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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy VI

アルブルグの町  Town of Alburg  | |  ALBROOK

Head to the port...

...where a brief scene would occur when trying to bring Gau onto the ship, except that he can't possibly be in the party. Maybe it's meant as a failsafe in case you left him on the Beast Plain earlier and went back for him, but you can't get there right now anyway. If you hack Gau into the party, the scene works perfectly well, though. He drops back, scratches his head, and runs off without a word.

{Tina}: {Gau}... 
{Lock}: Must not be good with boats.
 Oh well, let's go with just us two.
{TERRA}: ...
Where's {GAU}...?
{LOCKE}: He hates ships.
We must...leave him behind!

The fact that it's Lock who suggests that Gau doesn't deal well with boats turns out to be ironic...

General Leo waits on the ship, talking with a generic soldier.

Leo: I've been waiting.
 Traveling with me are another Imperial
 general and a man we hired in town.
LEO: There you are. Another of the Empire's generals, and a person I hired in town will be traveling with us.

That seems a bit odd, frankly. Doesn't the Empire have a standing army? Why would they need to hire anyone, let alone some guy they ran into in town?

Two humans and a dog, all familiar, walk onto the ship.

If you've avoided Shadow at every turn and thus not yet named him, "Shadow" plays, and you're finally forced into it.

I'm a man who abandoned his name...
People call me...
I've forsaken the world.
Some people call me...

Insert intro and naming screen.

Leo: Let me introduce you.
 General {Celes} and {Shadow}.
LEO: Let me introduce...
General {CELES}...and {SHADOW}.

Celes nods. Lock looks shocked.

Leo: Is something wrong?
{Lock}: No...
LEO: Is something wrong?
{LOCKE}: No...
Leo: So, we're departing tomorrow.
 I've arranged lodging for you all.
LEO: Our departure isn't till tomorrow. I've arranged some lodging for you.
レオ「今日はゆっくり休んでくれ。 Leo: Take your time and rest today. LEO: Please, get some rest.

Leo returns to his conversation. Tina walks over to Celes.

{Tina}: {Celes}...
{Celes}: ......
{CELES}: ......

Lock approaches. Celes won't look straight at him, and runs away after a brief moment.

{ロック}「{セリス}…… {Lock}: {Celes}... {LOCKE}: {CELES}...

Leo just repeats his last line if spoken to at this point, but at least Shadow says something.

{Shadow}: I'm in the employ
 of the Empire now.
 ...but even so, don't worry.
 I wasn't hired to kill you.
{SHADOW}: I'm working for the Empire. But don't worry...
I'm not going to garrote you!

Head to the inn to continue.

We have received word from General Leo.
Go right ahead...
General Leo told us about you. By all means...

Lock wakes up and wanders outside in the middle of the night. He soon runs into Celes, who flatly snubs him. 1-22 "Celes" plays, a poignant variation on her big opera solo.

{ロック}「{セリス}… {Lock}: {Celes}... {LOCKE}: {CELES}...

She just looks the other way.

{Lock}: Why...
 why won't you say anything to me?
{LOCKE}: Come on...!
Why won't you speak to me?
{Lock}: Just a little...
 I did doubt you...
 but we're still on the same side...
{LOCKE}: Even if it was only a little...
I doubted you...
But I'm still your friend...

She takes a few steps away...

{ロック}「{セリス}! {Lock}: {Celes}! {LOCKE}: {CELES}!

...then squeezes her eyes shut as though blinking back tears, before breaking into a run. Lock looks downcast.

On a Boat  | | |

Shadow has a line set up for him to use when standing with Interceptor on the dock below the ship, but I've never actually gotten them to appear there. The necessary event flag never seems to be set anywhere. From the line, I'd guess they were meant to be there at this point, after resting and before leaving.

{Shadow}: I've got to let him stretch
 his wings before we get on the ship.
{SHADOW}: You kids stay out of trouble now, you hear?

Talk to Leo in the morning to set out.

レオ「さあ、行くぞ。 Leo: Now, let's go. LEO: Right...let's go.

The ship departs without further incident.

兵士「機関、動力とも異常ありません。 Soldier: No engine or motive problems. SOLDIER: All systems A-O-K.
Leo: I expect to arrive tomorrow morning.
 You can rest until then.
LEO: We should arrive tomorrow morning. Why not rest until then?

