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妖魔の森 Imp Forest HAUNTED FOREST

With the Whip in hand, the party can now snag the posts by the path to the Water Temple for a shortcut, as Dirac's soldiers suggested back when they were more coherent.

You could also take the long way, through Pandora, but nothing much has changed there. The entrance to the ruins remains blocked, with no sign of Dirac outside. The Girl's friend Pamela appears near the south exit from town, wandering around blankly, but you can't do anything about that yet, either.

You could take cannon travel from just south of the forest, too, if you prefer.

水の神殿 Water Temple WATER PALACE

Luka is fine, and heals and saves as usual, but that doesn't mean there aren't other problems.

ルカ「神殿にそって 東に行った
 滝のウラがわの どうくつに
Luka: The water spirit Undine is in the
 cave behind the waterfall you'll reach
 by going east alongside the temple.
LUKA:Undine, the Elemental
 of water, lives in a cave
 behind a waterfall.
「神殿に けっかいをはって
: She had been putting a barrier up
 over the temple, but the barrier
 suddenly went dead.
 It's east of the steps
 leading to this palace.
 You've got to find her!
 ようすを 見てきておくれ。
: I'm worried about Undine!
 Go look in on her.
 Her seal on this palace
 has failed, and I fear
 she is in great danger!

Cave east of the Water Temple

The previously unenterable cave now has Garfish (Iffish) both inside and in the pond outside that had been empty before.

『なんだ、コレ!? 『What's THIS!?  What the...!

A round thing in the second room hatches into an Omnom Tadpole (Tonpole). Not too bad, until it transforms into an Omnom Lizard (Biting Lizard) and the boss music abruptly starts playing.

The lizard jumps around a lot and can eat characters, which is less than pleasant. Try to attack from diagonals. The most frustrating thing about the battle, though, is that it can heal up to three times, while you're still stuck with only a limited item inventory for recovery.

Eventually, it collapses, though without the usual pyrotechnics.

グラブのパワーが アップ! Glove's power up! Got Glove's Orb!

The rear wall bursts open, and a tune with an air of mystery (track 23 永劫回帰 / "Eternal Recurrence") starts playing. Inside awaits a floating figure that resembles a mermaid in oceanic colors and holds a spear.

 おれいに 力をかしましょう。
: Thank you...
 I am the water spirit Undine.
 I will lend you my power as thanks.
UNDINE:Thank you!
 I am Undine.
 My power is your reward.
「私たち精霊の魔力は よびだした
 者によって 2通りの魔法に
: The magical power of we spirits changes
 into two types of magic depending on
 who has summoned us.
UNDINE:I'll give you 2
 kinds of magic.
「[GIRL]は 回復や
: For [GIRL], healing and defense......  [GIRL] can use my recovery
 and defense magic.

The Girl steps back and does her summoning animation.

「[SPRITE]は 水や氷の力で
: [SPRITE] can attack enemies with
 the power of ice and water.
 [SPRITE] can use my battle

The Sprite steps back and does his summoning animation. The Boy looks around expectantly.

[BOY]『ぼくは? [BOY]『And me? [BOY]:And me?
 剣の力とぶつかって 命を
Undine: who drew the
 Holy Sword cannot use magic.
: If the owner of the Holy Sword were to use
 magic, it would clash with the sword's
 power, and you could lose your life......
UNDINE:Your Mana Sword will
 one day become more
 powerful than any magic.

Well, that's a bit different. The implication of a bond between him and the sword would also explain why only he can restore its power.

「でも魔法の力を りようすること
: But you can make use of the power
 of magic. Use [GIRL]'s Ice Saber
 on your weapon.
 You can receive an
 Elemental's power, such as
 Ice Saber, on your sword!
: A weapon enchanted with Ice Saber
 becomes a blade of ice, freezing
 its adversaries into snowmen.
 [GIRL] can cast Ice Saber
 on your weapon to turn
 enemies into snowmen!
 上や下にいる敵を はなれた
: I shall also give you this weapon.
 It can attack distant enemies
 above or below you.
 And this! Take this with
 you. It is one of the Mana
   スピアを手にいれた!    Got the Javelin!     Received Pole Dart!
: Please summon me whenever
 you may need my power......
UNDINE:Call me anytime!
 精霊ウンディーネの力をえた!  Gained the spirit Undine's power!   Gained Undine's powers!
[SPRITE]『Heh hehn!
 Now I'm a great mage!
[SPRITE]:No one can stop
 ME now!

