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Final Fantasy VI

ゾゾ  Zozo  . . . . . . .  ZOZO

The first things newcomers are likely to notice about Zozo are that it's always raining and that 2-5 "Slam Shuffle" plays instead of the usual town music. Zozo also has several high towers, and, more to the point, random battles, while all the townspeople lie except the one who says it's dangerous.

This is a dangerous place!
Be careful...
Forget any foolish ideas like jumping
between neighboring buildings.
This place is dangerous!
And don't you dare think about jumping between buildings!

A brief unused conversation might have belonged with him, too:

: A girl flew to the top floor.
: It's best not to go to the very top...
 though no monsters live there.
"Some woman flew up to the top floor!"
"Did you say..."flew..."?
That must be {TERRA}!!!!"
Creepy monster's live up there. Look out fer 'em!

Many people make some reference to the time, and all their lies about it serve as clues for how to set a broken clock to open a passage to Edgar's Chainsaw. Other notable treasure includes the Thief's Bracelet accessory for Lock, found high in the main tower. A man blocks the stairs to the very top.

What did you want on such a sunny day?
I'm a trustworthy human being.
I'm no good at fighting either, so
I'll let you through with no trouble.
Good day, gentle folks.
Can I be of service?
I hate fighting, so I'd better let you pass!

And since Dadaluma is, of course, lying, it's time for another boss battle. He can heal himself a bit and boost his defense after taking some damage, as well as calling for backup and tossing an occasional knife, but doesn't really have very many hit points, considering.

He calls for backup after a certain amount of time passes, but is unable to do so when under 'silence' status. He'll throw a weapon and then Jump on his next turn if hit by Magic twice, but not if he's in 'slow' status. Unfortunately, 'silence' is completely unavailable as far as I can tell, but Gau can inflict 'slow' status through the Paupolium (Poplium) Rage. However, 'stop' also works, so Alacrán (Areneid) and Acrophies (Primordite) are better options, as against Cefca earlier.

Dadaluma also has a chance to hit back when attacked normally, and will throw two weapons for massive damage after being hit with four normal attacks. Avoid his various counters by relying on skill attacks like Machines. When his health gets low enough (under 1920 out of 3270), once per battle, he heals himself with three items (each is randomly either a Potion or a High Potion) and casts ◎ Protect on himself, which is another reason to use skill attacks, since many ignore defense to begin with. Alternately, Celes can absorb his spell if you brought her. He also counters Steal with Steal, but that's pretty pointless, since you get back the money he takes when you beat him anyway. On that note, Lock can steal either a Jewel Ring (common) or a Thief's Bracelet (rare).

In other interesting notes, Dadaluma is weak against Poison, so Gau's Terrarium (Trilium) Rage will rough him up nicely with ○ Bio. He's also susceptible to 'kappa' status, so you can also have Celes cast ◎ Kappa on him, but it's only questionably useful. Though it will stop his ◎ Protect spell and turn most of his attacks, including the knife throws, into normal attacks, he's one of those monsters that keeps full attack power and always gets critical hits under 'kappa' status, instead of dropping to 1 attack like most do. The net result is that his deadliest attacks are sealed, but everything else hurts more. Your choice.

There's also an unused line of text for this battle. While Dadaluma does whistle for backup, it's just a sound effect, with no text displayed.

ダダルマーは くちぶえをふいた! Dadaluma whistled! Dadaluma whistled!

The party beats him and continues to the top floor. Unlike the rest of the town, the room here is rather tidy, with no sign of monsters. Not only that, but Tina's here, lying on a bed and still transformed into... something. The party goes to check on her, and the music stops.

Much of the following dialog is generic and doesn't depend on who's in the group. The rest works as noted.

「ウ……グゥルルル…… : Ungh... grrrrr... Oooooh...gurururu...

The music changes to "Awakening".

『{ティナ}? "{Tina}?" {TERRA}?

Suddenly, they hear a voice...

