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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy IV

トロイアじょう  Troy Castle  Cecil Tella Yang Cid  Toroia

Do NOT go see the priestesses until you're ready to advance the plot and move on to the next dungeon. The airship will become unavailable for normal travel once you do. While a black chocobo still gets you most places, it's slower and, between the inability to cross mountains and the lack of a wider view, harder to navigate.

しんかん「それは! Priestess: Look! Clerics: That is it!
「まさしく つちのクリスタル!
: That is surely the Earth Crystal!
: You regained it for us!
: Great!
 The Crystal of Earth!
 You got it back! Great!

The screen dims.

「クリスタルを てにいれたようだな。 : It seems you've gotten the Crystal. Looks like you've got the
crystal, {Cecil}...
{シド}「この こえは!
 ひくうていに のれ‥‥
 {ローザ}の いばしょまで
{Cid}: This voice!
{Cain}: Come outside and
 get on your airship...
 I'll take you to where
 {Rosa} is.
{Cid}: ...{Kain}!?
{Kain}: Go outside and get
 on your airship.
 I'll take you to where
 {Rosa} is.

The reactions of the priestesses range from confused...

いまのこえは いったい? What in the world was the voice just now? What's that?
いったい なにが おこったの!? What in the world just happened!? What in the world is
なんだ いまのこえは! What was the voice just now about!? What was that?

...through cautionary...

クリスタルは もつものによって そのちからを
じゃあくなものが もてば おそろしいものに!
The powers of the Crystals change
depending on who holds them!
Dreadfully if an evil one has them!
Crystals increase the
powers of the one who hold
them. If he is evil, then
it will work for the evil!

...and repetitive...

クリスタルは おかしいたそう。
くれぐれも ようじんしてな!
We shall lend you the Crystal.
Make sure to be careful with it!
Here's the crystal.
Now, be careful.
なにか じじょうが あるようですね。
つちのクリスタルは やくそくどおり
You seem to have your reasons.
We shall lend you the Earth Crystal
as promised.
We will lend you our
Crystal of Earth as we
promised you.

The EasyType changes じじょう (jijou, circumstances) to わけ (wake, reasons), though both are equivalent in this context.

せっかく もどってきたのに!
And just when we finally got it back!
But it can't be helped.
We're lending it, that's all!
We're only lending it to
you! helpful.

なにか じじょうが ありそうですね。
ちかのたからを つかってください。
You seem to have your reasons.
Please use the treasures in the basement.
Please use our treasure
down in the basement.
We would like it to be
used for good.

The EasyType rewrites this line as: やくにたつかどうか わかりませんが  ちかのたからを もっていってください。 (I'm not sure whether they'll help, but please take the treasures in the basement). That and the English version seem more closely related to each other than to the original text.

With permission to enter granted, the guard finally allows access to the largest of the treasure chambers. Contents include various healing items, a Greatbow and assorted arrows of the types sold in town (which would have come in handy earlier), and even a Silver Apple (JP version only; the others have an Elixir instead).

エンタープライズ  The Enterprise  Cecil Tella Yang Cid  The Enterprise

Cain's airship approaches immediately after liftoff.

{カイン}「つちのクリスタルは? {Cain}: Did you bring the Earth Crystal? {Kain}: Where's the Crystal
 of Earth?

There's no actual verb here, just the Earth Crystal raised as the topic. A good actor could get the point across with nothing more than those words, the right tone of voice, and a bit of body language. Unfortunately, we don't have those to work with here, so extrapolation it is.

『ここにある! {ローザ}は どこだ!?
{カイン}「フッ あわてるな。
 おれの ひくうていに ついてこい。
『Here it is! Where's {Rosa}!?
{Cain}: Heh, don't be impatient.
 Follow my airship.
{Cecil}: It's here!
 Where is {Rosa}?
{Kain}: Follow my airship!

The airships ascend...

ゾットのとう  Tower of Zot  Cecil Tella Yang Cid  Tower of Zot

If that name is supposed to mean something, I'm not sure what.

...and the party ends up in an area with a high-tech look. There's no sign of Cain, Rosa, or anyone else.

{シド}「どこへ かくれおった!
{カイン}「そう あわてるな‥‥
 {ゴルベーザ}さまから ひとこと おれいが
{Cid}: Where're you hidin'!?
{Cain}: Don't be so impatient...
 Lord {Golubaeser} says he would
 like to give you a word of thanks.
{Tella}: {Golubaeser}!
{Cecil}: {Kain}!
{Cid}: Where are you?
{Kain}: Do not hurry.
 Master {Golbez} wants to
 thank you personally.
{Tellah}: {Golbez}!
{ゴルベーザ}「やくそくを まもってもらって
{テラ}「すがたを みせい!
{ゴルベーザ}「はやるきもちも わかるが
 わたしのれいを うけとってほしい。
{ゴルベーザ}「わたしは きみのいとしい
 {ローザ}と いっしょに この
 ゾットのとうの さいじょうかいにいる。
 ここまで たどりつければ
 {ローザ}のいのちと クリスタルを
『{ゴルベーザ} きさま!
{ゴルベーザ}「はやく こなければ
 きみの だいじな{ローザ}のいのちの
 ほしょうは できん‥‥
 さあ のぼってこい!
{Golubaeser}: I am so very pleased
 that you've kept your promise...
{Tella}: Show yourself!
{Golubaeser}: While I understand your
 impatience, I would have you accept
 a token of my appreciation.
{Yang}: Appreciation?
{Golubaeser}: I am on the highest
 floor here in the Tower of Zot,
 along with your darling {Rosa}.
 If you can make it this far,
 then I shall exchange {Rosa}'s
 life for the Crystal.
『Damn you, {Golubaeser}!
{Golubaeser}: If you do not come
 quickly, then I cannot guarantee
 your precious {Rosa}'s life...
 Come now, climb to me!
{Golbez}: I am glad that
 you kept your promise.
{Tellah}: Show yourself!
{Golbez}: Be a bit more
 patient. I want you to
 receive the reward.
{Yang}: Reward?
{Golbez}: I'm at the top of
 this tower with {Rosa}.
 Bring the crystal, and
 I'll return you the girl.
 You had better hurry up
 or else, I can't
 guarantee her life!
 Now, come!

