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Final Fantasy V

Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Grociana

The map shows that they've landed on the western tip of the northeastern continent, about half a world away from the southeastern continent where Exdeath's castle stands or the southwestern continent where the Big Bridge would have taken them. It also shows that the closest location of any interest lies some distance to the east, so let's get moving. Monsters attack along the way, of course, but they shouldn't cause too much trouble.

ルゴルの村 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Village of Legoll

I wouldn't have picked that spelling, but every single Google result for ルゴル (once I excluded "ff5") pointed to a French distillery of that name, so we'll go with it.

Though a nice enough village, even the locals admit it's in the middle of nowhere.

ここは、辺境の村ルゴルじゃ。 This is the remote village of Legoll.
Oh my, how unusual!
It's been years since anyone
has visited our village!

Fortunately, the shops have good inventory despite that, with the magic shop in particular carrying all level 4 spells for White, Black, and Timespace magic. The weapon and armor shops carry some new equipment, too. Going through a secret passage to talk to the little girl between the two sides of the shop reveals that she's lost her ribbon, but don't worry about that for now, since you can't do anything about it yet.

You're better off avoiding the castle
to the south...
To the south is the Sealed Castle Kuzer.
Weapons used in the legendary battle
1000 years ago are sealed there...

A Kirby enemy shares the name クーザー, and goes by Koozer in the English version. There's also a bicycle parts manufacturer called Koozer. However, that spelling felt too... silly? for something of this significance, so I substituted an 'u' for the 'oo'.

Don't worry if this legendary battle 1000 years ago doesn't sound familiar yet. I'm fairly certain no one has so much as mentioned either the battle or the thousand year timeframe before this point. Naturally, though, it will end up having considerable significance...

Don't miss the piano hidden in a back room in the bar. Use the Thief's Secret Passages skill to find it. You can also hop on the stage to do a silly little dance with silly music and get a token payment for your efforts, for what it's worth. Using the Dancer class doesn't seem to have any effect.

Stay at the inn for a scene.

What's this, visitors?
How unusual!
Just for tonight, it's on the house!

In the middle of the night, Galuf gets up and leaves. Butz wakes up shortly after, notices the empty bed, and, not finding Galuf in the inn, heads outside.

 Where's Galuf?

He looks around for a bit, then apparently hears something and heads for the pub. Meanwhile, inside...

Galuf: Ahh, that hit the spot!
 So this is the legendary
 booze of Legoll!
 The stuff burns going down!!

So apparently the distillery reference makes sense after all.

Butz walks in.

ガラフ「どうしたバッツ? Galuf: What's wrong, Butz?
『いや…ねつかれなくて… 『I just... couldn't get to sleep...
Galuf: I see.
 Well, have a seat.

Butz sits across from him.

『Galuf... I'm sorry.
 If only we hadn't come,
 you would have been able
 to attack Exdeath Castle...

Galuf vigorously shakes his head.

 られていた… まさかバリアが
: If we'd gone on and attacked,
 we would just have gotten
 wiped out by the barrier...
 We had no idea it was ready...
 It's thanks to you that we
 avoided that!
『ガラフ… 『Galuf...
Galuf: Anyway, Butz...
 Why did you come when you
 knew you couldn't return?
『 reason.

Galuf walks over to him, head bowed.

Galuf: Butz...
 Thank you!!
『ガラフ!よせよっ! 『Galuf! Knock it off!

Galuf nods, and the rest of the night passes without further incident.

封印城クーザー Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Sealed Castle Kuzer

The townspeople advised against coming here, but that just makes us more curious, right? Besides, those sealed weapons sound useful...

Watch out for monsters. The Shield Dragon, which is all that appears here, can cause a lot of trouble, and won't go down easily. Either run away, preferably using skills, or give the Beast Tamer's !Control ability to several characters (in case of failure) and make it kill itself with Flame.

Several rooms later lies one with a circular layout and different music. No monsters appear here. Galuf steps out and glances around.

Galuf: These are...
 the twelve legendary
 sealed weapons!
 They really do exist!
『The ones they say were used
 in the battle 1000 years ago?
レナ「みんな石化してしまってる… Lenna: They're all petrified...
『1000年前の物だもんな… 『Well, they are 1000 years old...

Feel free to examine the twelve weapons. Each starts with the same introduction...

 封印されし12の武器の1つ…  One of the twelve sealed weapons...

...and, clockwise from the top, the weapons are...