Tina and Lock nod, then leave, presumably to head below deck. That night finds Tina on deck with Leo nearby, so she tries talking to him. "Awakening" plays.

レオ「ねつけないのか? Leo: Can't fall asleep? LEO: You all right?

She nods. He takes a few steps away, then looks at her over his shoulder.

レオ「感情がもどったそうだな… Leo: I hear your emotions have returned... LEO: Looks like you're feeling better...

She takes a few steps, looks thoughtful, then turns toward him.

{Tina}:'s funny.
 I was used by the Empire, and
 even my thoughts were controlled,
 but now here I am, working together
 with people from the Empire again.
{TERRA}: Funny, isn't it...
I was used by the Empire...
even had my thoughts ripped from me...
But here I am cooperating with the "enemy"...
Leo: In the Empire or not, we're still
 human. We aren't all like Cefca.
LEO: People are people.
Not all of us are like Kefka.
{ティナ}「あなたは………どうなの? {Tina}: What about... you? {TERRA}: What...
what's with you?
Leo: I knew that you were a Genjuu
 hybrid who was being abused as
 a sorcery guinea pig...
 I'm just as guilty as Cefca for
 not being able to stop it...
LEO: I knew you were being used as a kind of biological weapon...
And because I didn't do anything about it, I'm no different than Kefka...
{Tina}: If it's possible for a Genjuu
 and a human to love each other...
 as their child, can I and a human...
 love each other?
{TERRA}: I'm the product of a human and an Esper...
Will I ever be able to love someone?
レオ「もちろんだとも。 Leo: But of course. LEO: Of course!
{Tina}: But...
 I don't know what love is yet.
{TERRA}: But...
I haven't felt that way yet...
Leo: You're still young.'ll understand eventually.
 I'm sure of it...
LEO: You're just young.
...but I understand what you mean. I understand only too well...

Leo walks off. Tina looks upset.

{Tina}: But...
 I want to know now...
{TERRA}: But...
I want to know what love is...

A noise, presumably a deliberate one, signals someone else's approach.

{ティナ}「誰……? {Tina}: Who's there...? {TERRA}: Who is it?
{Shadow}: Thought I'd go to sleep
 watching the stars.
{SHADOW}: Thought I'd sleep out under the stars.
{Tina}: Did you...
 hear what we were talking about?
{TERRA}: Did you hear...
...what we were just talking about?
{シャドウ}「聞くつもりはなかった。 {Shadow}: I didn't mean to listen in. {SHADOW}: I didn't mean to overhear anything.
{ティナ}「あの…… {Tina}: Um... {TERRA}: Umm...
{Shadow}: I can't teach you anything.
 You need to find your own answers.
{SHADOW}: I can't help you.
You must look within for answers.

Tina starts to leave.

{シャドウ}「{ティナ}。 {Shadow}: {Tina}. {SHADOW}: {TERRA}.
{Shadow}: Some in this world try
 to throw away their own emotions
 and live life that way.
 Don't forget that.
{SHADOW}: In this world are many like me who've killed their emotions. Don't forget that.

Tina exits. "??" starts as a very seasick Lock lurches into the scene.

{ロック}「う う う…… {Lock}: Uuuuurk... {LOCKE}: Urgh... Uooh... Argh...
{ロック}「ぐ ぐるぢひ~ {Lock}: F-feeling lousy... {LOCKE}: Ooh... Ohhhhhhh...

He abruptly rushes to the railing and vomits overboard.

{ロック}「げろげろ~ {Lock}: *puke* {LOCKE}: I think I'm gonna...

Shadow just walks away.

{Lock}: What a joke...
 Some world's greatest treasure
 hunter I am...
{LOCKE}: Not a word of this to anyone else, o shrouded one...

Lock's not feeling any better, though.

{ロック}「げろげろ~ {Lock}: *puke* {LOCKE}: I think I'm gonna...

With the post-drama comic relief taken care of, morning comes, with everyone gathered on deck, though Tina can only reach some of them for conversation.

