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運命の時へ…… To the Fateful Time... The Fated Hour
= Sidequest: The Haunted Ruins =
北の廃墟 A.D. 1000 Northern Ruins Northern Ruins

North of Choras, the southeastern town. The Northern Ruins are in poor condition, as might be expected of ruins, and "Silent Night" plays. A knight-like figure guards the stairs down.

ヌグォォォォァァッ! Nhguooooaah! Grrrrrrr!

The party can fight him, and he has boss music, but the most interesting thing is that the name display reads Cyrus... He's immune to all elements and cannot be hit physically, so they soon give up trying to beat him.

He also has 255 defense and 100 magic defense. Only Poyozo Dance and Ayla's Tail Twister can inflict any damage at all, and those only barely.

Normally, the first of the following characters who is in the party speaks:

ロボ「ダメージヲあたえられマセン! Robo: We can NOT inflict damage! Robo: He is resisting my attacks!
カエル「チッ! 剣がきかないとは! Frog: Damn! How can my sword not work!? Frog: My sword hath no effect!
ルッカ「なんてケタ外れの防御力! Lucca: Such extraordinary defense power! Lucca: What kind of shield IS THAT?!

...except that Marle's line is incorrectly coded to display when Lucca is in the party. Since Lucca has already spoken in this case, and the script has skipped to the ghost's following line, Marle can never say hers.

マール「攻撃しても、はじかれちゃう! Marle: Any attack just gets shrugged off! Marle: Nothing can touch it!

Furthermore, since Ayla is used as the default case, any party without Robo, Frog, or Lucca will use Ayla's line... even when that party consists of Crono, Marle, and the Magus, which means she isn't even there to say it!

エイラ「こいつ カタすぎる! Ayla: This guy too tough! Ayla: It's like rock!
……レン…… ...len... ...len...

If Frog is in the party, he reacts.

  俺だ! グレンだ!!

Frog: Cyrus!?
It's me! It's Glenn!!

Frog: Cyrus?!
'Tis me, Glenn!!

The apparition almost seems to show signs of lucidity for a moment...

... oo...
G... le...... nn...?

...but it doesn't last.

ヌグォォォォァァッ! Nhguooooaah! Grrrrrrr!

Well, it looks as though the ghost of Cyrus haunts this place, but he's not terribly coherent. Maybe he's better a few hundred years earlier?

北の廃墟 A.D. 600 Northern Ruins Northern Ruins

The ruins don't look much different... the music is the same, the layout is the same, and the condition is just as bad, but at least there's no raving mad ghost blocking the stairs. Of course, there are other monsters.

Monsters here include the Id (Base), Bone Nam (Defunct), Anatomy (Reaper), and Knight Ghost (Sentry). A damaged Bone Nam may fuse with an Id, if available, to form a stronger and more dangerous type of Bone Nam (Departed) that takes less physical damage and very little magical damage. All monsters except the Id are weak against Fire. The Anatomy and both types of Bone Nam absorb Dark, but the others don't, while Aether and Water work normally on everything. Purely physical attacks will miss both the Knight Ghost and the Id, and the Knight Ghost may also counter with MP Buster just to be a pain.

In addition to physical immunity, the Id has very high magic defense. This is mitigated by its low health, but there is a way to damage one effectively. The immunity may prevent purely physical attacks from hitting in the first place, but it does nothing against mixed-type combo attacks, and the Id has normal physical defense. Skills like Fire Sword will hit, and the physical portion will inflict full damage.

Don't open the chests here yet. If you leave them alone, you can open them in the Modern Age, then come back and open them again, and you'll keep both items instead of losing the one from the Modern Age or creating a time paradox that destroys the universe.

Unfortunately, there are few places to go that aren't cut off by damage to the building. Maybe if someone could fix it up a bit...

チョラス村 A.D. 600 Choras Village Choras

There are some apprentice carpenters in one house...

We're apprentice carpenters.
The boss is drunk off his ass at the bar.
We're only trainees.
The boss is at his favorite cafe.

So in the bar, there's this guy who's obviously been drinking too much...

My carpentry tools got stolen...
Can't do my job, not like this.
My tools have been stolen!
I can't get any work done now.

Maybe if he had replacement tools they would get some work done... Meanwhile, a few of the locals have things to say about the ruins.

