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パンドーラ城下町 Pandora Castle Town PANDORA

Going directly to the ruins doesn't work, but remember The Girl's blue-haired friend? We find her still wandering around by the south exit from town.

[GIRL]『Huh? Pamela!
 You seem weird. What's up?
Pamela: ......
[GIRL]:Huh? Phanna!
 What's the matter?

Then, with a sudden noise...

『Wah, she disappeared!
 ...the ancient ruins up ahead...?
 Let's try going there!
[BOY]:She disappeared!
 Let's check out the ruins
 down there!

Ancient ruins south of Pandora

A number of townspeople and masked figures roam around, none of them responsive. Pamela stands by the entrance to the ruins proper, though.

 あたし、これから イケニエに
: ......Ah, [GIRL]......
 I'm going to be a sacrifice
 soon...... isn't that nice?
PHANNA:...[GIRL]. I'm going
 on a one-way trip!
 Pretty neat, huh?
『Hey, what are you saying!?
 Pamela! Snap out of it!!
: Quiet, you! Out of my way!
[GIRL]:Come on, Phanna!
 Snap out of it!
 Stop bothering me!

Pamela strikes The Girl, knocking her back a few steps, then walks past the guards and inside.

 ちょっと あんたたち
『Pamela! Pamela!!
 You there, out of the way!
[GIRL]:Phanna! Phanna!
 Hey, you! Make room!

The Girl muscles the guards out of the way.

『If we don't hurry, Pamela...!
 Dirac's supposed to be here too!
[GIRL]:Unless we hurry,
 Phanna's a goner.
 Dyluck's probably here too!

So the party goes inside, where a distinctly eerie tune plays (track 32 儀式 / "Ritual").

『なんだ、ここは!? 『What's with this place!? :Watch out!

Luckily, the ruins turn out to be in surprisingly good condition for anything called that. However, they're unsurprisingly full of monsters, many of them undead. Those, combined with creepy decor, complement the music to create a rather unsettling air.

Be careful of the Dark Priest (Tomato Man) in particular, as it will summon Zombies, while its high defense and evasion make it very difficult to harm with normal attacks. Freeze will kill one with ease, though, and charged attacks may also work. Zombies sometimes appear on their own, as well, and have a poison breath attack. Other monsters include the Evil Sword (don't mistake it for a decoration), and more of the Unicorn Heads seen previously.

Deep in the ruins, the party finds an intimidating figure standing atop a prominent raised platform.

[BOY]『You must be Thanatos!
Thanatos: Ku, ku, ku, indeed.
 I know about you people.
:Thanatos, I presume?
 I know all about you.
: For Eliniece to have lost means
 you must not be just anyone.......
 You're no ordinary fool if
 you can beat Elinee.
 ディラックを かえしなさい!
[GIRL]『Give back Pamela
 and Dirac! Put the kingdom's
 people back to normal!
[GIRL]:Hand over Phanna and
 Dyluck, and make the people
 of the town as they were!
 パメラというのは この娘かね?
Thanatos: Ha, ha, ha, such
 a spirited young lady.
 Would Pamela be this girl?
THANATOS:Ho, ho, ho...
 what a spirited young lass!
 I suppose THIS is Phanna?

A familiar blue-haired girl appears behind him.

Thanatos: So sorry, but I've already
 drained her vitality. The girl is my
 dedicated servant now.
THANATOS:Too bad, huh? I've
 drained her energy, and now
 she's my faithful servant.
[GIRL]『How dare you!
Thanatos: The vitality I've absorbed from
 the people is sealed beneath this altar.
: Hmph, you people should just lie down
 and submit to the empire instead of
 joining the republic in defying us.
 I need life energy to
 create a new, peaceful
 world, understand?
: It is only a matter of time. The world
 will be united under one banner by the
 imminent revival of the Mana Fortress.
 Soon the Mana Fortress
 will bring the people
 of the world together!
 誰も われわれにはむかうことは
: It's doubtful anyone could oppose us
 if drained of vitality, willpower gone.
 Like this one!
 Surrender, and you can
 serve me. Don't, and
 you'll end up like him!

Thanatos steps back, and a familiar blond soldier appears behind him.

[GIRL]『ディラック!! [GIRL]『Dirac!! [GIRL]:Dyluck!!
Thanatos: Considering how much
 Eliniece struggled with him, I'm not
 surprised he gave even me trouble.
THANATOS:He was a tough
 one. I see Elinee had a
 hard time with him, too.
: This man might just......
 Hu hu hu, this one has snared
 my interest.
 He must be receiving some
 kind of special power.
 Great find, huh?
: people seem rather interesting
 yourselves... I think it's time I drained
 your vitality!
 And you can join him now!

The floor underneath the party vanishes, dropping them into a large room with spikes along the near wall.

Thanatos: Ha ha ha... I will use that
 room to absorb your vitality. Behave
 yourselves and don't struggle!
THANATOS:It will be glad to
 have you there. Your energy
 will be a feast to it!