It's rumored that on Greater Triangle Island
the lost power of magic remains even now,
though only faintly.
Rumor has it that the power of magic still exists on Crescent Island.
Leo: We're nearly to Greater Triangle Island.
 We'll split into two groups upon making land.
 {Celes} and I are teaming up, so
 you go with {Lock} and {Shadow}.
 Report at once if you're able to
 find any signs of the Genjuu.
LEO: We're almost at Crescent Island. When we disembark, we'll split into two groups.
{CELES} and I will form one group. {TERRA}, you go with {LOCKE} and {SHADOW}.
If you spot the Espers, report at once!
Leo: {Tina}, we can continue yesterday's
 conversation when we meet again...
LEO: {TERRA}, we'll continue yesterday's conversation later...
{ロック}「俺達もいくか。 {Lock}: Guess we'd better head out too. {LOCKE}: Let's go.
{ロック}「{シャドウ}! {Lock}: {Shadow}! {LOCKE}: {SHADOW}!
{セリス}「あ、{ロック}… {Celes}: Ah, {Lock}... {CELES}: Hey...{LOCKE}...
{セリス}「あの、わたし…… {Celes}: Um, I... {CELES}: Um, I...

Lock barely glances at her before turning away.

{ロック}「いくぞ。 {Lock}: Let's go. {LOCKE}: Come on.

Celes looks crushed. Tina hesitates, apparently sympathetic, but hurries to leave before she's left behind.

サマサの村  Village of Thamasa  | | |  THAMASA

Hopefully you looted everything you wanted from the local monsters earlier, when your party could be larger and more flexible. Regardless, Shadow's earlier lack of availability ensures he'll be short on magic, though throwing pointy things always works out well for damage, so he doesn't have much need for offensive spells. Consider giving him some time with Seraphim and Zone Seeker to round out his options.

Thamasa has its own music, 2-18 "Strago", but isn't particularly welcoming. The people seem wary of outsiders, as previously noted, though they're a bit more cooperative now that this is an official visit, and the merchants are willing to do business now, too. However, the leadership remains unhelpful.

 魔法…? なんですかなそれは?
Village Chief: Make yourselves at home.
 Magic...? And what would that be?
MAYOR: Welcome, welcome!
Magic...? What is this "magic"?

Remote village or not, it seems odd that they wouldn't have at least heard of magic. Maybe random villagers will prove more informative.

幻獣? 何だ、それは?
Genjuu? What's that?
If it's a creature, try asking the old man who
lives in the house on the edge of the village.
Espers? What in blazes are they? If they're animals, talk to the old guy that lives on the edge of town.
Old man {Stragus}, on the edge of the
village, may not look like much, but he
used to be an amazing hunter.
Old man {STRAGO} looks like he's on his last legs, but he used to be a powerful warrior.

Let's pay this Stragus a visit. He's an old man with a red cloak, green and yellow robes, and a distinctive white mohawk.

わしになんの用ゾイ? What did you want of me? Whatcha want with me?

Stragus has a tendency to end sentences with ゾイ (ZOI), a quirky variant of the assertive ぞ (zo) particle.

He has spent a lifetime
pursuing the mysteries of monsters.
An old man with pure dreams...
An elderly gentleman, pure of heart, and learned in the ways of monsters...
{ストラゴス}「幻獣? 幻獣… んー
{Stragus}: Genjuu? Genjuu... hmm...
 I've not heard that word in a long time.
{Lock}: You know about them?
{STRAGO}: Espers?
Not really familiar with that word.
{LOCKE}: But you've heard it before?

Stragus looks startled, but quickly recovers and denies everything.

 知らん 知らん…
 わしゃ な~んも 知らんゾイ。
{Stragus}: No, I don't.
 Don't know, don't know...
 Really. Don't know. A thing.
{STRAGO}: Nope, uhn uhn...
Can't say I have.
Honestly can't say I have!

They drop back to discuss, with Interceptor forming the fourth side of their huddle.

『あやしい…… "Suspicious..." That's odd...

They're interrupted when 1-19 "Relm" starts playing, coupled with the sound of a door opening.

おじーちゃーん!! Graaaampaaaa!! Grandpa!

An excitable brown-haired girl, dressed in a red hat and cape and a green and yellow outfit in a style similar to Stragus, pushes past him and scrutinizes the visitors.

{ストラゴス}「あた、あた、あた {Stragus}: Hey, hey, hey! {STRAGO}: Hey...HEY!
{Stragus}: Good grief...
 what are you up to?
{STRAGO}: What in blazes...
What're you doing?
Her paintbrush expresses
all things on canvas...
woods, water, light,
and even human hearts.
In her pictures she captures everything:
forests, water, light...
the very essence of life...
 誰、そこの人? 新しいお客さん?
{ストラゴス}「あわわっ こら!
{Relm}: Grampa.
 Who're these people? New guests?
 Are they magic users too?
{Stragus}: Ack, cut it out!
{RELM}: Grandpa.
Who are these people? Friends? Can they use magic, too?
{STRAGO}: Yaa! Hush!

