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運命の時へ…… To the Fateful Time... The Fated Hour
= Solar Stone + Rainbow Shell Bonus =
ガルディア城 A.D. 1000 Guardia Castle Guardia Castle

After completing both the Solar Stone and Prismatic Shell sidequests, talk to Bosch in the basement again.


Bosch: Oh! The Solar Stone?
I'll try crossing it with this right away!

A Sun Stone!
I'll create an alloy out of it!

The screen fades out, there are noises as of a busy construction site, and then the scene fades back in.


Bosch: It's done.
Take this with you!

MELCHIOR: Finished!
Off you go, now!
にじのメガネを手に入れた! Got Rainbow Glasses! You got 1 PrismSpecs!

Bosch: Hu hu.
Don't think I'm done already.
Bosch is really enthusiastic this time!

MELCHIOR: Heh heh!
Don't think that's the last of my bag
of tricks!

The screen fades out, there are noises as of a busy construction site, and then the scene fades back in.


Bosch: It's done.
Take this with you!

MELCHIOR: Finished!
Off you go, now!
にじを手に入れた! Got Rainbow! You got 1 Rainbow!

The Rainbow Glasses are a better version of the Solar Glasses, and the Rainbow is Crono's best weapon. See the items page for details on both items.

ボッシュ「これで役に立てたわい。 Bosch: Now I've made myself useful! MELCHIOR: I finally feel like I'm doing
something worthwhile!

Bonus rewards for clearing both quests: Rainbow Glasses, Rainbow

= Into the Darkness =
黒の夢 The Black Dream The Black Omen

The Black Dream is accesible in 12,000 B.C., A.D. 600, and A.D. 1000.

The era makes no difference as far as the events that happen inside, beyond a single reference to the year, but there is a very good reason to clear it first in A.D. 1000, then come back in A.D. 600, and in 12,000 B.C. yet again...

"Black Dream" plays inside, making the hi-tech environment seem creepy, and continues playing during some (but not all) battles.

There are lots of items in here, so here's a link to the items page for details.

After a group of Laser Sites (Laser Guards), Zeal awaits their arrival just inside.

Do you intend to oppose me once again!?
Haven't you learned your lesson?!

わらわ (warawa), as mentioned before, is an uncommon humble feminine first-person pronoun. I find it appropriate given her dalliance with Lavos that the associated kanji, 妾, also means "concubine".

I have obtained eternal life!
I will keep on living forever along with the
god Lavos! The god Lavos is underground,
leisurely consuming the planet.
We are immortal!
We shall live forever with Lavos, who
devours this planet even as he sleeps.

Is that the "royal we" or just poor translation there?

Choose the appropriate version for the current time period.

And he will store up power, destroy the planet
in 14,000 years, and become ruler of the world!
Draining this planet's power, Lavos will
rule the world in a mere 14,000 years.
And he will store up power, destroy the planet
in 1400 years, and become ruler of the world!
Within 1,400 years he will emerge to
become ruler of this world!
And he will store up power, destroy the planet
in 999 years, and become ruler of the world!
Within 999 years he'll become the ruler
of this world.
This Black Dream is a path to the god Lavos.
A temple that provides me with infinite power.
You ought not even wish for such things as
the future you seek as long as the god Lavos,
who dwells within here, exists!
The Black Omen is a path which leads
to Lavos.
It is a shrine which provides us with
limitless power.
As long as the mighty one reigns, your
dreams are hopeless!

Zeal gestures, one of those little portals Dalton liked using opens, and a big mutant something comes out. "Boss Battle 1" starts playing, so if there was any doubt about why she summoned it...

May you be a sacrifice to the god Lavos!
Ho ho ho!!
You should sacrifice yourself to the
mighty Lavos!

Zeal vanishes, and the battle commences.

The Mega Mutant actually has two parts, a torso (monster ID 184) and some kind of mutated "foot" (monster ID 185). The creature likes to use status attacks, often against the enitre party, so equip protection. Other than that, it's fairly unremarkable, and both parts have standard defenses. Ayla can steal an Elixir from the torso and a Safeguard Hat from the base.

With the boss down, the party can proceed. In a few rooms, the Walls (Panels) themselves attack, but they're more than a mere nuisance because Ayla can steal Speed Capsules from them. Unfortunately, the Walls, once beaten, stay dead, so can't just be farmed until everyone's speed is maxed out.

