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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy IV

エンタープライズ  The Enterprise  Cecil Yang Cid Rosa Cain  The Enterprise

The airship flies down the hole easily enough, reaching a massive cave with oceans of magma. There's a bit of a problem, though...

{Cain}: The Red Wings!
{Cecil}: What's that?
{Kain}: The Red Wings!

Sure enough, the Red Wings have already arrived and engaged a group of tanks in combat. The Enterprise, unfortunately, gets caught in the crossfire.

{ヤン}「ひとあし おそかったか!
{シド}「ええい! きょうこうとっぱする!
 しっかり つかまっとれい!
{Yang}: We're moments too late!
『Who are they fighting...?
{Cid}: Argh! We'll force our way on
 through! Hang on tight!
{Yang}: We are late!
{Cecil}: But who's fighting?
{Cid}: We've got to get
 out of here! ...Hold on!

The EasyType simplifies Cid's きょうこうとっぱ (kyoukou toppa, forcibly break through) to とっぱ (toppa, break through) and adds a quirky ぞい (zoi) to the end of the sentence.

Cid accelerates. It doesn't seem to do much good.

{シド}「いたいか? エンタープライズ!
{Cid}: You hurtin', Enterprise!?
 Hang in there for me!
『We're going down!
{Cid}: Hold out!
{Cecil}: We're going down!

The Enterprise shudders ominously. Fade to black.

{ローザ}「{セシル}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}! {Rosa}: {Cecil}!

Fade from black. Cecil slowly picks himself up from the deck and looks around.

『{ローザ}! 『{Rosa}! {Cecil}: {Rosa}!
『‥‥みんな ぶじか?
 じゃが エンタープライズが
 このまま とぶのは きけんじゃな。
『 everyone all right?
{Cid}: Yeah...
 But the Enterprise took a
 beatin'... It's too dangerous
 to fly her like this.
『Very well, then... let's disembark.
{Cecil}: All Okay?
{Cid}: Yeah.
 But the Enterprise isn't.
 It's dangerous to fly on.
{Cecil}: Let's get off.

The Enterprise won't fly for now. Fortunately, there's a castle just two steps away.

ドワーフのしろ  Dwarf Castle  Cecil Yang Cid Rosa Cain  Castle of Dwarves

Security dwarves block off most of the castle, though the item shop is accessible and sells more supplies than ever.

On a side note, the dwarven greeting ラリホー ("lali-ho") may have some connection to the British phrase "tally-ho" originally used in fox hunting. A sleep-inducing spell in the Dragon Quest series with the name ラリホー may also be related. Then there's "heigh-ho", best known from Disney's Sleeping Beauty...

The only NPC of any particular interest is the little girl dwarf in the entry room.

わたし ルカ!
あたしの おにんぎょうたちが
あなたたち しらない?
I'm Luca!
My dolls are missing.
Have any of you seen them?
I'm Luca.
I can't find my dolls!
Have you seen them?

The party goes in to see the king.

Remove Cid's equipment now, and also put him in the back row. You'll see why soon enough. Also swap any fire armors you may have equipped for something neutral, since Flame weakness is going to be a liability.