    エクスカリバー Excalibur
    アサシンダガー Assassin Dagger
    さすけのかたな Sasuke's Katana
    ホーリーランス Holy Lance
    ルーンアクス Rune Axe
     まさむね Masamune
    よいちのゆみ Yoichi's Bow
   ファイアビュート Firebute
    けんじゃのつえ Sage's Staff
    ウィザードロッド Wizard Rod
    アポロンのハープ Apollon's Harp
     だいちのベル Earth Bell

...however, there's nothing more to do here for now.

 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris 

The map has no other markers on this continent, leaving the party little choice but to continue south and east, eventually coming to a forest in the mountains. Playful music plays, and they find a white creature with pink bat wings standing on a tree. Unfortunately, it panics when it notices them, and falls in a hole that opens in the ground nearby.

「クポー! : Kupo!
Galuf: I wasn't expecting to see
 a moogle here!
『モーグリ? 『Moogle?
Galuf: Mysterious creatures
 that live in the forest.
 They're timid and hardly
 ever show themselves.
レナ「助けてあげましょう! Lenna: Let's help it!

The others nod, so into the hole we go, entering what looks like an underground river. Strong currents push the party around. However, the path only branches in one place, and converges shortly after that, so the cave doesn't have any maze-like qualities. Note, however, that the menu won't open while in a current.

Further downstream, the party finds the moogle cornered by a monster.

レナ「モーグリ!! Lenna: The moogle!!
モーグリ「クポークポー!! Moogle: Kupo kupo!!

Fire-based magic works well. Try to avoid non-magic attacks, since it counters them with attacks that include the Blue Magic spell ????.

Or just toss a Phoenix Tail at it. It may miss, but usually you'll get an instant kill. Considering that the game gives you one in a treasure chest just before the battle, it almost seems to want you to do this.

After the battle, the moogle remains skittish. Lenna tries to talk it down.

Lenna: You're scared...
 It's okay.
 Come over here!
モーグリ「クポー… Moogle: Kupo...
レナ「もうだいじょうぶよ! Lenna: You're safe now!
モーグリ「クポークポー!! Moogle: Kupo kupo!!

The moogle cautiously approaches, then apparently decides it's in no danger, and hops toward the nearby exit.

モーグリ「クっポっポー!! Moogle: Ku po po!!
『なんだ!? 『What!?
レナ「よんでるみたい… Lenna: Looks like it's calling us...

The moogle hops a few times and goes outside. There, it takes a step into the desert, then turns back and forth as though to indicate you shouldn't do that. Stepping out of the desert, it runs along a path that avoids the desert areas and leads to a forest some distance to the northeast, where it disappears.

The Sand Crawler, a particularly nasty monster, often appears in the deserts around here. It has high defense and triple the hit points of that last boss, can use Maelstrom to knock the entire party down to single-digit health, and prevents them from running away. It doesn't have any unusual items, either, so there's little point in hunting them. If you do end up facing one, your best bet is probably using !Control to neutralize it while you slowly kill it with magic. The Blue Mage's Aqua Breath will work well if you have it handy. Using Break with !Magic Sword would kill it, too, except that it hasn't become available yet.

Anyway, just avoid the deserts, like the moogle suggested. Follow it into the woods to find...

モーグリの村 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Moogle Village

Incidentally, you can't enter the village until after seeing the moogle go here, even if you know exactly where to look.

A group of moogles stands near the entrance, but they panic and scatter as soon as they notice they have visitors. Moogles continue sporadically rushing around in a panic until the party finds one behind a tree that stops with a jolt of recognition after initially spooking.

レナ「さっき助けたモーグリだわ! Lenna: It's the moogle we saved earlier!
モーグリ「クポー!クポー! Moogle: Kupo! Kupo!
レナ「お礼を言ってるの? Lenna: Are you thanking us?

The moogle nods, then beckons them through a door in a nearby tree. Inside, treasure chests ring the room.

モーグリ「クポー!! Moogle: Kupo!!
Lenna: It seems to be saying we
 can use the things here...

The moogle nods again. The treasures include a Dancing Dagger, which makes a nice weapon for many classes. Outside, half a dozen moogles now mill around, no longer showing any fear. Another hollow tree has a locked chest and a moogle that doesn't react, while the third has...

『A moogle...

Put it on to look like a moogle, then go back to the unresponsive moogle. Aww, how cute, the creature seems to be smitten with us, and unlocks the chest, which contains an Elf's Manteau. Alas, this love was not to be.