The Girl and The Sprite now have three spells each through Undine. Each can raise their magic level up to the party's current Mana Energy level, and should try to keep levels as high as possible in order to maximize spell effectiveness. Helpfully, all three spells for each character/spirit pair share level and experience.

Remember that you'll get half as much magic experience where the characters don't have their weapons out. It's understandably tempting to spam The Girl's spells in an inn or other recovery spot (preferably free ones like Luka), but stepping out into a combat area means you need fewer castings per level.

The Girl's spells include a healing one, which tends to be the single most useful type of spell in any game. The status cure also helps, but Ice Saber's freezing effect makes enemies temporarily invulnerable as well as immobile, limiting its usefulness. The Sprite, in addition to raw offense, also gets a health-draining spell and one that can temporarily lower enemy defense in addition to inflicting some damage.

水の神殿 Water Temple WATER PALACE

Let's check in with Luka.

 使えば、地底神殿の ようがんも
Luka: Even the lava in the Subterranean
 Temple ought to die out if you use
 Undine's magic.
LUKA:Use Undine's power to
 stop the lava in the
 underground palace.
「クリスタルオーブは 何らかの
 魔法にはんのうする スイッチに
: A crystal orb acts as a switch that
 reacts to a certain kind of magic.
 Crystal Orbs are made to
 respond or react to an
 Elemental's power.

That settles our next destination.

地底神殿 Subterranean Temple Underground Palace

The shortcut Watts opened makes returning to the Dwarf Village much less trouble than the first time there. In the temple entrance sits a crystal orb by a river of lava. As promised, the orb reacts to the Freeze spell, vanishing and taking the lava with it when hit.

Inside, the architecture bears a resemblance to the Water Temple, but with a more earthen color scheme. A gloomier, more percussion-heavy, take on the usual temple theme plays in both the entrance and the palace proper (track 13 聖なる侵入 / "Holy Intrusion").

The Batler and Green Slime make repeat appearances, while the agile Unicorn Head (Chess Knight) and quarrelsome Goblin Lord (Goblin) show up for the first time. The Goblin Lord also tends to spawn a Goblin Guard (Ma Goblin) or two, and can heal nearby monsters. Both types of goblins may attack with boomerangs in addition to axes, while the Unicorn Heads have high defense and a hopping charge attack that can stunlock characters.

『ここが さいだんのへやだな‥‥ 『This must be the altar room...... This is the stage room...

A short bearded figure with a big green hat appears in front of them.

 誰にことわって かってに入って
: Hey, hey! You there!
 Who the hell gave you
 permission to come in here!?
: This is the great Gnome's turf!
 Hurry up and get the hell out!
  You can't barge in here!
  We gnomes won't allow it!

The Sprite is not amused and gets in his face...

 そっちこそ でていきな!!
[SPRITE]『Oh, shut up!
 Get out, yourself!!
Gnome: What was that!? Why,
 you little punk! I'll show you!
[SPRITE]:What a wind bag!
GNOME:Little brat!

...then follows up with several weapon strikes.

[SPRITE]『Hah! Take that!
Gnome: Why, you!
[SPRITE]:Take this!
GNOME:This is an outrage!

Then the screen starts shaking.

Gnome: Ugh, oh no!
 Don't blame this on me! Bye!
GNOME:Oh, oh...
 I'm out of here!

He disappears.

 おくに なにかいるよ!
 Something's in there!
[GIRL]:Look! Back there!

And so the party faces the Fire Gigas, in a moderately large arena with no obstacles.

Expect to get hit with a lot of fire magic. The Fire Gigas also turns intangible fairly often, making it invulnerable but also unable to attack until it rematerializes. Take advantage of the opportunity to heal. Ice Saber will give a slight damage bonus to weapons as long as it's reached level 1, but due to a bug, they won't benefit from the water weakness. However, Freeze does so benefit, and thanks to that multiplier will likely make up the bulk of your offense. For best results, start casting as soon as the gigas becomes targetable again just before materializing.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
オノのパワーが アップ! Axe's power up! Got Axe's Orb!

"Prayer and Whispers" plays after winning, and monsters no longer appear inside the temple. Gnome stands on the altar steps in the next room.

