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ドワーフの村 Dwarf Village DWARF VILLAGE

With the entrance accessible, a cheery, if simplistic and repetitive, tune (track 11 月夜の出来事 / "Events on a Moonlit Night") plays in the previously pointless empty room. Dwarves wander around in the next, larger, chamber.

Although I'm not attempting to do much with it, note that the generic dwarves have a rather strong accent, one that I believe has sort of a "hickish" feel to it.

Oh, what's this? You came
here from the surface?
My, oh my!
You from the surface?
この前も 妖精の子供が
Seems a sprite child was washed
away here from the surface, too.
The kid's in the freak show.
A while ago a Sprite's child
was washed down here.
It's doing magic tricks...

妖精 (yousei) is more commonly translated as "fairy", but we're not dealing with Tinkerbell here. Better to avoid those connotations.

ここよりも ずっと地底の方で
There's a noise from way deeper in the
ground than here. Someone digging a
hole or something?
You can hear rumblings from
somewhere even deeper than
here. Sounds like digging...
We've had a lot of little earthquakes lately.
There, another one! Scary, ain't it?
There are so many small
earthquakes! There...again!
「地底神殿?んなもなあ おめえ、
 ずいぶんと 昔っから
 うまっちまった まんまだあ。
: Subterranean Temple? Hmm, well,
 that's been buried since a long,
 long time ago.
Underground Palace?
That's been buried for ages.

That doesn't sound reassuring. Regardless, we're also looking for a blacksmith. The hammer and anvil sign looks promising. The dwarf inside wears a horned skull as a helmet, stands by a pool of lava and an anvil, and has weapons and armor on display. This ought to be the place.

「お!ちょっと、その剣 見せて!
 ほっておくと おれちゃうぞ!
: Oh! Let me have a look at that sword!
 Whew, this's awful! Leave it like
 that and it's gonna break!
Say, show me that sword!
It's covered with rust!
It'll break in no time!
 100ルクで きたえなおすよ?
( おねがいする  ことわる )
: The name's Watts! Famous blacksmith!
 I'll reforge it for 100 Rukh, okay?
( Request   Refuse )
I am Watts, the blacksmith!
I'll reforge it for 100 GP!
 (Please do!   No thanks!)
ワッツ「よし!ちょっと待ってろ! Watts: Okay! Just a second! WATTS:Right. Wait a sec!

A bit of hammering and cooling later...

 こんな 名刀見たことねえや!
: There! I've reforged it!
 I've never seen such a fine sword!
 It'd be a waste to leave it rusted.
WATTS:It's done! I've never
 seen a sword as fine as
 this one in my life!
「みてるだけで ウズウズするぜ!
 いつかは オレも そんな剣を
 作って みてえもんだ!
: Just looking at it fires me up!
 I'd love to try making a sword like
 this myself some day!
 I hope someday I can forge
 such a splendid sword!
: Whoa!? Wh-what's going on?
 My hammer's started glowing!
 What!? That's the Holy Sword!?
 Huh? What on earth...
 My hammer has started to
 Wait just a minute!
 That must be the Mana
「こりゃあ タマゲタ!聖剣の力が
: What a shock! Could the Holy Sword's
 power have soaked into my hammer!?
 Astonishing! Perhaps the
 power of the Mana Sword
 has seeped into my hammer!
「よし、ためしにオノでも 作って
: All right, I'll make an axe or something
 to test it out! Come back again later!
 Great! Think I'll try and
 make an axe with this.
 Come back in a while.

This replaces the Rusted Holy Sword with the Defender, which has higher attack power, raises Agility by 1 (regardless of the description), and allows weapon skill to increase to a maximum level of 2.

That's one task dealt with. Forging an axe could take a while, though, so let's kill some time.

Elder: Ho, ho! Welcome to the
 Dwarf Village. Have you been
 to the freak show next door?
ELDER:Ha, ha, ha! Welcome to
 the Dwarf Village. Have you
 been next door?
: This village has quite a few strange
 and rare things. You should take a
 look. Ho, ho!
 There are many curious
 things in this village.
 Why not take a look?

Sure, why not?

: Yes, welcome.
 To Dwarf Village's famous
 freak show!
DWARF:Step right on in!
 It's the Dwarf Village's
 world famous exhibit hut!

Hold on a second. He looks just like the...