Note that you can leave the tower where the party entered, but the airship will only fly between here and Troy until you clear the dungeon.

The Marionetters in this tower will summon more Marions if you kill off all its minions. Use them to farm experience if you'd like. Note that this doesn't seem to work in the DS remake, as they tend to run away when alone. The DS remake also gives them a chance to summon stronger Fraud Puppets.

Many (but not all) of the monsters here are weak against Flame. Equip Yang accordingly. There are also quite a few chests here containing elemental Flame weapons and armors for Cecil and Cid. The rule of thumb for this game is that anything with "fire" or "flame" in the name is good against anything Ice, but poor against Flame. The new equipment is usually a step up; just be aware of that weakness, especially at the chest on the 2nd floor containing a Flame Dog. Switch armors for that to avoid taking excessive damage, use the Ice Claw to help kill it faster, and then enjoy the Flame Sword you win for the trouble.

Also watch out for the Hell Turtle (Carapace) in random encounters, since its elements are backwards compared to basically everything else. Come to think of it, Fire Claw + Ice Claw may not be a bad idea for Yang here in general. Except in the DS remake, of course, since elements work differently there.

A chest on the 5th floor has a Hell Claw for Yang. Though lacking any elemental or racial traits, it has a strength bonus, better accuracy than his previous claws, and a chance to inflict Poison status, making it a good general-purpose choice. Another chest here has an Earth Hammer for Cid. A reasonably strong Flame weapon, its true power lies in the item effect: a relatively weak, but hardly negligible, Quake spell. Yet another chest has a Priest Robe for Tella, too.

The DS remake switches the Earth Hammer to the new Earth element. It still has the Quake spell effect when used.

Also on the 5th floor, slightly past the save point...

「ようこそ ゾットのとうへ! : Welcome to the Tower of Zot! Welcome to the Tower of
「おはつに おめにかかる! : It's so nice to meet you! Glad to see you!
「わたしたちは このとうを つかさどる
 4てんのう かぜのバルバリシアさまの
「メーガスさんしまいの ドグ!
「おなじく マグ!
「わたしは ラグ!
「ざんねんだが ここまで。
「クリスタルは わたしらが いただく。
「われら しまいの デルタアタックで
 {ローザ}と おわかれさ!
: We are the right-hand women to the
 Elite Four's Lady Barbariccia of Wind,
 who presides over this tower!
: Dogu, of the Three Magus Sisters!
: Magu, of the same!
: And I'm Ragu!
: So sorry, but you go no further.
: We'll be taking the Crystal.
: Our Delta Attack means it's
 farewell to {Rosa} for you!
We are the minions of
Valvalis of the Air!
I am Sandy!
I'm Cindy!
And Mindy!
We're the Magus Sisters!!
Sorry but your quest will
be over here.
Take our Delta Attack
and farewell!!

The EasyType changes つかさどる (tsukasadoru) to おさめる (osameru); both roughly mean to govern, rule over, or manage. われら しまいの デルタアタック (ware-ra shimai no DERUTA ATAKKU, we sisters' Delta Attack) becomes われらの ひっさつわざ デルタアタック (ware-ra no hissatsu waza DERUTA ATAKKU, our lethal technique Delta Attack).

Boss time! Dogu, the tall one in back, will periodically cast Reflect on Magu, the stout one in the middle, with the following line:

ドグ「あねじゃっ いくわよ! Dogu: Here goes, elder sister! Sandy: There you go!

Magu responds with the following as she attacks a random character:

マグ「いまよ ラグ! わたしに まほうをっ! Magu: Now, Ragu! Use magic on me! Cindy: Come on, Mindy!

Ragu, the little one in front, follows up with a spell on Magu, cycling between Fira, Thundara, Blizzara, and Bio, in that order:

ラグ「マグねえさん はねかえしてっ! Ragu: Bounce it away, big sis Magu! Mindy: Here it goes!
メーガス3しまい「デルタアターック!! 3 Magus Sisters: Delta attack!! Magus 3: DELTA ATTACK!!

Things start falling apart when they aren't all present, though. In addition to being the cornerstone of their Delta Attack, Magu will fully revive the others after a turn delay if either of them goes down, so she's the priority target, even though she has nearly twice the hit points of the others. Taking Magu out of the picture reduces Ragu to casting Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and Poison, while Dogu cycles between Confuse, Berserk, Slow, and (on herself) Cura. Confuse rarely works, and everything else is negligible at this point. Cecil and Yang should attack, Cid can either attack or use his hammer for Quake, and Tella goes on buffing and healing duty. All in all, this battle could have been much worse.