Poor Stragus. He only manages to get out a generic flustered あわわ (awawa) followed by the generic reprimand こら (kora).

As Stragus continues to panic, Relm takes a sudden interest in Interceptor.

{リルム}「まあ かわいい犬。
{Relm}: Ooh, what a cute dog.
{Shadow}: Don't.
 You'll get bitten.
{RELM}: What a cute doggy!
{SHADOW}: Get away.
He bites.
{Stragus}: Go back upstairs.
{Relm}: How come!?
 You stubborn old geezer!!
{STRAGO}: Go to your room!
{RELM}: I will not!
What a fussy old man!
{Stragus}: Just go, already!
{Relm}: Fiiiine.
{STRAGO}: Please...leave us!
{RELM}: Well...all right...

Relm heads back upstairs, with Interceptor tagging along.

{Stragus}: Oh, dear me, your dog... {STRAGO}: Hoo boy...
Seems to like your dog...

Relm comes back to the door long enough to taunt him...

{リルム}「イ~ッだ!! {Relm}: Nyaaaah!! {RELM}: What a sweet puppy!

...and shut it behind her. "Strago" resumes playing.

{ストラゴス}「まったく、もう… {Stragus}: Oh, dear me... {STRAGO}: This is terrible...
{Stragus}: Sorry about that.
{Shadow}: I don't mind.
 My dog just never likes anyone...
{STRAGO}: Sorry.
{SHADOW}: No problem.
The dog usually doesn't like people, though...
{Stragus}: Terribly sorry,
 but I'm sure I can't help you.
{Lock}: R-really...
{STRAGO}: Please excuse her.
She's just young.
{LOCKE}: Hmmm...
{Stragus}: This is nothing more than
 a run-of-the-mill country village.
 We have aaaabsolutely nothing
 to do with such things as Genjuu.
{STRAGO}: This is just a back-water village. We can tell you nothing about your Espers...

Lock confers with the others in an aside.

{Lock}: Hmm.
 Something's up with this village...
{Tina}: Let's look around a bit.
{LOCKE}: I see...
There's something wrong here...
{TERRA}: Let's have a look around.
{Lock}: We'll be off, then...
{Stragus}: Sorry I couldn't be of any help.
{LOCKE}: Thanks for your time!
{STRAGO}: Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful!
{Shadow}: Interceptor!
 We're leaving!
{SHADOW}: Interceptor!

Relm comes back down with Interceptor, who seems oddly fond of her.

{リルム}「バイバイ {Relm}: Bye-bye. {RELM}: Oh, all right...

Explore, if you like, to see some suspicious activities around the edges of town. Let's start with the boy setting bushes on fire.

『ん? 何の声だ? "Hm? Do I hear someone?" Uh?! What was that?
ファイア!! Fire!! FIRE!!
ファイア!! Fire!! FIRE!!

He runs off once he realizes he's been spotted, though.

んが!? やべえ! Ngah!? Oh, crap! N'ga! Oh no!

Elsewhere are a mother and her young child.

『ん? 何の声だ? "Hm? Do I hear someone?" Uh?! What was that?
ママー、いたいよー Mommy, it hurts! hurts...
はいはい。ケア… Fine, fine. Cur... Oh all right. Cure...

Then she notices she's being watched. The party waves.

薬はどこかしら… Now where was my medicine...? ...medicine...where is my cure medicine?!

She hurries away, the child following but even more upset.

ママー ケアルしてよー! Mommy... do Cure! Mama!
Please use cure on me!

Very suspicious. Anyway,

You've met old man {Stragus}?
The old man at the inn probably won't
charge you ridiculous prices, then.
Have you talked to old man {STRAGO}? Do so, and the inn keeper may be more reasonable.

He's right, though it's unclear why.

One night's one gil.
Care to rest?
1 GP per night.
Why not relax for a spell?

It should be obvious what they're supposed to do now. During the night, Stragus bursts into the inn in a panic, shoving Lock out of bed.

