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  Eastern Gaia Lowlands  

A stray comment by an otherwise unimportant NPC much later indicates that this entire region, centered around Gaia's Navel and including Potos Village, the Water Temple, and several other locations we'll be visiting in due time, is called the Gaia Lowlands.

As near the falls, "The Boy Heads for the Wilds" plays here.

Bud Flowers (Lullabuds) and Myconids (Mushbooms) join the Rabbies here. Be careful, since the flowers can cause Poisoned, and the mushrooms have a dust cloud attack that inflicts Asleep. Neither should cause much trouble if you take proper advantage of the sword's range and keep out of reach between attacks.

A sign just outside the village begs for attention.



Cannon Travel Center!

That sounds peculiar. Let's investigate. The screen to the right has a large cannon mounted on an elevated patch of land. A stubby character who looks like a caveman with goggles stands nearby.

: Gu hu hu, welcome. Me?
 I'm part of the network of Cannoneer Bros
 that links the whole world! Gu hu hu hu.
 Hi! We, the Cannon Travel
 brothers are building
 a global network!

Each cannoneer has a different peculiar laugh, and most also have other strange quirks of speech.

「水の神殿に 行くんだろ?
 ジェマさんなら 先に行ったよ。
「大砲で神殿まで ひとっとび!
 ジェマさんに おまえのぶんも
: You're heading for the Water Temple?
 Mister Gemma's already gone ahead.
: It's a quick hop to the temple by cannon!
 I've already received payment for you
 from mister Gemma. Want to ride?
 Going to the Water Palace?
 Jema's already left. He
 paid your way, too! Hop in!
( たのむ  ことわる ) ( Make the request   Decline ) (Thank you!  No thanks!)

"By cannon"? Does he seriously mean...

 さあ、大砲にはいっとくれ!  Now, get into the cannon!  Just slide into the cannon!

Apparently he does. The Boy gets in and is launched out of the cannon to land near the Water Temple not far to the west.

As far as I'm concerned, the strangest thing about cannon travel is that no one seems to find it strange.

Of course, you could also decline (or just not come here in the first place).

 水の神殿に行くんなら 西の方に
: Aw, really? Just head west if you're
 going to the Water Temple on foot.
 Well, if you want to walk
 to the Water Palace, head

It's not far, and there are more signs along the way.

「きけん! ゴブリンにちゅうい」 "Danger! Beware of Goblins." DANGER! Beware of goblins!

All right, but there don't seem to be any around.


"Welcome to Nikita's!"

Welcome to Neko's!

Nikita, who carries a large bag and seems to be as much feline as human, runs an overpriced store (charging twice what other merchants do for the same items) and an inn that usually ends up being largely pointless. Just past Nikita's lies the passage to the Water Temple, which also serves as The Boy's landing spot if arriving by cannon. Four generic soldiers and a blond man who seems to be their leader stand here.

: We're a witch subjgation force from
 Pandora Kingdom. We're going to
 take out the evil witch in Imp Forest.
We came from Pandora to
fight Elinee, the witch in
the Haunted Forest!
あの方はわれわれの たいちょう
こんどのにんむは 生きてかえれ
That's Dirac, our commander.
He's steadfast despite his youth.
We might not come back alive from
this mission, but you'd never guess
it from his expression...
That's Major Dyluck.
This mission will be full
of danger. But we'll do our

"Dyluck" works well enough, but this may be a reference to Paul Dirac, a theoretical physicist who, among other things, predicted the existence of antimatter. This may have some relevance. If nothing else, it's a real name that's rendered as ディラック and dominates search results.

ムチをつかえば わたれるんだ。
The warp ahead is a shortcut to
Imp Forest, but it leads to a cliff.
You can cross it with a whip, though.
We need a whip to go through
the short cut to the castle
of Elinee, the witch.

After speaking to either of the soldiers who introduces Dirac, speaking to one of them again or to Dirac prompts them to leave.

Between his unique appearance and the fact that the game apparently wants you to know his name (since it's not until after you've seen it that they leave), it's a safe bet that he'll be important to some degree. Too bad he's on what sounds uncomfortably like a suicide mission.

: Major Dirac!
 Preparations complete!
SOLDIER:Major Dyluck!
 All set!
「よし! ゆだんするなよ!
: Good! Don't get careless!
 Move out!!
Dyluck:Right! Let's go!

They exit to the left, with an odd noise offscreen. Following them reveals a teleporter to a dead end in a misty forest. So we'll head north instead.

水の神殿 Water Temple WATER PALACE

Appropriately, water flows from, and pools around, the temple. Gemma waits by the entrance, as he said he would.