Gnome: *sob* *sob*, thank you!
 You guys're strong. I was always
 getting picked on by that guy...
GNOME:Phew! Thanks! That
 oaf was ALWAYS bugging me.
: I just took out my frustration on
 you from always being picked on.
 Please, forgive me.
 Forgive me. I used you to
 get some relief.
 オイラの こぶんになりな!
[SPRITE]『......forget it!
 You want me to forgive you,
 you become my minion!
[SPRITE]:Dolt! Serve ME and
 maybe I'll forgive you.
 [BOY]が オマエを‥‥
『Or else my minion number one,
 [BOY], will......
 Otherwise, I'll throw you
 to my servant, [BOY].
Gnome: Eep, have mercy!
 I'll be your minion, or anything!
GNOME:Aieee! No!
 Let me be your servant!
 Who are you calling a minion!?
[BOY]:HEY! Who're YOU
 calling a servant?
Gnome: No, no, I'll man up.
 Call me any time you need me!
GNOME:Oh dear! Anyway,
 call me anytime, anywhere.
「どこへでも かけつけますぜ!
: I'll come running, no matter where!
 Now, close your eyes, boss!
 Now, close your eyes...

The screen briefly glows.

 おやぶんと おくさまに
Gnome: I've taught you and the
 missus magic to summon me.
GNOME:Both you and your
 wife may summon me.

The Girl has a sulky reaction to being referred to as The Sprite's wife.

 あたしがいつ けっこんしたの?
 Since when am I married?
[GIRL]:WHAT?! ME married
[SPRITE]『Oooh, you've got a
 pretty quick mind there, Gnome!
[SPRITE]:I like your style,
Gnome: Now, if you'll excuse me.
 Let us meet again!
GNOME:Well, that's that!
 Be seeing you!
 精霊ノームの力をえた!  Gained the spirit Gnome's power!   Got Gnome's powers!
『さあ、はやくマナの種子へ! 『Now, hurry to the Mana Seed! To the Mana Seed!

The seed reacts to the Mana Sword much as the Water Seed did, except that it glows brownish instead of bluish:    

 種子と聖剣が共鳴した!  The seed and Holy Sword resonated!  Received the Seed's power!

Mana Energy is now 2.

The Boy and The Girl step back.

『さあ、[SPRITE]! 『Go ahead, [SPRITE]! [BOY]:Hey, [SPRITE]!

The Sprite nods and steps up to the seed.

[SPRITE]『Ooh, I feel a headache
 coming on...... gwah!
[SPRITE]:Oww! head!

At the end of that line, The Sprite falls down the stairs.

[GIRL]『Are you all right?
[BOY]『Hang on!
[GIRL]:You okay?

But just as they're starting to get worried...

[SPRITE]『......zzz zzz......
 Oh, good morning.... *yawn*
[BOY]『Oh, you!
[BOY]:What's wrong?
[SPRITE]『Tsk, tsk, tsk,
 you're so impatient, buddy.
 I got my memory back in a dream!
[SPRITE]:Whew! I can remember
 everything, now!!
『オイラんちは 上の大地の森の中
『My home's in a forest in the Upper
 Lands! So take me back there.
 We live in the Upper Land
 forest!, You've got
 to take me there!
『I'll pal around with you until then,
 so make sure to be grateful!
[BOY]『 what you want!
 I'll let you hang out with
 me until we arrive!
[BOY]:What a treat!

The Boy's face at this point speaks volumes about his feelings on the matter, but that's all the objection he makes.

As far as magic goes, The Sprite gets a second damage type out of this, though with less efficient spells, plus a status attack that rarely serves much purpose beyond grinding spell levels. The Girl gets support spells that give temporary bonuses to character stats, plus a second saber spell that, though more expensive than the first, also inflicts a much more useful status effect.

While that scene gives us a new destination, it unfortunately doesn't give any clues to getting there. Maybe Luka could help?

水の神殿 Water Temple WATER PALACE
Luka: Gemma hasn't returned since he
 left for Pandora. I sense evil in the
 ancient ruins to the south.
LUKA:Jema has not returned
 from Pandora yet. Something
 must have happened to him!

Or maybe she'll just have something else for us to take care of instead. Oh well, looks like it's off to Pandora next.

Meanwhile, having 2 Mana Energy instead of 1 allows spells to reach level 2 now, and also raises the attack/magic effect bonus from +1 to +4. It's still not much, but hey, it's better than nothing. Gnome starts at level 0, so will take more spells cast to get to level 2 than Undine, which has likely already made it to 1.

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