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水の神殿 Water Temple WATER PALACE

As the status screen foreshadowed, the Water Seed no longer rests in its stand.

Luka: Th-this is terrible! The Water Seed
 has been stolen by someone!
: Judging by their methodology, it doesn't
 seem to have been the empire, though...
LUKA:The Mana Seed of Water
 was stolen! I couldn't do
 anything about it.
: Someone probably snuck in when
 Undine's barrier weakened...
 They must have done it
 when Undine was in danger
 and out of power.
: The seed in the hands of evil
 makes for a serious problem!
 Reclaim it, and quickly!
 The water tells me they
 took it to Gaia's Navel,
: ...just a moment......
 I see it! The seed is deeper
 still beyond Gaia's Navel!
 I don't think they are
 from the Empire. Please!
 Hurry and bring it back!

Whether her powers are linked to the seed, or she's just that distraught, Luka will not heal or save at this point in the game.

ドワーフの村 Dwarf Village DWARF VILLAGE

The shortcut comes in handy again. In the hub of town, Gemma and the elder stand near a hole in the ground that hadn't been here before.

Elder: Ashonishing! Such a large hole.
 What the heck?
ELDER:What could make a
 hole THIS big?
Gemma: Here you are. The seed thieves
 are down below. They're here to go after
 the Subterranean Temple's seed next.
JEMA:The thieves are below.
 Next they'll hit the
 Underground Palace.
: I'll take responsibility for the Subterranean
 Temple! You go sneak down below and
 see what's going on.
 I'll handle the Palace.
 You check this out!
: Listen, don't do anything reckless!
 There's no telling what the enemy
 might be capable of.
 Keep alert! We don't know
 what lies below!

Below, the party finds what appears to be some kind of high-tech shiplike vehicle. A sneaky-sounding tune plays (track 26 奇妙な事件 / "Strange Incident"). Oddly, a chest inside contains...

ムチのパワーが アップ! Whip's power up! Got Whip's Orb!

You can use the Magic Rope to leave here if you can't wait to have that reforged.

Continuing inside, the party finds three strangely dressed figures standing by a large seed. The one in the middle wears a raspberry red cape with an embellishment that appears to be a scorpion.

『あっ!水の種子だ!! 『Hey! It's the Water Seed!!  Aha! The Water seed!

Was it really necessary to alert them? The matching pair flanking the more elaborately costumed figure turn around and advance. With their green eye masks and odd uniforms, they give off sort of a generic supervillain lackey vibe.

: How the hell did you get in here!?
: You dare find our secret subterranean
 fortress!? You won't leave here alive!
 How'd you get in here?
 You realize we can't
 let you leave...

The central figure, obviously the leader, finally turns around too. With her dramatically styled blonde hair, eye mask colored to match the cape, leotard-inspired lavender outfit, and knee-high boots, she's presumably going for the supervillain look, and her dialog just supports that conclusion.

As Kishi pointed out in an LP thread on the Talking Time forums, these three appear to reference the Doronbo Gang from Yatterman, which has become an archetype for enthusiastic yet incompetent villain groups.

 たくらむ スコーピオンだんさ!
: Welcome, you little brats.
 We are Team Scorpion,
 plotting world conquest!
BOSS:Welcome! We, the
 Scorpion army, will rule
 the world!

The minions act impressed, but she just brushes them off.

: Ooooh, so cooool!
: Silence! We have taken
 the Water Seed.
BOYS:Check it out!
 WE took the Water seed...
「種子から ばく大なエネルギーを
「その名も ムテキのガーディアン
: By extracting the vast energy
 from the seed, our super special
 deluxe gorgeous robo......
: The invincible Guardian robo,
 its name Kid Ichiro, is now born! complete our Super
 Deluxe Robot!
 We call it "Kilroy..."
: Ooooh, so cooool!
: Now, activate Kid Ichiro!
 Get them, you guys!
: Aye, aye, sir!
BOYS:Hubba, hubba!
BOSS:Do it!!
BOYS:Aye aye, Sir.

And with that, they walk away into the next room. The party follows them to find a large, rather silly-looking robot waiting. The boss music starts.

Scorpion: Ho, ho ho ho!
 Now! Head on off to the next world!!
Robo: PA-GEEE!
BOSS:Go get them now!
 See ya, farewell,
 good bye children!

There's a flash and an exploding noise.

