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Final Fantasy VI

コーリンゲンの村  Village of Kohlingen  | | .  KOHLINGEN

Another town with "The Day After" playing. First, let's see what the locals are talking about. Some of them just say more of the same, while others have potentially useful information.

We planted flower seeds, but the
sprouts aren't coming up at all...
We planted some seeds, but nothing's growing...
It's like the plants have lost their life force, too...
New sprouts and flowers aren't growing at all.
It's as if the plants have lost their will to live...
Even in a world like this, there are people
whose dreams are granted. My younger
brother's came true... a dream fitting to
this world, in the lands to the north...
There're still some people with vision, even in this world.
Like my brother up north.

That would be the oddball younger brother obsessed with building a coliseum. Apparently, people don't think that's quite so crazy anymore. You can travel there any time now, but you're not likely to win much of anything at this point, so let's save that for later.

This line will not appear if the combatant mentioned didn't survive earlier.

They say there's some amazingly
strong guy at the coliseum.
Supposedly he's after an Ichigeki Blade.
There's a real mean guy fighting at the colosseum. Seems he's looking for a weapon called the "Striker"...
ん? だからね えっ
No doubt he's rushing around the world in
search of the legendary arcane treasure.
Hm? Like I'm saying, see,
if you can track down where that
arcane treasure's hiding, then get
there and you'll find {Lock}, too.
He must be searching the world over for that fabled treasure...
Find the treasure, and you'll find {LOCKE}!
A fine older man with a
mustache came by this village.
His "thou" was so charming!
He said he was going to Maranda.
A handsome man with a quaint way of talking visited our village recently. He kept saying, "Thou" to everyone!

There's even a guard from Narshe wandering around town.

Narshe is crawling with monsters...
I don't have a home to return to...
It's all over...
Narshe is filled with monsters. I don't have any place to go home to...

The bar is the main reason to come here, though. Specifically, the person drinking at a table.

{Celes}: {Setzer}!
{Setzer}: You're alive, then.
{SETZER}: You're alive!?
{Celes}: Come with us.
 We're going to beat Cefca!
{Setzer}: Phew... I don't have any
 motivation to do anything anymore.
{Celes}: What are you talking about?
{Setzer}: I've always lived in a
 gambler's world...
 a peaceful world where people
 could afford to take chances...
 This world's too harsh for someone
 like me. And I've lost my wings, too...
{CELES}: Come along with us!
We're after Kefka!
{SETZER}: Phew...
I don't know if I have it in me anymore...
{CELES}: What are you saying?!
{SETZER}: I'm just a gambler...
I just want to be left alone...
This world is too chaotic for me. What's worse, I've lost my wings...

He walks over to the bar, but Celes won't leave him alone.

{Celes}: Didn't you fight frantically
 alongside us before the world
 was torn apart?
 In such harsh battles...
{Setzer}: But now I've...
 I've lost my dreams.
{Celes}: Isn't it precisely because the
 world is like this that we have to
 chase our dream once more?
 Our dream of taking back the world...!
{CELES}: But before the world collapsed, you fought with all your heart! You were absolutely fearless...
{SETZER}: That was then...
We can never have that world back!
{CELES}: You want to live in this world as it is?
Then do something about it!

The music fades out, and Setzer perks up.

{Setzer}: Hu hu...
 it's just as you say.
 Would you come with me?
 To my dream...
{SETZER}: Mwa ha!
All win!
I'm starting to feel lucky!!

Celes nods. "Setzer" starts playing.

{Setzer}: Thanks.
 Let's go...
 to Daryl's tomb...
{SETZER}: Thanks...
I needed that.
Now, let's go visit Daryl's Tomb.

He starts off, dramatically striking a pose in the entryway.

{Setzer}: ......
 I'm bringing them back to life...
 the other wings!
{SETZER}: ......
We're gonna get us another one...
Airship, that is...!

The camera shifts to the world map and pans southwest to Daryl's Tomb. Back in town, the party stands outside with Setzer joining their ranks.

Pick up some equipment for him, and don't miss the Dice and One-Shot Darts in the weapon shop. Unfortunately, neither do much good in the upcoming dungeon, but they have their uses. For one thing, the Dice, though unpredictable, ignore defense and never miss (unless used with Mug, but why do that?).

Meanwhile, Celes's pep talk has inspired several others, including the Narshe guard.

負けちゃあ… いけないって!
I had a thought when I heard you.
Giving in... it's no good!
You should try going to Narshe.
The icebound Genjuu...
you guys just might be able to
awaken it from its slumber!
But I refuse to give up!
I'm going back to Narshe.
There's that frozen Esper...
With you guys along, we'll be able to wake that thing up!

Not that there's any way to actually get there at the moment, but it's something to keep in mind.

