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  Eastern Gaia Lowlands  

Soon after leaving the Water Temple, Goblins (usually) ambush The Boy, not far from the "Beware of Goblins" sign he probably should have paid more attention to.

『Whoa! Goblins!

He comes to in a large pot on a fire in a primitive village. Goblins watch him cook.

「コラ!ウゴクト ナマニエ!
『Whoa, this's hot...
[BOY]:Heeelp. Ouch!
GOBLINS:You! Do not move!
 Just stay still!

Goblin no speak good. All katakana. Much annoy to read.

「コレカラ オマエ マツリノ
 オマエ、トテモ ラッキ~!
 You are very lucky! You're
 going to be our main dish!
『うわあ、やめてくれえ! 『Whoa, thanks but no thanks! [BOY]:Haaaalp! Let me go!
「オマエ、ナカナカ ウマソウ!
GOBLINS:You look delicious!

That's an evil cackle, not a shriek. This sentence includes an obligatory Zerg rush reference.

Something more primal replaces the music (track 8 踊るけものたち / "Dancing Beasts").

「ウホ!オドリ ハジマッタネ!
「ワレラモ オドラネバ!
GOBLINS:Hey! The dancing
 has already begun!
 Let's join in!

They wander off. Apparently failing to recognize this as a good opportunity to make a break for it, The Boy just kind of sits there until a girl with a huge blonde ponytail and a pink outfit, who has been edging closer along the treeline, tries to get his attention.

「‥ちょっと! : ...hey!   Hey!
「‥ちょっと、キミ!! : ...hey, you there!!   Hey, you!

He finally turns around and sees her.

: You dummy. What are you doing!?
: Shh! Quiet!
GIRL:What on earth are you
 doing, you idiot?
[BOY]:Please help me!
GIRL:Shhh. Quiet.

She heaves him out of the pot and uncomfortably close to the trees. Oh well, a rescue is a rescue.

「さあ、にげるよ! : Now we run for it! GIRL:Let's get out of here!

Back where the ambush occurred, the music returns to normal.

『どうも ありがとう。
 でもどうして こんなところに?
『Thank you so much.
 But what were you doing there?
[BOY]:I owe you my life.
 But what are you doing
「ある人を さがしてたら
 つかまってるのが 見えたから
: I was looking for someone and
 saw you had been captured.
 I thought maybe...
GIRL:I've been searching for
 someone. For a second I
 thought you were him...
 たすけて ソンしちゃった。
 私いそぐから 行くね。
 キミも町に戻った方が いいよ!
: Looks like I got the wrong person.
 Saving you was a waste.
: Just kidding!
 I'm in a hurry, so I'm leaving.
 You should head back to town too!
 A case of mistaken
 identity, huh?
 I guess I lose...
[BOY]:Now wait a minute!
GIRL:I'm only joking.
 Look, I'm in a hurry.
 You'd better get back
 to your home. Later!

She rushes off to the east.

『あ、ねえ!‥ 『Ah, hey! ... [BOY]:Hey, wait!
 Darn, we didn't even introduce
 ourselves before she left...
 Left without even telling
 me her name...

There's no sense in brooding on it. Let's continue east and south to Pandora.

The Goblin ambush may not always occur. We'll go into why in an upcoming section on alternate story paths.

パンドーラ城下町 Pandora Castle Town PANDORA

The music here combines sad with desolate (track 3 薔薇と精霊 / "Roses and Spirits"). A soldier stands by the entrance.

「ここは パンドーラ王国の
: This is Pandora Kingdom's castle
 town. I heard from Sir Gemma
 to let you through if you came.
This is Pandora.
I was told to let you pass
through if you arrived.

As this implies, you can't get through here until after going to see Gemma and Luka at the Water Temple.

 から いらっしゃったそうだ。
 お城に いるんじゃないか?
: Sir Gemma? I hear he hails
 from Tasmanica.
 Wouldn't he be in the castle?
Sir Jema of Tasnica is in
the castle with our King.
 あまり 町の者とは
: And just so you know, you're
 better off not talking to the
 townspeople much!
Oh, and I wouldn't talk to
the people in the town.

That's strange. What could he mean?

「‥‥ : ...... ......

This, apparently. Alarming numbers of the townspeople give that response. As one resident puts it,

 みな たましいが抜けたように
: It's dreadful.
 Everyone seems like the souls
 have gone out of them......
This is awful! It's as
though they've lost their
will to live!

The merchant who ought to be running the armor shop is one of them. The innkeeper seems spaced out, too, but at least does business, as does the general store, which sells Wristbands to finish out The Boy's equipment set. Most of the townspeople have little to say, but one girl has a unique appearance, including electric blue hair, and might be important later.