Gemma: I've been waiting for you!
 Now, let's go, [BOY]!
JEMA:Let's go, [BOY]!

Gemma continues inside, where The Boy unsurprisingly finds more water, as well as more serene music (track 31 祈りと囁き / "Prayer and Whispers"). Past a series of retractable stairways, The Boy beats Gemma to an aqua-haired, red-eyed woman wearing a golden tiara and a blue flowing dress, and standing by a small stepped pyramid with a large seed sitting on its top. He looks around in confusion, then walks up to the woman.

Oddly, the stairs can only be operated from the outside, which seems like a very bad idea as far as security goes. Even more oddly, not to mention inconsiderately, Gemma seems to have somehow retracted them behind him, despite the lack of any visible controls on the inner side.

『Where's Lady Luka?
 Oh, I'll try asking that girl.
 Say, you there, where's Lady Luka?
[BOY]:So? Now what?
 Hey, you, where's Luka?

Gemma now approaches.

ジェマ「これ! しつれいな!
Gemma: Hey! How rude!
 Lady Luka, it has been a long time.
Girl: Ho ho ho, I'm glad you're here!
JEMA:Hey! How rude!
 Luka, it's nice to see you
LUKA:Ha ha ha...welcome!

The Boy is astonished.

Also note that what he said isn't particularly rude... as long as he's talking to someone of no special importance, and around his age or younger. He seemed to think he was, but it appears he's wrong on both counts. At least she doesn't seem to mind. Maybe she thinks of it as a compliment. Also of interest is that, while she may look more like a teenager than a centuries-old probably-not-human being, she talks very much like a wise old woman.

『えー? じゃ、この子が
 200さいの おばあちゃん!?
『What? You mean this girl is
 the 200-year-old granny!?
[BOY]:What? You mean this
 girl is 200 years old?

A break in the conversation here allows for an optional side chat with Luka.

Luka: Oho, so you drew the Holy
 Sword! How very interesting.
 Ho ho ho.
LUKA:My, my...looks like
 you have the Mana Sword!
 How interesting. Ho ho ho!

Talking to Gemma continues the scene.

Gemma: Lady Luka, monsters have
 begun to attack villages. Just earlier,
 in this boy's village...
JEMA:Luka, monsters are
 invading villages.
 He just fought one!
 事が わかるのじゃ。
Luka: Hmph, I'm well aware!
 I can tell through the flow of the water
 what happens all over the world.
LUKA:I know. The ebb and
 flow of water brings me
 news from around the world.
「マナの力が 弱まっておる。
: The power of Mana is weakening.
 Perhaps this is why that boy was
 able to draw the Holy Sword.
 Mana's power is growing
 weak. That's why this boy
 was able to take the Sword.
「その時、このあたりの マナの
: When he did, that most likely upset the
 balance of Mana in this area, causing
 monsters to begin running riot.
 When he did, the balance of
 Mana in this area shifted,
 and monsters revived.
「世界には 聖剣の力を封じている
: It seems that there are evil monsters
 in the world that are sealing away the
 Holy Sword's power.
 There are evil monsters
 working to steal away the
 power of the Mana Sword!
「それらを たおせば 聖剣の力が
: Taking them down should restore
 the Holy Sword's power, allowing it
 to further evolve by reforging it.
 By defeating those evil
 monsters, you can restore
 the Sword's Mana power.
「先ほどの マンティスアントも
: The Mantis Ant earlier must have been
 one of them. The Holy Sword's power
 seems to have recovered slightly.
 The power is kept in orbs.
 Looks like it regained some
 power from the Mantis Ant.
: There may be seals other than monsters
 that will restore the sword's power
 to evolve. Find them.
 There must be more hidden
 orbs which hold Mana
 power for the Sword.
 And you must find someone
 who can forge the sword to
 release its stored power.

A break in the conversation here allows for an optional side chat with Gemma.

ジェマ「私は かつて ルカさまの
 もとで 修行をしていたことが
Gemma: I once studied under Lady Luka. JEMA:Once I was one of
 Luka's followers.
: I was taught then of the power of
 Mana that supports our world.
 It's now in the process of being lost...
 I studied the power of
 Mana, which sustains
 eveything in this world.

Talking to Luka continues the scene.