I hear a monster carried something into the
ruins north of town about ten years ago.
Rumor says it might be treasure...
10 years ago a beast was seen carrying
something into the Northern Ruins.
Treasure, perhaps?!

チョラス町 A.D. 1000 Choras Town Choras

There happens to be a carpenter getting drunk at the bar in this era, too.

Bring more sake!
Hey, bring some more soda!
お客さん、ちょいと飲みすぎだよ。 Sir, you've had a bit too much to drink. Sir, I think you've had enough sugar
へ? 大工道具をかせ?
Shaddup, a guys's drinkin and feelin good!
What's wrong witha carpenter drinkin' sake!?
Huh? Lend my carpentry tools?
I dun really mind, but whatcha gonna do with 'em?
...ah, never min'.
I'm gonna drink summore before I go,
so get th' tools from mah wife.
Pipe down!
I'll tell you when I've had enough!
Can't you see I love soda pop?
You wanna borrow my tools?
Be my guest!
I'm busy here, so go get them from my

Okay, over to his house...

That husband of mine is always
getting drunk off his ass at the bar!
I've gotta beat some sense into him soon.
Huh, carpentry tools?
Wait a sec.
My husband's never around!
I'm gonna show him who's BOSS.
Next time, POW, right in the kisser!
His tools?
Oh, hold on, they're right here.
だいくどうぐを手に入れた! Got Carpentry Tools! Got 1 Tools!

Other townspeople:

North of this town is what's left of an ancient fortress.
They say it's been hundreds of years already since
it went to ruin.
There's an old structure to the north.
It's been in ruins for ages.
Suffusing the Northern Ruins...
A deep grudge that has built up over
four hundred years...
The anguish of tormented spirits has
created a negative energy that
surrounds the ruins.

Keep this in mind, too:

The great explorer Toma's grave is on the
Western Cape.
But it seems that even Toma just wasn't
able to obtain the Prismatic Shell.
The adventurer Toma's grave is on the
western cape.
He only failed to find the Rainbow Shell.

チョラス村 A.D. 600 Choras Village Choras
Oh, you there.
You got carpentry tools, doncha?
You gonna give 'em to me?
You've got some tools there.
Will you lend them to a buddy?

Well, that was the idea, wasn't it?

Oh, thanks.
Now I can do my job!
Thanks a lot.
Now I can get to work!

He heads back to the carpenters house. The party follows.

よし! 手はじめに、北の廃墟でも
Thanks for before.
Now I can do my job too!
All right! To start with, I guess I'll fix
up the Nothern Ruins or something!
We're going, ya maggots!
Thanks for lending me those tools.
Now I can finally get to work!
I guess I'll start with the ruins!
C'mon, you lazy blokes!

あんがと (angato) seems to be a less polite, and possibly dialect-specific, variant of ありがとう (arigatou).

あいよ! 親方! Gotcha, boss! Whatever you say boss!

The apprentices come downstairs, and leave with the carpenter.

北の廃墟 A.D. 600 Northern Ruins Northern Ruins

The carpenter and apprentices are here.

修理しといたぜ。 We fixed it. We're done for now.
We can't fix the places where
the monsters are hanging out.
When a floor's monsters are all
wiped out, come ask us again.
We'll fix it for ya.
We can't repair the spots where the
monsters hide.
Call us after you get rid of them.
We'll do the rest.
野郎ども、行くぜ! We're going, ya maggots! C'mon, you lazy blokes!
あいよ! 親方! Gotcha, boss! Whatever you say boss!

They leave. Part of the floor upstairs is fixed, giving access to another monster-infested room. Once they're all dead, it's time to get more fixed.

チョラス村 A.D. 600 Choras Village Choras
Fixing the Northen Ruins?
It'll cost 2,000G.
You want the Northern Ruins repaired?
It'll cost you 2000 G.

Pay him, and they go through their leaving routine again.

北の廃墟 A.D. 600 Northern Ruins Northern Ruins

The carpenters are here and say the same thing as before. Nothing's changed upstairs, but a newly reachable room in the basement contains a tombstone.

Cyrus, a foolish man who challenged
the Magus to battle, sleeps here.
Cyrus, the fool who challenged
Magus rests here.

Once Frog is in the current group, the music fades as he approaches the grave.


Frog: Cyrus...
Cyrus, I've returned.
To fulfill the oath of that
youthful day, and my final
promise to you!!