「町はずれの古代いせきに 人々が
「おばあちゃんも 昔はすごく
: Strange things have been happening
 in town lately, like people gathering
 at the ancient ruins on the outskirts.
: And granny used to be so energetic,
Some people are gathering
at the ruins south of this
Odd things have been
happening ever since!
Grandma goes there...

The maid in a large house nearby notes that life goes on for some people, though.

「ご主人さまと おじょうさまは
 お城に おでかけになってます。
「何でも おじょうさまの
: The master and the young mistress
 are away at the castle.
: It seems the young mistress is meeting
 a marriage prospect....... u hu hu...
The master and his daughter
are at the castle arranging
her marriage.

Gemma should be in the castle. Maybe they'll have some answers there, too.

  Pandora Castle  

Things aren't any cheerier here, but at least more of the people talk.

「町の人々も われわれへいしも
 ほとんどの者が みなぬけがらの
 ように なってしまった。
: Nearly all of the townspeople and
 even us soldiers have become like
 empty shells.
Most of the townspeople and
soldiers have turned into
「南の古代いせきには あくまが
: They say a demon lives in the
 ancient ruins to the south......
I sense something evil in
the ruins to the south.
: There was a big war with the
 empire 15 years ago.
The Empire attacked us
once about 15 years ago.

Not just a one-off attack, but a major war. And tensions remain high, as we'll see soon enough.

: Recently, it's been like the townspeople
 are missing their souls. Supposedly the
 the witch to the north is responsible.
The witch up north must be
up to no good. People are
acting strangely recently.
: I heard Chancellor Elman's daughter
 is meeting a marriage prospect in the
 room on the second floor!
Sir Elman arranged his
daughter's marriage.
I feel sorry for her.
They should be upstairs now!

More specifically, they're having a formal meeting, vaguely similar to a job interview, but with the intent to arrange a marriage. The line about feeling sorry for her doesn't belong, either. My understanding is that this was a common practice not long ago, and even now happens often enough among prominent families.

This must be what the maid in town was talking about. Heading up the nearby stairs, The Boy sees the girl who rescued him from the Goblins leaving a room and slamming the door behind her.

: Daddy, you dummy!
 I'll make my own decisions!
GIRL:Dad! You're impossible!
 I'll make my own decisions
 about my life!

She starts to run off, then notices him there.

 そんな リッパな剣もっちゃって
『え? いやこれは その‥‥
: Oh! You're that dopey guy from before! caught me at an embarrassing
 moment there......
: Huh? You're a swordsman!?
 That's a nice sword you've got there.
『Huh? Well, really, it's more like......
GIRL:Hey! It's the guy
 I saved! Say what?
 You're a swordsman?
[BOY]:Huh...oh, you mean
「そうだ!キミ ちょっと私と
 いっしょに 来なさい。
 この前 たすけてあげたでしょ!
: I've got it! You, come with me for a bit.
 I did help you out earlier, you know!
GIRL:This is GREAT! I need
 your help! I helped YOU
 didn't I? It's your turn.
「こんどは 私をたすけるばんよ!
: It's your turn to help me!
 We're going to rescue Dirac!
 He went to subjugate the witch.
 We're going to go teach
 that witch a lesson. We're
 going to save Dyluck!
『But I need to go to the
 Subterranean Temple......
: You can do that later!
[BOY]:But...I've got to go
 to the Underground Palace.
: Now let's go! ...err...
『......I'm [BOY].
: Well, I'm
GIRL:Right. Let's go, uh...
[BOY]:I'm [BOY]
GIRL:Oh. Call me...
  この 女の子の 名前を
Pick a name for this girl. Please name this young lady.

The Japanese manual calls her プリム (purimu), which the remake renders as "Primm" for a fairly plausible name, even if she is neither prim nor proper.

 これからも よろしくね!!
: I'm [GIRL].
 Nice to meet you!!
 You can call me [GIRL]!
[GIRL]が なかまになった! [GIRL] became a companion! [GIRL] joined!

The Girl doesn't have The Boy's strength, but she's fairly tough and has conspicuously high Spirit. She comes with the Kaiser Knuckles and a Kung Fu Suit.

And although it's not readily apparent, she also has a higher critical hit rate than the other characters.

The Gloves and AI characters don't always mix well, particularly with the low evasion that comes from not having a full set of equipment. Especially if not playing multiplayer, consider giving her something with more reach, and don't forget to adjust her behavior settings (and The Boy's too, while you're at it) to something more sensible than "panics at the first sign of trouble".

Trying to go in the room she left proves pointless.

Elman: [GIRL]!!
[GIRL]『Daddy, I HATE you!!
[GIRL]:I hate you, Dad!

