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Final Fantasy VI

ジドールの町  Town of Jidoor  | | . . . . .  JIDOOR

The best place to start would seem to be the richest man in town, right? So the party goes to the mansion on the north edge of town. There's a man in a suit inside, running around frantically. He stops when he sees Celes.

ダンチョー「マリア…!? Impresario: Maria...!? IMPRESARIO: Maria!?
{セリス}「わ、私のこと? {Celes}: Y-you mean me? {CELES}: Are you talking to me?
 あー こまった…
Impresario: Sorry, mistaken identity.
 That woman looks so much like
 an actress in my troupe that...
 Ahhh, what a mess...
IMPRESARIO: mistake.
Wow, you could pass for Maria in a heartbeat! Hoo boy, now I really am in trouble...

He rushes out of the building, dropping an envelope in his haste.

『{セリス}がマリアに……? "{Celes} looks like Maria...?" {CELES} looks just like Maria...?

The party picks up the envelope.

『あの人が落としていったぞ。 "That person dropped it when he left." That PERSON dropped it off.

A man who... well... is apparently too rich to care about fashion sense... walks up to explain a little.

Master: He's the troupe leader who
 puts on plays at the Opera House.
 Everyone calls him the Impresario.
He drank himself silly thanks to
getting a letter like that...
MASTER: He's the director of the operas here. Everyone just calls him "Impresario."
He's been in a tizzy ever since that letter arrived.

Loosely. ダンチョー (DANCHOU) appears to be shortened from 劇団長 (gekidanchou, troupe leader). While not quite the same thing as an impresario, which would be more like a producer, it should be close enough. The name's more overtly on-the-nose in Japanese, though. They're basically saying, "he's the troupe leader, and everyone just calls him 'Leader'." Either way, it's clear that they know him by role and not by name.

The party reads the letter, and the music fades out...

"My Dear Maria,
 I'm coming to carry you off to be my bride.
      – The Wandering Gambler"
My Dear Maria,
I want you for my wife.
I'm coming for you...
     The Wandering Gambler
{Lock}: Who's he?
 This wandering whatever?
: You don't know?
{LOCKE}: Who's this "Wandering..."? what's-his-name?
MASTER: You born on a farm, son?

2-11 "Setzer" plays as the scene changes to show a man with long silver hair and wearing a black trench coat standing on an airship deck. The variant of airship seen in this game stays aloft with a large balloon (presumably hot air or helium) and uses propellers for movement and steering.

Right, wrong...
This man lives in a world that has nothing
to do with such things, and sails the skies in
the Blackjack, an airship with a built-in casino.
A blackjack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling free spirit...

I hadn't noticed, but since Legends of Localization brought it up, this is the only time the game itself mentions the Blackjack's name. Which also means that the English version never mentions it! I think I only remember it from a strategy guide, and just assumed it had to have been in the game all along, but nope.

I managed to dig up the instruction manual, and it's not in there, either—the section explaining the controls just says "airship", and so does Setzer's bio. The Playstation FF Anthology manual does it one worse and uses "Zeppelin" repeatedly, despite this word never appearing in the game. It's also turns out that it's an improper usage of the term, since that's a brand name, though the Blackjack certainly appears to be the same sort of vehicle as a Zeppelin.

On that note, when I looked into it, I was surprised to find that "airship" wasn't just made up for video games, but is a legitimate English word, synonymous with "dirigible", that refers to any powered and steerable lighter-than-air craft. Blimps are airships with no internal structure; they loose their shape if deflated. Rigid airships are those with an internal framework that maintains its shape even without being inflated. Zeppelins, properly speaking, refer only to the ones manufactured by Ferdinand von Zeppelin's Luftschiffbau Zeppelin company, though the term seems to have become genericized in practice.

Come to think of it, I believe this is the first Final Fantasy "airship" that's actually an airship by the standard definition of the term.

He's {Setzer}, owner of the world's
one and only airship.
That's {SETZER}, owner of the world's only airship.
{Celes}: We could cruise into the Empire
 from the sky if we had an airship.
{Lock}: Let's go meet this... {Setzer}.
{CELES}: If we could get that airship, we'd make the Empire in no time.
{LOCKE}: Let's set up a meeting...with {SETZER}...

I find it a bit odd that, if this is the only airship in the world, everyone knows exactly what the term means right away, with no explanation. It's simple enough to figure out from the kanji ('fly' + 'sky' + 'ship'), but they're supposed to be talking to each other, not writing things down... Maybe airships were once more common, or maybe it's just so famous that everyone knows about it.

And upon hearing from the townsfolk that the Opera Theater is further south, the party continues their journey.

If you like Gau or just want a side trip to learn some magic, this is your last chance for a while to go back to the Beast Plain. Head to the Returner Headquarters, through Bannan's room, and onto the raft to ride down Lethe River again, which will now always drop everyone off on the eastern side, where Mash landed. Retrace his steps, thankfully with fewer events and interruptions, to get to the Beast Plain and back. The best part comes when you take the ship to South Figaro and try to disembark there...

