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Final Fantasy VI

港町ニケア  Port Town Nikaea  | .  NIKEAH

A chocobo stable in the forest not far south of Mobliz optionaly allows for less trouble on the journey. The tower built by the Cefca Fanatics is visible along the way, but it's surrounded by mountains and unreachable for the time being.

Check out those Enhance Swords in the weapon shop. +7 magic and +20 magic evade? Yes, please.

"Under Martial Law" plays here now, but despite the changes to the coastline, Nikaea still has its port. It's too bad that the ship isn't accepting passengers.

この船は盗賊団のかし切りだよ。 This ship is booked by a band of thieves. This ship belongs to the Crimson Robbers.
The thieves are gathered in the pub.
They say they escaped from Figaro Castle.
The thieves are hanging out at the coffee shop. They all escaped from Figaro Castle.

Other bad news:

Figaro Castle had an accident and stopped
while moving through the desert, they say.
While traveling under the desert, Figaro Castle hit an obstacle and came to a halt.

And remember this for later:

When I woke up after the world was torn
apart, I was alone in Doma Castle.
Demons appeared in my dreams when I slept...
Brr... even now, just thinking about it terrifies me...
After the end of the world,
I awoke all alone in Doma Castle.
When I would try to sleep there, demons would come for me... Oh! I don't want to remember that!

Anyway, the thieves escaped from Figaro Castle, and are talking about sneaking back in to steal some treasure.

The jail happened to connect to a
nest of giant worms. We went through
there and came out above ground.
From out of nowhere a bunch of huge sandworms burrowed into the prison!
We followed their tunnels back to the surface and escaped.
Our last boss died that day.
Now Jeff is our boss. We met in this town.
Our last boss perished that day. We met up with Gerad in this town.
The boss means to get into Figaro.
Our treasure's locked up in a Figaro
The boss wants to sneak into Figaro Castle. He wants to get our booty back from the storage room there.
We're getting into Figaro Castle through
a secret cave only we know about.
We'll enter da castle through a secret cave dat only we knows about!

The group of thieves leave after being spoken with.

そろそろ行こうかのおー! Guess it's about time to get going! All right, let's go!

Look around town after this to find their boss, a womanizing young man who... wait a minute... he looks a bit different, but don't we know him?

Jeff: What's with you?
{Celes}: A-aren't you {Edgar}?
GERAD: What's your problem?
{CELES}: Y...
you're {EDGAR}, aren't you?!

He ignores her and walks off to haggle with a merchant.

{Celes}: {Edgar}?
Jeff: You're not making any sense...
 I'll take this, kid.
GERAD: Enough of this nonsense! I have things to do.

He walks off again.

Jeff: I'm busy with getting us on
 the ship to Figaro after this.
{Celes}: Don't play dumb.
 Or... have you lost your memory?
GERAD: I'll be busy getting ready for our departure to Figaro.
{CELES}: Don't play possum with me! {EDGAR}?
Or have you somehow lost your memory?
Jeff: I've been Jeff the hoodlum
 since I was born, lady.
GERAD: Listen, my lady,
I've been "Gerad" all my life!

The following line seems to go unused, though surely Mash ought to react to this.

{Mash}: What are you saying, big bro!? {SABIN}: What's going on, here? Brother!!
{Celes}: Only {Edgar}-san would say "lady". {CELES}: Only {EDGAR} would say, "my lady."

He gives a startled reaction, but quickly recovers, waggling a finger at her.

Jeff: "Be gentle with a lady" is
 common sense the world over.
GERAD: What's all the bloomin' fuss about?
The words, "my lady" are used the world over!

His use of the English word "lady" is, as noted before, uncommon in Japanese.

Anyway, this is too suspicious to ignore, so Celes (with Mash, if present) listens in as the thieves assemble on the ship...

Jeff: You guys know all about a way
 to get into Figaro Castle, right?
Henchman: Sure do!
GERAD: Oh, yeah, you know how to get into Figaro Castle, don't you?!
HENCHMAN: G'ho ho, do we ever!
Jeff: Lead the way there.
 I'll take command once we're in.
GERAD: Yeah, You lead the way since it's buried.

...then stows away as it leaves.

サウスフィガロの町  Town of South Figaro  | .  SOUTH FIGARO

If you've been putting off collecting outdoor treasures, the contents are done changing, so wait no longer.

South Figaro is in good shape, too. For a change, "Kids Run Through the City" still plays here. Some of the locals have interesting things to say.

Figaro Castle has been gone since
the day the world was torn apart...
Figaro Castle disappeared the day the world became...
Figaro Castle is broken down
inside the desert.
If they can't breathe in there...
Figaro Castle had an accident under the desert.
Don't know what happened to its people...
Even if the town's destroyed by the
Light of Judgment a hundred times,
we'll rebuild it a hundred and one times!
If the "Light of Judgment" should burn our town down 100 times, we'll rebuild it 100 times!
Duncan's Wife: My husband's alive!
 Says he's training north of Narshe...
DUNCAN'S WIFE: No, dear! Duncan's still alive and well! He's meditating just north of Narshe.
A youngster searching for the arcane treasure
that restores life was in town until recently.
Some guy came through here a little while ago looking for some secret treasure.