 マナの要塞を ねらっておる!
Luka: Gemma, take heed of the
 empire's movements! They're
 after the Mana Fortress!
LUKA:Jema, watch out for the
 Empire. It seeks to obtain
 the Mana Fortress.
『The Mana Fortress!?
 That thing from the fairy tale
 where it destroyed the world?
[BOY]:You mean the one
 that destroys the world in
 that fairy tale?
Gemma: It's no fairy tale. The fortress
 really existed. The empire is trying
 to revive it.
JEMA:That's no fairy tale.
 The Empire is trying to
 awaken it.
ルカ「帝国は 各地の 神殿にある
 マナの種子の封印を とこうと
Luka: The empire appears to be trying
 to break the seals of the Mana Seeds
 in the temples across the world.
LUKA:The Empire is going to
 unlock the seals from the
 world's Mana Seeds.
「この神殿のまわりにも すでに
 何者かが ようすをさぐりに
: Someone seems to be nosing
 around this temple already.
 A bunch of strangers have
 already started snooping
 around this palace!
Gemma: Trouble seems to be
 brewing in Pandora Kingdom.
 Could the empire be involved?
JEMA:Something is very
 wrong in Pandora. Could the
 Empire be involved?
ルカ「わからぬ‥ ジェマよ、
 国王に会い 帝国に用心するよう
Luka: I don't know... Gemma, see
 the king and tell him to be wary
 of the empire.
LUKA:I don't know. Jema, see
 the King of Pandora and
 tell him to be cautious.
 では さっそく。
Gemma: Understood.
 I'll go at once.
JEMA:Right. I'm on my way.
 とよばれる どうくつにむかえ。
「ドワーフたちに その聖剣を
: [BOY], head to the cave called
 Gaia's Navel. I've heard there's
 a dwarven blacksmith there.
: It would probably be a good idea
 to have the dwarves reforge the
 Holy Sword...
 [BOY], you go to the cave
 called Gaia's Navel.
 Dwarves live in that cave.
 They make good weapons and
 know all about weapons.
 They may know somebody who
 can reforge and empower
 that sword of yours.
 使える技も ふえていくはずだ。
: As the sword evolves and your skill
 level increases, you ought to be able
 to use more skills. Take heart!
 As your sword's power and
 skill level increase, so
 too will your ability.

Gemma exits, leaving The Boy alone with Luka.

 何をそんなに おびえておる?
( 聖剣のこと  要塞のこと )
Luka: ...[BOY].
 What has you so frightened?
( The Holy Sword   The fortress )
LUKA:[BOY], what are you
 so scared of?
(The Sword  The Fortress)

Hoo boy. Here comes a sizable dialog tree, the only one in the game as far as I can recall—most choices elsewhere are very basic, while this one has multiple choices, and parts can repeat until she's satisfied. Fortunately, it's not really as complicated as it appears at first glance.

Choosing "The fortress" goes here.

 神の船が マナの要塞じゃ。
: Long, long ago, there was a final battle
 of the gods. The Mana Fortress is a
 divine vessel used then.
 Eons ago the ancients used
 the Mana Fortress in their
 final battle.
「おまえも おとぎばなしとして
 だが 神々の戦いは本当だった。
: You have most likely heard about it,
 as a fairy tale. But the battle of the
 gods really happened.
 But even they could not
 control Mana...
「その時 滅びかかった世界を
: It is held to be the Holy Sword that
 at the last moment saved the world
 from the brink of destruction.
 In the end it was your
 sword that saved the world.
: Those who survived were protected
 by the power of Mana and rebuilt the
 world as we now know it.
 Survivors rebuilt the
 world to honor Mana.

He nods, and Luka continues. Choosing "The Holy Sword" above jumps straight to this point. Both choices continue below.

「その剣は まさしく聖剣。
: That sword is indeed the Holy Sword.
 However, its light has been lost, and it no
 longer has its power as the Holy Sword.
LUKA: That is THE Mana
 Sword, but its power is
「聖剣は その最後の力を使い、
 自らおぬしを 選んだようじゃ。
: The Holy Sword seems to have used
 the last of its power to choose you.
 It used its last ounce
 of power to summon you...
( なぜぼくを?  聖剣の力? ) ( Why me?   The Holy Sword's power? ) (Why me?  Power..?)

We'll start with "Why Me?"

『なぜ ぼくなんかを‥‥ 『Why someone like me......? [BOY]:Why did it choose me?
 聖剣をよみがえらせねば ならぬ
: I don't know either. But now that
 you have drawn it, you must revive
 the Holy Sword.
LUKA:I don't know, but now
 you must re-energize it!
 ( まかせろ!  やだ! )  ( Leave it to me!   No, thanks! )  (No problem!  No way!)

And here we'll pick "Leave it to me!"