{Stragus}: It's terrible!
{STRAGO}: This is awful!

Tina and Interceptor react, but Shadow seems to be sleeping through this, in rather un-ninja-like fashion.

{Tina}: {Relm}-chan!?
{Stragus}: Yes!
 {Relm} is stuck in a neighbor's
 house that caught on fire...
Ayayaya... I just don't know
what's what anymore!
{TERRA}: {RELM}'s in danger?
{STRAGO}: Yes!
She was at a neighbor's house when a fire broke out. I won't be able to stand it if something happens to her!
{Stragus}: Anyhow!
 Would you help me!?
{STRAGO}: Please!
Won't you help?!

Stragus, Tina, and Interceptor leave. Lock hesistates and tries to wake Shadow...

{ロック}「{シャドウ}! {Lock}: {Shadow}! {LOCKE}: {SHADOW}!

...but he barely stirs. Then, after the others have left, Shadow finally gets up.

{Shadow}: Interceptor...
 where are you!?
{SHADOW}: Interceptor...
Where are you?!

Outside, a large house burns furiously.

{Stragus}: {Relm}!
 She's inside that house!
{STRAGO}: {RELM}'s inside that house!

Part of the building collapses as the blaze intensifies.

{ストラゴス}「{リルム}ー!! {Stragus}: {Relm}!! {STRAGO}: {RELM}!!!!!

Stragus runs up to the house and starts chanting.

{ロック}「それは!? {Lock}: Hey!? {LOCKE}: What're you doing?
でやっ!  Take that! Flames be GONE!!!

With a sound similar to a ○ Blizzard spell, blue light flies to the building and scatters over the flames, though it seems to have little effect.

Village Chief: Magic is supposed to be prohibited!
{Tina}: Magic!?
MAYOR: Magic is forbidden!
{TERRA}: Magic...?!
{Stragus}: Forget about that...!!
 {Relm}'s inside!
{STRAGO}: I don't care!
{RELM}'s inside!!!

The other villagers seem to agree with Stragus.

「村長! : Chief! Mayor!!
Village Chief: Yes, yes...
 We have little choice.
MAYOR: All right.
We really have no choice.
村長「はなれていなされ。 Village Chief: Stand aside. MAYOR: Stand back.

He, Stragus, and a group of other villagers get into formation, flinging spells at the building in turn. Unfortunately, the blaze is too far out of control, and just gets worse despite their efforts.

{Stragus}: It's no use.
 The fire is too intense!
Village Chief: They had Fire Rods
 stockpiled in this house...
{STRAGO}: It's no use.
The fire's too strong!
MAYOR: I think that's because they keep so many Fire Rods in here...
{ストラゴス}「わしが行くゾイ! {Stragus}: I'm going in! {STRAGO}: I'm going in!
{Tina}: Wait, I'll go too.
{Lock}: That's right, gramps.
 Don't be a stranger.
{Stragus}: What was that!?
 I'm not decrepit enough
 to be called gramps!
{TERRA}: Wait...I'm going too.
{LOCKE}: Count me in. You'd better stay out here, gramps.
{STRAGO}: Fool!
I may be old, but I'm not powerless!
『急ごう! "Let's hurry!" Quickly!

Bravely, if perhaps foolishly, they head inside.

Burning Building  | | |

As a new addition to the party, Stragus needs some quality time with Genjuu to learn any ordinary spells, but his special ability lets him cast a wide variety of unusual spell-like abilities, and he can learn more just by seeing them in action (refer to his character entry for details).

{Lock}: The fire's spreading fast.
{Tina}: It could collapse any minute now...
{Stragus}: We've got to hurry up
 and find {Relm}!
{LOCKE}: Try to avoid the flames.
{TERRA}: Easier said than done.
{STRAGO}: Hurry!
We have to find {RELM}!

Things burn here. Running into the moving flames results in a battle against multiple Balloon enemies. Anything that inflicts Ice or Water damage works well, including the Aqua Breath skill that Stragus starts with. He also starts with Revenge Blast (largely worthless) and Stoning (which can confuse enemies in addition to inflicting damage).

Use the Icebrand and Ice Rod as weapons, or ○ Blizzara and Aqua Rake against large groups, to make short work of the local enemies. Also, you can try confusing some Balloons to see them Self-Destruct, not that it's a very useful skill to learn.