The boss music starts. Above, the party finds a wall with a pair of Guarder's Eyes (Chamber's Eyes) and a third eye called the Room Guarder (Wall Face). They use a variety of magic attacks, including Dropper (Energy Drain) to drain health. Conveniently, all have an air affinity that leaves them weak against earth magic. The center eye is the main target.

If using weapon attacks, strike when the third eye opens. Killing the side ones may help reduce the number of attacks you have to deal with, too, but with both dead, the wall will start advancing toward those spikes at the bottom of the room, resulting in an instant Game Over if it gets all the way there. However, a few Diamond Missiles (Gem Missile), preferable to Earthquake (Earth Slide) for MP efficiency, should take it out too quickly for it to cause much trouble at all.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
弓矢のパワーが アップ! Bow's power up! Got Bow's Orb!

"Orphan of the Storm" plays after victory as the party goes to confront Thanatos again.

Thanatos: Oho, now I understand.
 You're the hero of the Holy Sword!
 How interesting.
 So, you are the ones with
 the Mana Sword!
: But is that all it takes to be the hero of
 the Holy Sword......? Hu, hu, hu, the myth
 of the Holy Sword fails to impress.
: I suppose I shall concede defeat for
 now. I will be taking these, though.
 The villagers are yours,
 but not these two!

The Girl rushes forward as Thanatos disappears with Dirac and Pamela.

 Ah! Dirac! Pamela!!
 Ah! Dyluck! Phanna!

Thanatos's voice sounds from nowhere.

タナトス「ハハハハ‥またあおう! Thanatos: Ha ha ha ha... let us meet again! THANATOS:'Till we meet
 again! Mwa, ha, ha!

That should have saved the townspeople, at least. Let's try talking to some of them.

: I'm beat. I'd better hurry home
 and do the laundry!
Darn. I was doing my dishes!
 すまぬが 城にほうこくしてくれ
: Oh, what have I been doing!?
 Sorry, but could you report to the castle?
What have I been doing all
this time? Please inform the
castle of this.

Pamela's missing grandmother is among them.

 ありゃ?ここは どこじゃ?
 ウチの パメラは?
: Oh, [GIRL]!
 Hmm? Where are we?
 Where's my Pamela?
Hello, [GIRL]!
Where are we?
Is Phanna here?

And so is Gemma.

Gemma: Ugh... [BOY], it's you...
 Sorry. They caught me off guard.
 Sorry, I was spacing out!
: Thanatos is one of the Elite Four who
 report directly to the emperor. For
 him to have appeared in person......
 Thanatos is one of their
 best men. They must be
 desperate to get Mana.

してんのう (shitennou, often written 四天王) is one of those terms that I'm finding comes up constantly in fiction. The original meaning comes from Buddhism and refers to four great kings watching over the cardinal directions, but in colloquial use, it can mean any group of four who excel in their field or hold particularly high rank in a power structure. The translation that appears in the Pokémon games works remarkably well.

: But why would he use such an
 elaborate scheme? That's not how
 the empire normally operates...
 But why was he taking the
 life energy away from
 the people here?
: The empire's goal is to break the seals
 of the seeds in the Mana temples.
 What goal does Thanatos have...?
 The Empire only needs the
 power from the seeds, not
 from the people...
 There's something...curious
 about Thanatos...
: Anyway, his presence here may mean
 it's only a matter of time until their
 main force arrives in this area...
 I've got a bad feeling
 about him. Anyway, let's
 get out of here!
: ......I have a bad feeling about this.
 Return to Lady Luka. I'll go have a
 look at the Subterranean Temple!
 Return to Luka's place.
 I'm off to the Underground

And with that, the party exits the ruins. However, checking the status screen reveals something troubling: the Water Seed has disappeared from the Mana Energy readout! It seems Gemma may have had the right idea when he suggested visiting Luka.

Note that while Mana Energy now displays as 1, it's still functionally 2. Feel free to keep raising any spells that haven't already reached that level.

Pandora Castle

But first, let's go see the king. The cheerful "Color of the Summer Sky" now plays in Pandora instead of the gloomy "Roses and Spirits".

 国中にふたたび 明るさが
: You've done it, [BOY]!
 Brightness has returned again
 all across the country!
You did it, [BOY]!
Brightness is returning
to normal everywhere!
: What Gemma said about you being
 the hero of the Holy Sword was true!
What Jema said about the
Mana Sword and you was true!
: We must, then, grant you our country's
 treasure in accordance with the legends.
 Go down that staircase!
We must now part with our
: For the sake of the world that is to be
 saved by the hero of the Holy Sword,
 you may take it all!
We've guarded these for
centuries for you, wielder
of the Mana Sword.

The guard gets out of the way, and downstairs six treasure chests await. Most just have a bit of money, but others...

ヤリのパワーが アップ! Pike's power up! Got Spear's Orb!
剣のパワーが アップ! Sword's power up! Got Sword's Orb!

Not bad, though it's anyone's guess how those got there or how they were stored. In any case, the previously nonfunctional shop in town has reopened, though Cobra Bracelets are the only thing they sell that count as new at this point. At least the townspeople generally seem appreciative.

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