ラムウ「おびえているのじゃよ。 Ramuh: She's frightened. RAMUH: She's scared, you know.

...and an old man with a very long white beard appears in the chair nearby, holding a staff.

『あなたは? "Who are you?" Who're you?
Ramuh: You are companions
 of this girl?
RAMUH: This girl is your friend?

Line chosen based on the first of these who is in the current party: Lock, Edgar, Celes, Mash, Cayenne, Shadow, Gau.

"Is {Tina} okay?" Is {TERRA} all right?
{Celes}: Is {Tina} okay? {CELES}: Is {TERRA} okay?

Celes's line is less gendered, but otherwise identical to the more masculine generic one (for Lock, Edgar, Mash, or Shadow).

{Cayenne}: Be {Tina} well? {CYAN}: Is Miss {TERRA} okay?
{Gau}: {Tina}...
 she okay?
{GAU}: {TERRA}...she ok?
Ramuh: So, {Tina} is her name.
 ...{Tina}?? ...can it be?
RAMUH: You call her {TERRA}...
...{TERRA}?? How odd...

There's no time to wonder about that cryptic remark, though, since Tina suddenly starts moving erratically. She falls out of bed, lurches across the floor, and runs into the wall, then collapses. The music fades out.

Ramuh: Her life is in no danger.
 Her body simply won't listen to her
 due to abruptly using a power she isn't
 normally accustomed to handling.
I am Ramuh. The Genjuu Ramuh.
RAMUH: She is undamaged. But I fear she can't understand you. As for me, I am Ramuh. The Esper, Ramuh.

Wow... so much so far off... While she's not in any danger or badly hurt, she's not necessarily "undamaged" either. There's no reason to believe she can't understand them, just that she can't control herself. The fact that using a power she's unaccustomed to caused this is lost completely.

That's enough to give everyone pause. "Another World of Beasts" plays...

『幻獣!? "Genjuu!?" ESPER!?

Line chosen based on the first of these who is in the current party: Lock, Edgar, Celes, Mash, Cayenne, Shadow, Gau.

"Weren't Genjuu creatures
 of a different world?"
But don't Espers live in another world?
{Celes}: Weren't Genjuu creatures
 of a different world?
{CELES}: But don't Espers live in another world?

Celes's line is again identical to the generic one except that lacks the masculine tone.

{Gau}: Genjuu...
 creatures of different world...
 That wrong?
{GAU}: Espers...from other world?

"Wrong" here, in Japanese (chigau), has Gau's name in it. For what it's worth.

Ramuh: It isn't as though that
 means we can't live in this world.
 Genjuu don't all look the same.
I happen to have a form little different from
that of a human, and so I am living here.
I have no fear of being recognized as a Genjuu.
RAMUH: That doesn't mean we don't live here, too.
Espers take a variety of forms.
Sometimes we live here, taking the shape of humans.
You have nothing to fear from us.

There's a big difference between "my form happens to resemble a human" and "we sometimes take the shape of humans". There's no indication that Genjuu are shapeshifters. Ramuh simply looks enough like an old man to blend in with relative ease. The only mention of fear is the risk Ramuh is potentially taking.

Line chosen based on the first of these who is in the current party: Lock, Edgar, Celes, Mash, Cayenne, Shadow, Gau.

"Why do you hide that you're a Genjuu?" Why do you hide the fact that you're Espers?
{ガウ}「なぜ幻獣 アルこと……
{Gau}: You Genjuu...
 ...why hide that?
{GAU}: Why hide fact you Esper?
ラムウ「人と幻獣は相いれないもの。 Ramuh: Humans and Genjuu cannot coexist. RAMUH: Humans and Espers can't survive together.

We'll be seeing a lot of that line... but that doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

Line chosen based on the first of these who is in the current party: Lock, Edgar, Celes, Mash, Cayenne, Shadow, Gau.