ドワーフおう「わたしは この ちていせかいを
 おさめる ドワーフおう ジオット。
ジオット「やはり そのことで きなすったか。
 ヤツらのなかまにしては ほうげきを
 われわれも あやうく うちおとすところ
{カイン}「ちていの クリスタルは
 まだ ぶじなのか?
ジオット「ざんねんじゃが 4つのうち 2つは
 ヤツらのてに わたってしまった。
{ヤン}「やはり まにあわなんだか‥‥
ジオット「しかし このしろのクリスタルは
 まだ ぶじじゃ。
 ドワーフせんしゃたいが なんとか
{ローザ}「さっき ひくうていと
 たたかっていた せんしゃですね。
ジオット「ほう あれは ひくうていともうすか。
 うえのせかいには あのようなものが
 じまんの せんしゃたいも そらから
 こうげきされては ちと くるしい‥‥
 そうじゃ そなたたちの ひくうていと
 やらで えんごしてはくれぬか?
{シド}「それが さっきの ほうげきと
 ふじちゃくのせいで ちいとばかり
Dwarf King: So, you're all right.
『Who might you be?
Dwarf King: I am the Dwarf King Giott
 who rules this underground world.
『And the Dark Crystals!?
Giott: Then that is why you came here.
 You did seem to be taking too
 much fire to be on their side.
 We came close to shooting
 you down ourselves, too.
{Cain}: Are the underground Crystals
 still safe?
Giott: Unfortunately, two of the four
 have already fallen into their hands.
{Yang}: So we're too late after all...
Giott: This castle's Crystal, however,
 still remains safe.
 The Dwarf Tank Corps has
 managed to turn them back.
{Rosa}: Those must be the tanks that
 were fighting the airships earlier.
Giott: Ah, those are called airships?
 Amazing that the above world
 has such things as those...
 Being attacked from the sky is a bit
 hard on even our prized tank corps...
 Ah, yes, would you mind supporting
 us with your, er, airship?
{Cid}: She's a wee bit busted up
 thanks to that bombardment and
 emergency landing just now.
King: Glad you're fine!
{Cecil}: May I ask who you
 are, sir?
King: I am the King of
 Dwarves, Giott, and the
 ruler of the Underground.
{Cecil}: Have you still
 got the Dark Crystals!?
Giott: You came for the
 I'm afraid two out of
 four have been taken.
{Yang}: We're late.
Giott: But the crystal
 in this castle is still
 safe. Our tanks turned
 them away.
{Rosa}: We have seen your
 tanks fighting against
 the airships.
Giott: Ah, you call those
 flying things airships?
 You have strange things
 in the world above.
 Would you support us
 with your airship?
{Cid}: I wish we could.
 But it has been greatly
 damaged from the last
 fighting and landing.

The king's name is written ジオット (JIOTTO), resulting in a soft 'g' sound (roughly gee-ought or gee-otto overall). Like "geode" or "geology", come to think of it. So perhaps "Geott" would be more appropriate? Something about that just doesn't look quite right, though. Meanwhile, the EasyType here mirrors an earlier change to Tella's dialog and standardizes Yang's まにあわなんだか (ma ni awananda ka) to まにあわなかったか (ma ni awanakatta ka).

ジオット「しゅうりに ひつようなものなら
 ようい させるが?
 できるじゃろうが ちていの ようがんの
 ねつには せんたいが もたん。
 ちじょうに もどり ミスリルで そうこうを
 よっしゃ ひとっぱしり いってくるかの!
Giott: I can have whatever you need for
 repairs readied, if you would like?
{Cid}: I oughtta be fine for some quick fixes,
 but the hull ain't gonna hold up with the
 heat from the magma underground.
 Gotta go back above ground and get
 some mithril platin' on her!
 All right, guess I'm runnin' off!
Giott: Do you need anything
 to do the repairs?
{Cid}: The airship won't
 last in the heat of lava.
 I must go back to the
 upper world and wrap the
 body with mystic silver!
 See you later!

Perhaps fearing that せんたい (sentai, hull) might have too many homonyms or just be too technical, the EasyType replaces it with ひくうてい (hikuutei, airship).

『{シド}! 『{Cid}! {Cecil}: {Cid}!
{シド}「なーに すぐもどるわい!
 パワーアップして かえってくるから
 いいこで まっとるんじゃぞ!
{Cid}: Hey, I'll be right back!
 I'll bring her back powered up,
 so be good kids and wait for me!
{Cid}: Don't worry!
 I'll come back soon!
{シド}「ほっほ {ローザ}!
 ワシに ほれるなよ!
{Rosa}: Be careful...
{Cid}: Ho, ho, {Rosa}!
 Don't you go fallin' for me!
{Rosa}: Take care...
{Cid}: Thanks, {Rosa}!
{シド}と わかれた。 Parted ways with {Cid}. {Cid} left.
『ジオットおう。 このしろのクリスタルは
 いったい どこに?
ジオット「なにをかくそう このぎょくざの
 うらの かくしべやじゃ!
 これならば わたしの めのくろいうちは
『King Giott. Just where might this
 castle's Crystal be?
Giott: The secret room behind my throne
 is the perfect place to hide something!
 Why, it will be secure there for as long
 as I live and breathe!
{Cecil}: King Giott, where
 is the crystal?
Giott: It is hidden behind
 my throne!
  As long as I am well, so
 is the crystal!