The town is crawling with Imperial soldiers.
I'll make sure to get you out unnoticed.
Imperial troops are milling about.
Gotta jam without being seen!

The merchant then pulls out a treasure chest, shoves the party inside, and takes it to the edge of town before opening it up again.

気をつけてな。 Be careful. Use caution.

The music during this scene is, of course, "??".

オペラ劇場  Opera Theater  | | . . . . .  OPERA HOUSE

"Spinach Rag" plays in the theater. The Impresario stands just inside.

ダンチョー「あ!この間の。 Impresario: Oh! I saw you earlier. IMPRESARIO: Ah! You again!
{Lock}: We read the letter.
 {Setzer} says he'll come carry her off?
Impresario: He'll probably come when
 the drama has risen to its climax.
 {Setzer} so loves being showy.
{LOCKE}: I read that letter.
{SETZER}'s coming to steal her...
IMPRESARIO: He'll probably appear right at the climax of Scene 1. He loves an entrance...
{Lock}: Okay!
 If we come out and catch him then...
{LOCKE}: Right!
If we could only grab him then...!
Impresario: Don't!
 If you ruin the play I'll be
 axed from the theater.
You'll ruin the performance!
I'll lose my job!

クビにされる (KUBI ni sareru) literally means "be beheaded", but much like "getting axed" more often just means losing one's job.

{Celes}: Then you're just giving up!?
Impresario: That's why I'm torn!
 I want to have the play succeed, and yet
 I don't want Maria kidnapped... urgh...
{CELES}: Then you're history!
IMPRESARIO: This is simply horrid! I want the performance to be a success!
But I don't want Maria to be abducted...!
{ロック}「さらわせればいい。 {Lock}: Just let her get carried off. {LOCKE}: We'll let him grab her...

Lock continues, possibly making this up as he goes along.

{Lock}: A decoy!
 We let the actress get taken on purpose,
 then follow {Setzer}. We'll seize control
 of the airship if the chance arises.
{LOCKE}: We'll use {CELES} as a decoy. After she's abducted, I'll follow 'em right to his airship!
Impresario: No! No!
 If something were to happen to Maria...
IMPRESARIO: Are you mad?!!
If something should happen to Maria...

He starts leaving, but Lock cuts him off.

{Lock}: That's what the decoy's for.
 Have Maria-san stay hidden
 somewhere safe...
Impresario: Huh?
{LOCKE}: That's why the decoy! We'll hide Maria somewhere safe!
IMPRESARIO: Come again?
{Lock}: She looks like her, right?
 Like Maria?
{LOCKE}: You said SHE looks like Maria, right?
{セリス}「へ? ……私? {Celes}: Huh? {CELES}: Now just a minute...
{Lock}: We deliberately let him carry
 off {Celes}, disguised as Maria,
 and he'll lead us to the airship.
{LOCKE}: {CELES} will be our Maria! She'll lead us to the airship!
ダンチョー「名案だ! Impresario: Great idea! IMPRESARIO: Brilliant!

I swear this guy has mood swings.

Celes suddenly starts running around wildly.

{セリス}「そ そんな!
{Celes}: I c-couldn't!
 I'm a former Imperial general.
 I couldn't possibly take part
 in something so frivolous!
{CELES}: W...wait!
I'm a GENERAL, not some opera floozy!

And maybe if she'd cut back on the overreaction, we'd believe her. She's positively giddy with excitement.

Celes shoves Lock out of the way and races for the next room so eagerly that she runs into the door. Oops. She gets up and this time opens the door before going through and closing it behind her. Lock gets up and walks over to listen in.

 あー あー  ラララー らー
     あ  うん

   マ ァ  リィ  アーー

 A— a—  la la la— la—
     Ah  yes

   Ma a  rii  a——
Mii... Mii...
Do, re, mi...
Faa...hack, cough...

Maa... rii aaaa

Lock laughs.

{Lock}: She's pretty motivated,
 that {Celes}.
{LOCKE}: Not bad, {CELES}!

A familiar purple octopus (now there's a phrase you don't hear every day) comes out from behind a curtain not far away.

Orthros: Fssh ssh ssh.
 I'll pretend to be {Setzer}, too, and
 send them a letter of challenge.
ULTROS: Mwa, ha, ha!
I'll pretend to be {SETZER} and foil their little plan!

Orthros tosses a letter towards the party. It lands behind them.

{Lock}: Hurry up and get ready!
 We'll turn {Celes} into a diva!
{LOCKE}: Let's get ready!
{CELES}, it's show time!

Everyone heads into the room with Celes, except Orthros. They still haven't noticed the letter.

 Aren't you gonna read it!?
ULTROS: D'haaaaa!
Come on! Read it...!

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