After finding the costume, return to the moogle the party rescued, which responds by hopping up on the tree and making some odd noises.

モーグリ「ククポポー! Moogle: Kukupopo!
ガラフ「なにしとるんじゃ? Galuf: What's it doing?

The screen fades out, then shows us Karulu leaving a room in a castle. A moogle rushes out after her.

Karulu: What has you so worked up...?
モーグリ「クポーっ!! Moogle: Kupo!!

She nods in understanding, and they continue to a small rooftop where a soldier watches over a wyvern.

兵士「どうされたのですか? Soldier: What is it?
Karulu: It seems that Grampa
 is in the moogle village!
兵士「? Soldier: ?
Karulu: Moogles can use telepathy.
 They can talk with their minds even
 when they're apart...
Soldier: The moogle village...
 that's far away.
Karulu: Yes...
 and the wyvern can't fly any more...

The wyvern perks up a bit and makes some rather feeble noises.

Karulu: You'd...
 ...thank you.
クルル「一度だけ飛ぶわ! Karulu: We'll fly just this once!
兵士「だいじょうぶなのですか? Soldier: Will you be all right?

Karulu nods, and the wyvern spreads its wings and shouts, knocking the moogle over. Meanwhile, in the village, the moogles are running back and forth in formation.

『何してるんだ? 『What are you doing?
モーグリ「クポポポー! Moogle: Kupopopo!

One of the moogles gestures.

『鼻? 『Nose?

It nods, and they go back to running. Meanwhile, the wyvern circles around over the forest.

Karulu: Now, where is the moogle
モーグリ「クポポ! Moogle: Kupopo!
クルル「えっ?鼻の所? Karulu: Huh? At the nose?

The forest somehow shifts into a pattern resembling a moogle's face. They head for its nose, and back in the village, a large shadow appears.

モーグリ「ククポポー! Moogle: Kukupopo!

The wyvern lands among the moogles, and Karulu hops off.

ガラフ「クルル! Galuf: Karulu!
クルル「おじいちゃん!! Karulu: Grampa!!
ガラフ「どうしてここが? Galuf: How did you find us?
Karulu: The moogles told me!

The moogle that came with her jumps off and hops a few times.

Karulu: Grampa!
 We need to hurry back
 to the castle!

Everyone piles onto that poor wyvern, which manages to take off and fly away regardless. The moogles wave.

バル城 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Bar Castle

There are any number of ways you could interpret バル. Bar is, if nothing else, at least the name of a number of real-world places, including a duchy.

The wyvern lands in a large courtyard. Everyone gets off.

Karulu: I'll go let the wyvern rest!

She gets back on and they fly off.

兵士「ガラフ王!! Soldier: King Galuf!!

A group of soldiers approaches.

Galuf: Everyone, you've done well
 while I was away!
Soldier: King Galuf!!

Scene change to the throne room, where Galuf sits on the throne as the soldiers fill him in on recent events.

Galuf: And Exdeath?
Soldier: He hasn't made any significant
 moves since the barrier's completion.
ガラフ「そうか… わが軍は?
Galuf: I see... what about our army?
Soldiers: We've been nearly wiped out
 fighting monsters Exdeath sent...
Galuf: ...
Soldier: We're terribly sorry...

Butz approaches the throne.

『I thought you were just an old man...
 and it turns out you're a king!?
ガラフ「…まあな! Galuf: ...yeah, pretty much!
『こりゃ、たまげた… 『I can't believe this...

And it makes Butz the only member of the party who isn't royalty. When you think about it, that is pretty crazy.

Galuf turns back to the soldiers.

Galuf: Good job, everyone!
 Get some rest!!
Soldier: Yes, sir!!

The soldiers file out. Butz still stands dumbfounded.

ガラフ「なんじゃバッツ? Galuf: What's the matter, Butz?
『王様だなんてな…たまげたよ! 『A king... I can't believe it!
ガラフ「にあわんかの? Galuf: You think I don't seem like it?

Butz nods.

ガラフ「なんじゃとっ!! Galuf: What!?

Galuf chases Butz around the room for a bit.

『I'm only kidding!
 But maybe I should show more respect...
 I should call you King Galuf or something...
ガラフ「…… Galuf: ...

Galuf shakes his head vigorously.

Galuf: I may be the king of Bar,
 but I'm one of the team first and
 So just call me...
Galuf: That's right!
 Ha, ha, ha!!

Galuf laughs, and the party reforms.

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