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妖魔の森 Imp Forest HAUNTED FOREST

With a full party, better armor, more levels, an upgraded Sword and Pike, a second weapon that can cut through barriers, and two weapons with longer range, the Porons shouldn't cause too much trouble. As hoped, the Axe cleaves through the skull totem things blocking the way. Unfortunately, the path soon stops in a dead end. Backtracking a little finds another way where stepping on a magic symbol extends a ledge to meet that former dead end.

After the first area, you'll find Batlers mixed in with the Porons, plus a few stray Myconids and maybe a Bee Bee. An Eye Spy guards the symbol that opens the path forward. Although these can't move, they spawn more Porons, heal nearby enemies, shoot beams that cause Moogle, and ignore weapon damage when in hit recovery. Use hit and run tactics, and attack from a distance or at an angle.

The entrance from near the Water Temple comes into sight before long, but the cliff remains uncrossable. Continuing on through two more teleporters brings us to the outside of a castle. Navigating the twisting path leads to the entrance proper. This looks like the place...

A Werewolf rushes from the gate, but with only one of them against three this time, it shouldn't cause as much trouble as the ones The Girl ran afoul of if she came to the forest alone. Be careful of the Eye Spies and possibly another Werewolf along the way.

魔女の城 Witch's Castle WITCH'S CASTLE

A gate blocks the way, but oddly, it opens from the outside. In the next room, the furniture attacks!

Magical Chairs (Polter Chair) may come as a surprise, but they aren't particularly strong. The castle also has more Eye Spies and Werewolves, both of which tend to pose more of a threat.

A floor switch past a pair of Werewolves in a dangerously confined space doesn't seem to work.

『‥‥? 『......?   .....?

So we'll try the stairs nearby. Hey, it's the missing soldiers! Most of them, anyway. Dirac isn't in the cells with the others. Let's release them.

へいし「‥‥ Soldier: ...... SOLDIER:...
[BOY]『We're here to save you!
Soldier: ......huh? Oh......
[BOY]:We've come to help!
SOLDIER:...Huh? Ah...
[GIRL]『Where's Dirac?
Soldier: ......huh? ......dunno?
 ...with the witch... maybe? ......
[GIRL]:Where's Dyluck?
SOLDIER:...What? Um...
 Maybe...with the witch?
 こいつら すっかり生気を
[BOY]『's no use.
 It's like all the vitality's been
 drained out of them...
[BOY]:It's hopeless.
 These guys seem like
 人たちと おなじね!やっぱり
[GIRL]『Just like the people in the
 city of Pandora! The witch really
 is the one doing it!
[GIRL]:Just like the people
 in Pandora! You can bet the
 witch is behind this!
 ‥‥ここの上のかいの ゆかに
Soldier: ......well, let's go home? ...
: ......huh? Oh......
:'re going... to the witch?
 ......the floor above... bridge
 appears... if three stand on it......
SOLDIER:Are you..goin' to...
 ...witch's lair..?
 ...go up floor.
 When 3 people step onto...
[BOY]:...? Platform?
 Let's go see it!

The soldiers don't talk at all after that. Nikita also turns up in a cell, overcharging as always, but otherwise fine, and also offers to save the game. Regardless, the whole party stands on the switch now, extending a bridge to continue. Several rooms later, the music turns into a more intense version of the same tune (track 18 君は海を見たか / "Did You See the Sea?"). Behind a table bearing some suitably eerie objects stands a woman who could only be...

魔女エリニース「チッ! うるさい
Witch Eliniece: Tch! Such noisy
 children! You'll pay for this!
ELINEE:Phew! What noisy
 little children!
 See what you get!

She retreats through the doorway behind her into a more castle-like room where Dirac stands.

エリニース「さあ! おまえは
 タナトスさまのもとへ おくって
 やるわ! ソレ!
Eliniece: Now! I'll be sending
 you on to lord Thanatos! There!
ELINEE:Allow me the pleasure
 of sending you to Thanatos!

Dirac vanishes.

 What have you done to him!?
 Elinee, what have you done
 with him?
 だけ なぜかこのワシのじゅつも
 かからんので くろうしたわい。
「タナトスさまの めいれいで
Eliniece: Ka ka ka! I've had a lot of
 trouble with that one man. My spell
 won't work on him for some reason.
: I've sent him to the ancient ruins
 in Pandora on the orders of
 lord Thanatos!
ELINEE:What have I done?
 Well, I just sent him to
 the ruins in Pandora.
 My magic doesn't seem to
 work too well and I
 couldn't handle him...
 But Thanatos wanted him
 so I sent him there!
『タナトス? 『Thanatos? [GIRL]:Thanatos?

You know, the Greek personification of death? Surely you've heard the name before.

Eliniece: A mage knight from the
 Vandole Empire who's trying to
 crush the kingdom from within!
ELINEE:The head of a secret
 organization that intends
 to overthrow the kingdom.

Or maybe he's that. Either way, score one for Names to Run Away From Really Fast. And who he's working for is kind of important!

[GIRL]『ゆるせない! [GIRL]『You won't get away with that! [GIRL]:How could you!
 ほとんどの人を ホネヌキにして
Eliniece: Keh keh keh, I've already
 enfeebled most of the kingdom's
ELINEE:Tee, hee, hee...He's
 already dispatched most
 of the people in Pandora.