Naturally, a variety of other monsters also appear: Glorious Shield (Incognito / PeepingDoom), extreme defenses with shield up but a pushover with it down, steal for a Muscle Ring only when the shield is up; Black Site (Martello), standard defenses, steal for a Super Ether; Lardy (Goon), absorbs Aether and Dark, steal for a Nova Armor; Ruin Golem (Synchrite), standard defenses, steal for a Gold Earring; Wandering One (Boss Orb), seals skills and items; Drifting One (Side Kick), seals skills and items, high evasion but worth 100 tech points; Metal Myu (Metal Mute), standard defenses, steal for a Super Ether; Mini Ahriman (Flyclops), strongly resists all elements, steal for a Gold Pierce; Great Goro (Cybot), standard defenses, steal for a Deluxe Bento; Twin Nom (Ruminator), nearly immune to Aether and Dark, tend to kill each other, steal for a Last Elixir; Fat Beast (Tubster), absorbs Dark, slightly weak against Fire, rarely attacks except as a counter, steal for a Power Capsule; Gazoo (Alien), standard defenses, counters normal attacks with instant death, steal for a Magic Capsule; and Nohey (Blob), immune to Dark, weak against Water, counters magic with MP Buster, steal for a Magic Ring. The selection of monsters varies by section.

In an unusual twist, each of the battles in the room after the first elevator will only occur if the party is running when passing the corresponding (invisible) trigger location. Simply walking avoids all encounters in this room, though I have no idea how you're meant to guess that. The following room has one similar battle, but most there are instead triggered by stepping on certain floor tiles that vaguely resemble land mines. While they may not be immediately obvious as hazards, at least there's some hint of what to do to avoid combat.

A chest in the room with the floor plates contains a Magic Seal, and the next room later on has a save point, a Safeguard Hat, a Nova Armor, a Haste Helm, and a few Last Elixirs. Of the two Nu here, one sells powerful and expensive healing items, and the other...

およっ! こんな所に、それも3人も!
Wow! In a place like this, and three besides!
There's still a long way ahead, so please
stay here as long as you like.
Though if you want to wake from this dream,
we'll manage something...
What will you do?
3 of you! And in a place like THIS!
You've got a long journey ahead of you
so please rest awhile.
And if you wish to awaken from this
dream, there probably is a way...
What will you do?

If the party chooses to return...

おーい! お客さんだよー! Hey! We've got customers! Hey!
We've got a customer!
こぶん「まったく! いつまであいつの言

Lackey: Sheesh! How long have we
got to listen to what he says, ribbit?

UNDERLING: You're starting to bug me!
How long do I have to put up with
your drivel, ribbit?
おやぶん「いいからだまって押すゲロ! Boss: Just shut up and push, gribbit! BOSS: Just shut up and push, will ya,

Two frogs push in what look like the seats from the Sylbird.

こぶん「乗ってケロ! Lackey: Get on, ribbit! UNDERLING: Get on, ribbit!

The seats blast off and the party lands back outside.

In the next room, there's a swirling something that summons a Fat Beast. Ayla can steal a Power Capsule from it, and it drops Elixirs. Since going back to the previous room makes it come back, this is an unlimited source of both, given enough patience, and the Elixirs should take care of healing.

There's a Stardust Cape in a chest not much later, a Power Seal and Speed Capsule a few rooms after that, and another Speed Capsule in the next room. A few rooms later, monsters appear out of nowhere. Ayla can steal Magic Capsules from Gazoos, the reptilian ones with mouth tentacles, but they're gone permanently once killed. The same room has an Elixir, a Last Elixir, and another Speed Capsule in chests.

After the next save point, the floor goes funny and the Giga Mutant shows up to do battle.

Both parts are virtually immune to physical attacks, and the torso counterattacks by draining the MP you need to hurt it. Other than that, it's unremarkable. Ayla can steal a Barrier Ring from the torso (monster ID 53) and a Hit Ring from the base (monster ID 54).

A later room has more attacking Walls for Ayla to pillage, and another Speed Capsule in a chest. On the far side of the room, the Tera Mutant appears.

Like the Giga Mutant, it's virtually immune to physical attacks, but to make things worse, the base (monster ID 56) has extremely high magic defense, absorbs all elements, and counters physical attacks with a strike that lowers HP to 1! Don't worry, just keep attacking the torso (monster ID 55) with magic. It will literally suck the life out of the base. You can probably inflict damage fast enough to kill the torso off anyway, and if not, it will eventually suck the base to death. If either part dies, the other part dies automatically soon after. Ayla can steal a Muscle Ring from the torso and a Power Seal from the base.