{Lock}: But grandma used to say that
 long ago humans and Genjuu
 lived together in this world.
...though it was a fairy tale.
{LOCKE}: But my grandma told me that Espers and people once lived side by side!
Was that just a fairy tale?
"But mother used to say that
 long ago humans and Genjuu
 lived together in this world.
...though I thought it was a fairy tale."
But grandmother once told me that Espers and people once lived side by side.
Was that just a fairy tale?

The above line sounds slightly stiff and is used for Cayenne. However, it's also used for Edgar and Mash, despite the fact that their mother died in childbirth and couldn't have told them stories about anything, though they could always have heard secondhand that she spoke of such things.

"I've heard that long ago humans and
 Genjuu lived together in this world.
 Though I thought it was a fairy tale..."
I heard that Espers and people once lived side by side.
Was that just a fairy tale...?

The above line is used for Celes, who probably didn't have much of a childhood, and Shadow, whose past is shrouded in mystery.

{Gau}: {Gau} knows... fairy tale.
 Long time ago, humans and
 Genjuu... lived same place.
{GAU}: {GAU} hear fairy tale. People...Esper once live together peacefully...
Ramuh: Fwa hwa, it's no fairy tale.
 It's the truth.
 Humans and Genjuu lived
 together amiably.
Before the Great Magic War began, at least.
RAMUH: No, that was no fairy tale. That was true.
We started out as friends.
Then along came the War of the Magi...
『魔大戦…… "The Great Magic War..." War of the Magi...
Ramuh: Long, long ago... the Great Magic War.
 A war involving the Genjuu, and sorcerers
 created with power extracted from Genjuu.
RAMUH: It took place...long ago. Espers fought humans who were infused with magical power extracted from Espers...

Ramuh keeps talking, but the view changes to show what looks like a small town, full of caves.

The Genjuu feared, after that pointless war, that
Genjuu power would again be abused, so we made
ourselves a separate realm and moved there.
...that is the Genjuu World.
Fearing our magical powers would once again become a target, we fashioned a new realm, and moved there.

結界 (kekkai) is one of those slippery terms that's hard to pin down, in part because its popular usage has become so far removed from its origins. In short, it comes from a religious context, involving separating an inside from an outside, with the inside being somehow distinct—being set aside for a special purpose, having a stricter set of rules, something like that—than the outside world. The term could refer either to the enclosed area itself or to the boundary of the region.

This concept has since become more generalized, but as best I can tell, it retains the basic idea of there being a distinct inside and outside, with something special about the inside. One of the more popular uses in fantasy and science fiction is something akin to a protective barrier or force field to keep out attacks or harmful creatures, or, conversely, a sealing ward to keep something locked away. As a result, "barrier" is perhaps the most common translation of the term.

In some cases, like this one, though, that doesn't really work. Here, he's clearly referring to the enclosed space, not to the enclosure around that space. It's a place cut off from the rest of the world, not easily entered. We find out later that it even has different properties than the rest of the world, affecting how their powers manifest. It's a distinct "inside", set aside for a special purpose, with its own set of rules, and has some way to keep harmful outside influences out.

Which is all basically a longwinded and convoluted way of saying that whatever they did, it was probably more complicated than just moving into a cave and slapping a magic shield over the entrance, but not nearly so elaborate as creating an entire separate literal world.

One day twenty years ago,
humans stumbled across it.
These humans knew about the Genjuu,
and also the secret behind sorcery.
About 20 years ago, humans stumbled upon it...humans who knew about Espers, and the secret to Magitek power.
Thus began a Genjuu hunt.
Gastra extracted the power of sorcery
from Genjuu and used that power
to build an army without rival.
Thus began a hunt for Espers. Only in this way could Emperor Gestahl create his invincible army.

Ramuh keeps talking as the view shows the outside of a large cave, with the opening covered by a massive door. The cave is somewhere dark and otherworldly.

Realizing that, the Genjuu erected
a great door and drove the humans out.
In response to this, we erected a doorway, and threw the humans out.

The scene shifts back to the room, where Ramuh continues talking.