Attempting to go through a certain door always results in an ambush, and it can never actually be entered. Explore elsewhere to find a Flame Rod and an Ice Rod. Deeper in the house is a conspicuous flame.

『火を放ったのはこいつか!? "Is this what started the fire!?" Is this the source of our blaze...?

It's boss time! Unsurprisingly, Flame Eater has a Flame theme. Like the Balloons, it's weak against Ice, but unlike them, has no special vulnerability to Water, so mainly attack with ○ Blizzara and the Icebrand and Ice Rod. Flame Eater also likes to summon groups of Balloons, and even a Grenade if the battle drags on.

There's not much real strategy here. Toss in a ◎ Slow spell since that's the only status effect it's vulnerable to, kill off the weaklings with multi-target attacks, and freeze away. Flame Eater has a chance to counter all attacks with ○ Fira, and will use ◎ Protect and ◎ Reflect on itself after being hit six times, then bounce ○ Fira and ○ Figa spells off itself each turn as long as 'reflect' lasts. Be careful if that happens.

Alternately, Flame Eater is one of those enemies that dies of MP loss, so you could also attack with ◎ Raspil if 480 MP sounds easier to deal with than 8400 HP, but with such an easily exploited weakness, it's probably not worth the trouble. Also, it's level 26, so if Stragus is the same level, try casting Stoning for a massive damage bonus.

In trivia, Flame Eater is coded to counter ○ Gravity and ○ Graviga with a random choice of ○ Graviga (67%) or ○ Flare (33%), but its immunity to instant death (and to 'transparent', so no Vanish/Doom bug here either) means that neither spell can hit it in the first place, so yeah. Another trivia point is that, despite appearances, Bomb Bearer doesn't summon any monsters. It merely comes immediately before each summon in the monster script for display purposes. In fact, other than displaying its name and removing 'transparent' status (since it's coded as a multi-target magic attack), it has no effect at all!

You can also steal a Flametongue (common). No rare steal and no dropped items.

After the battle, Stragus hops around in an amazingly-energetic-for-his-age panic.

{Stragus}: {Relm}!
 Where's {Relm}!?
Where are you?!

A familiar bark reveals Interceptor nearby, trying to drag Relm out of harm's way.

{ストラゴス}「{リルム}ー!! {Stragus}: {Relm}!! {STRAGO}: {RELM}!!!!!

Unfortunately, the building remains on fire and collapsing. Debris rains down.

"We didn't make it in time!!"
Too late!

Fade in to see Interceptor trying to hold off the flames as the others lie unconscious. It's not going very well, but then Shadow drops in from above. He disposes of the attacking flames in a single dramatic move, then joins the others.

{Shadow}: We're getting out of here.
 Smoke Ball!
{SHADOW}: Let's get outta here! I'll use a Smoke Bomb!!

サマサの村  Village of Thamasa  | | |  THAMASA

Okay, the house still burned down, but at least everyone's safe. Fade in to upstairs in Stragus's house. Relm slowly gets out of bed while the others watch, except Shadow, who stands by himself, with Interceptor, off to the side, looking... thoughtful?

{Stragus}: Are you better?
{Relm}: Sure am, grampa.
{STRAGO}: Are you okay?
{RELM}: Yes. Thanks, Grandpa!
{Stragus}: We owe it to these people.
{Relm}: Thanks.
{STRAGO}: Save your thanks for these people.
{RELM}: Thank you...
{Stragus}: However...
 I would seem to have shown
 you something awkward.
{STRAGO}: I guess our town's little secret is out now...
{Lock}: It looks as though all the
 people here can use magic.
 What's with this village...?
{LOCKE}: Can everyone here use magic? What's going on here?

"The Mines of Narshe" starts playing. Finally, some music.