Each of their actions is scripted independently, so appropriate use of Slow might be able to throw them off, though really all that matters for their combo is that Reflect be active on Magu when Ragu throws magic at her, so at most it would just disrupt the text a bit. Status effects won't work since they're bosses.

In the DS remake, I found that Silence works on Ragu to shut down most of their offense. It reportedly also works on Dogu, preventing her from casting Reflect on Magu; Ragu will fail to notice this and happily nuke Magu for you at that point. Since Magu can now counter physical attacks, that would be particularly useful, though I didn't have any problems regardless. They're just not much of a threat without their Delta Attack working.

「デルタアタックが やぶれるとは‥‥
: Ridiculous!
: How could Delta Attack fail...?
: Elder sister!
No way!
Delta Attack failed.

This clears the way to the 6th floor. Cain and Gobeza himself stand on the far side of the room.

You really ought to see this coming, but just in case... make sure to unequip Tella now if you want anything he's using.

{ゴルベーザ}「ごくろう しょくん‥‥
『{ローザ}は どこだ!?
{ゴルベーザ}「クリスタルが さきだ。
『{ローザ}は ぶじなんだろうな?
{ゴルベーザ}「むろん ぶじだ。
さあ クリスタルを もらおう。
{Golubaeser}: Well done, gentlemen...
{Tella}: {Golubaeser}!
『Where's {Rosa}!?
{Golubaeser}: The Crystal comes first.
『I trust that {Rosa} is unharmed?
{Golubaeser}: She's fine, of course.
 Now, let's have the Crystal.
{Golbez}: I thank you.
{Tellah}: {Golbez}!
{Cecil}: Where is {Rosa}!?
{Golbez}: The crystal first.
{Cecil}: You haven't hurt
 {Rosa}, have you?
{Golbez}: Of course not. Now.
 Give me the crystal.

As in the dialog with Cain earlier, Cecil's question about Rosa's condition, though still technically a question, is the sort of question that has only one right answer and implies unpleasant consequences for anything else.

『これだ! 『Here it is! {Cecil}: This is it!
つちのクリスタルを てわたした!
『{ローザ}を かえせ!
{ゴルベーザ}「{ローザ}? なんのことだ?
{シド}「はなしが ちがうぞい!
{テラ}「どこまでも きたないヤツ!
{ゴルベーザ}「おいぼれに ようはない。
{テラ}「きさまになくても わたしに
Handed over the Earth Crystal!
『Return {Rosa} to us!
{Golubaeser}: {Rosa}? Whatever do you mean?
{Cid}: That ain't the agreement!
{Tella}: How rotten can you get!
{Golubaeser}: I have no business with a dotard.
{Tella}: Maybe not, but I have some with you!
Handed over the Crystal
of the Earth!

{Cecil}: Give back {Rosa}!
{Golbez}: {Rosa}? What are
 you talking about?
{Cecil}: What!?
{Cid}: You cheated us!
{Tellah}: Foul traitor!
{Golbez}: I have no business
 with you, old man.
{Tellah}: But I do!

Tella pushes forward, shoving Cecil out of the way, and gets in Golubaeser's face.

{Tella}: Feel it...!
 {Anna}'s pain!!
{Tellah}: This is for {Anna}!!

Battle commences, Tella versus Golubaeser. Tella opens with Bio and Figa, which deal piddling amounts of damage (mostly because a glitch affecting single-target spells in scripted battles results in one hit per spell instead of the five that Tella should get even with just his base Intelligence of 16).

In the DS remake, he skips Bio, which seems like a pointless change. Regardless, the scripted spell hit count glitch is fixed, and apparently has been at least since the GBA version, so these spells will inflict several thousand damage, dulling the contrast with Meteor. It's almost a shame.

ゴルベーザ「しょせん おいぼれのおまえに Golubaeser: In the end, a dotard like you Golbez: No one can ever
「わたしをたおす ちからは ないはず! : lacks the power to defeat me!  defeat me... ... ...

Undeterred, Tella follows with Thundaga and Blizzaga, which inflict similarly meager amounts of damage.

{テラ}「メテオを つかうときが きたか‥‥ {Tella}: So, the time to use Meteor has come... {Tellah}: M... Meteo... ...
『やめろっ! そんなことをしたら‥‥ 『Don't! If you do that... {Cecil}: No! Don't!
{ヤン}「むちゃな そなたのほうが もたぬ! {Yang}: Fool, you're the one who won't last! {Yang}: It'll destroy you!
{テラ}「このいのち すべてをMPにかえて {Tella}: I'm converting my very life to MP {Tellah}: I'm spending my
「きさまを‥‥ たおすっ!! : to bring down... you!!  life to defeat... YOU!

As Legends of Localization points out, "I'm spending my life" can make it sound more like he's making defeating Golubaeser his purpose in life than like he's literally consuming his life force to power the spell. Using "expending" in place of "spending" might have avoided that. On a related note, the English DS version translates this line as "So be it! Let my life fuel the spell that ends his!", and that frankly does quite a good job of combining dramatic flair with accuracy. Except that in the original he doesn't directly respond to what anyone else said, and may be so intent on vengeance that he's not even aware of them.

Tella casts Meteor. In addition to being approriately flashy, it invariably inflicts 9,999 damage here.