Ramuh: The Genjuu captured then are even now
 held in the Imperial Sorcery Research Laboratory,
 the power of sorcery being extracted from them.
I only barely managed to escape,
and that is how I came to be here.
RAMUH: Even as we speak, many of my kind are trapped in the Empire's Magitek Research Facility, being...
...drained of their powers...
I fled here to avoid a similar fate.

The party members nearest Tina help her back into the bed.

ラムウ「おちついたようだな。 Ramuh: She seems to have settled down. RAMUH: That's right, relax.
Ramuh: Finding that {Tina} was out of
 control, I summoned her here.
 That girl responded to the call of my sorcery.
RAMUH: I sensed that {TERRA} was in trouble.
My magic...summoned her here.
『{ティナ}も幻獣…? "{Tina}'s a Genjuu too...?" {TERRA}' Esper?
Ramuh: No, she differs from us in some ways... RAMUH: No, she's actually quite different.
"{Tina} looks like she's suffering."
Ramuh: She's begun to harbor an
 uneasiness over her own existence.
 That is also why she's suffering.
{TERRA} looks like she's in pain.
RAMUH: Her very existence strikes fear into her own heart.
"What can we do to help {Tina}?" How can we help her?
Ramuh: Once she clearly understands what
 she really is, her unease should vanish.
RAMUH: When she accepts this aspect of herself, I think she'll be all right.
"How can we...?"
Ramuh: One of my colleagues held in
 Gastra's Sorcery Research Laboratory
 might be able to save {Tina}.
We have to do something!
RAMUH: Then free those of my kind imprisoned in Gestahl's Magitek Research Facility. One of them can surely help her.

Line chosen based on the first of these who is in the current party: Lock, Edgar, Celes, Mash, Cayenne, Shadow, Gau.

"If we go to the Sorcery Research Laboratory
 your colleague will be there?"
If we find the Magitek Research Facility, you're sure we'll find your people?
{Celes}: What? The Sorcery Research Laboratory?
 Your colleague is there?
{CELES}: The Magitek Research Facility...?
Your people are still there?!
 アンタ 仲間イル?
{Gau}: Sorcery Research Laboratory...?
 You have colleague there?
{GAU}: Magitek Research Facility...?
There...your people?

If Celes is in the current party but did not just speak, she follows whoever did.

{Celes}: The Sorcery Research Laboratory...
{CELES}: Magitek Research Facility...
Your people are...
Ramuh: I abandoned my colleagues
 and fled alone, living here in hiding.
 But that, too, ends now.
RAMUH: Like a coward, I escaped leaving the others there.
It'll be the end of them...
『どう言う事だ? "What do you mean?" What do you mean?
Ramuh: Gastra's methods are mistaken.
 Even should you forcibly extract the power
 from a Genjuu, that sorcerous power will
 not be complete.
It is when a Genjuu turns to magicite that
the power of sorcery is fully realized.
RAMUH: Gestahl's methods are incorrect. You can't drain a live Esper of all its power.
It is only when we are reduced to Magicite that our abilities can be transferred in total...

The music fades out.

Ramuh: I shall become magicite and
 assist you personally.
Ramuh: The raw power that a Genjuu leaves
 behind in this world upon dying is magicite...
RAMUH: When we transform into Magicite, our power can be relocated.
RAMUH: That's what's left of us when we...pass away.

That's interesting to note: Magicite is crystallized power. Incidentally, that presumably ought to be a hard 'c' ('k' sound rather than 's'), combining "magic" with the "-ite" suffix that often appears in mineral names, like hematite and malachite.

Ramuh raises his staff, and three stones (magicite) slowly fall from above.

Ramuh: These are my colleagues who died
 when escaping from the Empire...
 And take my power as well...
RAMUH: These are my comrades who fell while escaping the Empire. And I will give you my power, as well...

A crackling sound and bright flash of light occur as he raises his staff. The force shoves the party away, and he is reduced to a piece of stone, like the others.

