Random Speculation about Ranma 1/2

This was going to have to end up becoming several pages, but... it never really got big enough. These are some of the random ideas about the show that I got from watching it. I figured if I thought something was interesting, someone else might think so too. And if not, then at least I would have organized notes.

Akane is Attracted to Girls

There's no way that I'm the first person to come up with this (or, for that matter, anything else I'm likely to post). But I have organized evidence... Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

What a smile  

Akane is the first person to be friendly to Ranma when she arrives at the Tendo home. Friendlier, I think, than can be explained simply by not having to deal with the trouble involved with a boy showing up. Not that Akane is normally an unfriendly person; she seems nice enough when she's not dealing with Ranma. It's just that normally you'd expect Kasumi to be the first to extend the hand of friendship, with how pleasant she always is. That, and that Akane seems, well, a bit too eager.

Awfully cheerful here...

And then, out in the dojo, Ranma dodges everything Akane can come up with and starts giggling about it. And Akane, instead of freaking out like she normally would and seems to be about to, sees Ranma's cute face and just can't help laughing along. Then there's the bath scene. While it isn't especially unusual for people of the same sex to bathe together in Japan, they've only just met, Ranma has been rather reserved, and there's a sign on the door saying to knock (the sign isn't there in the manga, but it should still be apparent that the bath is in use). And maybe it's just me, but she seems awfully cheerful as she's getting ready to go in. And it just seems kind of odd that she was too intent on going in to consider that Ranma might not want company, or even to give any indication before opening the door (she could at least say 'hi' or something first).

When Akane finds out that Ranma is actually a boy, she's not just disappointed or even just angry, she's positively furious. Broken hopes and dreams?

What's she looking at?

And then there's the second naked encounter in the bathroom. Akane is definitely staring for a few moments before she goes into her usual rage. Far more than enough time to tell that Ranma's a girl. And she's blushing too. Could her anger be as much in reaction to her response to seeing another girl naked, or to being caught staring, as because of anything else?

Nabiki's question to Akane at the end (you were both girls this time; doesn't that make it ok?) suggests that she, at least, thinks the same. On the other hand, it could be just an innocent question, but how often are Nabiki's innocent questions really innocent?

Later on, when Nabiki tries telling Akane that a guy who changes into a girl isn't such a big deal, Akane overreacts. A shattering-the-pencil-she's-writing-with-and-going-off-on-a-vicious-rant overreaction.

Another significant scene: Early on, when Ranma is about to blurt out that Akane likes Tofu, she drags him off to school at full speed, not stopping until they get there and not noticing that Ranma gets splashed along the way. No big deal, until they stop and Akane notices. Having already noticed the change, Akane then practically rips open Ranma's top. It even looks like she's staring, until most of the male population of the school interrupts. And Akane then has the nerve to yell at Ranma for having her shirt hanging open...

I can't think of any specific incidents to reference, but Akane has even groped Ranma on numerous occassions. I'm sure she'd say it's as some sort of punishment, but really, now...

...more evidence coming...?

Being Half-Girl Isn't All That Bad...

...and even Ranma realizes it at least occasionally. Hey, if being female is good enough for about half of humanity...

I haven't written much on this one yet or added any pictures, but just watch Ranma when she's not actively whining about how horrible it is. It happens more often than Ranma is ever likely to admit... And free food is always a nice bonus. Besides that, Ranma becomes increasingly likely to change sex voluntarily as the series progresses, though it's usually for a specific purpose like fooling Ryoga or sneaking in somewhere boys aren't supposed to go. And as far as martial arts goes, though Ranma seems to think that being a girl is a disadvantage, it's only once (that I know of) actually been a problem. During the fight with Mousse in S2E8, Ranma forgets that her legs aren't quite as long that way, but that seems to be more an error of judgment than anything else. On the other hand, Ranma (despite claims to the contrary) doesn't seem to be any weaker, and is most definitely faster, which complements Ranma's style better than raw strength anyway. Plus there's the advantage of a few built-in distractions, especially effective against people like Happosai, who often completely lose their concentration, and it's not like Ranma has any shame.

I think the main problem here, as far as the possibility of acceptance goes, is that Ranma places far too much importance on Being A Real Man as a primary aspect of his identity. This takes turning into a girl, even temporarily, from inconvenience to Soul-Crushing Failure, at least in Ranma's mind. In a way, though, the strength of his obsession with winning works out to an advantage here, since it has a history of making him forget about his masculinity issues when turning female works to his advantage in a competition... at least until the competition ends, and then self-loathing tends to rear its head. Even that increasingly seems to come more from the notion that he should feel disturbed than from actually feeling disturbed, or perhaps disgust at not feeling that way when he thinks he should. It doesn't help that Ranma appears to have some very backwards ideas about what it means to be a girl—and, for that matter, what it means to be a boy.

...more evidence coming...?

Ryoga is Perversely Attracted to Ranma

Ever notice how easily Ryoga is fooled every single time Ranma comes up to him in a not-so-clever disguise? And nine times out of ten, he's amorous, too... I don't think that's just a coincidence. He'll even forget about Akane for a while. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if 99% of the male fans of the series were perversely attracted to Ranma, too. Not to mention pretty much all the other male characters, though it's not perverse if they don't know any better.

...more evidence coming...?

Unsolved Mysteries

 ...or just things my overactive imagination has thought about...