Frog: Cyrus. I hath returned.
I shall honor my promise to thee!

Frog draws his sword and holds it over his head. There's an answering glow, and Cyrus's ghost floats up from the grave. "At the Bottom of Night" plays.


Frog: Cyrus...

Frog: Cyrus...


Cyrus: Glenn...
well done to have come all this way...

CYRUS: Glenn...
Thank you...for making the journey


Frog: Cyrus...
you... must feel bitter towards me...

Frog: Dear Cyrus...
Thou must...think ill of me.


Cyrus: Hu hu...
I was never such a fine knight as
you are now...
When my body was slain by the Magus's
flames, my heart was distressed, thinking
of those still left in this world.
Of King Guardia...
Queen Leene...
the Magus...
of you, my best friend...

CYRUS: On the contrary!
You have come far, my friend.
When Magus defeated me, I
thought of all those whom I had left
King Guardia, Queen Leene, and of
course, you...

カエル「サイラス…… Frog: Cyrus... Frog: Cyrus...

Cyrus: But I'm sure the strength you have
won over this long time is genuine...
I can now take my rest with no regrets...
Farewell, Glenn...

CYRUS: Your skill and dedication is
I can rest now, knowing that
everyone is in good hands.
Good bye, my friend!


Frog: W-wait, Cyrus!

Frog: Cyrus, wait!

  我が友 グ……レ………ン…………

Cyrus: The Queen...
take care of lady Leene...
my friend G... le...... nn.........

CYRUS: The Queen...
Look after Queen Leene.
Alas, and...farewell...G...le...n...n...


Frog: CYRUS!

Frog: Cyyyruuus!!!


Frog: I'm sorry...

Frog: I'm so sorry, Cyrus.

The music stops.


Frog: !?

Frog: !?

He pulls out and holds up a familiar sword.


Frog: Th-the Grandleon?

Frog: The Masamune?!

"Frog's Theme" starts playing, and the sword flashes, rises into the air, begins spinning around, and then glows white.

Most other characters briefly look surprised at this point, then return to their normal stance, but the Magus instead wraps himself in his cloak, averting his eyes, and stays that way for the remainder of the scene. Given how the Grandleon affected him earlier, perhaps it's understandable...


: Hu hu...

Heh heh


: Right!

That's it!

The sword splits into Gran and Leon.


Leon: You were troubled, weren't you.

MUNE: That was special!


Gran: A hero's strength is strength of will!

MASA: Quite. I guess it means that a
Hero's power comes from within.


Leon: It's not to atone for sins or anything.

MUNE: Mucho metaphysical, man.


Gran: Your will, just now, had true strength!

MASA: Like, MIND over matter, Mune!


Frog: My... will...!

Frog: My... mind?


Leon: And now, we can really show our
strength with no worries, big bro!

MUNE: Now for a yummy, full-on test!


Gran: You got it, Leon!

MASA: It's thrashin' time!

Ow! You broke the meaningful dialog with inappropriate slang and lame jokes! And it looks like the translator thought a boss battle was coming up—which is plausible given just the text in isolation—demonstrating why you should always insist on knowing the context...

They do their fusion thing, and the Grandleon reappears in a wave of bright light. It floats into Frog's wating hand.


Frog: This... overflowing power...

Frog: 'Tis flowing with strength
and vigor.

He waves the sword around with more energy than is really necessary.


Frog: This...
this must be the true form
of the Grandleon!!

Frog: This......
So THIS is the Grandleon's true form!!


Frog: Cyrus, I'm off.
To fulfill your aspirations...
That will be...!

Frog: Cyrus, I promise to fulfill
your wishes!

He holds the sword aloft.


Frog: My final farewell gift to you!

Frog: 'Tis a sad farewell!

He turns to the rest of the party.


Frog: Come on, we're going...

Frog: Onward, all!

The Grandleon has grown much stronger, and is once again Frog's most powerful weapon. See the items page for details.

On a side note, if you cheat to get the stronger Grandleon early, it won't lower the Magus's magic defense like the weaker version will. Both other enemies that have special reactions to the Grandleon work properly for either form, though, including the one that mimics the Magus battle.

Interestingly, the text on the grave has changed. It now reads:

The hero Cyrus, who entrusted his hopes
to his best friend Glenn, rests here.
Cyrus sleeps here,
avenged by his friend Glenn.

