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After the introduction, the world opens up considerably, and Link can reach most of Hyrule. When loading a saved game, the player may choose to start either at Link's house south of the castle, or at the church (Sanctuary) north of the castle.

I've made the decision, while putting these maps together, to gray out only the areas that are not yet accessible but will be eventually. As a result, areas that are never reachable, such as the castle moat and a number of high ledges, are not grayed out as long as they're in an area that is otherwise accessible. I felt like doing it the other way would give the impression that you'd be able to get there eventually, which isn't accurate.

Notable locations now reachable include Kakariko Village in the west, the forest in the northwest, the Eastern Temple in the east, and the witch's hut in the northeast.

The building in the sourthern swamp and caves in the south and southeast, collectively referred to as "south shore" checks, may also be important in a Randomizer seed, though (with one exception noted later) they're not good for much but some extra money in a regular playthrough. Speaking of which, the ALttP Randomizer starts the game at this point in the storyline when using the Open world state.

カカリコ村 Kakariko Village

The town lies southwest of the church, and is neatly laid out, with plenty of grass, flowers, trees, and decorations to make it a cheerful place. However, signs are up all over town that are somewhat less inviting...

おたずね者 link's head リンク
Wanted: link's head Link.
If you find the criminal who abducted Princess
Zelda from the castle, give us a shout!
link's head WANTED! This is the
criminal who kidnapped Zelda.
Call a soldier if you see him!

So the soldiers are after him. That's hardly surprising. Link goes the elder's house to find no one there but an old woman.

長老? ああ あの人は
司祭が イケニエを集め始めた
 … … …
なに マスターソードとな?
今より はるか昔この地に
宝がいくつか かくされておる
マスターソードは その中でも
魔の力を持つ者に対して 特に
そして今も 森の奥深く
 … … …
Ah, Link. Did you need
something from this old woman?
The elder? Oh, he's been away
from home, ever since the priest
began collecting sacrifices.
 ... ... ...
What's that, the Master Sword?
I've forgotten the details, but...
A long time ago now, a people
called the Hylians are said to
have prospered in this land...
In this country are hidden away
a few remaining treasures of
that people, they say...
I've heard that the Master Sword is one
of them, a sword forged specifically to
oppose those with diabolic powers.
And even now, it's supposed to be
sleeping peacefully deep in the forest.
 ... ... ...
In any case, seek out the elder.
Someone in the village ought
to know where he is now.
I do hope you find him quickly.
Link, be careful on your way...
Who? Oh, it's you, Link!
What can I do for you, young
man? The elder? Oh, no one
has seen him since the wizard
began collecting victims...
... ... ...
What? Master Sword? Well, I
don't remember the details
exactly, but...
Long ago, a prosperous people
known as the Hylia inhabited
this land...
Legends tell of many treasures
that the Hylia hid throughout
the land...
The Master Sword, a mighty
blade forged against those
with evil hearts, is one of
them. People say that now it
is sleeping deep in the forest...
... ... ...
Anyway, look for the elder.
There must be someone in the
village who knows where he is.
You take care now, Link...

She speaks with sort of an old-person drawl, so some of what she says is nonstandard, including はよう, which is a variant on はやく (quickly).

Link tries talking to the other villagers to see if anyone knows anything. Most believe he's innocent and don't give him any trouble, though a few will flee or call for soldiers. One boy is actually helpful...

Hi there, Link.
Is this about the elder?
Keep this secret from the bad guys.
Gramps is at the temple to the
east of the castle.
I'll mark your map for you, here.
Hi Link!
Elder? Are you talking about
the grandpa? OK, but don't
tell any of the bad people
about this.
He's hiding in the palace past
the castle.
I will mark the spot on your
map. Here you are...

There are a few more useful things to collect in the village first. In a chest in a cave on the outskirts...

バクダンを 手に入れた。
おいたバクダンを Aボタンで     bombs
I got Bombs.
I can pick up placed Bombs with
the A button and throw them!
You got some Bombs!
You can pick up and throw
a Bomb you placed
(Press the A Button)!

Bombs are mostly used to blast open weak walls and floors, and are useful to trip certain switches after a delay. They can also be used to attack, but the timing is tricky, most monsters aren't hurt all that much, and Link also takes damage if he's caught in the blast.

Bombs might not be there in a Randomizer run, of course, and several of the chests in Kakariko require Bombs, so it helps to know that one of the bushes in the southwest of the main village screen may have one underneath it, as may two of the bushes south of the grove west of Link's house. And if all else fails, the village shop, in an unmarked brown hut two buildings south of the weathervane, sells 10 Bombs for 50 Rupees.

In a chest in the back room of the tavern...

