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Before moving on, it's worth noting that there are several different ways to get to the point of having all three characters.

Ignoring Dirac causes Lazy Goblins, Extra Backstory, and a Teleporting Girl

As noted earlier, Goblins won't always ambush The Boy after he leaves the Water Temple. Thanks to shared event flags, the key is to avoid talking to Dirac and his soldiers. With no Goblin ambush, The Boy can reach Pandora Castle without having encountered The Girl. She still bursts out of her engagement meeting, but instead of stopping and recognizing him...

「ちょっと どいてよ! : Out of the way! GIRL:Look out!

...she just shoves him aside and keeps going. At least this allows The Boy to enter the room she came from. Inside, Elman stands across a table from a generic nobleman and a boy who looks alarmingly like Bob, the big bad bully from Potos Village.

「ふぇーん、ぱーぱー! : Waaaah, daddy! Papa!!

And is apparently just as mature and pleasant as Bob.

 いったいどういう おつもり
Noble: How dreadful! Sir Elman!
 Just what is the meaning of this!?
NOBLEMAN:This is trouble!
 Sir Elman! Just what do you
 intend to do?
「こんかいの はなしは なかった
: I'll forget we ever had this talk!
 How utterly outrageous!
 Let's forget we ever had
 this discussion. How
 absolutely impertinent!

The offended nobleman and his whiny kid barge out.

エルマン「こまった娘だ‥‥ Elman: I worry about my daughter...... ELMAN:Oh, dear...
「おさないころに 母をなくし
: Maybe it's because I've raised her on my
 own after she lost her mother at a young
 age that she's become so willful.
ELMAN:I suppose she's so
 selfish because she was
 raised by a man.
「母が いないため、ずっと
 つらかっただろうから けっこん
: She's had it tough not having a mother
 all this time, so I want her marriage
 to go as smoothly as possible.
 It's been tough since she
 hasn't had a mother.
 I wanted to make her happy
 on her wedding day.
「そう思って きぞくのいえと
 へいしなんぞに ホレおって!
: With that in mind, I've been working
 toward an engagement to a noble family,
 but she's gone and fallen for a soldier!
 That's why I arranged for
 her to marry a young
 But now she tells me she's
 in love with a soldier!

Apparently he's concerned that she's simply not ladylike enough to have a chance at finding a good marriage unless he goes out of his way to arrange one, and expects her to appreciate his efforts. She plainly doesn't, and he doesn't seem to understand her ingratitude.

After talking to Elman, returning to town finds him and The Girl at their home, continuing to argue.

However, if you go see Gemma and the king before entering the meeting room and talking to Elman, the room will be empty, and neither Elman nor The Girl will appear at their home, either.

「ご主人さまと おじょうさまは
 2かいに いらっしゃいます。
: The master and the young mistress
 are on the second floor.
The master and his daughter
are upstairs.

Sure enough, there they are, with The Girl blocking the way into the room.

: I've had enough! I'm going to go
 search for Dirac! I'm not coming
 back until I've rescued him!
GIRL:I can't stand this!
 I'm going to find Dyluck
 all by myself!

Then she simply vanishes. Elman behaves oddly, too.


He's supposed to be using her name, but it hasn't been set yet. The memory location is initialized to a string of twelve bytes of 0xFF. Twelve, because the game technically supports names up to twelve characters in length, possibly as a holdover from the original plans to release it on a CD addon. However, that never came to fruition, and the final text is set up with line lengths that expect names of at most six characters, so that's the naming screen's limit.

In the Japanese version, 0xFF is the code for a space, resulting in a long chunk of whitespace that pushes the ellipses to the next line. In the English version, however, 0xFF stands for "go", so it looks like he's possessed or something (the twelfth "go" is apparently cut off).

Speaking of which, that's another oddity in the English version text encoding. There are dozens of single-byte codes like this one that the parser recognizes as standing for common two-character combinations, but the text itself never actually uses any of them.

In any case, the line above displays normally if you visit after giving The Girl a name, but without her in the party (otherwise he'll react to her directly).

The Girl shows up again downstairs by the doorway.

: Daddy arranged things with the
 king to send Dirac to the witch!
 That's horrible!
GIRL:Dad asked the king to
 make Dyluck lead the way
 to the witch's forest!