Golubaeser has a severe weakness to Holy for this battle, which certainly contributes to the damage. However, Meteor is quite a powerful spell regardless. Despite Tella's unimpressive 16 base int, it would inflict 4,000 to 6,000 damage without any weakness at all. Although this version of Golubaeser also has no magic defense, even 255 of it (the maximum), still with no weakness, would only reduce the damage to an average of 3,725.

ゴルベーザ「うっ ばっばかな メテオを‥‥! Golubaeser: Urgh, im-impossible, Meteor...! Golbez: No way...!

Golubaeser is weakened as combat ends. Tella, though, just cast 209 MP worth of magic despite having only having a maximum of 90 MP, so it's perhaps unsurprising that he's in worse shape. Curiously, Cain also collapses.

{ゴルベーザ}「メテオを つかうとは‥‥
{Golubaeser}: Using Meteor... how...?
{Golbez}: You used...
 the... Meteo...
{Cecil}: {Tellah}!
 ひくぞ {カイン}!
{Golubaeser}: However... I have
 claimed the Crystal...
 We're withdrawing, {Cain}!
{Golbez}: But, I have the
 Now come, {Kain}!
{ゴルベーザ}「いまのメテオで じゅつが
 まあよい きさまは ようずみだ。
 このかりは かならずかえす!
{Cain}: ...
{Golubaeser}: That Meteor must
 have broken my spell!
 No matter. I'm done with him.
 I WILL pay you back for this!
{Kain}: ......
{Golbez}: I guess that
 Meteo broke my control
 over him!
 So be it, you no longer
 serve my purpose.
 I will settle this
 score later, {Cecil}!

Golubaeser starts to leave.

『のがすか {ゴルベーザ}! 『I won't let you escape, {Golubaeser}! {Cecil}: Never!
{ゴルベーザ}「ぐ‥‥なめるな! {Golubaeser}: Gh... don't take me lightly! {Golbez}: HA!

Golubaeser lightning bolts Cecil across the room, starts to approach, and then suddenly stops.

{ゴルベーザ}「‥‥!? {Golubaeser}: ...!? {Golbez}: ...!?
 なぜ‥‥とどめを ささない‥‥
{ゴルベーザ}「おまえは いったい‥‥
 ひとまず あずけるぞ‥‥!
 Why... don't you finish me...?
{Golubaeser}: You're...
{Golubaeser}: Who ARE you...?
 Gh... ghgh!
{Golubaeser}: I... I'll put this match
 on hold for the time being...!
{Cecil}: Ugh... Why not...
 finish me off...
{Golbez}: You...
{Cecil}: ?
{Golbez}: Who are you...
{Cecil}: ...?
{Golbez}: I shall see you

Golubaeser exits, leaving Cecil rather confused.

『あ ああ‥‥
 さすがに メテオが きいたらしい‥‥
 それより {テラ}!
{Yang}: Sir {Cecil}!
{Cid}: You okay!?
 It seems Meteor left its mark...
 But {Tella}!
{Yang}: {Cecil}!
{Cid}: You Okay!?
{Cecil}: Y-Yeah.
 {Golbez} must have been
 weakened by Meteo.
 But {Tellah}!
{シド}「しゃべっちゃ いかん!
 にくしみに とらわれて たたかった
 {アンナ}の かたきを‥‥
{Tella}: So, I couldn't beat him...
{Cid}: You shouldn't be talkin'!
{Tella}: This...
 It may be what I deserve for fighting
 when consumed with hatred...
 {Anna}'s vengeance...
 I beg of you to...!
{Tellah}: I... failed...
{Cid}: Don't speak!
{Tellah}: I brought this
 upon myself...
 Because I lost myself
 in hatred.
  Avenge my daughter for
 me, please!

The EasyType changes Tella's たおせなんだか (taosenanda ka), a nonstandard conjugation that even some native speakers reportedly choke on, to たおせなかったか (taosenakatta ka), the standard equivalent.

{Yang}: !
{Tella}: ...
{Cecil}: {Tellah}!
{Yang}: !
{Tellah}: ......
{シド}「めを あけんかい!
 やすらかに くらすんじゃぞ‥‥
{Cid}: Open your eyes, dammit!
 You blasted geezer!!
{Tella}: ...
{Yang}: Sir {Tella}...
{Cid}: Rest in peace...
 with your daughter...
{Cid}: Open your eyes,
 old nag!
{Tellah}: ......
{Yang}: {Tellah}...
{Cid}: Rest in peace...
 with your daughter...

And Tella is gone.

 ぼくらが うつ!
 We'll take care of...
 avenging {Anna}!
{Cecil}: {Tellah}...
 We will avenge {Anna}
 and you!

The door is locked, so I suppose we'll check on Cain.

{Cecil}: {Kain}...!
 す すまん‥‥
 おれは なんということを‥‥
{カイン}「しかし‥‥いしきは あったのだ。
 おれは {ローザ}を‥‥
{Cain}: ...{Cecil}!
 I-I'm sorry...
 What have I done...?
『You were controlled... had no choice.
{Cain}: But... I was aware of everything.
 {Rosa}, I...
{Kain}: ...{Cecil}!
 What have I done...
{Cecil}: Not your fault...
 You've been hypnotized.
{Kain}: But... I retained
 I wanted {Rosa} to...
 Where's {Rosa}!?
{Cecil}: !
 Where is {Rosa}!?
{カイン}「このうえだ じかんがない! {Cain}: Above here. There's no time! {Kain}: We don't have time!
 It's above!