「長老? ごじょうだんを‥‥
 私は みせもの小屋の主人です。
: Elder? Surely you jest......
 I am the host of the freak show.
 Anyway, why not have a look?
DWARF:Elder? Me? Naw, I run
 a show. Wanna see it?

Naturally, the game skips that line if you never spoke with the elder.

「50ルクで 見れるよ!
 ( 見る  またにする )
: You can see it for 50 Rukh!
 ( Look   Some other time )
  (Pay   Leave)
「ショーのはじまりだあ! : The show is beginning!  The show's just starting!

"Dancing Beasts" starts playing.

「まずは 世にもふしぎなラビ男! : First, the incredibly odd Rabbieman!  First, cast your eyes on
 this Rabiteman! The only
 one in the world!

The party jeers as a Rabbie and a dwarf appear on the stage.

「ラビと男で ラビ男~っ!
: Rabbie plus man makes Rabbieman!
 What? Don't mock you? Ah, I see
 our guest has an eye for quality!
 Take one Rabite, and one
 man, and its...Rabiteman!
 Hey, you! Pipe down!
「それでは ショウシンショウメイ
 なんとも めずらしい
: Very well, then, here is a genuine,
 and highly rare, sprite child!
 And now, presenting an
 actual and very rare,
 Sprite Child!

A tiny creature with a huge (relative to its size) mass of salmon hair appears on the stage.

 ボクを たすけてくださいませ。
: *sob* *sob*......
 Ahh, O kind mister,
 please help me.
SPRITE:Boo, hoo, hoo...Ah!
 Won't you please help me?
: Now, everyone, how dreadful!
 Tears for the listening, tears for the telling.
 A sad story of tears and more tears!
DWARF:Yes, folks, it's pure
 tragedy! Weep as you hear
 his story.
「この子には かえさなければ
: This child needs to pay back a
 debt amounting to 50,000 Rukh!
 This poor child has a
 50,000 GP debt to pay off!
「こうしてはたらき 少しずつ
: And so that is how he finds himself
 working here, repaying it little by little!
 Now, O kind-hearted guests.
 It's here, working off the
 debt bit by bit.
 Oh please, gentle people.
 たすけてあげて チョウダイな!
  ( はい  いいえ )
: Please come to his aid!
 Even 100 Rukh will help.
  ( Yes   No )
 Please help it!
 Even 100 GP will help.
  (Okay   No)

That poor child needs the money more than we do, right? Besides, refusing just leads to a But Thou Must loop anyway. Suddenly, the creature becomes rather less tiny, though still no larger than a human child, not counting the hair.

: Geh heh heh!
 Thank you! I'll take that.
 What? Get going already!
SPRITE:Oh, joy! Thank you!
 I'll take that, thank you
 so much...

Something seems fishy about this. Investigating reveals a tunnel between the elder's room and the show room.

Sprite: Heh hehn, how'd you like my acting
 skills! That guy was practically crying!!
SPRITE:Well, how was that?
 What an actor I am! That
 guy was even crying!
Elder: I think I talked a good talk myself!
 Hu hu hu, what a profitable venture.
ELDER:Well, I wasn't too
 bad myself! Ha! We're
 going to make a fortune!

The party confronts them.

Sprite: Eep! D-did you hear all that?
Elder: P-please forgive us!
This child really is a sprite child.
SPRITE:Aiee! Did you
 overhear what we just said?
ELDER:P...please forgive us!
 This child really IS
 a sprite child.
 こうずいにのまれて ここまで
: He apparently used to live in the Sprite
 Forest, but was caught in a flood and
 washed all the way here.
 It used to live in the
 Sprite Forest, but a flood
 brought it here.
「森にかえるための りょひを
 つい この子のアイデアで‥‥
: We were trying to earn enough money
 to pay his way back to the forest......
 Then he got this idea......
Sprite: Heh hehn, I've got a real talent
 for this stuff! Keh keh keh!
Elder: Hey! Aren't you going to apologize?
 I thought I'd help it earn
 the money to return home...
SPRITE:Good idea, huh?
ELDER:Hey! You have to
 apologize, too!
妖精「ふん!わるかったな! Sprite: Hmph! My bad! SPRITE:Harumph! Okay.
 I was wrong!
Elder: I'm ashamed.
 I'll return your money.
ELDER:I'm ashamed of myself.
 I'll return your money...
Elder: I'm so sorry......
Sprite: My bad, hmph!
SPRITE:Didn't mean any harm!