The idiom literally means "as long as my eyes are black". And why is he so willing to tell complete strangers where to find the Crystal, anyway?

The EasyType reduces このぎょくざの うら (kono gyokuza no ura, behind this throne) to このうら (kono ura, behind here); possibly ぎょくざ (gyokuza, throne) seemed redundant or too obscure.

Yang steps forward as the music abruptly comes to a halt.

{ヤン}「! {Yang}: ! {Yang}: !
『どうした {ヤン}?
{ヤン}「だれか ぬすみぎきしている!
『What is it, {Yang}?
{Yang}: Someone is eavesdropping!
Giott: Who!?
{Cecil}: ...... {Yang}?
{Yang}: I feel someone
 eavesdropping on us!
Giott: What!?

Something moves behind the wall. Yang continues to stare at the (rather obvious) secret door while everyone else looks around.

『だれも いないぞ。
{ヤン}「このさきに けはいを
『No one's there.
{Yang}: I sensed a presence
 through here!
{Cecil}: No one is here.
{Yang}: I felt someone
 sneaking around!
ジオット「とびらを あけい!
Giott: Open the door!
Dwarf: Lali!
Giott: Open the door!
Dwarf: Lali!

The dwarves open the door, and the party files through to find... dolls? The door shuts behind them.

{Cain}: It won't open!
: Kyaa, ho, ho, ho.
{Kain}: It's locked!
{Rosa}: The dolls!
{Cecil}: ?
{Rosa}: Oh! The dolls!

The creepy dolls do a creepy dance with creepy music.

「ぼくらは ようきなカルコブリーナ!
「こわくて かわいい にんぎょうさ!
「のこのこ やってくるからさ!
「キミらを たおして {ゴルベーザ}さまの
「てみやげに させてもらうよ!
: We're the merry Calcabrina!
: The cute but terrifying dolls!
: Dummies!
: You just waltzed right in here!
: We'll beat you and have you be
: Our present to master {Golubaeser}!
: Kyaa, ho, ho, ho!
We're the Calbrena!
You fools!
You've doomed yourselves!
We're gonna getcha!
We'll take this good news
as presents to
Master {Golbez}!

Calcabrina is another demon from Dante's Inferno. The name might mean "brine walker" or "grace stomper".

Now for one of the stranger boss battles in the game. The three Brina (in front) are considerably weaker than the three Calca (in back), with 369 hit points instead of 1,369. Kill off all three of either type, and...

にんぎょうが がったいする! The dolls unite! Turned into Calbrena!

Calcabrina might as well be a whole new battle. It can hit fairly hard, though at least there's only one of it. It counterattacks any Flame, Ice, or Thunder magic with Flame, Tsunami, or Lightning as appropriate, which is unlikely to be an issue with no black mage in the party. Just avoid attack items if your version has them. Physical attacks don't trigger anything, so go wild, and Berserk may help as well. Other than the counterattacks and an occassional Glance (Confusion) and Hold spell, it just uses boring physical attacks, so there's not much to worry about.

The dolls may eventually unfuse...

がったいパワーが きれた! The unifying power ran out! Ran out of power.

...which gives back the original three Calca and three Brina, effectively resetting the battle. However, it's not time based, but rather a counterattack script that runs when the big doll goes under 100 hit points without dying, so consider yourself unlucky if you see it happen.

In the EasyType, Calcabrina cannot split once fused, and also has a convenient weakness to Flame. The English version includes neither of these changes.

It's also possible to win by killing all the little dolls. Leave one of each type to avoid triggering the fusion, then be ready to take out the last Brina immediately after the last Calca goes down. Depending on your play style, it may be more trouble than it's worth, though.

None of the dolls have any elemental strengths or weaknesses, so attack with your strongest weapons. And make sure that Cecil survives the battle...

In the DS remake, I found it rather simple to kill off the individual dolls, and the battle was no trouble that way. Reportedly, the fused doll hits harder, can inflict Confusion on attack, and counterattacks physical attacks rather than magic. Of course, just like in the original, you don't have any offensive mages at this point, so you're mostly stuck with attacking physically. Attack items and certain augments can get around that to an extent, but no one in this party has a high enough intelligence stat to make them particularly effective. Standard anti-counterattacker strategy is to use only your strongest attacks, which in this case mostly means Yang striking when maximally charged up, while your white mages in particular focus on healing and defense.