Cain leads them upstairs, where Rosa remains tied up, with a blade (or iron ball) looming over her head.

{ローザ}「{セシル}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}!

The implement of death begins to fall, and Cecil snatches Rosa out of the way just in time.

{ローザ}「わたし あなたが きてくれると
{Rosa}: I knew you would
 come for me...
{Cecil}: {Rosa}...
{Rosa}: I knew you would

Cain looks ashamed, while Cecil and Rosa get in each other's personal space.

『きみが いなくなって わかったよ‥‥
 ぼくは きみを‥‥
{シド}「やれやれ おあついこっちゃ!
『When I lost you, I realized...
 what you mean to me...
{Rosa}: {Cecil}....
{Cain}: ...
{Cid}: Hoo boy, it's gettin' hot in here!
{Cecil}: Your absence
 taught me... I...
{Rosa}: {Cecil}...
{Kain}: ...
{Cid}: Oh, boy!
 Getting cozy!

Cecil and Rosa break apart, and we don't see their shared sprite again until much later.

『しょうきに もどったんだ‥‥
{カイン}「ゆるしてくれ {ローザ}‥‥
 おれは きみに そばに‥‥
{Rosa}: {Cain}!?
『He's back in his right mind...
{Cain}: Forgive me, {Rosa}...
 I wasn't just being controlled!
 I wanted you...
 to be by my side!
{Rosa}: {Kain}!?
{Cecil}: {Golbez}'s control
 was broken.
{Kain}: I really was
 under control, but I also
 wanted to keep you close
 to me, {Rosa}.
{ローザ}「いっしょに たたかいましょう。
{Rosa}: {Cain}...
{Cain}: ...
{Rosa}: Let's fight together,
{Rosa}: {Kain}...
{Kain}: ...
{Cecil}: ...
{Rosa}: Let us fight
 together, {Kain}...
 ゆるしてくれ {ローザ}! {セシル}!
{Cain}: I'm sorry!
 Forgive me, {Rosa}! {Cecil}!
{Kain}: I am sorry.
 Forgive me,
 {Rosa}! {Cecil}!
{Cecil}: ......
{シド}「ええい! ごちゃごちゃやっとる
 ここは きけんじゃぞ!
{Cid}: Argh! This ain't no time
 for all this yakkin'!
 It's dangerous here!
{Cid}: Come on!
 We really must hurry!
 It is too dangerous here!

Cecil hesitates briefly, then:

『いくぞ {カイン}! 『Let's go, {Cain}! {Cecil}: Let's go, {Kain}!
『りゅうきしである きみのちからが いる!
 ともに {ゴルベーザ}と たたかってくれるな?
{カイン}「‥‥すまん {セシル}‥‥
{Cain}: {Cecil}...
『We need your strength as a Wyrmknight!
 Assuming you'll join us to fight {Golubaeser}?
{Cain}: ...sorry, {Cecil}...
{Kain}: {Cecil}...
{Cecil}: We need your powers
 as a Dragoon.
{Kain}: ...{Cecil}... ...{Rosa}...!
しろまどうし {ローザ}と
りゅうきし {カイン}が なかまになった!
White Mage {Rosa} and
Wyrmknight {Cain} became companions!
White Wizard {Rosa} and
Dragoon {Kain} joined!

Before doing anything else, give Rosa some equipment! You should have a bow and some arrows handy (or a Healing Staff), plus Tella's old equipment and the Gold Headdress from Mist. Cain already comes with a Wind Spear and a full set of Mithril armoring, so he's fine on that count. Then heal anyone who needs it and rearrange the party if you'd like, keeping in mind that Jump ignores row. Try to leave the tower only after preparing.

A pretentious laugh interrupts.

「ほっほっほほほ‥‥ : Ho, ho, ho ho ho... Hah-hah-ha-ha-ha...
「{ゴルベーザ}さまに てきずを おわせるとは
 おまえたちを みくびっていたようね!
 かぜの バルバリシアだ!
: If you managed to wound master {Golubaeser},
 it would seem we've underestimated you all!
{Cain}: Barbariccia of Wind, one of
 {Golubaeser}'s Elite Four!
Seems like Master {Golbez}
underestimated your
{Kain}: It's Valvalis of
 the Air!
 One of {Golbez}'s Four
 Fiends of Elements!

The EasyType uses きず (kizu, wound) in place of てきず (tekizu), a less common near-synonym that implies the wound was received in combat.

 おまえも ねがえったようね。
 それだけの ちからをもちながら!
 しょうきに もどったと
 いってもらおうか バルバリシア!
バルバリシア「なれなれしく よぶでない!
 こんなことなら おまえも {ローザ}も
 だが メテオの つかいても もう いまい。
 みんな そろったところで なかよく
{カイン}「フッ くうちゅうせんは
 おまえだけの ものじゃない!
Barbariccia: {Cain}.
 It seems you have betrayed us.
 And you have such strength!
{Cain}: I'd prefer that you say I've not
 betrayed you, but rather come
 back to my senses, Barbariccia!
Barbariccia: Don't talk to me like a friend!
 They way things have turned out, I wish
 I had eliminated you and {Rosa} both.
 But you have no one to use Meteor now.
 Now that you've all assembled here,
 I'll send the lot of you to the grave!
{Cain}: Heh, midair combat doesn't
 belong to you alone!
Valvalis: {Kain}, you
 betrayed us!
{Kain}: I did not betray
 but came to my senses!
Valvalis: I should have
 gotten rid of you!
 But now the old man
 with the Meteo is gone.
{Kain}: Think you're the
 only one who can fight
 in the air?

