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Here's an uncommon but confusing idiom I've been misinterpreting until just recently: とてもじゃない, usually found in sentences similar to this one: 「とてもじゃないが、出来ない。」. What's so confusing about it? Well, here's what it looks like it ought to mean:

  • 「出来ない」 with no other context roughly means, "I can't do it."
  • 「とても出来ない」 is then roughly, "I absolutely can't do it" (literally, "very can't")
  • 「じゃない」 normally means "isn't" and the 「が」 is a contrastive particle.
  • Therefore, 「とてもじゃないが、出来ない」 would appear to mean roughly, "I can't do it, but it's not absolutely impossible" (can't, but not so "can't" that it's "very can't")

Right? ... Read more »

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The other day... well, okay, close to four months ago... I wrote about Luca's Love Flow puzzle, along with various ranting about translators handling things poorly. Today, I bring you the other half of the puzzle, with Cloche's Love Flow. ... Read more »

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Ar tonelico II: Melody of Elemia. Great game, great music, thoroughly convoluted plot, and an engaging battle system. Unfortunately, it suffered even more in translation than most games do. Overall, the translation feels rushed, with some spelling inconsistencies, awkward phrasing, and more. ... Read more »

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Somehow I managed to get myself talked into playing a role in the opening skits for a week of Vacation Bible School at my church. It sounded harmless enough at first... a few minutes a day with just a bunch of kids as audience. And it turned out okay, and even kinda fun (having a crazy kid in another role helped make practice exciting and unpredictable).

Anyway, the skit itself was just fine. Even leading a group of 3rd and 4th graders around and helping out with them wasn't bad, since they were mostly fairly well-behaved and could practically lead themselves anyway. The problem? Aside from the blistering heat (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit several days, though we were inside and air conditioned as much as possible), there was the little issue of having to get up before eight in the morning. That may not sound so bad, especially if you're used to having school or a full-time job, but I'm used to staying up well past midnight and remaining in bed until some time the next afterno ... Read more »

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