He refunds both the 100 Rukh they scammed and the 50 Rukh cost of watching the show. Unfortunately, as soon as the party returns to the central chamber after both confronting them and starting Watts on forging an axe, a sudden earthquake interrupts.

『な、なんだ!? 『Wh-what!? [BOY]:What on earth...!
『なにかが来る! 『Something's coming! [BOY]:Something's coming!

Another boss from underground! The Bud (Tropicallo), a large plant with a face that spits explosive bouncing pumpkins, comes with a Blood Roper (Brambler) or two (one doesn't always spawn) that extend vines in the general direction of the party. The Bud retreats underground when hit, then pops up in one of three preset locations soon after, so use charged attacks to maximize damage, and repeat as needed. The Blood Ropers can also be killed, and will not respawn.

Computer-controlled characters don't know to wait until the Bud's shell opens before attacking, so don't expect much help from them.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
ヤリのパワーが アップ! Pike's power up! Got Spear's Orb!
Elder: Thank you.
Sprite: I'd have taken it out if this
 guy hadn't butted in......
ELDER:Thank you very much!
SPRITE:I didn't need your
長老「コレ!‥‥もうしわけない Elder: Hey! ......I'm terribly sorry. ELDER:Hey! Sorry about that.
「この子は 流されてきたときの
 ショックで名前も かえり方も
: This child has forgotten both his name and
 the way home, apparently from the shock
 when he was washed away here......
 This child received such a
 shock from drifting here,
 it lost all its memories.
: Perhaps that's why he's so quick to turn
 a sharp tongue on people. He's actually
 a good kid......
 It really is a nice child.
 It plays tricks on people
 sometimes though...
妖精「へへへ、まあ そのうち
Sprite: Heh heh heh, well, it'll
 all work out sooner or later!
 Gotta take it easy!
SPRITE:Come on old timer!
 Give me a break.
 Take it easy!
Elder: ......the Bud was supposed to be
 sealed in the temple. If it emerged, then
 perhaps we can enter the buried temple...
ELDER:Tropicallo broke out
 of a sealed palace. There
 must be a way into it!

He turns to the child.

 おまえの きおくも もどるかも
: Your memories might return if you
 were granted power from the temple's
 Your memory might return
 if you receive some power
 from the Mana Seed.
Sprite: What!? Say so sooner!
 I'm going, right away!!
SPRITE:What? Really?
 I'll go now, right now!!!
 神殿は うもれていた間に
Elder: You can't go on your own!
 The temple has become overrun
 with monsters since its burial!
ELDER:Not alone! The palace
 was buried. There must be
 tons of monsters by now.
 どうかこの子を 神殿まで
: ......traveler who defeated the Bud!
 Would you take this child to the temple?
 Would you be so kind as to
 accompany this sprite to
 the palace?
( はい  いいえ ) ( Yes   No )   (Yes   No)

It wouldn't be nice to refuse, and besides, But Thou Must.

Elder: Much obliged! Did you hear that,
 shrimp? Behave yourself for this man!
ELDER:What luck! Did you
 hear that, little one?

The elder keeps using name-like variations on チビ (CHIBI), which is a less-than-formal way to refer to children or small people.

Talk to the sprite child to continue.

Sprite: You'd better not slow me
 down, dude!
『Du... I'm [BOY]!
SPRITE:Hey, "brother!"
 My NAME is [BOY]!

It's literally "big brother", but family terms are often used in a looser sense than actual family members.

: Huh...... then give me a name too!
 It's a pain without, right?
SPRITE:Okay! Say, why don't
 you name me, too. That'll
 make it easier on you.
 この 妖精の子供の 名前を
 Pick a name for this sprite child.   Please name
  this little sprite!

The Japanese manual uses the name ポポイ (popoi), which the remake just leaves as "Popoi". To be fair, there's not much you can do with that.

「[SPRITE] かあ‥
: [SPRITE], huh...?
 ...I guess that's all right.
 Nice to meet you, dude!
[SPRITE]:[SPRITE]? What kinda
 name is that?
 Like, ah, nice to meet ya!
[SPRITE]が なかまになった! [SPRITE] became a companion!   [SPRITE] joined!