Another demon from Dante's Inferno, this one's name might mean "curly beard" or "one overflowing with malice" or "savage one", or so I've read.

She attacks! Barbariccia has a number of nasty tricks that make her problematic to deal with. Shortly after combat begins, she goes into a whirling mode that gives her considerable evasion (greatly weakening the effectiveness of most physical attacks) and near immunity to all forms of magic. Additionally, as long as the whirlwind lasts, she'll cast Tornado AND use Fingertip (Gradual Petrification (1/3)) every other turn. Attack despite her defenses for a clue:

「だめだ しょうめんからは かぜで みえない! : It's no use. We can't see from head on with the wind! (see below)
「ジャンプで たたくしかない! : There's no choice but to hit her with Jump! (see below)

The English and EasyType versions apparently decided that wasn't obvious enough, so they changed it:

「{カイン}! ジャンプだ! : {Cain}! Jump! Must stop her spin!
「ジャンプで せんぷうを ふうじこむんだ! : Use Jump to contain her whirlwind! {Kain}! Jump!!

Hitting her with Cain's Jump breaks the whirlwind, resetting her physical defenses to nonexistent and her magical defenses to moderate. She attacks immediately upon resetting state, then again her next turn, then goes back into the whirlwind after a delay. Keeping her out of the whirlwind as much as possible helps the battle go far more smoothly.

Casting Slow once or twice when she's not spinning also helps quite a bit, as do Berserk on Cid and Yang (and Cecil, if you don't mind giving up his White Magic), though the extra messages every time they attack during whirlwind mode get annoying. She has no resistances or weaknesses, so use whatever hits hardest.

In the DS remake, the worst thing about Barbariccia is her counterattacks. She may respond to physical attacks (other than Cain's Jump when it breaks her spin) with Lightning, which in this version seems to inflict raw damage rather than being a percentile attack as before. The Gold Headdress will protect Rosa from that to some extent. She may also counter magic with Maelstrom. Yikes. While a single Lightning should be survivable, especially with Shell in place, several in a row, or one after Maelstrom, can easily wipe out the whole party. Minimize her counterattack opportunities by using fully charged attacks with Yang as your main source of offense. Anyone with the Counter augment will also help, since she can't counter a counter. Cid and Cecil may want to spend much of the battle defending, and Berserk is just a bad idea all around. Overall, though, she actually seems less dangerous than in the original, once you know to avoid the counters.

バルバリシア「{カイン} きさま‥‥!
 このわたしを たおしても‥‥
 さいごの 4てんのうが いる!
 この ゾットのとう もろとも‥‥
 きえさるが いい!!
Barbariccia: Damn you, {Cain}...!
 Although you may have beaten me...
 there's still the last of the Elite Four!
 Along with this Tower of Zot...
 may you also be no more!!
Valvalis: You know, the
 last and mightiest of us
 four is still left!
 Perish with this tower!
「ほっほっほほほ‥‥ : Ho, ho, ho ho ho... Hah-hah-ha-ha-ha...

The tower shakes violently as Barbariccia disappears.

『く くずれる!
『It-it's collapsing!
{Cain}: Dammit!
{Cid}: Whoa!
{Cecil}: It's collapsing!
{Kain}: Watch out!
{Cid}: Wooow!
{ローザ}「わたしに つかまって! {Rosa}: Grab on to me! {Rosa}: Hold on to me!
{ローザ}「テレポ! {Rosa}: Teleport! {Rosa}: Exit!!

Incidentally, you might not have even realized Rosa knew Teleport. She didn't have it until rejoining just now, and even if you had noticed, you can't manually cast it inside the tower.

Come to think of it, where is this tower, anyway? Floating somewhere in the high skies?

The party warps out of the tower and appears safely in...

バロンじょう  Baron Castle  Cecil Yang Cid Rosa Cain  Baron
『ここは‥‥ 『This is... {Cecil}: Where is it?
{ローザ}「バロンの あなたの へやよ。
{シド}「ニセもんの おうも たおしたし
 もう あんしんじゃろ!
 はなしておかねば ならぬことが‥‥
{Rosa}: Your room in Baron.
{Cid}: You beat the fake king
 and all, so it oughta be safe!
{Cain}: {Cecil}...
 I have to tell you something...
{Rosa}: It's your room in
{Cid}: It's safe, since
 the fake King is gone.
{Kain}: {Cecil}...
 I have something to
 tell you.

The EasyType changes Cid's ニセもん (NISEmon) to the more standard ニセモノ (NISEMONO), though it's unclear why, since both should be easy enough to understand, and slightly quirky speech suits Cid.

So, not only have we been given the impression that it's not unusal for Rosa to visit Cecil late at night, but she would seem to be familiar enough with his bedroom that it's her choice in destination for an emergency teleport. The writers may not have said outright that they're sleeping together regularly... but isn't it obvious?