ダリルの墓  Daryl's Tomb  | | | .  DARILL'S TOMB

There's nothing of note here but a large mound.

{Celes}: This place...
 is your friend's...?
{Setzer}: She was really something.
 Wouldn't blink an eye even if the
 whole world flipped upside-down.
{CELES}: This person...
She was your friend?
{SETZER}: Yeah.
She was a piece of work.
Nothing scared her...

Setzer fiddles with something, revealing an entrance.

{Setzer}: Anyway, a tomb is a tomb.
 No telling what might show up.
 Keep an eye out.
{SETZER}: Could be anything lurking down here, so keep your eyes peeled!

Most of the monsters here are undead and have the ability to inflict 'zombie' status. Make sure to equip protection, and don't try using Setzer's One-Shot Darts unless healing the enemies sounds like fun. Flame and Holy work well on offense, unsurprisingly.

Look aorund for some minor puzzles involving water levels and a turtle, and also for treasures. A Genji's Helmet and and Crystal Mail are in chests just off the main room, with a Princess Dress (currently unusable) further in.

One room has a blank tombstone. There's an option to add a message, but...

よい言葉がうかばない…… Nothing appropriate comes to mind... Nothing appropriate comes to mind...

Another room has four tombstones, each with a fragment of an inscription ("translated" versions built from the final phrase):

文字がきざまれている…… Letters are inscribed... Letters have been carved here...

Return to the blank tombstone and select the fragments in the correct order to form a coherent phrase...

ともよ やすらかに REST IN PEACE O FRIEND ERAUQS SI DLROW EHT play 3-04 "Rest in Peace" (normally the Game Over music) and find a secret message:

I hide a Grow Egg in the back room
of the third floor underground...
 Find the "Exp. Egg" hidden
         in a back room
    in the 3rd basement...

Rumors that the Japanese version can be arranged another way to mean "rot and wither" appear to be nothing but rumors. I can't come up with any arrangement that comes close to that meaning, nor have I found a single Japanese site that mentions anything of the sort. It appears to be completely made up. If anyone can find specific information that suggests otherwise, please let me know.

There's a secret passage in the room with the Princess Dress that hides a Grow Egg. With that done, ride another turtle to a save point, then open the nearby chests for a Maneater on the right, and to the left... oops, that's a monster.

Presenter and the (name not displayed) Ymir Head bear some resemblance to the game's very first boss battle. Of course, things are more complicated this time. Instead of countering everything and being nigh-unkillable, the shell this time only has a 1 in 3 chance to counterattack (though with 1000 Kilovolts instead of 10 Kilovolts), and actually has slightly less health, at 9230, than the head's 9845. Both parts are weak against Flame, but absorb Ice, Thunder, and Water. Killing either part wins the battle, earning a Dragon Claw for Mash. Neither has anything to steal.

In addition to normal attacks and 10 Kilovolts, the head may use the more problematic Petrifying Strike and El Niño. Hit it twice to make it retract temporarily. The shell in this battle is not passive. It may use normal attacks, 10 Kilovolts, or 1000 Needles when the head is out, or the easily-avoided Magnitude 8 when retracted.

For best results, just summon Catoblepas. Neither part is immune to instant death or petrification, so there's a good chance of winning the battle right away. With a little luck, both parts will die at once, and you'll get two Dragon Claws instead of the usual one. Hey, why not? Factoring in the hit rate and stamina blocking rate, that's better than a 90% chance to win the battle right away, with a nearly 50% chance to zap both for double the drops. ○ Dejon works too, but the lower hit rate means worse odds (roughly 86% for at least one or 38% for both). Setting 'transparent' on the shell (the head is immune) will also help, since that ensures that the magic won't miss it, raising the odds of killing both to around 70% with Demon's Eye or 62% with ○ Dejon. Alternately, if you come back later, Odin and Raideen give slightly better rates than Catoblepas, while Cayenne's exceptionally-accurate OHKO final skill, Sever, bypasses stamina blocking and will work every time.

Continue to find a fancy coffin.

     ダリルここに眠る Here rests Daryl      DARYL SLEEPS HERE

The leader whirls around, looking confused, and glances side to side. Then a monster attacks, because it just seemed like time for a boss fight.

Dullahan breaks with the undead theme and uses a number of Holy attacks, in addition to plenty of Ice spells, many of them susceptible to Celes's Magicseal Sword. It absorbs Ice, is weak against Flame, and has no other resistances or weaknesses. It also has permanent 'haste' and no status vulnerabilities.

