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上の大地(大森林) Upper Lands (Great Forest) Upper Land (Great Forest)

As we're flying over the terrain, it's interesting to note how bare-bones the world map is for the Upper Lands. While the Gaia Lowlands map is richly detailed, with a close approximation of the actual paths we used on the ground (though there are some discrepancies), the Upper Lands appear almost entirely as solid forest, with just a handful of landmarks, like the cannon in the southeast. Even the colorful trees in this area don't show up on the map at all! And some of the few details that do appear, like the northward flowing river that splits the region into two sections, don't seem to correspond to anything we find while exploring on the ground. That's unfortunately an ongoing issue with the game map. A lot of care and attention went into detailing the Gaia Lowlands, and most of the towns and villages throughout the game are similarly fairly well approximated, but everything else seems to have been rushed and is mostly meaningless filler.

Based on the snowy ground, we seem to have arrived in the middle of winter. Moogles wander around the area, and purple dragon-like creatures fly by every so often. A comparatively calm tune (track 15 森が教えてくれたこと / "What the Forest Taught") plays in the Upper Land forests.

『So this is the Great Forest. [SPRITE],
 your home's near here, right? You can
 finally return home! Now, let's go!
[BOY]:[SPRITE], your home's
 here in the Great Forest,
 right? Lead on!
[SPRITE]『...errr, huh?
 Oh no, the shock of the landing
 made me forget again!
 I...hit my head again when
 we landed...

Considering the way cannon travel works, the only part of this that should surprise anyone is that nothing worse happened.

[GIRL]『You klutz...
 Oh well, let's all search!
[GIRL]:Lovely...this might
 take a while.

How about these Moogles, then?

Moogle: ......pu......
[GIRL]: How cute, look,
 it's laughing!
 He's laughing!
[SPRITE]:'s crying.
 Apparently their village was
 taken by vagrant Molebears.
[SPRITE]:No, crying.
 Pebblers have taken over
 their village.

Since Moogles are basically molebats in Japanese, maybe that's why it's molebears and not something else.

And who's this?

Watts: Hey! That wasn't very nice of you!
 Going on a trip without saying a word...
: I'll just have to follow after you!
 The Holy Sword's growth concerns me,
 and it should be good training, too!
WATTS:I decided to get out
 of that hole!
 Just smell this fresh air!

Let's look around some more, then. With the new area comes new enemies. Rabbillions (Silktails) are little more than just stronger Rabbies in pink, though they also have weak Heal Water and Acid Storm spells. Death Crabs (Steamed Crabs) can throw their claws in an arc and power up their attacks with Thunder Saber, which at least doesn't inflict any status effects. Blood Owls (Nemesis Owls) make nuisances of themselves by casting the Silence spell to mix up directions, though they have a small chance to drop Feathered Hats for The Girl and The Sprite. Sahagins also make a repeat appearance.

The seasons seem to be all out of whack around here, too. East of the wintry arrival location is a section of forest that looks like it's in autumn, while the area south of winter looks like spring, and east of that and south of autumn is summer. Nikita appears in the spring area, but doesn't carry anything particularly noteworthy. The seasons normalize to the west of spring, where a crystal orb that won't respond to anything blocks passage, and to the east of summer, where another cannoneer provides travel back to the Gaia Lowlands.

Another exit from the summer area to the northwest leads to a smaller area with three Molebears (Pebblers) where "The Boy Heads for the Wilds" plays. Molebears can tunnel underground, as well as spin rapidly to spray dirt in all directions or charge forward, but we handle them without undue trouble.

『Now the Moogles should be able
 to come back to their village......
The Moogles can come back
to the village now!

モーグリの村 Moogle Village MOOGLE VILLAGE

The Moogles return, and Watts and Nikita come with them. "Color of the Summer Sky" plays here now.

モーグリ「クピ!クッポッポー! Moogle: Kupi! Ku, po, po! MOOGLE:Kupi! Kupoppo!
[SPRITE]『Oof! My head...
[BOY]『What's wrong!?
[SPRITE] head.
[BOY]:What's wrong?
[SPRITE]『...phew, I finally
 remembered everything!!
[SPRITE]:Yippie! I can
 remember everything!
『Circle the forest, taking the seasons in
 order from spring, then back to spring,
 and we can return to Sprite Village!!
 Walk the seasons from
 spring to winter, spring
 again and we can enter...