{Stragus}: This is...
 the village of the sorcerers.
{STRAGO}: This is...
...the village of the Mage Warriors...
{Stragus}: Long ago, humans extracted
 the power of sorcery from magicite.
 Those humans who became able to
 use magic were then called sorcerers.
{STRAGO}: Long ago humans used Magicite to gain magical powers. They came to be known as Mage Warriors.
{Lock}: I thought there weren't any
 sorcerers left in the world.
{LOCKE}: But I thought they perished centuries ago...
{Stragus}: After the Great Magic War, the
 Genjuu set up a separate world beyond the
 Mystic Barricade and lived there in hiding.
 They feared that their powers of sorcery
 would be abused.
 Only we humans remained here then.
 What ordinary humans most feared was the
 power of the sorcerers. The misery of the Great
 Magic War had left a powerful impression.
{STRAGO}: After the War of the Magi, the Espers fled to their new world behind the sealed gate.
They wished to live peacefully, without fear of being used by humans. They left us here to fend for ourselves...
But we were despised by normal people. Everyone felt we had begun that war...
{Stragus}: And so, what was done
 was the hunting of sorcerers.
 Sorcerers were killed one after
 another in unjust trials.
{Tina}: Even though they were human,
 no different except for using magic...
{STRAGO}: They sent people to hunt us down like animals.
There weren't even any trials...
{TERRA}: Even though the only difference was that you could use magic...?
{Stragus}: Those sorcerers who fled
 then to live in hiding in these lands
 were our ancestors.
 Their blood has thinned, and our
 sorcerous powers have largely faded,
 but they still remain in some form.
{STRAGO}: A few Mage Warriors escaped and found their way here. They were our ancestors.
Our powers have weakened over time, but some of it remains.
{Tina}: If you wouldn't mind...
 would you work with us?
{Stragus}: You were saying something
 about the Genjuu.
{TERRA}: Look, if you're up to it, we could use your help.
{STRAGO}: So, you're after the Espers, eh...?
{Stragus}: I do have to repay the
 favor for saving {Relm}'s life.
 I'll help with your Genjuu search.
{STRAGO}: Well, I owe you for saving {RELM}. I'll help you find your Espers.
{Relm}: Me too! 
{Stragus}: No.
{RELM}: Me too!
{STRAGO}: I don't think so.

Relm usually speaks in third person. This is normal for childish characters in Japanese, but not English, so it generally makes sense to avoid it in translation.

{リルム}「{リルム}つまんない…… {Relm}: How boring... {RELM}: What a fuddy duddy...
{Lock}: But what should we do?
{Stragus}: Hmm...
 If the Genjuu fled to this island, they may
 be in the mountains west of the village.
{LOCKE}: But...where do we start looking?
{STRAGO}: Hmm...
If they're here, they must be  hiding in the mountains to the west.
{Lock}: In the mountains?
{Stragus}: Mountains tinged with strong magical
 power. Legends call them a Genjuu holy land.
{LOCKE}: Why there?
{STRAGO}: Those mountains have powerful magical properties.
They say the Espers were created there...

Shadow walks out as the next line begins, with Interceptor trailing after him.

{Tina}: Were the Genjuu drawn by that magical
 power when they were out of control...?
{TERRA}: Maybe they're drawn to that place?
{ロック}「行ってみよう。 {Lock}: Let's try going. {LOCKE}: I think it's worth a look.

Relm sulks in the corner as the others leave. Shadow stands outside, where "Shadow" plays. Stragus catches his attention, then bows in thanks.

{Shadow}: Don't misunderstand.
 I did it for this guy.
{SHADOW}: Don't misunderstand me. I just wanted my dog back.
{Lock}: You're leaving?
{Shadow}: I'll search for Genjuu
 my way.
{LOCKE}: Going somewhere?
{SHADOW}: I'll search for the Espers in my own way.

Relm hurries outside to see Interceptor off.

{Shadow}: Interceptor!
 We're leaving!
{SHADOW}: Interceptor!

The dog seems reluctant to leave her, but follows Shadow as he exits. Relm runs back inside to resume sulking, and the music returns to normal.

Stragus joins as a permanent character. Some of the villagers have some new lines, such as:

Old man {Stragus}'s skill is Blue Magic.
He memorizes monster attacks he's seen.
But he can't memorize them if he's, say,
asleep or confused.
{STRAGO} is a Blue Mage by training. He can memorize the attacks of monsters he has fought...
Actually, {Relm}-chan isn't
{Stragus}'s real grandchild.
I hear she's his friend's child.
It's just a rumor, though.
Actually, {RELM} isn't {STRAGO}'s real grandchild.
I heard she's his friend's daughter.
Village Chief: Please tell no one that
 we are able to use magic.
MAYOR: No one is to divulge that we are able to use magic!

Carefully searching the nooks and crannies upstairs in Stragus's house turns up a Memento Ring, which confers immunity to anything that checks for protection against instant death. Too bad nobody can use it at the moment.

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