"Avenged"? Not necessarily, and it's completely beside the point in any case.

Anyway, now that Cyrus's spirit is at rest, the carpenters will do more work on the ruins. It's the same routine as before, until meeting them at the ruins.

修理しといたぜ。 We fixed it. We're done for now.
There aren't any more places
left that we can repair.
That's it for now.

The rest of the upstairs is open now.

Three of those sealed chests are scattered around. Touch them to trigger a reaction with the pendant, but be sure not to open them just yet.

勇者の墓 A.D. 1000 Hero's Tomb Hero's Grave

This is the same place, but with the building in better condition and Cyrus at rest, the name has changed.

There's a Magic Capsule in the grave room, a Power Capsule in the corner of the entrance to the second floor, and then there's the sealed chests...

Nova Armor version up!
Got Moonlight Armor!
Nova Armor level up!
Got 1 Moon Armor!
Onimaru version up!
Got Suzaku!
Kali Blade level up!
Got 1 Shiva Edge!
Siren version up!
Got Valkyrie!
Level Up for Siren!
Got 1 Valkerye!

You can now travel back to the past and also take the original contents of each chest. Details of all items are on the items page.

Anyway, that's quest complete. Rewards: Upgraded ("Reborn") Grandleon, Power Capsule, Magic Capsule, Siren, Valkyrie, Onimaru, Suzaku, Nova Armor, Moonlight Armor, and various other treasures.

チョラス町 A.D. 1000 Choras Town Choras

Naturally, the townspeople have different things to say about the town's most prominent feature:

North of this town is the Hero's Tomb.
It's the resting place of the hero Sir Cyrus,
who four hundred years ago faced the Magus
in single combat to save Guardia Kingdom.
A Hero's grave is to the north.
400 years ago, the knight Cyrus fell
while protecting our Kingdom from
It's said that Sir Cyrus had a best
friend named Glenn!
This Glenn took up the legendary sword
and fought the Magus's army after Sir
Cyrus was killed by the Magus.
Male camaraderie is so moving.
Cyrus's best friend, Glenn, used a
legendary sword to beat the
Magus's troops.

デナドロ山 A.D. 600 Denadoro Mountains Denadoro Mts

Now that Frog has worked out his internal conflict and has the Grandleon in its true form, there's something to do here. Put Frog in the lead, go to where the Freelancer is throwing rocks, and get hit. Frog will catch one of the thrown stones, and "Frog's Theme" will start playing as he poses dramatically.

I have no idea how you're supposed to even come up with the notion of trying this. Guide Dang It. If anyone can think of anything anywhere in the game that even vaguely hints at trying this, I'd love to hear it.


Frog: Give it up,

Frog: I await thee, Free Lancer!

It shone brilliantly within Frog's hand...!!
Got the Gold Stone!
It starts glowing in Frog's hand!
You got the Gold Rock!

Frog: I am no longer who
I once was...!!

Frog: A changed frog art I!

The Gold Stone is one of those skill-enabling accessories. Only Frog can equip it, and when worn along with the reborn Grandleon, it allows him, Marle, and Robo to use Grandream, a physical attack against all enemies that inflicts more damage the more damaged he is.

Putting Cyrus's spirit at ease changed a haunted ruin into a pleasant spot to visit. Not bad, and Glenn is even famous now, for what it's worth.

There's also the question of how Cyrus wound up being buried all the way over here in the first place, though to be fair, we don't know with any certainty where he died—the game reused sections of the Denadoro Mountains for the flashback, but that doesn't necessarily mean it happened there. Someone in the village mentioned a monster carrying something into the ruins around ten years earlier, though, and Frog noted that's when Cyrus died. And the monster? It could have been one the Magus's minions, especially since the epitaph seems mocking, but why would they bother? No, it seems more likely that the "monster" was Frog, and that the message was bitter rather than taunting. Note, to begin with, that Frog says he has returned. He's been here before. Interring Cyrus somewhere out of the way would serve to keep his death quiet and avoid harming morale. Recall how even ten years later, the people thought of Cyrus as missing rather than dead, and continued to hold out hope that he might return again at any time. And as long as there was any hope that he might return, who would dare to fail the kingdom and let him come back to a ruined Guardia?

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