And then she vanishes again. Through all this, the maid continues to insist that the young mistress remains upstairs with Elman. Apparently this chain of events was never completely finished, but was also never completely removed or deactivated.

On a related note, the pessimistic man near the entrance to Imp Forest has different lines when The Girl is not in the party:

 妖魔の森だ。森には まものが
: Ahead is Imp Forest, where the witch
 lives. The forest is full of monsters!
A witch lives up ahead
in the Haunted Forest.
「女の子がひとりで 妖魔の森に
: A girl went into Imp Forest all by
 herself. By now, she's probably...
 ...the poor thing......
Some poor girl went in
there alone! Oh, dear!

Another way to reach Pandora without first meeting The Girl is to talk to Gemma outside the Water Temple (regardless of Dirac and his soldiers), then go to the cannoneer by Potos Village. The Goblins don't appear until after the discussion with Luka, but talking to Gemma outside is enough to trigger normal cannon service, which includes a route to Gaia's Navel, bypassing the guard who ought to keep you out of Pandora until after seeing Luka. This method risks fouling up important event flags, though, including becoming unable to get the Pike, if you don't go have that talk with Luka before doing too much else.

Stubborn Girl Calls Boy Stubborn

Trying to enter Gaia's Navel with The Girl in the party, before finding the barrier in Imp Forest, predictably results in an argument.

If leading the party, The Girl gets her way automatically.

[GIRL]『Gaia's Navel?
 Hey, hey, this hasn't got
 anything to do with Dirac!
[GIRL]:Where are we?
 This place has nothing to
 do with Dyluck, does it?
『I want to go to the witch Eliniece's
 castle in Imp Forest. Got it?
 I want to go to Elinee's
 castle in the Haunted
 Forest, okay?

And they exit the cave. Otherwise, The Boy gets the option to do things his way.

 どこ行くの? 魔女の城はこっち
[GIRL]: Hey, hey!
 Where're you going? You do know
 the witch's castle isn't this way, right?
[GIRL]:Hey! This isn't the
 way to the witch's castle!
 Where are you going?
( 地底神殿に行く  やめる ) ( Go to the Subterranean Temple   Don't ) ( Underground Palace   Exit)

If he tries to go on, The Girl gives him one last chance to change his mind.

( 地底神殿に行く  やめる )
[GIRL]: I won't go!
 Are you going there anyway?
( Go to the Subterranean Temple   Don't )
[GIRL]:I'm not going in!
 Are you going by yourself?
(Yes!   Go to the forest.)
[GIRL]: You're so stubborn!
 Fine, I'll go on my own.
[GIRL]:Geez, you are
 stubborn. Fine!
 I'm on my own! See you!
Parted ways with [GIRL]......   Separated from [GIRL].

She does at least leave her weapon and other equipment behind.

Which if you think about it means she's running off into the forest unarmed and naked. Except not exactly. If you switch to the weapon she was using, it "swaps" out of the bottom right corner of the screen as though she were down there, so apparently she's still using it, and can even trade somehow!

Scamming Sprite Mocks the Moneyless

It's possible to see The Sprite's plea for money without having enough money to donate. He's not impressed.

: Bah. You ain't got enough.
 What a deadbeat!
 Gramps, this guy's no good.
 Geez! A lot of nothing.
 These poor people just
 aren't going to cut it!

The rest of the event proceeds as usual, except that the elder only refunds the 50 Rukh cost for seeing the show.

The Sprite Can Tell Girls from Boys

If The Girl, rather than The Boy, speaks to The Sprite after beating the Bud, the dialog changes slightly.

Sprite: You'd better not slow me
 down, babe!
『Oh! I'm [GIRL]!
SPRITE:Now don't you get in
 my way, "Brother!"

Similar to the other version, that's more literally "big sister", but the connotations when addressing a stranger like that can be rather different.

: Huh...... then give me a name too!
 It's a pain without, right?
SPRITE:Okay! Say, why don't
 you name me, too. That'll
 make it easier on you.
 この 妖精の子供の 名前を
 Pick a name for this sprite child.   Please name
  this little sprite!
「[SPRITE] かあ‥
: [SPRITE], huh...?
 ...I guess that's all right.
 Nice to meet you, babe!
[SPRITE]:[SPRITE]? What kinda
 name is that?
 Well, let's go!