『トロイアから かりてきた つちのクリスタルも
 これで ヤツの てに すべてのクリスタルが
{カイン}「いや クリスタルは
 まだ 4つしか そろっていない!
{ローザ}「4つで ぜんぶじゃあ‥‥
{シド}「うわさに きいたことがあるぞい!
{Cid}: What about?
{Cain}: It's about the Crystals...
『The Earth Crystal we borrowed
 from Troy was taken as well...
 So now all the Crystals are
 in his hands.
{Cain}: No, he's gathered only
 four of the Crystals so far!
{Rosa}: But isn't four all of them...?
{Cid}: I've heard rumors 'bout this!
{Rosa}: You don't mean...
{Cain}: Yes... the Dark Crystals!
{Cid}: What's that?
{Kain}: It's about the
{Cecil}: The Crystal of
 Earth from Toroia was
 taken away.
 This means......
 {Golbez} has gathered all
 the crystals.
{Kain}: No. There are
 other crystals.
{Rosa}: I thought there
 were only four.
{Cid}: Then the rumor is
{Kain}: Right.
 The Dark Crystals!
{シド}「この せかいの
 4つのクリスタルは いわば
『その やみのクリスタルか!
 だから {ゴルベーザ}のてに わたった
 クリスタルは まだ はんぶんに すぎん!
{シド}「しかし やみのクリスタルの
 うわさは きいたことがあるが
{カイン}「だが {ゴルベーザ}は
『いそがなければ! いったいどこに?
 おもてと うら‥‥ちていだ!
{ヤン} 「ちてい!?
{シド}「あなでもほらなきゃ ゆけん!
{カイン}「ともかく ヤツは
 おもてと うら‥‥つまり ひかりと やみの
 クリスタルを すべてそろえたとき
 つきへのみちが ひらかれると いっていた‥‥
{カイン}「よくは わからんが‥‥
 そのカギが これらしい。
 おまえに わたしておこう。
{Cid}: The four Crystals in this world
 are, in a manner of speakin',
 the outward Crystals...
{Yang}: Then inward Crystals...
『Are those Dark Crystals!
{Cain}: Right.
 So the Crystals in {Golubaeser}'s
 hands only make up half of them!
{Cid}: Well, I've heard rumors 'bout
 the Dark Crystals, but so far as
 where they are goes...
{Cain}: {Golubaeser} has found
 them, though.
『We must hurry! Where are they?
{Cain}: The outward and inward are
 literal... they're underground!
{Yang}: Underground!?
{Cid}: We'd have to dig a hole or somethin'!
{Cain}: Anyhow, once he gathers all the
 outward and inward... that is, the
 Light and Dark Crystals, he said the
 way to the moon would be opened...
『Way to the moon?
{Cain}: I don't really understand...
 but this seems to be the key.
 I'll hand it over to you.
{Cid}: The crystals of
 this world are those of
 Light and of open side,
 so to speak.
{Yang}: Then there are
 the hidden crystals!
{Cecil}: They are the Dark
{Kain}: Right.
 Therefore, {Golbez} has
 only gathered half of
 all the crystals!
{Cid}: But the rumors do
 not say the whereabouts
 of the Dark Crystals.
{Kain}: {Golbez} knows.
{Cecil}: We must hurry then!
 Where is it, {Kain}?
{Kain}: Literally, the
 hidden side of the
 earth, the Underground.
{Yang}: Underground!?
{Cid}: How? Dig a hole?
{Kain}: Anyway, he said
 when all the crystals of
 Light and Darkness are
 gathered, the way to the
 moon opens.
{Cecil}: Way to the moon?
{Kain}: I guess so.
 And this is the clue to
 the secret, so he said.
 You should have it.

All this talk of おもて (omote) and うら (ura) doesn't translate as well as I'd like. Japanese philosophy often views things in terms of dualities: light and dark, yin and yang, red and blue, male and female, outward and inward, appearances and realities, the mundane and the fantastic. The omote and ura here make up one of these dualities. Though the term also applies to such things as the face of a playing card or heads on a coin, omote more generally refers to the aspect of something that lies in plain sight, such as the facade of a building or the public face of a business. Similarly, ura includes not just the back of a card or tails on a coin, but also those things that are normally kept out of public view. Using the word omote to characterize the crystals that everyone knows about immediately implies that there must be other crystals of the ura sort, crystals that exist outside of common knowledge. While "outward" and "inward" (which I previously translated as "exposed" and "hidden") sum up the basic meaning, "outward" doesn't necessarily demand an analogous "inward" quite as strongly as omote demands a corresponding ura. Additionally, omote carries a sense of "on the surface" while ura has a sense of "beneath the surface", so they also link to the underground better than "outward" and "inward" do.

The English DS version sort of writes around all that by calling the surface ones crystals of light and saying that every light casts a shadow. Which isn't necessarily true, and implies a sort of dependency between the crystals that doesn't seem to exist. Still, it flows better than the SNES translation.