Now who could that be? There's also a small bit of adult humor in the form of a couple near the edge of town.

If there are lives lost, surely
new lives will be born too!
All right!
Let's get to it!!
For each life lost, a new one arrives to fill the void!
Nothing's gonna stop us!
that man.
That person!

The thieves are in town too, of course, with the most interesting line being this one.

Jeff's a boss we can count on. But I could
swear I've seen his face somewhere before.
Gerad's a boss we can trust! But he looks awfully familiar...

Speaking of which, he's in the common room by the inn.

 待ってろよ……  ……?
Jeff: ...I'm coming to save you...
 hang on... ...?
 You guys are still here?
{Celes}: You're {Edgar}, aren't you?
GERAD: Let's go help 'em...
Hang on a sec... ......?
Are you people STILL here?
{CELES}: Be polite now...

He turns away, and a thief enters just then.

: Boss, preparations are complete.
 Let's go.
Jeff: Mistaken identity. Give it up.
Boss, everything's ready.
Let's go!
GERAD: Case of mistaken identity, my dear.
Give it up!

Still suspicious. Better follow them.

Cave to South Figaro  | .

There's no longer a mountain range between South Figaro and the Figaro Desert, but the eastern cave entrance is still here, right near the town. The western entrance seems to have vanished, though, and there's no sign of the castle, just like hearsay says. Naturally, both the overworld and the cave have new monsters. Many in the cave can inflict 'confusion', so equip protection. An armed man stands just inside the entrance.

Siegfried: It's dangerous ahead.
 I'll go first and take care of every
 last monster. Wait here.
SIGFRIED: Pretty dangerous from here on. I'll go in first and clear out all the monsters. Wait here.

Remember the guy back on the Grim Train who stole a treasure and talked big but was pathetically weak? This guy uses the same name, but with an extremely subtle difference in the name that may just be an oversight. The final ド is halfwidth here, like the rest of the name, but was fullwidth back then.

Anyway, don't trust him. He doesn't clear out the monsters and never comes back.

If you've been putting off collecting these chests, the contents are done changing. Get them now for an X-Potion, Ether Turbo, and Brave Ring.

Celes finds the thieves by the pond near the blocked-off dead end that used to be the western entrance.

ジェフ「さ、どうする? Jeff: So, what now? GERAD: Now, where were we...?
よ~し よし よし
 カメちゃん エサだよ。
Heeeere boy, over here.
 Have some food, lil' turtle.
Here, boy...
Here's some nice food for you!

A large turtle in the pond moves toward the middle, forming a stepping stone of sorts.

: See?
Jeff: Not bad.
: I used to have a pet turtle.
GERAD: Good Job!
I used to have a turtle...!

Note the mark indicating dialog by an unnamed character. It's the mook who used to have a pet turtle, not Jeff/GERAD.

None of the chests beyond contain anything, and exploring the nooks and crannies reveals the reason. Siegfried has been taking them. Though surprised to be caught, he runs away before anything can happen.

すたこら さっさーー! I'm outta here, on the double! On the hum, let's go!!!!

What's this guy even doing here in the first place? Regardless, the tunnel goes into the Figaro Castle prison as promised.

フィガロ城  Figaro Castle  | .  FIGARO CASTLE

"Edgar & Sabin" plays as usual. The thief boss stops to check on a fallen guard before moving on.

Jeff: You okay?
 Hold on a little bit longer.
GERAD: You all right?
You were almost a goner.

Like every other NPC in the area, the guard says only one thing.

く くるしい…… C-can't breathe... was awful...

I got the impression playing the NA version that the thieves had attacked everyone who dared get in their way. They're actually just barely conscious due to a shortage of fresh air from being stuck underground for the past year. Fortunately, the castle isn't airtight, especially with that cave connection, but the locals aren't exactly in top condition. It's anyone's guess how they handled food and water.

The outside doors won't open (no surprise there), leaving only one place to go.

機関室  Engine Room  | .  ENGINE ROOM (and surrounding area)

Naturally, monsters have overrun the engine room area. "Returners" plays down here for mood. Look around for some treasure (Crystal Helm, Royal Crown, Ether Turbo, Gravity Rod, X-Potion), then find the thieves and the engine itself, which tentacles infest.

Jeff: So this is why...
 that's tangled up in things...
: Boss! What now?
 The room where the treasure's
 hidden is past here!
GERAD: Here's the problem...
What a mess...
Boss! What're we gonna do? Our treasure's stored in the room back there!
Jeff: While I fend it off,
 you guys can...
: Boss! That's dangerous!!
Jeff: Just go, already!!
GERAD: You guys get in there while I keep this thing busy!
But boss! That's dangerous!
GERAD: Get going!