これは ビンだ。中に色々
入れることができる。         bottle
This is a Bottle.
I can put various things in it.
I can use what's inside later!
This is a Magic Bottle!
You can store an item
inside and then use it later!

Bottles can hold various potions and other things for later use. A merchant in the town square sells another, identical, one, though he calls it a "magic" Bottle.

Elsewhere, a boy lies in bed in one house. He reacts if you have at least one Bottle...

ゴホ ゴホ …
I'm in bad shape,
so I can't go outside...
cough cough ...
Everyone says I'm probably affected
by the monsters' aura flowing in from
the mountains and forests... cough
This is a Bug-Catching Net I
plan on using when I get better,
but I'll lend it to you.
I can't go out 'cause I'm sick...
Cough cough...
People say I caught this cold
from the evil air that is coming
down off the mountain...
Sniff sniff...
This is my bug-catching net.
I'll use it when I'm better, but
for now, I'll lend it to you.
ムシ取りあみを おかりした!
ムシの他にも 取れる物が       bug-catching net
I borrowed a Bug-Catching Net!
There may be other things I can catch
besides insects. It's a secret...
You borrowed the Bug Catching
Net! There may be some other
things you can catch with it,

The Bug-Catching Net catches bees (which go in Bottles), though it's more useful for catching faeries, which will revive Link if he runs out of health.

Additionally, if you skipped the Boomerang in the Hyrule Castle dungeons, it turns up in a chest through a destructible wall in the house by the sweeping woman. If you already have a Boomerang, it contains 10 Arrows instead. Similarly, if you skipped the first chest but go back for it after getting a Boomerang, that chest will have 10 Arrows. It's much like the situation with the multiple chests that can have the Lantern.

In a Randomizer run, the sick kid gives you one random item, but, as usual, only if you have a Bottle.

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まよいの森 Disorienting Forest

The NA version name, "Lost Woods", makes it sound like the forest itself is lost. It's not. The original name means that people tend to get lost in the forest.

The forest is north of the village and west of the church. It's full of thick, but unthreatening, mist. Deep in the forest is a clearing with a raised platform. On the platform is a pedestal with an inscription written in some ancient language, and an impressive sword sticking out of the top. The sword won't budge, no matter what Link tries. There are also fake Master Swords scattered throughout the forest that are useless except to throw at things.

On the way through the forest, Link finds...

あまい 果物のくさったような
かおりがするキノコだ…        magical mushroom
It's a Mushroom with a smell like
sweet fruit that's gone bad...
I can give it to someone with the Y button.
This Mushroom smells like sweet
rotten fruit...
You can give this to anyone
who wants it (Select it and
press the Y Button).

The mushroom is only good for one thing, which we'll get to next...

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Hyrule Overworld

A remix of the classic Zelda overworld theme plays everywhere on the overworld except Kakariko Village and the Disorienting Forest. East of the church, Link finds a witch brewing something in front of a potion shop...

Besides this event, the potion shop also has the best price for red potion (restores health) and is the only source of blue potion (restores both health and magic).

あれがつくれるぞえ ひっひっ
Ahh, the fragrance of sweet fruit
gone bad... give me that Mushroom
and I can make it... hee, hee.
Mmm... The smell of rotten
fruit... If you give me that
Mushroom, I can finish my brew.
Heh heh...

Link gives her the Mushroom. It's not like it's doing him any good, and helping people is usually a good idea.

Hee, hee, thank you.
Come to the shop up there later on.
I'll give you something good... hee, hee.
Heh heh... Thank you, young
man... Come to the shop
later for something good...
Heh heh...

When Link comes to the shop a little while later (after leaving the screen and returning), a pouch is waiting for him inside...

これが 魔法の粉だ!
敵や 色々な物に           magical powder
This is Magical Powder!
Let's try sprinkling it on enemies
and all sorts of other things!
This is Magic Powder!
Try to sprinkle it on enemies
and many other things!

The Powder's main use is turning the annoying anti-faeries found in most dungeons into actual faeries, though it has one other important application and a number of joke uses as well (like turning a certain chicken into a human). It costs 8 magic per use (a full meter is 128, allowing 16 uses of the Powder).

Link can find at least four heart container fragments in various places by now... every four fragments increase his life meter by one heart, so collecting them helps.

After finishing his business elsewhere, Link heads east of the castle, where he finds a small building near the temple...

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Building by the Eastern Temple

It's a small, seemingly ancient building lit by torches. An old man stands in the middle of the room, possibly meditating.