「よくも やったな!
「でも このばしょは ほうこくずみ!
「かたきは うってもらうよ!
: How dare you!
: That hurt!
: But we've already reported this place!
: He'll pay you back for us!
: Master {Golubaeser}!
You'll pay for this!
Our Master {Golbez} already
knows this place!

The dolls leap in tandem, then vanish.

: It's been a while...
{Cecil}: What!?
Well, {Cecil}...

Golubaeser appears in the room and walks up to Cecil.

{ゴルベーザ}「せんじつは せわになった。
 だが あのメテオの つかいても もう
 あのときの れいに わたしが なぜ
 クリスタルを あつめるか おしえてやろう。
 ひかりと やみ あわせて
 8つの クリスタル‥‥
 それは ふういんされし つきへのみち
 バブイルのとうを ふっかつさせる
 つきには われわれの じんちをこえた
 ちからが あるという。
 このクリスタルで 7つめ‥‥
 のこすところ あと1つとなったわけだ。
 これも きみたちのおかげだ。
 このれいも しなければ しつれいだな。
 うけとれい! これが わたしからの
{Golubaeser}: I owe you for the other day.
 But that user of Meteor is
 with us no more.
 To commend your efforts, I shall tell
 you why I am collecting the Crystals.
 Putting Light and Dark together,
 there are eight Crystals...
 They are the key to restore
 the sealed way to the moon,
 the Tower of Babwil.
 On the moon lies power beyond
 human comprehension, they say.
 This crystal is the seventh...
 leaving only one more.
 I have you to thank for this as well.
 It would be impolite not to show
 my gratitude. Accept this, my
 final gift to you!
{Cecil}: {Golbez}...!
{Golbez}: You got me the
 other day, but now the
 old mage is gone.
 I will tell you why I'm
 gathering the crystals.
 All the crystals, both
 Light and Darkness, are
 the keys to reactivate
 the Tower of Bab-il that
 leads to the moon.
 It is said the moon
 possesses powers beyond
 human comprehension.
 And there is only one
 more crystal to get.
 You've been very helpful.
 Receive your last reward!

It's not quite the Tower of Babel, which would be バベルの塔, but the name does appear to be based on it. The sounds used here are more precisely ba-bu-i-ru, which makes the NA version name a good rendition all things considered. I just think the dash looks unnecessarily awkward.

The EasyType replaces じんち (jinchi, human comprehension) with そうぞう (souzou, imagination).

Golubaeser attacks, but wait, we just had a boss fight! So, this is going to be one of those unwinnable ones, right? Sorry, but no. It is highly scripted, though. Golubaeser initially has absolute invulnerability to everything, and before much of anything has a chance to happen...

ゴルベーザ「はっはっはっ Golubaeser: Ha, ha, ha! Golbez: HA HA HA!
「これが おまえたちのちからか‥‥ : This is the extent of your strength...?  Is that it?
「しばらくおとなしく していてもらおう! : Let's have you settle down for a while!  Now ......!

Golubaeser uses Spellbind Chill, paralyzing everyone.

「うごけぬからだに のこされたひとみで : You can't move, but you have your eyes.  Wait till you see
「しんのきょうふを あじわうがいい! : Behold true terror!  the real terror!
「まいれ こくりゅう! : Come, Black Dragon!  Meal time, Shadow!

Golubaeser summons a Black Dragon. It uses Black Fang on Yang, then Cain, then Rosa, instantly Incapacitating them...

...though Cain can avoid this by being in midair. The timing is a bit tricky, since he'll land before the event starts if he Jumps too soon, and won't get the chance to Jump if you wait too long, but it's quite possible, and helpful if you can pull it off.

Also note that if Cain doesn't get out of harm's way, Cecil MUST survive the previous battle. Otherwise, everyone's dead and it's Game Over.

ゴルベーザ「{セシル} つぎは おまえだ! Golubaeser: {Cecil}, you're next! Golbez: And you, {Cecil}!

The EasyType makes some changes to the combat scripts so that the music switches here instead of later.

But before he can do anything more, the party fades out to be replaced by a strangely familiar misty dragon, which sprays Golubaeser and his Black Dragon, damaging both. Golubaeser loses his invulnerability, and the Black Dragon is slain.