Try to avoid coming into the battle with any levels that are multiples of the ones digit in your gil, since Dullahan kicks off the battle with Level ? Holy and may use it again randomly as the battle continues. Also avoid 'reflect' status unless you're prepared to deal with the effects of Reflect???? up to once every four turns, as well as many of the reflected spells being absorbed. Other than that, Dullahan normally uses a mix of ○ Blizzara, ○ Blizzaga, and ○ Holy. However, it will also heal itself with ● Cura up to once every four turns when at or under 10,240 (of 23,450) health. Furthermore, being attacked eight times changes up Dullahan's offense for four turns. During this period, only ○ Blizzara remains of the usual attacks, and you may see Morning Star (the only physical attack it ever uses other than a random counterattack), Absolute Zero, Level ? Holy, and the dreaded Northern Cross. Celes can't seal the extended attacks, so don't bother trying.

Exhausting its 1,721 MP kills Dullahan, so you can spam ◎ Raspir and heal as needed, but I find it's quicker and easier to have Celes absorb magic while Setzer passes out items, Edgar Drills, and Mash attacks with double Burning (Fire) Knuckles. Magicseal Sword absorbs its ● Cura, too.

In theory, you can steal an X-Potion (common) or Genji's Bracer (rare), but none of the characters available have any way to steal (except by wielding a Thief's Knife via a Medal, which I think is impossible to have legitimately at this point even with overleveling and coliseum abuse), so it doesn't really matter.

After the battle, a hidden switch opens a door in the back. Head inside to find a long stairway going down. 3-09 "Epitaph" plays, a more subdued tune with shades of Setzer's theme.

{セッツァー}「いろいろと思い出すぜ。 {Setzer}: I'm remembering all sorts of things. {SETZER}: This brings back a lot of memories.

Setzer has flashbacks along the way. First, we see him in a room with a colorfully dressed woman.

Daryl: The test flight this time
 could be dangerous.
DARYL: This experimental airship is probably a bit unstable...
{Setzer}: Taking the ship to her
 limits is insane!!
{SETZER}: You can't be serious!
What are you trying to prove?!

The flashback fades.

{セッツァー}「足もとに気をつけな。 {Setzer}: Watch your step. {SETZER}: Watch your step.

Next, Setzer and Daryl appear in a different, more officelike, room.

Daryl: If anything should happen
 to me, take care of the Falcon.
DARYL: If something should happen to me, the Falcon's yours!
ダリル「ふっ すきにしな!
{Setzer}: Don't be ridiculous!
 I'll be taking the Falcon when I
 beat you in speed.
{Setzer}: I'm not letting you get away
 from me until then.
Daryl: Hah, have it your way!
{SETZER}: Nonsense!
I'll win the Falcon from you when I whip you in a race!
{SETZER}: You'd better clear outta my way!
DARYL: Big talk, buster!

As the party continues down the stairs, the scene switches to another flashback, starting with the camera flying around the World of Balance. We then see Setzer laughing at the helm of the Blackjack as another airship flies alongside it in the background.

{セッツァー}「やっぱり空は最高だな! {Setzer}: The sky really is the greatest! {SETZER}: There's nothing like flying!

Switching to Daryl at the helm of the other ship.

Daryl: How long are you gonna stay behind?
 Try passing me if you don't like it.
DARYL: Come on!
Stop lagging back there!

Switching back to Setzer.

Daryl: Or maybe my butt's just that
DARYL: Or do you like chewing on my wake!

Setzer blinks, then walks over to the railing as though to get a better look, but quickly returns to the helm as Daryl's ship zooms ahead. We see the Falcon flying around, presumably as Setzer pursues, before the scene returns to the deck of the Blackjack.

{セッツァー}「さすがだな。 {Setzer}: I'd expect no less from you. {SETZER}: Listen to you!
Daryl: Now for the real thing.
 I'm rewriting the records!
 I'll race past the clouds and be the
 woman who saw the stars closest up!
DARYL: This time's for real.
I'm going to break every record!
I'll be known as the woman who flew closest to the stars!
{Setzer}: Be back by sunset!
 Let's meet on our usual hill!
{SETZER}: Be back before sunset! I'll be waiting for you on our hill.

Daryl races off again. Change scene to Setzer standing on a twilit hillside. He waits, but Daryl never comes. The screen dims.

It was a year later
when I found the Falcon
wrecked in a distant land...
 The wreck of the Falcon was
   found a full year later,
     in a distant land...

It's not explicitly stated who found the wreckage. However, my impression of the grammar is that if someone else had found it, especially if by chance, Setzer would have phrased it as ファルコンが見つかった ("the Falcon turned up") instead. Saying ファルコンを見つけた ("found the Falcon"), as he does, also gives the impression that he was actively searching for it, which the other phrasing wouldn't necessarily.

Fade out. The party arrives on the deck of Daryl's airship.