: Eeek! Wh-what's wrong!?
: Boss! Th-there's too much
 energy! It's out of control!
BOSS:Aiee! What's wrong?
BOYS: Too much energy...
 it's out of control!
: Eeep! What did you say!? Well,
 fine then, take the seed off and
 use auxiliary power!
BOSS:Nooo! Remove the seed!
 Use the auxillary power!

If it hurts this much with just the auxiliary power, it's a good thing they couldn't get it to work properly with the seed. Guardian (Kilroy) wields hammers that may look silly, but hit hard and can inflict Moogle status. Besides that, it can use a whirling attack that makes it dangerous to approach from any angle.

Keep The Girl in particular out of range so she can cast Refresh (Remedy) and Heal Water (Cure Water) as needed. The newly upgraded sword and pike may be tempting, but it's much safer to stick with long-ranged attacks. Guardian has no particular weaknesses, so Freeze will outperform all other available offensive magic, since it's as inexpensive as Diamond Missle (Gem Missile) and as powerful at equal levels as Earthquake (Earth Slide). Try to sneak in weapon hits while the spell animation locks the robot in place.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
スピアのパワーが アップ! Javelin's power up! Got Javelin's Orb!

"Orphan of the Storm" plays after winning. The aspiring supervillain is not amused.

Scorpion: Eeep, how frustrating!
 You'll pay for this!!
BOSS:NUTS! Oh, well...
 See ya, bye!
 マナの種子をとりかえした!  Took back the Mana Seed!   Recoverd Mana seed!

The party returns to the village automatically. Gemma has left, though the elder remains by the hole.

『Now, let's take it back to the
 Water Temple!
Let's bring it back
to the Water Palace!
Elder: Ah, you're all right!
 The shrimp looks more formidable,
 too...*sob*... I'm so happy!
ELDER:You're safe! Somehow
 you seem older...
: Sir Gemma? Some soldiers from Pandora
 came earlier, and they left in a rush.
 Something about the empire......
ELDER:Jema took off with
 some Pandoran soldiers.

Everything seems normal in Pandora, though, and besides, we have other business to attend to.

水の神殿 Water Temple WATER PALACE

Garfish have taken up residence in the water around the temple, and Sahagins (Water Thugs), with a thrown trident attack, lurk by the entrance and inside. "Holy Intrusion" plays inside as well, confirming that trouble has arrived. Luka remains by the altar as usual, but several soldiers and their apparent leader surround her. The leader has shoulder-length mint green hair, a cape in a matching color, and oversized shoulder guards.

[BOY]『Lady Luka!!
Luka: Run away, quickly!
LUKA:Get out of here fast!
: Hu, hu, hu, well done, ladies and
 gentlemen. I am Gestahl, of the
 Vandole Empire!
GESHTAR:Who have we here?
 I'm Geshtar, of the Empire!
: Now, hand over that seed if you
 want to save Rusa Luka!
Luka: Don't do it!! Run away!
 Hand over that seed or
 Luka's had it!
  ( わたす  にげる )
 What will you do?
  ( Give   Flee )
  What will you do?
  (Hand it over   Run)

Giving it to him has a predictable outcome...

ゲシュタール「フフ、いいこだ‥ Gestahl: Hu hu, that's a good kid... GESHTAR:Atta boy!

...but trying to run away just fails, with the party thrown back by an unseen force.

Gestahl: Hu hu, fool...
『Ugh! I can't move!
:Ouch! Can't move!

Either way, Gestahl places the seed back on the altar, but instead of sitting there peacefully, it stands on end and spins continuously.

: We want the seed here just as
 much as you do. With its seal
 broken, that is...
GESHTAR:So glad the seed's
 here. Too bad we have to
 break the seal!
Luka: Oh! Don't!
Gestahl: Now... it's about time
 I took my leave.
LUKA:Stop it!
GESHTAR:Well, nice to have
 met you all!

The scene shifts to the large pool of shallow water along the way in. The party stands, weapons out, facing a large monster with two dragonlike heads.

: I'll leave you with a pet as a token
 of my gratitude. Make sure to give
 it plenty of affection! Hu ha ha ha!!
 As a little gift I'd like
 you to have my little pet!
 Remember to feed him!

Jabberwock (Jabberwocky) has two heads that move independently of the body on long necks. Targeting the body near the feet works best when attacking. After it takes enough damage, one of the heads will explode, reducing its ability to strike.

Its attacks may cause Asleep or Poisoned, and it may also use spells including Acid Storm. Since its element is Water, avoid attacking with Undine's magic. I find that periodically casting Diamond Missle (Gem Missile), while making weapon attacks during the spell animation to add to the damage, works well.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
弓矢のパワーが アップ! Bow's power up! Got Bow's Orb!