They head inside.

{セリス}「{エドガー}!! {Celes}: {Edgar}!! {CELES}: {EDGAR}!
{Edgar}: What are you standing
 around for!?
 Give me a hand!
{Celes}: I KNEW you were {Edgar}.
{EDGAR}: What're ya waiting for, {CELES}?
Give me a hand!!
It IS you!

Tina already had her obligatory close encounter with tentacles back in the first Orthros fight, so now it's Celes's turn, apparently. The four tentacles (bottom right, bottom left, top right, top left) each have different strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. The party automatically surrounds them, so the characters will appear on both sides with the tentacles in the middle (though skipping Mash could leave Edgar and Celes on the right with the left empty). Edgar joins the battle in the first empty slot, using the strongest equipment available, chosen as when using the Equip Strongest option in the menu.

While they otherwise vary, all four tentacles use the same attack pattern. Aside from normal attacks and the occasional ○ Bio or ○ Poison, they favor skills that inflict 'slow', and tend to grab characters that have 'slow' status. Captured characters cannot act, while the capturing tentacles gradually drain health from them. Equip Hermes's Shoes to avoid 'slow' status and prevent this from happening (except to Edgar, who has no accessories for the battle), and this becomes much less tedious. Summoning Golem or Fenrir may help Edgar avoid slowing as well, but only some causes.

As far as vulnerabilities go, ○ Death works on the bottom-left one for a quick kill, 'stop' works on the top-left one, 'slow' works on all four, and you can use Edgar's Bio Blast to 'poison' all but the top-left one. The two on the right are also vulnerable to 'silence' and less dangerous when afflicted.

For attack traits, all four have normal vulnerability to Wind, Poison, and Holy, so Mash's Shinkuu Ha (Air Blade) is a viable option if learned. Edgar's Drill is always a solid choice after that one shot with the Bio Blast. Each of the three prime traits are absorbed by a single different tentacle, but Celes will do well to spam ○ Blizzara after the bottom-left one is dead, since none of the others have any special protection against Ice, and the bottom-right one (which also has the most health) is even weak against it. Three out of the four also absorb Water attacks, but considering how rare those are, who cares?

{Celes}: Way to play dumb.
{Edgar}: I heard that Figaro had
 broken down. I wanted to go help,
 but, well, it was inside the sand.
 That's when I heard about those
 guys coming out of the castle.
{Celes}: So you used them.
{Edgar}: I couldn't be exposed as
 King Figaro before I got them to
 lead me to the secret cave.
{Celes}: You're the king who once
 put them in jail, after all.
{CELES}: Why the stupid farce?
{EDGAR}: Well, I heard that Figaro had had an accident.
I wanted to help, but didn't know where to look.
Then I heard that those idiots had escaped from the prison.
{CELES}: You needed to use them...
{EDGAR}: Bingo.
I had to wait until they led me to their secret cave.
{CELES}: Amazing, considering that you threw most of 'em in jail to begin with!

If present.

{マッシュ}「みずくせえな。 {Mash}: Quit acting like we're strangers. {SABIN}: Don't treat us like strangers anymore!

Edgar goes to check the door, and evidently hears something he doesn't like.

{Edgar}: Whoops, that's not good.
{EDGAR}: Uh, oh...!
Let's hide!

The thieves return.

: Boss! ...?
Boss! ......?
「もしや、あの怪物にやられて…… : Did he get wasted by that monster...? Must have been eaten by that thing...
: He wasn't our boss for long, but still...
: Let's go, I guess...
It wasn't even much of a monster...
Well, let's go...

The thieves leave.

"Don't you mind? The treasure...?"
{Edgar}: Treasure's worthless.
 The real evil is Cefca.
 Those guys are harmless.
{Celes}: Then you're coming along?
You don't want that treasure back...?
{EDGAR}: It's completely worthless.
Besides, Kefka's the one we need to worry about.
Those guys haven't committed any serious crimes...
{CELES}: Come on, let's go...

If present.

{Mash}: It's time to shake
 things up again, big bro!!
{SABIN}: There's only one little problem, eh, brother!

"Edgar & Sabin" plays after Edgar joins, though the monsters still appear. Check the armor in the looted treasure room for a Soul Saber the thieves overlooked.

Incidentally, the room with the engine is the only place in the game where the Drop enemies appear. Try to find a group to fight before leaving.

The operator returns the castle to the surface when you head back upstairs.

そ~れ ふじょ~~
It's fixed!
And... surfacing!
It's been fixed!
Next stop, the surface!

Having Edgar as your lead character halves the prices not only here (as it always has), but now also in South Figaro (though they won't say anything special). Take advantage of it if you need anything, and note that the castle merchant now sells even the Weakmaker, making every machine except the Chainsaw (which you should have picked up in Zozo) and Air Anchor. Also, Mash doesn't get a discount and never did, even though the castle merchants react to him, too.

Head back to the operator when done to ride the castle to Kohlongen, just like old times.

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