The chests nearby contain a Last Elixir and the White Stone. Just after the next corridor, Mini Lavos R (Lavos Spawn) pops out. This one is a bit stronger than the similar creatures on Death Mountain, but the same strategy applies.

Ayla can steal a Haste Helm from the head (monster ID 110) and a Protect Helm from the shell (monster ID 111), which WILL counterattack painfully, but it's probably worth it.

The next room has five Walls for Ayla to loot Speed Capsules from. The room after the Walls is where things get interesting. Lining the pathway are what appear to be the six playable characters (other than the Magus) in stasis. At the end of the corridor, Zeal appears and "Zeal Palace" starts to play.


Queen: Ku ku ku...
What sleeps there is your future...
The dreams that might have
come true after this...
The joys and sorrows you might
have been able to earn...
Your very tomorrow!

QUEEN: Behold, my pretties!
Destiny, in its most brutal form.
All the dreams that might have been.
All the happiness, and sorrow, you
might have experienced.
Gone forever!!!
For you there will be no tomorrow!

Queen: This Black Dream flows
across all temporal dimensions...
Awaiting that time when the
great Lavos will awaken...
Your future is certain to reach
here eventually.
You have no future!
Not unless you defeat me
and stop this Black Dream!

QUEEN: The Dark Omen transcends time
and space, waiting for Lavos to
Destiny has led you here.
And here you shall rest forever,
unless you can defeat me, and smash
the Omen!

The party surrounds her, preparing to do battle.


Queen: Come, children of man!
I shall lure you into the midst of
the great Lavos's slumber...
To an eternal dream of black...!

QUEEN: Come, dear friends.
Perhaps I can persuade Lavos to
share his dreams with you!
Did I say dreams?
I meant his eternal nightmare!

Time to fight. "Zeal Palace" continues playing during the battle, then fades out afterwards.

Zeal attacks nearly every round with ハレーション (Halation), which drops each character's HP to 1, but she'll hardly ever actually finish them off. Ayla can steal a Last Elixir from her up to twice. Upon losing, Zeal drops yet another Last Elixir.


Queen: I can't use my strength here...
I've come up with a good idea.
I'll stick you vermin in the Nether Relic.
I hope you're thankful...
That you can become part of this ship!
That you can become part of me!!
That you can become part of the great Lavos!!!

QUEEN: Argh!
My powers don't seem to work here!
Wait! I'll simply toss you into the
Mammon Machine!
You'll be one with the Omen,
Lavos...and me!

She magics them into a distorted dimension, and the boss music starts up. The Nether Relic (Mammon Machine) begins in an active phase...

魔神器が全てのエネルギーを変換 The Nether Relic will convert all energy Mammon M. modifies all energy...

...during which it raises defense power when attacked physically except by the Grandleon...

攻撃を防御力に変換 / 防御力アップ Converts attacks into defense power / Defense up Attack used to increase defense!

...raises attack power when attacked magically...

魔法を攻撃力に変換 / 攻撃力アップ Converts magic into attack power / Attack up Magic becomes attack pwr / Attack up!

...and heals Frog (in proportion to its own attack power) when he hits it with the Grandleon (either version)...

グランドリオンがエネルギーをきゅうしゅう The Grandleon absorbs energy Masamune absorbs energy...

At the end of this phase, it unleashes an attack on the entire party, which starts out weak but can be deadly if the attack power rose too much.

ためていたエネルギーを放出 Releasing built-up energy Releases stored energy!

Then it stops messing with energy for a while, reverting to its original attack power and defense power at some point during this phase.

魔神器はしずかにたたずんでいる The Nether Relic calmly idles Mammon M. stands still...

Eventually, it returns to the active state and repeats.

For best results, attack only with the Grandleon when it's active, and let loose with all you've got when it isn't. Ayla can steal a Last Elixir (note that stealing attempts are regarded as magic attacks and will raise its attack power).

Once it goes down, the party appears on a surface that looks like it's on the outside of the Black Dream. Zeal warps in.

I am the queen who will rule this world
eternally together with the god Lavos.
You would oppose me?
You cretins...
I plan to live with Lavos, and control
the universe forever.
You will not get in my way!