{Setzer}: I fixed up the Falcon and
 put her to sleep underground...
{SETZER}: I restored the craft, and then put it to rest down here.
{エドガー}「これがファルコン? {Edgar}: This is the Falcon? {EDGAR}: This is THE Falcon?

Setzer nods, and "Searching for Friends" starts playing. From this point on, it becomes both the overworld theme (finally replacing the gloom and doom track) and the theme when flying the airship (now that we have one again).

{Setzer}: I can't be the world's
 fastest man if I've lost my wings.
 It's time you let me dream again,
{SETZER}: I put it in storage.
I couldn't bear to look at it.
But now it just may save us...
         The Falcon.

Setzer takes the helm, and the ship rises from the ocean and into the skies.

{Edgar}: Now it's time for our dream.
{Celes}: Let's go beat Cefca
 in the tower of debris.
{Edgar}: If we fly over the tower in
 the Falcon and go for a landing,
 we should be able to get inside!
{EDGAR}: I finally think we're gonna pull this off!
{CELES}: We can attack Kefka's tower from the air!
{EDGAR}: The Falcon's going to give us one last chance at that guy...
{Setzer}: Right, and let's search
 for the rest of us, too.
{SETZER}: But first we need to find our friends!
{Edgar}: Yes, we still have
 our dreams. Or rather,
 we can build our dreams!
{EDGAR}: Right.
First things first.
For once I feel hopeful!

A bird flies past, grabbing Celes's attention.

{セリス}「あの鳥は?!もしや… {Celes}: That bird!? Could it be...? {CELES}: Hey!
A bird!

The bird flies southeast to a town by a desert.

{Celes}: {Setzer}! After it!
{Setzer}: What's the matter?
{Celes}: I'm not sure...
 but it feels like one of us will be
 waiting where that bird's going...
Follow that bird!
{SETZER}: But why?
{CELES}: I...don't know...!
Something inside just tells me it's important...

マランダの町  Town of Maranda  | | | .  MARANDA

"The Day After" plays here, too. While the surrounding terrain is unrecognizable, the town itself remains intact. Let's ask around.

A swordsman stopped by here...
he was remarkably skilled.
But there was doubt in his heart.
When his doubt is gone, I'm sure
he'll work out the most powerful
Deathblow Sword of all!
A Knight came through here recently...
He was amazing! But his heart was full of chaos...
When he can cope with his pain, he'll be the mightiest warrior alive.
I'm a former thief.
My buddy used to mumble, "right of
the treasure chest..." in his sleep.
I'm a former thief. My old accomplice used to mumble this in his sleep, "To the right of the treasure chest..."

Another former thief in town mentions treasure in the tower of the Cefca Fanatics, so consider this related and keep it in mind for later.

Listening to travelers and thieves,
I've gotten a good idea of what's
become of our torn-apart world...
Shall I tell you about it?
I've learned a lot about our new world from the thieves and travelers that have come through here.
What shall I talk about?

The above person will show you where to find Narshe, the Beast Plains, and Doma Castle in the new layout of the world.

Know the man in Zozo who tells you,
"this is a dangerous place"?
He's the one honest guy in that town.
He just might help you out somehow.
You know that guy in Zozo who says,
This place is dangerous!?
He's the only one guy in that town who tells the truth.
Maybe he can help you.
Letters often come to Lola lately.
From her boyfriend in Mobliz?
Recently Lola has been receiving a lot of letters.
Must be from that guy in Mobliz...?

Remember her? But the kids in Mobliz mentioned that the soldier died... so who's sending her these letters, and so many flowers?

Lola: Look at all the flowers in this room.
 My boyfriend in Mobliz sent them to me.
 Look closely, they're handmade artificial
 flowers. He made me flowers, in this age
 when plants no longer come into bloom...
 Here's a letter from him...
LOLA: Look!
My boyfriend in Mobliz sent me all these flowers!
They're all hand-made of silk. And these are letters he has written to me...
 Didn't Cefca's Light of Judgment hit Mobliz...?"
"Is someone writing in his place...?"
But wasn't Mobliz demolished by Kefka? Somebody else must have written these...

So let's take a look at that letter.

To my beloved Lola,
 A phase of village reconstruction
 is done... I was thinking mayhap
 I would return home anon...
My beloved Lola,
We're still busy trying to rebuild this town...
If all goes well I'll be able to come home to you soon...
"...this writing looks..."
"Awfully {Cayenne}-ish...
 but where is he sending the letters from?"
...this handwriting...
It looks a lot like {CYAN}'s... But where is he mailing them from?
Lola: Could I ask you to take my reply
 to him out to the carrier pigeon?
LOLA: Could you please attach this reply to a carrier pigeon?

The bird flies off when given the letter, heading northwest to a town in the mountains. That gives an idea of where to look, at least...

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