ゴルベーザ「ド ドラゴン‥‥ Golubaeser: Th-that dragon... Golbez: That Mist blew my
「こくりゅうを きりのちからで けしさるとは‥‥ : wiped out my Black Dragon with mist...?  Shadow Dragon away......?!

The party is cured of paralysis, with the animation including the empty spot, oddly.

????「だいじょうぶ もう うごけるわ! ????: It's okay, you can move now! ????: You can move now!
『そのこえは‥‥ 『That voice... {Cecil}: Who is it... ?

The music changes from Golubaeser's ominous but not particularly lively theme to the special boss theme normally used for battles with the Elite Four. A green-haired woman in a green dress steps into the empty space in the party formation. The status bar names her as Rydia, but wasn't Rydia about ten years younger...? Now's not the time for that, though, since Golubaeser is still here, and he's upset. Too bad for him he can't take much of a beating.

Golubaeser cycles between Bio, Thundaga, and Fira, casting each to a single random target. Although he's rather quick, his damage isn't unusually high, so the main problem is the fact that half the party is lying motionless on the ground.

Keep in mind that Phoenix Tails don't restore much health, so there's little point in reviving someone unless they can be healed immediately afterward. If Cain survived, that will help considerably. Golubaeser is weak against Flame and Holy for this battle, so use the Flame Sword and Flame Claw for weapons, and Flame Arrows for Rosa if she can afford to attack instead of healing. Rydia should cast Fira or summon Ifrit, which hits a bit harder but takes longer to cast.

About 4,000 damage later (or 3,000 in the NA or ET versions)...

「わたしが ま け る と は‥‥ : How could I... lose...? Golbez: W... Why... ...?

The DS remake gives Golubaeser the Barrier Change skill once the battle starts in earnest, making him weak against one random element while absorbing all others. Rydia's summons have also been buffed so that they're significantly stronger than tier-2 spells, instead of being more or less a tossup in terms of DPS against a single target. Checking his weakness and using the corresponding summon is the ideal way to win here, and the battle redesign feels intentionally geared toward showing off these new summons. Also note that he's not invulnerable at the beginning of the battle, and additionally allows more time to act than in the original. Take the opportunity to buff and (if needed) heal Cecil, and cast Slow on Golubaeser so that he's less of a threat after the scripted event.

 {ゴルベーザ}を たおしたぞ!
『We beat him...!
 We beat {Golubaeser}!
{Cecil}: We did it!
 We've defeated {Golbez}!
{ローザ}「{リディア} あなたのおかげよ!
『でも そのすがたは?
{リディア}「リヴァイアサンに のみこまれて
 げんかいに つれていかれたの。
{リディア}「げんじゅうたちが すむ
 そこで げんじゅうたちが ともだちに
 しろまほうは つかえなくなったけど
 そのぶん しょうかんと くろまほうの うでは
 でも げんかいは こことは じかんのながれが
{ローザ}「それで おとなに?
{カイン}「{セシル} このこは?
『ミストのむらの {リディア}だ。
{カイン}「あの こども!?
{ヤン}「これは おどろいた‥‥
『でも なぜ ぼくたちを‥‥
 ぼくは きみのかあさんを‥‥
 げんかいの じょおうさまに いわれたの。
 いま もっと おおきなうんめいが
 あたしたちが たちむかわなくちゃ
しょうかんし {リディア}が なかまになった!
{Rosa}: It's all thanks to you, {Rydia}!
『But why do you look so...?
{Rydia}: I was swallowed by Leviathan
 and taken to the Phantom World.
『Phantom World?
{Rydia}: The world where the Genjuu live.
 The Genjuu became my friends there.
 I lost my ability to use White Magic,
 but my Summoning and Black Magic
 have improved enough to make up for it!
 The flow of time differs between the
 Phantom World and here, though...
{Rosa}: And so, you've grown up?
{Cain}: {Cecil}, who's this girl?
『{Rydia}, from Mist Village.
{Cain}: That kid!?
{Yang}: This is quite a surprise...
『Why help us, though...?
 Because of me, your mother...
{Rydia}: Don't talk about that!
 The Queen of the Phantom World
 told me that a greater destiny is
 in motion now...
 She said that we must stand
 against it...
Summoner {Rydia} became a companion!
{Rosa}: All because of
 your help, {Rydia}!
{Cecil}: What happened to
 you, {Rydia}?
{Rydia}: Leviatan swallowed
 me and took me to the
 Land of the Summoned
{Cecil}: Took you where?
{Rydia}: It's the world
 where all the summoned
 monsters live.
 I can't use anymore white
 magic, but I increased
 my powers as Caller and
 user of black magic.
 There, the time flows
{Rosa}: Is that why you
 look all grown up?
{Kain}: Who is she?
{Cecil}: She's the girl we
 found in Mist.
{Kain}: The child!?
{Yang}: Amazing!
{Cecil}: But why?
 Your mother...
{Rydia}: Stop that.
 The Queen there told me.
 The greater power of evil
 is at work. We must
 confront it together!
{Cecil}: {Rydia}...!
Caller {Rydia} joined!

