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Final Fantasy VI

Cave West of Thamasa  | | |

The cave entrance does not exist until this point in the game, preventing you from entering before the game is ready for it.

Most monsters in the area are tougher physical specialists with a relative weakness to magic.

Don't miss the Heal Rod here. It's useless for attacking enemies, since it heals the target of its attack, even if undead, but it's a free way to recover HP, and an interesting novelty at the very least. There's also another purpose it can serve later on.

Let a Poison Bennu survive a few rounds with at least two enemies alive to see White Wind, a useful healing skill for Stragus to learn.

After some spelunking, and glimpses of what appears to be a certain young girl following them, the party finds a chamber with three golden statues prominently displayed. Stragus is astonished to see them.

{Stragus}: Th-these are...
 statues of the Three Warring Gods!?
{Tina}: Three Warring Gods?
{STRAGO}: I can't believe it...
The Statues...!
{TERRA}: "The" Statues?!

Lock takes a closer look.

{Lock}: There's writing finely carved
 into the surfaces of the statues.
{LOCKE}: Some faint letters are carved on the back of the stone figures...
{Lock}: So, old man, what are these
 Three Warring Gods?
{LOCKE}: Say, old man, what else can you tell us about these goddesses?

Relm wanders in as they're talking, then notices them and rushes back to crouch in the doorway.

{Stragus}: The Three Warring Gods are the
 legendary gods who long ago gave birth
 to the power of magic in this world.
{Lock}: So, the gods of magic, then?
{Stragus}: That's a fair way to put it.
{STRAGO}: They quite literally created magic, as we know it.
{LOCKE}: So, they're the goddesses of magic, then?
{STRAGO}: You could say that.
{Tina}: I sense incredible magical power.
{Stragus}: The Three Warring Gods are the
 gods of magic, which is also to say that
 they are the creators of the Genjuu.
 There are legends that the Genjuu made statues
 of the Three Warring Gods and enshrined them
 in a holy land. This is surely that place.
{TERRA}: I can feel their power...
{STRAGO}: The Statues are the source of all magic.
It's said the Espers made these images, and put them in a very special place.
These represent power beyond all comprehension...
{Tina}: The Genjuu must have been
 drawn to this island by the magical
 power of these statues.
{TERRA}: Our Espers no doubt came to this island to bask in all this magical power!
{Lock}: By the way, old man.
 What became of those Three Warring Gods
 after they gave birth to the Genjuu?
{Stragus}: Weary of battle, the Three Warring
 Gods turned their own bodies to stone
 and entered an eternal slumber.
 Their location is told in legend to be
 beyond the Mystic Barricade.
{LOCKE}: Say, old timer,
what happened to the stone goddesses?
{STRAGO}: Legend has it that they're hidden somewhere beyond the reach of humans.
I'd say they're beyond the sealed gate...
{Tina}: Could it be the magical power of the Three
 Warring Gods that makes the Mystic Barricade
 the only point of contact with the Genjuu World?
{TERRA}: I wonder if the barrier that protects that place is generated by those stone goddesses?
{Lock}: Makes sense.
{Tina}: If the Genjuu were drawn by the magical
 power of the statues, then they're in there...?
{LOCKE}: Phew...what a story.
{TERRA}: If the Espers were attracted here by these statues, they must be around here somewhere!

The screen pans briefly to the far exit.

{ロック}「行ってみよう。 {Lock}: Let's try going. {LOCKE}: I think it's worth a look.

Each of these statues has an inscription.

The style here is rather more archaic and ceremonial than normal text. I'm not attempting to imitate that, at least for now.