Line chosen based on the first of these who is in the current party: Lock, Edgar, Celes, Mash, Cayenne, Shadow, Gau.

"Old man...
 are you dead...?"
Old man...
Are you really gone...?
{Celes}: Ramuh...
 he's dead...
{CELES}: Ramuh...
{Cayenne}: Art thou dead? {CYAN}: He's...gone...
{Shadow}: Old man... you idiot.
 Now you're dead...?
{SHADOW}: You old fool...
Why throw it all away?
{Gau}: Ra... mu...
 he... dead?
{GAU}: R.a.m.u.h...
You leave...?
『魔石…? "Magicite...?" Magicite...?

Line chosen based on the first of these who is in the current party: Lock, Edgar, Celes, Mash, Cayenne, Shadow, Gau.

"He gave up his own life
 to help us..."
He traded his power, so that others might live...
{Celes}: He gave up his own life
 to help us...
{CELES}: He traded his power, so that others might live...

Celes again says the same thing with only a slight tweak, this time avoiding a masculine self-pronoun.

{Cayenne}: He gave up his own life
 that he might help us...
{CYAN}: He traded his power, so that others might live...
{ガウ}「ガウゥ……… {Gau}: Gauu...... {GAU}: Awoooo...!
『どうして、そこまでして… "Why would you go so far...?" Why are you doing this...?
Ramuh: The planet is bound for death
 if they make use of us as power...
 Stop them. We can't afford
 another Great Magic War...
RAMUH: We few can help save many. The War of the Magi must not be repeated...


 Got the Ramuh Magicite.

    Received the Magicite


 Got the Siren Magicite.

    Received the Magicite


 Got the Qilin Magicite.

    Received the Magicite


 Got the Cait Sith Magicite.

    Received the Magicite

All characters now have magic points and can learn spells through magicite, though the natural magic users tend to have better casting strength.

"{Tina}... wait for us.
 We'll come get you for sure."
{TERRA}...wait for us.
We'll be back!

The characters who had been left behind in Narshe appear at the entrance to the room after the party takes Ramuh's magicite.

"We're all here, then.
 What happened is..."
{Edgar}: Let's talk on the
 way back for now.
Everyone here?
I was thinking, ...
{EDGAR}: Let's talk on the way!

And so, they start to leave, talking along the way...

{Edgar}: The Empire got the power
 of sorcery from Genjuu...
{EDGAR}: The Empire's trying to drain magic from Espers...
{Mash}: Is it true?
{SABIN}: This can't be true...
{Celes}: We were kept asleep when we
 were injected with the power of sorcery,
 so I don't have any clear memories.
But I've heard such rumors.
{CELES}: I don't remember because I was asleep when they...augmented me.
But I've heard rumors to that effect.
{Cayenne}: Then we set forth
 for the Empire.
{Edgar}: It's probably best to
 split into two groups.
 We have to fortify Narshe's
 defenses, too.
{CYAN}: Then we're going in...
{EDGAR}: We'd best split into 2 groups.
We still need to beef up our defenses in Narshe.
{カイエン}「そうでござるな。 {Cayenne}: Indeed. {CYAN}: Indeed.
{Celes}: I'll go to the Empire.
 I have extensive inside information.
{Mash}: But, by yourself...
{CELES}: I'll go to the Empire. I know it well...
{SABIN}: But alone...?
{Lock}: I'm going too, in case
 you're worried.
{LOCKE}: Don't worry, I'll go with her.
{セリス}「{ロック}! {Celes}: {Lock}! {CELES}: {LOCKE}!
{Cayenne}: A few more helpers
 be needed, do they not?
{CYAN}: You need a hand?

If currently in the party, Shadow leaves now.

{Shadow}: I can't stick around
 with you any longer.
{SHADOW}: There's no need for me to remain with you.

The player now chooses which characters, if any, will accompany Celes and Lock.