Suddenly, Werewolves

And what if The Girl ran off on her own, or never joined the party at all? When she isn't with the others, the teleporter on the first screen of the Imp Forest, instead of its usual destination, leads to a special arena room where a pair of Werewolves menace her.

「キャーッ! : Eeeeek! GIRL:Ahhhhhhh!

Naturally, this isn't a good time for conversation.

「ちょっと たすけてよ。
: Hey, help me out.
 You're a boy, aren't you!?

So kill the Werewolves first. She may throw some punches, but appears to be unable to either take or inflict damage during this event, and the Werewolves completely ignore her, so don't expect any help.

Be very careful if you haven't been through Gaia's Navel yet. Even a single Werewolf can do a lot of damage in a short time, and there are two of them here. Getting stunlocked to death is a serious possibility. Coming here alone and without the better equipment and higher levels the trip through Gaia's Navel would give will make this a risky challenge. At least Nikita is (usually) there on the previous screen to save.

She's appreciative, if just as bossy as ever, once the battle is decided. Assuming they've never properly met:

 ちょうど よかった‥‥
『へ?行くって どこへ?
「なに いってんの。魔女の城から
 ディラックを たすけにいくの!
: Huh, you're not half bad!
 This works out perfectly......
 Okay, you, let's go!
『Huh? Go where?
: Don't be silly. We're going to the
 witch's castle to save Dirac!
GIRL:Hey, that wasn't too
 bad! Okay! Let's go!
[BOY]:Huh? What?!
GIRL:Don't be silly. We're
 going to rescue Dyluck
 from the witch's castle!
『ど、どうして ぼくが?
『W-why me?
: What, then? Are you telling poor
 little me to go by her lonesome?
[BOY]:What's this "we?"
GIRL:How dare you let me go
 there alone!
『‥‥ 『...... [BOY]:Well... but...
 I don't... but then...
 きまりね!さあ いくよ!!
: Arrgh, quit testing my patience!
 It's settled! Now let's go!!
GIRL:Geez, how irritating!
 You ARE going to help me.
 Okay, we're off! uh...
『I'm [BOY].
: Hmmm, what a weird name.
[BOY]:My name is [BOY].
GIRL:Okay, [BOY]!
  この 女の子の 名前を
Pick a name for this girl. Please name this young lady.
 これからも よろしくね!!
: I'm [GIRL].
 Nice to meet you!!
 You can call me [GIRL]!
[GIRL]が なかまになった! [GIRL] became a companion! [GIRL] joined!

And the group is sent on into the forest. Of course, it goes a bit differently if they've already met.

[GIRL]: Eh heh heh...... I knew
 you'd come for me......
[GIRL]:Oh ho! I knew you'd
 come! Thank you!

That's nervous/guilty laughter, appropriately enough.

「さあ 行きましょう。
: Now, let's go.
 We've got to save Dirac!
 Okay, let's go.
 We have to save Dyluck!
[GIRL]が なかまになった! [GIRL] became a companion!   [GIRL] joined again!

She'll also willingly enter Gaia's Navel after sheepishly returning to the party, even without having seen the barrier in the woods.

She has yet another reaction if The Sprite talks to her after the battle instead.

「あら かわいいわね。
: Oh, how cute!
 Koochy koochy koo!
GIRL:Oh look! How cute!
 Koochy koochy koo!
[SPRITE]『D-don't make fun of me!
 Buddy! Do something!
[SPRITE]:Hey! Stop that!
 Hey [BOY]! You've got to
 help me! Hey!

Since The Boy needs to talk to her before anything else can happen, this seldom-seen line follows if The Sprite somehow survived when The Boy didn't.

: Oh no, looks like they got you.
 Just a sec, I have this item
 I bought from Nikita......
GIRL:Oh, boy! Is he okay?
 Wait! Where's that thing
 I just bought from Neko?

And the party is healed so that The Boy can talk to her now.

Unfortunately, she doesn't heal or revive anyone in any other case. Considering how difficult the Werewolves are for an unprepared party, it would have been nice if this were another of those events that couldn't give a Game Over, but nope.

And now, back to the story!

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