The dawn of sorcery...
Three gods who descended from the
heavens began a war in fear of each other.
Those caught in the fighting transformed
into Genjuu and became minions to
the gods, who battled at great length.
The birth of magic...
3 goddesses were banished here. In time they began quarreling, which led to all-out war.
Those unlucky humans who got in the way were transformed into Espers, and used as living war machines...
Realizing the folly of their own
immense power which brought forth war,
the gods sealed themselves away by causing
their powers to neutralize each other.
Then, with the last of their strength, they granted
minds to the Genjuu and turned themselves to stone.
The gods left these final words to the Genjuu:
"Seal us away for all eternity."
The goddesses finally realized that they were being laughed at by those who had banished them here.
In a rare moment of mutual clarity, they agreed to seal themselves away from the world.
With their last ounce of energy they gave the Espers back their own free will, and then transformed themselves...
...into stone.
Their only request was that the Espers keep them sealed away for all eternity.
We build these statues in reverence of the
gods in their eternal slumber, and with the hope
that their power will never be used again.
We enshrine these here on earth as an
admonition to future generations of the gods
that once descended from the heavens.
The Espers created these statues as a symbol of their vow to let the goddesses sleep in peace.
The Espers have sworn to keep the goddesses' power from being abused.

Let's see... there's nothing about a banishment or anyone laughing at them, the bit about their powers neutralizing each other is lost, and of course anything that smacks of worship is censored. Though not as evident here, there's also the issue that the NA version has a tendency to confuse the distinction between these statues, made to represent the gods, and the gods themselves, which rest elsewhere and possess quite a bit more power. Since both sets are referred to as "statues" this confusion is understandable to an extent, but the difference matters.

The NA verison also has an unfortunate tendency to call them "the goddesses" when not calling them "the Statues". I believe a more recent remake uses the name "Warring Triad" instead, an accurate, concise phrase that also has a nice poetic sort of sound to it.

The party tries to move on, but a familiar eight-legged purple character drops in, landing on them and taking a few extra spiteful hops on Lock before going to look at the statues.

Orthros: Heh heh heh, these glittering
 gold statues are all mine!
 Now I'll be worthy of showing
 my face to Siegfried!
ULTROS: G'heh, heh...these shiny statues are all mine!
These'll get Ziegfried's attention!
 ひかってる。すん ばらしい~。
Orthros: Ohhh, they're glowing,
 glowing. So wooonderful!
They're glowing!!
 三度目の正直 だよ~ん。
{Lock}: Dammit, Orthros!
 Three times? Wasn't twice enough!?
Orthros: Oh, but this is all about
 "third time's a charm"!
{LOCKE}: Hey, squidball!
Don't you ever learn?
ULTROS: Uh, well they always said I was a slow learner...
but I eat FAST!!

Hey, another battle with seafood.

また出ちゃった しつこい?
I'm back again. Stubborn?
Well, I am an octopus after all.
I was just thinking about you!
I've more lives than I do arms!

He has relatively low physical defense and the usual weaknesses to Flame and Thunder, so use the corresponding swords and rods for plenty of damage. He also has 'levitate' status in this battle for whatever reason, so Lock's Hawkeye can be very effective as well. Finally, Orthros is vulnerable to 'slow' and 'stop' status, so that can work to your advantage.

Actually, 'stop' can work a little too well, with the potential to lock out the counterattack scripts that trigger the upcoming events. The new character still joins after the battle regardless, though.

Orthros will gradually advance toward the party, then use Magnitude 8 (67%) or Aqua Breath (33%) after advancing eight times. A few shots of magic, or a larger number of normal attacks, will make him back off a step, but be wary of casting too many spells:

Orthros's nature changed!
Beware of prime trait attacks!!
Ultros's form has changed!
Beware his tri-elemental attack!

As noted way back in the Beginner's House, the prime traits are Flame, Ice, and Thunder. Attacking with any of these after this point will provoke a counterattack of the matching trait, either ○ Figa, ○ Blizzaga, or ○ Thundaga. Stick to weapon attacks to avoid that, or try throwing a few Reflect Rings into the mix...

After taking 6,640 damage, Orthros casts ◎ Haste and ◎ Protect on himself with the following line:

ごめんね ごめんね
You didn't just think
I'm a damn annoying octopus, did you?
Sorry, sorry.
Hope I'm not making a nuisance
of myself! So sorry!