Now that it's official that she's the same Rydia... Number of times someone has survived apparent certain death: 4. And, come to think of it, this may be the first time since unintentionally torching Mist that Cecil has said its name without an awkward hesitation.

Anyway, as noted, Rydia no longer has White Magic. Instead, she's learned the Dragon, Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, and Titan summons, plus the Black Magic spells Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, and any others that her current level entitles her to.

She's also technically learned Cura, but with her White Magic command gone, it's hard to tell, not to mention completely useless.

The party starts to leave, when...

「わたしは‥‥しなぬ! : I... will not die! I do not... perish!

Golubaeser turns into a gauntlet for no discernible reason, grabs the crystal, and disappears with it.

You know what? He was looking pretty darn dead, there, so... Number of times someone has survived apparent certain death: 5. On a side note, the DS remake scraps the whole inexplicable "turning into a gauntlet" thing and just has him get up, grab the Crystal, and vanish.

『しまった クリスタルを! 『No! The Crystal! {Cecil}: Oh, my!
 He took the crystal!

The party reports to King Giott in the throne room.

『すみません クリスタルは {ゴルベーザ}の
 こうなっては さいごのクリスタルを
 ししゅするしか あるまい。
{ローザ}「さいごのクリスタルは どこに
ジオット「なんせいにある ふういんの
 {ゴルベーザ}が むかったが あわてるでない。
 ふういんをとくカギが なければ
 あのどうくつに はいることはできん。
 そこでじゃ おぬしらに たのみがある!
『クリスタルが うばわれたのも
 なにか ちからになれるなら‥‥
ジオット「{ゴルベーザ}が ふういんのどうくつに
 むかっている いまがチャンスじゃ。
 バブイルのとうに せんにゅうし 7つの
 クリスタルを うばいかえしてもらえぬか?
{ヤン}「てきのほんきょに せんにゅう
 しろと おっしゃるか!?
ジオット「しんぱいは いらん!
 われらのせんしゃたいが てきを ひきつける!
 そのすきに おぬしらに クリスタルを
 {ゴルベーザ}のいない いましかない!
『I'm sorry to say that {Golubaeser}
 has the Crystal...
Giott: There's no helping it.
 We have little choice now but to
 defend the final Crystal to the last.
{Rosa}: Where might the final
 Crystal be?
Giott: It's in the Sealed Cave to the
 {Golubaeser} headed there, but don't panic.
 It's not possible to enter that cave
 without the key to release the seal.
 And so, I have a request to ask of you!
『It's our responsibility that the
 Crystal was seized!
 If we can do anything to help...
Giott: With {Golubaeser} having gone to
 the Sealed Cave, now's our chance.
 Would you sneak into the Tower of Babwil
 and take back the seven Crystals?
{Cain}: Into the Tower of Babwil?
{Yang}: You're telling us to sneak
 into the enemy's stronghold!?
Giott: No need to worry!
 Our tank force will distract the enemy!
 I want you to use the opportunity
 to recapture the Crystals!
 With {Golubaeser} away, now's the time!
{Cecil}: I'm sorry...
 {Golbez} took the crystal...
Giott: We must protect the
 last crystal then!
{Rosa}: Where is it?
Giott: In the Sealed Cave
 of northwest. But do not
 worry. The cave cannot be
 entered without the key.
{Cecil}: What should we do?
 {Golbez} is on his way!
Giott: So now is the chance
 for us to regain other
 crystals in the Tower of
{Kain}: What!?
{Yang}: Now {Golbez} is busy
 trying to get the last
 crystal, we...
Giott: We'll draw their
 attention with our tanks
 and you can sneak in.
 Now is the only chance!