More literally, "removed the bones from" them. It doesn't sound right for her to say she's "deboned" them, though, unless we're going for a Hannibal vibe. "Spineless" would be related, though I'm not sure how to word that into the sentence, and I'm not sure it's quite the right connotation anyway. I also sort of want to use the word "impotent", but that could have unfortunate implications.

「あとは タナトスさまが 王国の
 南のいせきから 城を せめ
 おとせば おしまいじゃ。
: Lord Thanatos only needs to storm
 the castle from the ruins south of
 the kingdom to finish things.
 All that's left is for Sir
 Thanatos to storm the
 castle from the ruins.
「さーて おまえらは ワシの
: Now then, I think I'll have you be a
 meal for my darling Tiger Chimera!
 Now...won't you be so kind
 as to feed yourselves to my
 cute little Spikey!

That doesn't sound good. She makes some gestures and vanishes, and the gate behind her opens ominously... and shortly after the boss music starts, an oversized tiger with a spiked back lands on them.

The Tiger Chimera (Spikey Tiger) represents a sizable step up in difficulty over the previous bosses, despite having a full party for the first time. It can inflict alarming amounts of damage, particularly against The Sprite, and also has numerous attacks that frankly seem unfair. Both its leaping pounce and a virtually undodgeable speedy rolling attack tend to inflict Asleep, which doesn't help matters any. Besides that, the Tiger Chimera may leap to either of the pillars on the sides of the room, where it may use Fire Breath (damage + Ablaze status) or cast Fire Cocktail (damage + Attack Down status), and only the Bow or the Boomerang can hit it (aim at the feet for best results). Add in the rather low limit this game places on inventory items, and staying alive can become a serious problem. Heal as soon as anyone gets low on health, try to attack from different angles and stagger hits, and hope the items hold out long enough to win.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
ブーメランのパワーが アップ! Boomerang's power up! Got Boomerang's Orb!

"Orphan of the Storm" plays after winning. Leave to find the witch by the stairs.

Eliniece: Eeeep!
 Have mercy!
 Please forgive me!

She turns into a generic old woman with a depowering sort of noise.

エリニース「ごめんよ。最近 この
 森にはえる 魔法のやくそうが
Eliniece: I'm sorry. The magic herbs
 growing in the forest died out recently...
ELINEE:Sorry...the magical
 herbs that grow in this
 forest have withered.
「魔力をいじするために 町の人を
 ホネヌキにするかわり タナトス
: I've been getting the herbs to preserve my
 magical power from Thanatos in exchange
 for enfeebling the townspeople.
 I have been trading the
 villagers for Thanatos's

For whatever reason, when I first played the game, I got the impression that she was trading with the villagers to get herbs that turned out to have come from Thanatos and were somehow tainted to turn her evil. But no, she was dealing with Thanatos directly, zapping the townspeople for him, and knew exactly what she was doing. She was just desperate enough to hold on to her powers that she didn't care.

「これからは フツーの ババに
: From now on, I'll go back to being an
 ordinary old lady, and live a quiet life......
 From now on, I'll simply be
 a normal elderly lady, and
 live peacefully.
「さっきの若者なら パンドーラの
 南の 古代いせきに、いるはず
: The young man from before should be
 in the ancient ruins south of Pandora.
 If you're looking for that
 other kid, he's at the
 ruins, south of Pandora.
「そこの宝箱は もうワシには
: I don't need what's in those treasure
 chests any more. Take it with you......
 You can take what's in
 the treasure chest.
 I don't need it anymore.
 ないと とけないねえ。
: Hm? The Subterranean Temple orb?
 Hmmm, it would take something like
 ice magic to release that.
 The orb in the underground
 Palace? You need to use the
 magic of ice.
「わしゃ、フツウの ババに
: Now that I'm just an ordinary old lady,
 I don't have the magical power......
 But I don't have any more
 magical power left.

One of the chests now nearby just has a bit of money, but the other...

『革のムチ』が 入っていた!
Inside the treasure chest
was the Leather Whip!
      Found the Whip!
「ワシのさいごの魔法で おもてに
  ( はい  いいえ )
: I can send you outside with the
 last of my magic. All right?
  ( Yes   No )
 Allow me to send you
  (Yes   No)

It beats walking. Upon leaving the castle, either by warping or on foot, The Girl steps forward as tender but sad music plays (track 5 やさしい思い出 / "Kind Memories").

[GIRL]『Dirac really is alive.
 Thank goodness......
[GIRL]:Dyluck is alive!

A voice from nowhere interrupts.

すぐに 水の神殿に来ておくれ!
...[BOY]... can you hear me? ...
Come to the Water Temple at once!
  [BOY]...Can you hear me?
  Come immediately to the
  Water Palace!
 ぼく 行かなきゃ‥‥
[BOY]『It's lady Luka!
 What could have happened?
 I've got to go......
[BOY]:It's Luka!
 NOW what's the matter?
 I've got to go...
 ディラックは しんぱいだけど
 この先私ひとりじゃ むりみたい
[GIRL]『......I'll go too!
 I'm worried about Dirac, but it doesn't
 look like I'll be able to do this alone.
[GIRL]:...I'm going too!
 I'm worried about Dyluck,
 but I can't save him alone.
 たすけるのも てつだってね。
『I'll go with you. So help me with
 saving Dirac in exchange.
 I'll go with you.
 In return, you can help
 rescue Dyluck.
 I'm with you! Just kick back
 and leave it to me!
 I'm coming along!
 You can count on me!

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