{Lock}: Wait for us in Narshe.
 We'll come back from the Empire for sure.
"If you want to switch members,
 just come to Narshe..."
{LOCKE}: Please wait for us in Narshe. We'll find our way back safely.
If you wish to change group members, head for Narshe.
{Celes}: In any case.
 The Empire's on the southern continent.
 No ships go there...
 Just what are we supposed to do?
{Lock}: It's possible the aristocrats
 of Jidoor, to the south, could give
 us some ideas about that.
 They're rich, after all.
{CELES}: we gonna get there? The Empire's on the continent to the south. No boats go there...
{LOCKE}: The people of Jidoor, a town to the south, can probably help us.
{Celes}: {Lock}.
{Lock}: Hm?
{Celes}: Why go with me?
{LOCKE}: Yes?
{CELES}: Why are you coming with me?

Lock looks away as he replies.

{Lock}: Hm?
 Well, there's the arcane treasure.
 I just wanted to try taking a little
 look around the Empire.
{LOCKE}: Well...
There're bound to be treasures there.
And besides, I've always wanted an inside look at the Empire!

It's easy to miss, especially in the English version, but there's only one thing that the game refers to as 秘宝 (hihou). He's after what rumor claims can call back the spirits of the dead. On closer inspection, his intro text refers to it, too. He's not seeking treasure in general so much as that treasure.

There's now someone wandering around near the entrance of Zozo who looks like a ghost and wasn't there before.

You seem to have some magicite...
Want an explanation of Genjuu, then?
Seems you have a piece of Magicite.
Want to learn more about Espers?

You can't use Genjuu without first
selecting Genjuu under the Special
menu and equipping them.
You can use a Genjuu in combat
by pressing up in Magic to make
it appear and then pressing A.
The catch is that you can't use each
Genjuu more than once per battle.

    How to learn magic:
Those who hold Genjuu progressively
learn magic. What magic they learn
varies depending on the Genjuu.
The greater the Learning Speed is,
the more quickly they can learn.
Also, there are some that will raise
strength, magic power, and so on,
or maximum HP or MP values,
upon gaining a level.
To use an Esper it must be equipped. Choose "Skills" from the menu, then select "Espers."
During battle, select Magic, and press up on the Control Pad. Press the A Button to use the Esper.
Remember, an Esper can only be used once per battle.

        Learning Magic
Learn new spells by equipping Espers. Switch Espers to learn different sets of spells.
The higher the "Learning Speed" the faster a spell is learned.
When equipped, some Espers will raise qualities (Strength, HP, MP etc.) to their maximum limits at the next "level up."

And that's Genjuu usage in a nutshell. Each character may equip only one Genjuu at a time, and only one character at a time may equip any given Genjuu. Equipping a Genjuu allows the character to learn the spells it provides, summon it in battle, and gain any listed attribute bonus at level up.

Level-up bonuses can be earned repeatedly as long as the character continues to gain levels. However, max HP has a 9999 cap and max MP has a 999 cap. Because of the algorithms and variable sizes used, raising strength above 128 provides no additional benefit, and very high magic power may cause damage overflow for the stronger spells (particularly ○ Ultima). There is also only one Genjuu that raises agility, and only by one point per level (which means that agility over 235, which would result in extreme slowness, is normally unreachable... was this done deliberately?). Also note that if you're maxing out levels anyway, each of the 14 final party members reaches at least 9783 max HP and 989 max MP (961 in the NA version; why the difference?) at level 99 without any extra help, so the usefulness of extra HP/MP gains is minimal if you max levels, unless you insist on having straight 9s. Then again, you're pretty overpowered at level 99 anyway, so if you're interested in any actual challenge...

With things taken care of here as well as they can be for now, the party heads back south. In addition to the usual experience points and gil, most battles will now provide Magic Learning Points (魔法修得値, carelessly translated as "Magic Point(s)" in spite of that already being what the MP used to cast spells conceptually stands for), which I will abbreviate to LP as needed.

If you didn't recruit Shadow in Kohlingen before, you can do so now, but be aware that he'll leave shortly after reaching the Opera House, if not sooner.

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