She drags The Boy back outside.

 ぜったい もどりませんからね!
[GIRL]『I'm NOT going back in this room! [GIRL]:I am not returning
 to this place, EVER!

The Girl tends toward immaturity, even childishness. You can see a glimpse of that here, not just in the way she's basically throwing a tantrum but also in how she talks. Also note that her dialog gets the 『 mark now that she's joined as a party member.

The next door down the hall leads to the throne room, where Gemma stands facing the king and queen.

 おまえも この国のようすを
Gemma: Here you are, [BOY]!
 I expect you've seen the way
 things are in this country.
JEMA:[BOY], you're here!
 I suppose you've seen what
 happened to the people.
「魔女エリニースが 何のためかは
 わからぬが 町の人々の生気を
: I'm not sure why she's doing it, but the
 witch Eliniece seems to be draining
 the vitality from the townspeople.
 The witch Elinee is
 draining people's energy.
 町の南のいせきに 出入りして
: It seems that people whose vitality has
 been drained by the witch are making
 trips to the ruins south of town.
 Those people are going to
 the ruins in the southern
 part of this town.
 しらべてみようと 思う。
: I think I'll infiltrate the ruins and investigate.
 You hurry to Gaia's Navel!
 I'll have a look around.
 Head for Gaia's Navel!

Gemma leaves. Let's try talking to the others, starting with the king.

King: We're in trouble. There's no telling when
 the empire will make its move, but the people
 and even soldiers are like lifeless shells.
KING:What a nightmare!
 The people in my country
 are acting like zombies!
「エルマンのすすめで 魔女の
 とうばつたいを はけんしたが
: On Elman's advice, we dispatched a
 force to subjugate the witch, but they
 seem to have been wiped out...
 The troops I sent to fight
 the witch were captured...
[GIRL]『What was that!?
 So daddy's the one who arranged
 for Dirac to go to the witch!
[GIRL]:What? You and dad
 MADE Dyluck go to the
 witch's castle?!
『ディラックから わたしを
『He was trying to separate
 me from Dirac!
 I'll never forgive him!
 How DARE you try to drive
 Dyluck and me apart!

How self-centered... and yet, she may have a point.

Soldier: Such insolence!
[GIRL]『What's your problem!
 Fine then, let's go, [BOY]!
SOLDIER:How rude!
[GIRL]:Be that way!
 Let's go, [BOY]!

Maybe someone else, then.

: Our country and Tasmanica
 are allies.
The country of Tasnica is
our ally, and its citizens
our friends.

No surprise there, considering the regard they show for Gemma, a Tasmanican knight who appears to serve as a go-between as well.

 でも この国もいまでは こんな
: ......I see. You were driven from
 your village. But you've seen the
 way our country is now.
QUEEN:Expelled from your
 village? Well, this realm
 too, is having problems.
「あなたも すぐに たちさった
 方が よろしいでしょう。
: You'd do better to leave at once.  It would probably be best
 if you also left this
 country right away.

There's an intriguing stairway in the king's room, but it's guarded.

 ている!さあ あっちへ行って!
: This is the national treasury. It's
 sealed until the legendary hero
 appears! Off with you, now!
This is the treasure house.
I must guard it for the
knight in the legend.

Apparently they don't recognize the Holy Sword. Oh well, maybe they'll reconsider later.

パンドーラ城下町 Pandora Castle Town PANDORA

With The Girl along, a few of the people in town react differently, such as at her house.

: Ah, young mistress! What happened
 to your engagement meeting?
Oh, you're back!
How did you like your
husband to be, miss?

Elman has returned from the castle, as well, and they find him upstairs.

Elman: [GIRL]!
 You've come back!?
 You're back!
 ディラックを たすけだすまで
[GIRL]『Daddy! I'm not coming
 back until I've rescued Dirac!!
[GIRL]:Dad! I'm not coming
 back until I find Dyluck!

That's hardly unexpected. Let's try that blue-haired girl, who, come to think of it, has a similar outfit to The Girl's, but in green instead of pink.

Pamela: Ah, [GIRL].
: Has Dirac come back?
 ......oh. But I'm sure he's fine!
[GIRL]:Hi, Phanna!
 Is Dyluck back yet?
 Oh, I'm sure he's fine.
[GIRL]:Yes, I hope so.

Apparently they're friends. There's nothing else to do here, though, so it's time to head west.

Considering that so far we've seen The Girl arguing with her father, yelling at the king, and treating The Boy like some kind of brain-damaged servant (though, to be fair, he didn't exactly make a good first impression), it's reassuring to see that she can get along with people long enough to make friends.

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