After another 5,120 damage, Relm finally gets sick of lurking and decides to jump into combat. "Relm" plays for the rest of the battle.

I'm here...!
I'm here......!
Didn't I tell you to stay home!?
I told you to stay at home!
Anything goes for an artist.
The great {Relm} makes her debut!
I couldn't miss the chance to
practice my drawing!
「ねえねえ、あんただあれ? Hey, hey, who're you? Say, sweetie, who are you?
Who am I? How rude to say
such a thing to the great Orthros!!
How dare you!
I'm Ultros!!
The great {Relm} and the great Orthros.
Is it just me, or are things making
less and less sense...?
{RELM} and Ultros......
What ARE you doing......?
Hey, hey, Or-chan,
want me to draw your portrait?
Listen, Ulty......
Why don't you pose for me?
O-Or-chan! How rude to say
such a thing to the great Orthros!!
I don't need no stinking portrait!
I'm not one of your kiddy
friends! Don't talk to me as if
I were!!
I don't want a portrait!
Fiiiine, fiiiine,
I won't do it...
I'm not gonna draw you.
Forget it!
I don't wanna draw it
No biggie...
I'm just gonna...
jump off over here.
It's okay......
I'll just jump down from
You can't do that!!!
You can't do that!!!
「ひそひそ…… (whispering)... Whisper, whisper......
What do you think you're doing?
Picking on such a small child!
I'm blaming you if anything happens!!
How dare you bother that
little girl!
I'm not going to forgive
you if you hurt her!!
Th-that's not...
Then what am I supposed to do?
Well, whadduya want I should
Have her draw you.
Maybe you even could get her
to make you look good.
Ask her to draw your
portrait. She may actually
make you look pleasant!
You, you hateful little...
Don't be so heartless!
gonna have you
draw his portrait!
Oh, all right, Uncle Ulty REALLY
wants you to do his portrait!!!
Just leave it to my super skills!
Hee, hee, hee...
You're gonna love it!
Anyhow, get over here!
At any rate, come here!

Relm joins the party mid-battle to fill in the empty position. She can Sketch enemies to use their attacks against them (refer to her character entry for details). Successfully using it against Orthros will end the battle immediately (though you can also finish him off normally).

まるっきり タコじゃん!
Nuh-uh... it's just like...
just like I'm a total octopus!
How can this be?
I...I'm nothing more than a
stupid octopus!

Steal for a White Cape (common). No rare steal or dropped items.

{リルム}「ね? 見てくれた?
{Relm}: Well? Did you see that?
 I can fight just fine, too.
 Aren't I more useful than the old geezer?
{Stragus}: O-old geezer!?
{RELM}: Hey! Did you see me? I was awesome!
Wouldn't I be more helpful than Gramps?
{Tina}: Would it hurt to take
 her along?
{TERRA}: I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have you along...
{Stragus}: Fine, fine.
 I don't have much choice.
{Relm}: Oh, yeah!
{STRAGO}: All right all ready!
If you insist...
{RELM}: That's better!

Relm remains in the party, giving you a full four members again.

Sadly, Relm's Sketch ability is largely useless given that it uses the opponent's (typically pathetically low) stats, and that many opponents favor attacks that don't affect them anyway (trying to burn fire-based enemies, for example). It helps on occasion if you know there's something available that doesn't care about stats, or that you can teach Stragus. Generally, however, she's more useful for her unusually high magic power, so get her some offensive spells as soon as possible.

Also, remember that Memento Ring hidden in their house? Relm can use it... but she already has one equipped, so that other one still seems kind of pointless.

The next room has weak floors that wouldn't collapse without Relm in the party, so now further exploration is possible. Look around for an X-Potion as well as a Chocobo Suit and Sleepy Cat Suit, peculiar armor that only Stragus and Relm can use. Deeper in the cave is an occupied chamber. When the party approaches, the music stops, and "Another World of Beasts" fades in.