『どうすれば? 『What should I do? [BOY]:What should I do?
: You must acquire the courage and
 power needed to become a hero
 worthy of the Holy Sword.
LUKA:You must become a hero
 who is worthy of the sword!
 ( むりだ!  ‥‥うん )  ( That's too much!   ......right. )  (Who, me?!  ...Okay!)

And here we'll stop being so cooperative and pick "That's too much!"

『そんなのムリだよ! 『That's asking too much! [BOY]:That's impossible!

Now it all comes back together. Choosing "The Holy Sword's power?" earlier, or "No, thanks!" after "Why Me?", jumps to here.

 要塞を よみがえらせてしまうと
: [BOY], if the empire revives the
 Mana Fortress, all Mana will be lost.
 [BOY], the Empire must
 not restore the Fortress!
「その前に 聖剣の力を
 こんどこそ ほろびてしまうぞ!
: The world will surely be destroyed
 this time if you do not revive the
 Holy Sword's power before then!
 Regain the sword's power
 first, or all is lost!

After this, regardless of how it got here, the text jumps back to where The Boy asks Luka what he should do. Choosing "That's too much!" just loops again until finally selecting "...right!", at which point Luka finally continues (and so does the story).

「さあ、さいだんの マナの種子に
: Now, hold up the Holy Sword
 to the Mana Seed on the altar.
 Enough! Hold the sword up
 to the seed!

She steps out of the way to let The Boy approach. When he does, the seed rises into the air spinning, pings a few times, and gives off a light bluish glow that briefly colors the entire area before it settles back into place:    

Mana Energy is now 1.

「マナの種子と 聖剣が
『What just happened?
: The Mana Seed and Holy Sword
 For a moment, the seed
 and the sword became one!
 You have sealed the Mana
 seed with your Mana sword.
: Now, no matter where in the world
 you go, the seed's power should
 reach the Holy Sword.
 Now the Mana power from
 the seed will be sent only
 to you and your sword.
 You'll be able to gain
 power from the Mana seed
 wherever you are!
: The world has a total of eight temples,
 including this one. Secure power from
 the seeds in each.
 The world has 8 palaces.
 Visit them all and receive
 the power from them all!
 ブロンズランスも もっていけ。
: The rusted Holy Sword alone may not be
 enough from here on. Take this Bronze
 Lance purified with holy water as well.
LUKA:Take this Spear with
 you. Mana Guardians used
 it long ago.
 ブロンズランスを手にいれた!  Obtained Bronze Lance!   Received Spear!
: It should evolve much like the
 Holy Sword if used alongside it.
 It will grow and regain
 it's power just like your
 Mana Sword.
 There must be more weapons
 like this spear in the
 world. Find them!

The Spear doesn't have power to regain, and it's not even all that special on its own. The Holy Sword is what gives it strength.

   ( はい  いいえ )
Luka: I'll heal you.
 Would you like me to save as well?
   ( Yes   No )
LUKA:I'll restore you.
Want to save the game?
  (Yes  No)
ルカ「まずは ジェマもいっていた
 ガイアのヘソ にむかえ。
Luka: First, as Gemma said, head
 for Gaia's Navel. The Subterranean
 Temple should be there.
LUKA:First, head for Gaia's
 Navel like Jema said. Look
 for the Underground Palace.
 行くと よいだろう
: Go through Pandora Kingdom to
 the south to reach Gaia's Navel.
 To reach Gaia's Navel head
 south through the realm of

Luka will continue to provide free healing, save the game, and repeat her suggestion of what to do next when you speak to her.

Which is what makes Nikita's inn mostly useless.

That 1 Mana Energy won't make much difference at this point, but at least it looks nice on the status screen. The most readily apparent effect of Mana Energy is determining maximum spell level, once spells become available. However, it also has a more subtle function. Mana Energy squared adds to effective attack power and spell power, as long as the hit isn't a dud (when attacking, duds occur roughly (100 - hit rate)% of the time and reduce effective attack power to (hit rate)%, with no Mana Energy bonus or random variation).

Anyway, for now, you basically get +1 damage on normal hits. It's not much, and you'll have to open the weapon ring or do something else that makes the game refresh it before you'll get the bonus at all, but at this point that's something like 5% of your damage. Anyone not specifically looking for the effect will likely switch to the Bronze Lance before fighting anything and assume its higher attack power as compared to the Rusted Holy Sword is entirely responsible for the damage increase.

There game also has a related variable for enemy Mana Energy that would give them the same bonuses, but nothing ever sets it, so it's effectively unused. It still works as expected if modified, though. Perhaps there was an idea involving fighting over control of the seeds that was ultimately scrapped, or maybe they just needed a placeholder value to reuse the same damage algorithms.

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