The EasyType changes だっかんして (dakkan shite, recapture), near the end, to the more common とりもどして (torimodoshite, take back). Also note that the NA version managed to turn southwest into northwest, though it doesn't much matter at this point since there's no way to get there yet regardless, and when the time does come later on, the directions given then are correct. The DS remake also corrects this gaffe, unsurprisingly.

The party confers.

{リディア}「てきの きちなんでしょう?
{ローザ}「たしかに きけんね。
{ヤン}「しかし こけつに いらずんば
 こじを えず‥‥
{カイン}「{ゴルベーザ}のいない いましか
 チャンスは あるまい。
{Cain}: What do we do?
{Rydia}: That's the enemy base, right?
{Rosa}: It's certainly dangerous.
{Yang}: But one must brave the tiger's
 den to find the cubs...
{Cain}: I doubt we'll get a better chance
 than now, when {Golubaeser} is away.
『Very well...
{Kain}: What do we do?
{Rydia}: Isn't it their
{Rosa}: It's dangerous.
{Yang}: But we must do
 something now.
{Kain}: Now is the only
 chance we have.
{Cecil}: Okay...

Yang quotes a saying comparable to "nothing ventured, nothing gained" that I feel should be adequately clear without further explanation. However, the EasyType replaces it with このまま まっていても どうにも ならぬし (waiting around like this won't do us any good).

『やってみます! 『We'll give it a try! {Cecil}: We'll do it!
 このしろのちかに ぬけみちへの
 したくが できしだい ゆくがよい!
 ごぶうんを いのっておるぞ!
King Giott: I'm counting on you!
 There's an entrance to a secret
 passage in the castle basement!
 Go once you've prepared!
 I'll be praying that you prevail!
Giott: Good!
 There is a path through
 the exit in the bottom of
 this castle!
 Go whenever you're ready.
 Good luck!

The EasyType replaces ごぶうん (go-buun, good fortune in a military venture) with ぶじ (buji, safety).

His daughter Luca is here too.

わたしの おにんぎょうを そんなことに
つかうなんて ゆるせないわ!
It's unforgivable, using my
dolls for something like that!
Luca: Oh, my dolls...

Anyway, there's an abusable oversight here. If Rydia casts Dejon before leaving the throne room, it warps the party back into the crystal room. The Crystal is still there since you were never meant to re-enter, and examining it gives the Dark Crystal key item, which lets you skip the entire annoying Sealed Cave dungeon later on. Interestingly, the exit works properly (as does the entrance from the other side), even though this is normally inaccessible. The EasyType nullifies this exploit by outright disabling Dejon inside the castle, and you can't cast it here in the DS remake, either.

The rest of the castle is now accessible, with treasures including a Black Belt (good for Yang) in the west tower, and a Dwarf Axe (powerful and ranged, but inaccurate) and Power Wrist in the east tower. Useful weapons to buy include the Flame Spear, plus Darkness Arrows if you need ammunition. The armor shop sells more flame armors (not useful at the moment), and more importantly, Rune Bracelets and Priest Robes and Hats, handy upgrades for mages.

Head downstairs and through the secret passage once you're prepared.

せんしゃたいが きょだいほう ひきつけるー!
そのすきに せんにゅうするラリ!
The tank force will draw fire from the giant
cannons! Use that chance to sneak in, lali!
Our tanks will attract the
attention of the cannon,
so you can sneak in, Lali!
バブイルには {ゴルベーザ}いなくても
さいきょうの 4てんのう
ひのルビカンテが いるー!
{Golubaeser} may be away from Babwil,
but Rubicante of Fire, the strongest of
the Elite Four, is there!
I know {Golbez} is out of
Bab-il! But the strongest
of four fiends called
Rubicant of Fire is there!

Most of the dwarf NPCs tend to elongate the vowels at the ends of their sentences like that. To me, it gives them sort of an unhurried, laid-back kind of feel.

Rubicante is another demon from Dante's Inferno, with a name that apparently means "one who grows red". Appropriate enough for fire.

There's a recovery pot right by the exit. Enjoy, and consider doing some level grinding.

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