Let's try that, then. But first, let's grab these treasure chests...

オノのパワーが アップ! Axe's power up! Got Axe's Orb!
グラブのパワーが アップ! Glove's power up! Got Glove's Orb!

上の大地(大森林) Upper Lands (Great Forest) Upper Land (Great Forest)

Let's do that loop. Just note that with the moogles back in their village, the winter zone now has enemies.

右の方で音がしたぞ? There was a noise off to the right.   That was from the right!

A pond in the northeast of the spring area has shrunk, allowing access to another exit there.

妖精の村 Sprite Village SPRITE VILLAGE

The Sprite dashes ahead...

[SPRITE]『かえってきたぞ! [SPRITE]『I'm back! [SPRITE]:I'm baaack!

...but something's not right here. The music cuts out.

 ‥‥! ど、どうしたんだ!?
 ......! Wh-what happened!?
 The village is in shambles!!
 ..? What the...?
 The village is a shambles!
『いったいなにがあったんだろう? 『What could have happened?  What on earth happened?

Hearing a loud cry, everyone turns northward.

 なんだっ!?なにかいるぞ!!  What!? There's something there!!  Hey! Something's here!

"Crisis" starts playing. We know what that means, right? The Axe Beak (Spring Beak) hops around a lot and can use Wind spells including Balloon against one character and Air Blast or Thunderbolt against the party, but also has a corresponding Earth weakness.

Keep it pinned down with Gnome's attack spells for best results. Anyone trying to use weapons should aim for the head from a safe distance. This fight reminds me a lot of the Tiger Chimera in the witch's castle, except that actually having magic makes a huge difference.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
ブーメランのパワーが アップ! Boomerang's power up! Got Boomerang's Orb!

After the battle, "Roses and Spirits" plays. Let's continue north. What's this? The architecture of this large structure looks familiar...

風の神殿 Wind Temple WIND PALACE

...and "Prayer and Whispers" plays inside. Sure enough, there's another seed here, but let's check on the pointy-eared old man first.

: ...uh ...ugh.
: Ohh...... that voice......
 Is that you, squirt!?
GRANDPA:Uhh..sounds like...
 'Zat you, little tyke?!
『What's wrong!? Can't you see?
: ...urgh, people from the empire
 came to break the wind seal.
[SPRITE]:Grandpa, can't you
 see me?
GRANDPA:Empire's men came
 and undid the Wind seal...
 たぶん ほかの者たちは‥‥
: I alone was in the temple,
 so only lost my eyes, but
 it's likely the others all......
 A bright flash stunned me!
 The others...they're...
 みんな どこかで生きてるよっ!
[GIRL]『That's awful!
[SPRITE]『No! I'm sure everyone's
 alive somewhere!
[GIRL]:This is awful!
[SPRITE]:NO! They must
 have escaped!
: ......yes, surely so...
 ......ugh! *cough* *cough*...
GRANDPA:I...suppose so...
 Uwa, ha, ha!

The music changes to "Soul of the Night".

: ...*pant* *gasp*... listen well, squirt.
 We sprites are linked to Mana......
GRANDPA:Gwa, ha! Okay, okay!
 Tyke! We sprites are a
 part of Mana. That beast
 couldn't have beat us!
「人間たちは マナの種子の封印を
: The humans are trying to break the
 seals of the Mana Seeds and once
 more revive an ancient demon...
 But humans are breaking
 seals, and releasing
: If Mana disappears, we sprites will
 also vanish from this world then.
 It's so sad......
 ...which are consuming our
 source of life...Mana!
[SPRITE]『......I swear I'll protect
 Mana so everyone in the village
 can come back!!
『It'll be fine! I've got my minions!!
[SPRITE]:...I'll put a
 stop to that immediately!
 These two can help!
: Oh, how gallant...... if only I still
 had my eyes......
 I can only rely on you, now.
GRANDPA:I'd go with you if
 I could see better!
「おまえたちに ワシから 風の
: I shall grant you the wind spirit's magic......
 Come forth! Jinn of the Wind!!
 At least take Sylphid, the
 wind elemental, with you!