"Orphan of the Storm" plays after victory. The party goes to check on Luka, and finds that Gemma has also arrived.

Gemma: You've certainly improved!
 That lot from the empire has
 withdrawn already.
JEMA:The Imperial forces
 have drawn back.
: Monsters the empire released
 attacked Pandora, too, but we
 managed to drive them off.
 We managed to defeat
 their monsters in
 Pandora, too.
: This came into my possession
  then. I'll give it to you!
 I got this from one of
 them. You should have it.
ムチのパワーが アップ! Whip's power up! Got Whip's Orb!

As I touched on before... without the concept of a physical object like an orb, how does he carry that around?

: Now, [BOY]! With the empire having
 started to move, reviving the Holy
 Sword is more urgent than ever.
JEMA:[BOY]! We're running
 out of time..!
: I think I'll return to my home country
 and do whatever I can to slow
 the empire down.
 I'll return home, and stop
 the Empire there.
: If the fortress does end up being revived,
 the Holy Sword will be our last hope,
 the only thing that can save the world.
 Only a restored Mana Sword
 can beat the Fortress.
: I've talked to the Potos Village
 cannoneer. He should send you to the
 Upper Lands if you make the request.
 Talk to the Cannon Travel
 man in Potos. He'll send
 you to the Upper Land.
Luka: Now, use the Holy Sword
 to restore the seed's seal!
LUKA:Now! Use your sword to
 restore the seal put on
 the seed!

The seed reacts to the sword as before, and settles calmly into place afterward.

 種子と聖剣が共鳴した!  The seed and Holy Sword resonated!  Received the Seed's power!
Luka: The empire has begun moving
 after the seeds. There is not a
 moment to be wasted.
LUKA:Pure evil seeks the
 seed now. You must hurry
 and revive the Mana Sword.
: Meet Sage Jach on Manten Mountain,
 the highest mountain in the world,
 and learn true courage!
 Go to the Lofty Mountains
 and see Sage Joch to learn
 about real courage.
: Also visit all eight of the world's temples,
 and let the Holy Sword resonate with
 their seeds!
 Then go to all eight of
 the world's palaces and
 reactivate all the seeds!
: It will no doubt be a long, difficult journey.
 But you must never lose heart!
 You will be able to receive
 Mana power from the seeds
 once you reactivate them!

Gemma has little else to say.

Gemma: I need to speak with Lady Luka.
 Don't mind me, go on ahead.
JEMA:I have business with
 Sage Luka. Bye for now.

Luka heals and saves again, and has a new line after doing so.

 いつも いのっているよ‥
Luka: I pray always that you will be
 able to become the true hero...
 Strive on!!
LUKA:You must never lose

The cannon to the Upper Lands gives us somewhere to go next, but first...

ドワーフの村 Dwarf Village DWARF VILLAGE

Watts upgrades weapons as usual, but the elder looks lonely by that big hole in the ground. Let's go talk to him.

Elder: Ah, you're all right!
 The shrimp looks more formidable,
 too...*sob*... I'm so happy!
ELDER:You're safe! Somehow
 you seem older...
: As thanks for coming all the way to see
 me, I'll give you a secret hammer
 handed down in Dwarf Village.
ELDER:Oh! Thanks for
 dropping by! Take this
 mallet with you!
: You'll be familiar with it from
 the freak show!
 That's what we used in
 the show!
 ちびっ子ハンマーを手に入れた!  Obtained the Munchkin Hammer!   Received Midge Mallet!

The Munchkin Hammer toggles Munchkin status on any one ally and never runs out of uses, providing an easy way to cure the status.

Or, if you'd rather abuse the game mechanics, using it a few times while the enemy's trying to hit you with a spell will usually shut out the enemy spell's effect.

  Eastern Gaia Lowlands  

Let's see the cannoneer, then.

 ( 水の神殿  上の大地 )
: Gu hu hu, welcome!
 Where to? Any one's 50 Rukh!
 ( Water Temple   Upper Lands )
 50 GP per trip! Where to?
(WaterPalace   UpperLand)
: The Upper Lands are really vast.
 I can only reach the Great Forest from here.
 The Upper Land is huge!
 Reach it by going through
 the great forest.

Which makes the forest part of the region, not something on the way there.

 さあ、大砲にはいっとくれ!  Now, get into the cannon!  Just slide into the cannon!

And we're off!

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