The Sprite has neither the strength nor toughness of the others, but combines decent Agility with high Intelligence. He comes wielding the Boomerang and wearing a Munchkin Robe.

The question of whether The Sprite is a boy or a girl comes up fairly often, apparently. Personally, I don't think it matters, beyond pronoun choice, unless you're trying to invoke Rule 34. Even the Japanese manual gives The Sprite's gender, as well as age, as "unknown". Regardless, masculine pronouns are normally the default for English, and The Sprite does seem to talk in a boyish fashion. This is hardly conclusive, but The Girl doesn't do that even at her bossiest, so that may have been done deliberately. Either way, "it" just seems rude.

As usual, remember to set The Sprite's behavior settings and get him a full set of equipment as soon as possible.

Talk to the elder to continue.

 神殿へは それ、すぐそこに
 できた 穴から行けるのじゃが‥
Elder: I appreciate your help.
 You can get to the temple through
 the hole formed right over there...
ELDER:Good luck! You can get
 to the palace by way of a
 hole over there.
 神殿を封印した時に はられた
: But there's a lava barrier in place from
 when Eliniece, the witch to the north,
 sealed the temple.
 But there is a lava field
 which Elinee made to seal
 the palace.
: I expect you'll have to get Eliniece
 to release the seal first. She used
 to be a good witch back then......
 First you have to go to
 Elinee's castle to ask her
 to dissolve her seal.
 Elinee used to be a good
 witch. But...she's not
: Eliniece's castle is in the Imp Forest
 to the north. Meet with her and get the
 barrier removed one way or another.
 Go north to the Haunted
 Forest, find her castle and
 ask her to open the seal.
: These are a bow and arrows that
 washed up along with the shrimp.
 Take them with you.
 Here are a bow and arrows
 we found along with
 the little one. Take them.
 ポロンの弓矢を手にいれた!  Obatined Poron's Bow!  Received
  Chobin's Bow and arrows!
「そういえば ワッツが さがして
: Come to think of it, it seems Watts
 was looking for you. You should
 probably go see him.
 That reminds me, Watts the
 blacksmith was looking for
 you. Visit his workshop.

Good idea. That axe ought to be ready by now.

Watts: Well...... I tried making an
 axe, but it didn't seem to work.
 Wonder why......
WATTS:Well...I tried making
 an axe, but it's no good.
 Wonder why...

The axe isn't worthless. It just doesn't seem to have any special properties, like he was hoping it would...

 こいつは ひょっとすると‥‥
: Huh? That boomerang?
 Wait, what if......
 Could you try holding this axe?
 Got a boomerang, huh..?
Wait! I know...!
 Try holding this axe!

...but then he notices something curious about the Boomerang...

 きたえても 聖剣といっしょで
 ないと パワーがでないんだ!!
: That's it! Even if I forge it with this
 hammer, it needs to be with the
 Holy Sword to show its power!!
 That's it! Mana power in
 these weapons doesn't work
 until you hold them!

...and like Luka said, it's using them with the Holy Sword that gives the other weapons their power.

: This axe is special!
 It can even break small boulders!
 This axe is mighty special!
 You could even smash a
 boulder with it!
「このオノ かってかないか?
 100ルクで うるよ。
( かう!  いらない )
: Wanna buy my axe?
 I'll sell it for 100 Rukh.
  ( Sold!   Don't need it )
 Take it with you for 100GP!
  (Sure!   No thanks!)

Considering that was half the point of coming here, it's going to be necessary.

ワッツ「なにか あたらしい武器を
 手に入れたら また来いよ!
 そうだ 近道をおしえてやるよ。
Watts: Come again if you get any
 new weapons! Here, I'll show
 you a shortcut.
WATTS:There should be more
 Mana weapons to find.
 Bring them to me!
 They need to be forged to
 release any Mana received
 from the orbs.
 And only I can do it!
 Now, let me show you a
 short cut.

He walks to the side and removes a barrier blocking a stairway.

 ずっと らくになるよ!
Watts: You'll have a lot less trouble
 getting here from the surface
 if you use this!
WATTS:This will make it
 a lot easier for you!

The stairway connects directly to the former dead end in the eastern cave entrance, skipping the monster-infested caves entirely.

Remember to reforge the Pike, which makes it the strongest weapon again, before leaving.

Now that everyone has a reason to go see the witch, let's return to that forest...

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