 … … …  なんと
退魔の剣 求めておるのか!
伝えとる … … …
『勇気の紋章』を 手に入れる
I am indeed Sahasralah,
the elder, one of the descendants
of the Seven Sages.
 ... ... ... what?
Link, one so young as you is
seeking the exorcising sword!?
But it is not as though just
anyone can use that sword.
Only the Hero who defeats three
monsters to gain three crests can
become its wielder, so say the tales
the Hylians handed down ... ... ...
Will you attempt the challenge?
Very well, then can you obtain
the Crest of Courage found
in this temple?
If you succeed in returning with it,
I shall tell you a story I know.
Go now to the temple.
I am, indeed, Sahasrahla, the
village elder and a descendent
of the seven wise men.
... ... Oh really?
Link, I am surprised a young
man like you is searching for
the sword of evil's bane.
Not just anyone can use that
weapon. Legends say only the
Hero who has won the three
Pendants can wield the sword.
... ... ...
Do you really want to find it?
Good. As a test, can you
retrieve the Pendant Of
Courage from the East Palace?
If you bring it here, I will tell
you more of the legend and
give you a magical artifact.
Now, go forward to the palace.

Sahasralah has slightly different dialog if you don't visit him until after you already have the Crest of Courage, but the main points are the same.

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東の神殿 Eastern Temple

It's a large, seemingly ancient, building lit by torches. There are some creepy one-eyed statues along with the usual complement of monsters and puzzles. It's basically the newbie area, so the most complicated puzzles are of the "kill everything" and "step on a switch" varieties, which recur frequently. Also, every labyrinth from now on has one of these...

コンパスを みつけた
I found a compass.
I can pinpoint the boss's
location with this!
You found the Compass!
Now you can pinpoint the
lair of the dungeon's evil

Compasses are, frankly speaking, mostly pointless, and completely useless once you're already familiar with the dungeons. Later games rectify this by having them point out rooms with treasures, for instance. When using Map/Compass shuffle or Keysanity settings, the ALttP Randomizer does something vaguely similar by causing compasses to indicate how many item locations exist and have been collected within their own dungeons.

On the wall of one room is a large tile with an engraved triangle. Link tries touching it...

Link, it is I, the
Elder Sahasralah.
I shall give you some advice.
The treasure in this temple should
be able to beat even monsters clad
in sturdy armor. Make sure to find it.
Link, it is I, Sahasrahla. I
can talk to you telepathically
when you touch these tiles.
Here is a hint. You can use the
treasure hidden in this palace
to defeat armored foes.

Tiles like this usually give hints relevant to the area. In the ALttP Randomizer, they can be set to give clues about where items are located (with some junk messages thrown in), and otherwise will generally summarize the usual hints in blunter form (this one says you need a Bow to beat red Eyegores).

And, after some searching, Link finds the big key, and returns to the oversized chest containing the treasure...

ユミを みつけた
矢 がうてるぞ!           bow
矢 がなくなるまでだぞっ!
I found a Bow.
I can shoot Arrows!
Until the Arrows run out!
You found the Bow!
You can shoot arrows until you
run out!

Arrows are the only way Link has to beat some of the monsters deeper in, and are the fastest way to kill others.

Many of the pots in the dungeon contain Arrows, and the monsters most vulnerable to them also tend to drop more, so running out isn't usually an issue here. For other supplies, jump in either large pot in the big chest room to find a small uncharted room with two faeries for healing, and check the other side of the dark room that leads upstairs to find a small room full of blue Rupees.

And then there's the obligatory boss battle... This one is six heavily armored moving statues. Link can hit them a few dozen times with his sword to kill them, but as is generally the case starting with this game, the weapon found in this dungeon does the job much faster. Three Arrows take one down. The last survivor becomes much more aggressive, but still only takes three Arrows to eliminate.

Once all are beaten, Link gets a heart container (more life), and a green pendant drops into the middle of the room. Naturally, Link takes it.

長老サハスラーラに見せるのだ     crest of courage
I got the Crest of Courage!
I'll show it to Elder Sahasralah.
Two more crests remain!
You won the Pendant Of
Courage! Take it to
Two Pendants remain!

After this, and every other boss battle, Link's life and magic meters are completely refilled, and he whirls around and holds up his sword.

For Randomizer purposes, the Eastern Temple contains a map, compass, and big key (if these aren't shuffled beyond their usual dungeons), and three other items. Three chests have no requirements, the big chest requires the big key (and by extension anything required for that), the vanilla big key chest is beyond several torchless dark rooms and so logically requires the Lantern, and the boss itself (and the item it drops) logically requires the Lantern or Fire Rod to get upstairs in addition to absolutely requiring both the big key for entry and the Bow (unless using enemy shuffle) to get through kill rooms along the way.

The dungeon also has one small key under a pot and one dropped by an enemy; these are not randomized and will always be in their usual locations.

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