マグマのいしを てにいれた。
{カイン}「こいつを どこかで かかげると
 ちていへの みちが ひらけるらしい‥‥
{ローザ}「いったい どこに?
Got the Magma Stone.
『And this is?
{Cain}: Set it up somewhere and the way
 underground is supposed to open...
{Yang}: Somewhere?
{Rosa}: But where?
{Cain}: Beats me...
Received the (key)Magma!
{Kain}: Use this at a
 certain place to open the
 way to the underground.
{Yang}: Certain place?
{Rosa}: Where?
{Kain}: I don't know.
{シド}「なに かんがえこんどる?
 エンタープライズが あろう!
 このせかいなんぞ アッというまに
{Cid}: What're you broodin' over?
 We got us the Enterprise!
 She can fly 'round the world
 in no time flat!
{Cid}: What's to think
 about? We have the
 Enterprise to fly around
 the world in no time!
『でも あれは ゾットのとうに‥‥
 さいしんがたと いったろが!
 えんかくそうじゅうで ちゃあんと
 バロンに もどっとるわい!
{ヤン}「ならば きまりですな。
{ローザ}「{シド} たよりにしてるわ!
{シド}「そうじゃろ? な!
 そうときまったら しゅっぱつは
 ちていの いりぐちを めざし ひとねむりじゃ!
『But it was at the Tower of Zot...
{Cid}: Don't you underestimate me!
 I told you she's the latest model!
 The remote guidance system
 already has her back in Baron!
{Yang}: Then it's settled.
{Rosa}: {Cid}, you're so reliable!
{Cid}: 'Course I am? See!
 Now's that's decided we can set out
 tomorrow morning! We'll sleep on
 findin' that entrance to the underground!
{Cecil}: But it was left in
 the Tower of Zot...
{Cid}: Didn't I tell you?
 It's the latest!
 It's back in Baron by
 remote control!
{Yang}: Good!
{Rosa}: {Cid}, we really
 count on you!
{Cid}: You think so?
 Let's leave tomorrow
 morning to search for
 the entrance to the

The EasyType replaces えんかくそうじゅう (enkaku soujuu, remote guidance system) with じどうそうじゅう (jidou soujuu, autopilot). While that may be a more common term, it implies that the airship flew itself back, rather than a remote operator taking control of it.

『しかし‥‥なぜあのとき {ゴルベーザ}は
 ぼくに とどめを
『But... why did {Golubaeser}
 not finish me off then...?
{Cecil}: But... why didn't
 {Golbez} just finish me
 off then...?
{ローザ}「どうしたの? {Rosa}: What's wrong? {Rosa}: {Cecil}?
『いや なんでもない‥‥
『No, it's nothing...
 Let's rest...
{Cecil}: No, it's nothing.
 Let's take a rest.

Consider raiding Eblana Castle at this point if you didn't already. While it may still be challenging, having a full party with higher levels, better equipment, and a dedicated White Mage should help. On the other hand, some of Tella's advanced spells could have come in handy.

ミシディア  Mysidia  Cecil Yang Cid Rosa Cain  Mysidia

We should probably tell the elder what happened to Tella.

あれほど にくしみで たたかうなと いって
Even {Tella}!?
After all I said to him about
not fighting with hatred...
The fool...
{Tellah} also!?
I told him not to fight
for  hatred alone...

トロイアじょう  Troy Castle  Cecil Yang Cid Rosa Cain  Toroia

As the closest thing Tella has to a living relative, Gilbert deserves to know, too.

ぼくの まわりのひとは みんな‥‥
Everyone around me keeps...
{Tellah} too!?
How come the people who
I love always leave me?

バロンのまち  Town of Baron  Cecil Yang Cid Rosa Cain  Town of Baron

Meanwhile, Rosa's mother is overdue for some reassurance, not having seen Rosa since she headed toward Mist in search of Cecil.

{ローザ}のはは「もう どこにも
 おまえを しろまどうしなんかに すべきじゃ
{ローザ}「ちがうわ おかあさん!
 わたしは よかったと おもうわ。
 せんしの {セシル}の
 ちからに なれる しろまどうしで!
 おかあさんだって むかしは
 おとうさんと ともに たたかった
 そうね‥‥しんだ あのひとも りっぱな
 {セシル} このこを おねがいね。
{Rosa}'s Mother: {Rosa}!
 You're all right!
{Rosa}: ...I'm sorry.
{Rosa}'s Mother: Don't you go
 off anywhere else again!
 You never should have
 become a White Mage.
{Rosa}: You're wrong, mother!
 I'm glad I am one.
 A White Mage who can
 help {Cecil} as a warrior!
 And mother, you used to
 fight alongside father as
 a White Mage yourself!
{Rosa}'s Mother: {Rosa}...
 You're right... He was a fine
 knight, too, when he was alive.
 {Cecil}, take good care of her.
{Rosa}'s mother: {Rosa}!
 Are you alright?
{Rosa}: Yes. I'm sorry for
 running away.
{Rosa}'s mother: Never do
 it again, okay?
 I shouldn't have let you
 be a White Wizard!
{Rosa}: But you did the
 same for Father!
{Rosa}'s mother: {Rosa}...
 That's right...
 He was a well known
 knight. Okay.
 But be sure to take care
 of yourself.

アガルトのむら  Agart Village  Cecil Yang Cid Rosa Cain  Agart

Clues from the earlier world tour point here. The villagers spoke of being descended from dwarves who came from an inward land under the mountains. Putting together the mention of a sun called "magma" and the legend that the way to their homeland will be opened when the stone of the sun is returned there, Cecil tries dropping the Magma Stone into the immesurably deep well. The stone falls an improbably long way, then the screen turns red...

『なんだ? 『What? {Cecil}: What?

With a great rumbling, the nearby mountain bursts open, revealing a large hole leading to untold depths!

The DS remake makes this scene a bit longer, with more dialog as the stone heats up and Cid fumbles it into the well, and culminates in a geyser of magma bursting through the nearby mountain. That at least explains what blows the hole open.

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