{リルム}「これが……幻獣……!? {Relm}: This is... a Genjuu...!? {RELM}: Are these...Espers?!

The Genjuu does something aggressive. Relm jumps back, and Stragus moves to defend her. As more Genjuu approach, the others start to look worried, too.

{ストラゴス}「なんじゃ、こいつら! {Stragus}: What's the matter with them!? {STRAGO}: What about you?
{Tina}: So many Genjuu...
{Lock}: Old man, take {Relm} and run.
{TERRA}: I didn't think they'd look so...
{LOCKE}: Gramps, take {RELM} and clear outta here!

Stragus nods and gets Relm, who also nods a few times before leaving with him. However, they return almost immediately, Relm waving her arms wildly, as several more Genjuu approach from that direction. Tina takes up a defensive position behind them, Lock covers the front, and Stragus guards Relm's exposed flank. Not encouraged by the way things are going, Tina and Stragus began chanting as Lock braces for an attack. However...

ユラ「待て! Yura: Wait! YURA: Halt!

The other Genjuu part to make way as a more distinctive one approaches. Tina steps forward to face him, and some odd sounds are heard.

{Relm}: What?
{Stragus}: I sense strong magical
 power... in {Tina}.
 Or... should I say sorcerous power...?
{RELM}: What is it?
{STRAGO}: I sense some immense magical power in {TERRA}... It...frightens me...

Flashes of light and more sounds.

{Lock}: Is she going to go out
 of control again, like before?
{LOCKE}: I wonder if she's gonna go ballistic again?!

More sound and lights, but this time the screen fades out, then fades in to show the two groups facing each other in a more organized fashion.

Yura: You're... a bit different...
 I sense a power like ours.
{Tina}: Yes.
YURA: You're somehow different...
I sense a familiar power radiating from you...
{TERRA}: Yes.
{Stragus}: So you're the youngsters
 from the Genjuu World?
Yura: The Genjuu World has a law that
 forbids us from coming to this world.
But we young ones assembled by the gate to
rescue our kindred who were turned to magicite.
And just then, {Tina}...
{STRAGO}: You're the Espers that fled through the sealed gate?
YURA: As a rule, we are not allowed to visit to your world.
We few had gathered near the gate, and were wondering how we could save the Espers that had been kidnapped.
It was just a coincidence that {TERRA} appeared when she did...
{Tina}: I sensed you, too.
 Your feelings, from inside the gate.
Yura: We were able to get out when
 {Tina} opened the gate for us.
No sooner had we entered this world,
though, but we lost control of our own
{TERRA}: I felt...
your presence...
through the gate.
YURA: We bolted the moment {TERRA} opened the gate.
But once in your world, we lost control of our powers.
Yura: Because of that, we destroyed
 a city, reducing it to a shambles,
 and even innocent people...
YURA: We completely leveled a city...and took some innocent lives...
{Tina}: Just like me...
 I couldn't control the power I
 suddenly gained...
{TERRA}: That's what happened to me! I lost all control of my power...
{Stragus}: Most likely, the other world has
 properties such that Genjuu power
 is suppressed to a certain degree.
 Because it was suddenly unleashed...
{STRAGO}: There must be something in your world that allows you to focus your power differently.
You must use caution while in our world...
Yura: Some among us lost mental stability
 and even caused harm to people...
 this was truly inexcusable.
YURA: We are deeply sorry to have caused you humans such suffering and pain.
 どうだ? 俺達と来ては。
{Lock}: The Empire hopes to come to
 a settlement with the Genjuu, as well.
 How about it? Come with us.
Yura: ...they would forgive us?
{LOCKE}: The past is history. The Empire seems to want to talk peace with you. Why not come with us?
YURA: They would forgive us so easily?
{Lock}: Let's head for the village of Thamasa
 and meet up with General Leo and the others.
{Tina}: Right.
{LOCKE}: Let's go to Thamasa and talk with General Leo.
{TERRA}: Right!

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