He makes the familiar summoning whistle, and a floating genie-like figure appears.

「いまからこの子たちが おまえの
Jinn: You called, master?
: Henceforth, these children are your
 masters! I'm counting on you!!
Sylphid:You called, master?
GRANDPA:These young people
 are now your master!
Jinn: Understood. Best
 regards, everyone......
Sylphid:It is so!

Jinn vanishes with another whistle.

   精霊ジンの力をえた!    Gained the spirit Jinn's power!   Gained Sylphid's powers!

This gives The Girl her first spells that target enemies. One allows her to inflict the handy Balloon status. The other, Detect (Analyzer), scans enemies for HP and weaknesses, may disarm traps when used on dropped treasure chests, and also has another use that the old sprite will mention shortly. She gets a third saber spell as well, but since attack traits are bugged and it adds no status effects, it's essentially useless. The Sprite, meanwhile, gets two direct offensive spells, with the more efficient one also being more inconvenient, plus the spell the owls keep spamming that inflicts Confused status.

: Using the Detect spell, you can tell
 which spirit uses magic that an orb
 will react to......
GRANDPA:Use "Analyzer" to
 learn what magic works
 on crystal orbs.
: The way to Matango Kingdom should
 be opened if you use magic on the
 crystal orb in the forest to the west......
 Use your magic on the orb
 in this forest to open
 the way to Matango!
: There's a cave north of Matango Kingdom
 called Dragon's Hole. The legendary
 white dragon is said to live there.
 It's said a white dragon
 lives in a cave north of
: I expect that you will need its power
 if you are to protect Mana.
: Now, go. There's no need to worry
 about me. I'll be safe enough as
 long as I stay in the temple......
 The dragon can help you!
 Go, now, and worry not
 about me!
 I swear...... I swear I'll come
 back with everyone!
[SPRITE]:Grandpa! Everyone'll
 be back soon! Me too!
: Stay strong! Come back any time
 you're feeling tired. This is about
 the only thing I can do for you.
GRANDPA:Come back whenever
 you're tired!
   ( はい  いいえ )
: Now, I'll heal you...
 Save before you go, too.
   ( Yes   No )
GRANDPA:Let me fix you up!
 Shall I save your game?
  (Yes   No)
「きをつけていくのじゃぞ‥‥ : Be careful on your journey...... GRANDPA:Take care!

Like Luka in the Water Temple, the old sprite will continue to provide saving and free healing.

Unlike in the Water Temple, however, notice that everyone has their weapons out. It's unclear why, particularly since no combat ever occurs here... possibly it's just a vestige of cut content. Regardless, that does mean that we can level up non-combat spells here at the same rate as in an actual combat area.

The seed reacts to the Mana Sword much as the previous two seeds did, glowing a pale sky blue:    

 種子と聖剣が共鳴した!  The seed and Holy Sword resonated!  Received the Seed's power!

Mana Energy is now 3.

That's that for here. Let's build our spell levels up while we're in the area, pay Watts a visit, then on to Matango!

上の大地(大森林) Upper Lands (Great Forest) Upper Land (Great Forest)

Let's try out Detect on that crystal orb...

Will react to magic from Jinn Sylphid's magic
will work!

Unfortunately, Detect will tell us only which spirit has the correct magic, not which magic that is, even though each crystal orb only reacts to a specific single spell. Still, it helps narrow things down when the answer isn't readily apparent.

This particular crystal orb responds to Air Blast, one of The Sprite's new spells, and clears away the barrier to open a new pathway. Crawlers join the enemy ranks in this area, with an attack that can cause Poisoned, but more annoyingly, the Sleep Flower spell, which inflicts Asleep.

Continuing west and north, we eventually reach a cave, where a muffled, echoing version of "Dancing Beasts" plays. The Garasha (Kimono Bird), a flying enemy that spawns Molebears and has some Jinn magic, makes its first appearance inside. It's a short cave, though, and on the other side...

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