If the Magus is in the active party, "Magus Decisive Battle" starts playing, and he delivers one of his longest and most insightful speeches of the game.


Magus: Foolish...
All existence is unable to escape
from the fate of perishing...

Magus: Idiots...
Nothing can live forever.

Magus: Zeal.
A sad woman enthralled by Lavos.
As a token of my pity...

Magus: Zeal...
A pitiful woman, duped by Lavos!

Magus: I will bring it all to an end
by my hand!

Magus: I, myself, will bring an end
to all of this!
Accursed prophet.
I have not forgetten the sins you
committed at the Abyssal Temple.
Prophet! You are doomed.
I haven't forgotten what you did at the
Ocean Palace.
今こそ、その死を以てつぐなうがよい! Now, may you atone with your death! You will now forfeit your life.

Otherwise, "Boss Battle 2" starts playing and you get an uninspired generic threat.

May you die and regret your conceit! Indulge in such regrets in the next life!

Zeal morphs into a large mask and two huge gloves, and the battle begins. Whichever music is playing continues playing for the entire battle.

In a reversal of typical three-target bosses, it's not a good idea to focus on the secondary pieces this time. The glove on the left of the screen (monster ID 177) counters all attacks against it by dropping the offender's HP to 1, the one on the right (monster ID 178) counters by stealing all of that person's MP, and both are nearly invulnerable anyway. The mask (monster ID 176) has standard defenses, but will occasionally use Halation, so be ready to heal at any time.

Ayla can, and should, steal a Prism Dress from the glove on the left, a Prism Helm from the one on the right, and a Last Elixir from the head, but be careful since the gloves will counterattack. And bring the Magus for the music! (Or avoid him if you'd rather not Dark Bomb all battle.)

Once the mask dies, it's all over, and Zeal reappears in her normal form. "Zeal Palace" plays.

H-how could mere worms back
ME into a corner...?
O god Lavos, grant me thy power!!
How dare you insects come after ME!
Oh almighty Lavos, lend me your

She does something, the Black Dream shoots energy downward, and there seems to be a response of some kind.

The internal storyline progression tracking variable is now 0xD6, starting the final chapter, even if you skipped saving Crono. Let's finish out the scene before starting a new page, though.

Hu hu hu...
Ha ha ha...
At last, the god Lavos shall awaken!
Before the god Lavos, the likes of you
worms are no better than infants.
I will take hold of eternal existance
along with the god Lavos!
Mwa, ha, ha...
At last, Lavos awakens!
Compared with him, you are like
But, I...I shall obtain immortality!

The reaction from the ground increases, the Black Dream decends and disintegrates, and Lavos breaks through from the depths.

For reference, here's a partial list of possible spoils for passing through the Black Dream: 2 Safeguard Hats (steal one from Mega Mutant), Magic Seal, Nova Armor, 2 Haste Helms (steal one from Mini Lavos R), Stardust Cape, 2 Power Seals (steal one from Tera Mutant), Barrier Ring (steal from Giga Mutant), Hit Ring (steal from Giga Mutant), Muscle Ring (steal from Tera Mutant), White Stone, Protect Helm (steal from Mini Lavos R), Prism Helm (steal from Zeal hand), Prism Dress (steal from Zeal hand), a bunch of Last Elixirs (steal some from various bosses), 4 Magic Capsules (steal from Gazoos), 17 Speed Capsules (steal from Walls), and as many Power Capsules as you have the patience to steal from Fat Beasts. Obviously, that's a lot of stuff.

Clearing the Black Dream is also required to unlock New Game+.

To make things even more interesting, the Black Dream remains present in the eras before you cleared it, so you can fight Zeal twice more and steal multiple Last Elixirs, two more Prism Dresses, and two more Prism Helms! If you got the Prism Helms from the Prismatic Shell sidequest, this gives you a total of three dresses (enough for everyone who can use one) and six helms (enough for all but the Magus, whose Helmet of Despair is better anyway once his magic defense hits maximum). However, any chests you opened in the later eras will somehow be open in the earlier ones, and any one-time battles fought are nowhere to be seen, with the exception of Zeal herself. Even Lavos is already broken open at the end.

Getting rid of that eyesore would count as historical impact except that it's just undoing a previous change and putting things (more or less) back the way they were in the first place. Even so, it needed doing.

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