchange Troy's Earth Crystal
 for her.
{Cecil}: How is {Rosa}?
{Kain}: Worried?
 If you want her back, get
 me the Crystal of Earth.
{Cecil}: Crystal of Earth?
 ...Of Toroia?

Cecil's first line here amounts to an implied threat. The look he gives Cain in the DS remake underscores that.

{カイン}「てにいれたら また
 いいか かならずだ!
 {ローザ}の みを あんじるならな。
{Tella}: What an underhanded...!
{Cain}: I'll come contact you again
 once you've gotten it...
 And you'd better!
 If you care about {Rosa}, that is.
{Yang}: Damn you...!
{Tellah}: Dirty slime!
{Kain}: I'll exchange her
 with the crystal.
 Crystal or {Rosa}'s life!
{Yang}: You...!
『めをさませ {カイン}! 『Snap out of it, {Cain}! {Cecil}: Wake up, {Kain}!
{カイン}「はなすことは それだけだ。 {Cain}: That's all I have to say. {Kain}: That's all.

Cain's airship flies off.

{Yang}: Sir {Cecil}...
{Cid}: That {Cain}...!
{Yang}: {Cecil}...
{Cid}: That {Kain}...
『トロイアに いこう‥‥
 {シド} かじを ほくせいへ‥‥!
『Let's go to Troy...
 {Cid}, set course to the northwest...!
(see below)

This's conversation is expanded in the ET and NA versions, apparently to help new players:

『{シド}‥‥トロイアに いこう!
 この ひくうていは  かさなって Aボタンで
 じょうしょうしたあとは じゅうじキーで
 おりるときは Aボタンで かげのぶぶんに
 やまや もり さばくなどには ちゃくりくは
 よし いくか トロイアへ!
 ほくせいの ほうがくじゃったな!
『{Cid}... let's go to Troy!
{Cid}: Right!
 You can ride this airship by movin'
 onto her and pressin' the A button.
 After liftoff, you can move around
 with the control pad.
 When you land, you can use the A button
 to touch down where the shadow is.
 You can't land in places like mountains,
 forest, or desert, though.
 Okay, let's head us to Troy!
 It's off to the northwest!
{Cecil}: {Cid}...
 Let's go to Toroia!
{Cid}: When you want to
 get on an Airship,
 move onto it and push
 After it rises up in
 the air, you can move
 it by using the Control
 Watch the shadow to see
 where to land. But you
 can't land on forests,
 mountains, and deserts.
 Let's go to Toroia!
 It's the northwest!

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