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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy IV

バブイルのとう  Tower of Babwil  Cecil Yang Rosa Cain Rydia  Tower of Bab-il

Despite the number of Flame weapons available, most creatures in the underground and tower instead have a weakess against Ice. Equip your characters accordingly. The Dancing Dagger's item effect serves as a useful no-cost attack for Rydia, if you remembered to get one. Otherwise, the Whip she comes with, though weak and inaccurate, at least has a long-range attack, and gives a small chance to cause Paralysis.

The Dancing Dagger's item effect is more disappointing in the DS version, particularly with command augments available. However, it gives handy bonuses to evasion and agility when equipped. And, speaking of modified weapons, the Dwarven Axe available from the castle has been substantially improved, with reduced stat penalties and increased attack power and accuracy that make it superior in raw power to the upcoming weapons found in the tower.

The tower exchanges fire with a tank force as the party approaches it. Their entry appears to go unnoticed.

I believe that this is the first place you can encounter Mysteregg enemies. Although these appear as large eggs that then "hatch" into normal monsters after taking damage, functionally they are the monsters that they hatch into all along, and have all the same stats, weaknesses and resistances, item drops, and so on. Additionally, they do nothing until attacked, which has obvious applications if you have any no-cost healing or support actions available.

In the DS remake, eggs are instead a special enemy type of their own, and hatch after a set amount of time passes rather than when damaged. Until hatching, they have 10,000 HP, absorb all elements, drop no items, and leave only a single experience point and gil if killed. Use the free rounds to heal and buff.

Find a Green Beret for Yang on the second floor. Two rooms also on that floor each have treasure chests with monsters inside, and award the Ice Spear for Cain and Icebrand for Cecil, letting them strike the weaknesses of most monsters here and therefore making battles drastically easier.

To take out the Eyes (Alert) in the chests without giving them the chance to call for backup, Yang should hit them with the Thunder Claw. They're Machines, so it gets a racial bonus, for quadruple attack power. In the JP version, having him charge up his attack on top of that adds a little extra insurance of a one-hit kill.

A Cat Claw for Yang awaits on the third floor, then a Killer Bow for Rosa in a side area of the fourth floor. The main fourth floor section has a save point, followed by more rooms with monsters in chests. These have the Ice Shield and Ice Armor, best paired with the Flame ones and split between Cecil and Cain.

Beware of random Chimera encounters. Although they have relatively little health, they absorb all three primary elements and will spam Blaze (which is Ice-based, so Flame armor helps) when alone. Switch to non-elemental weapons for them. Yang with the Cat and Hell Claws is probably the best counter.

The fifth floor has a conspicuous central room with a locked door. The higher floors all have separate sections that are currently inaccessible. There's another save point on the seventh, and then, in the center of the eighth...

はかせ「ルビカンテさま おきをつけて‥‥
 にんじゅつとやらを つかう
 エブラーナの しろは すでに おちた。
 るすは あずけたぞ。
Doctor: Master Rubicante, take care...
Rubicante: Worry not.
 Eblana Castle, where they used what
 they call Ninjutsu, has already fallen.
 Take care of things while I'm away.
Dr.Lugae: Master Rubicant,
 please be careful.
Rubicant: Eblan has fallen
 so the threat is gone.
 You'll take care of this
 place while I'm gone.

はかせ (hakase) is a doctor in the doctorate sense, or a well-learned person or expert in general, not a medical doctor.

Rubicante teleports away. Lugae starts hopping around gleefully.

はかせ「ヒャヒャヒャ! {ゴルベーザ}さまも
 ルビカンテも おらん!
 ワシが さいこうせきにんしゃだ!
{リディア}「へんな おじいさん。
Doctor: Hya hya hya! Neither Master
 {Golubaeser} nor Rubicante are here!
 I'm the one who's in charge now!
{Rydia}: What a weird old man.
Dr.Lugae: He-he-he!
 {Golbez} and Rubicant both
 are gone!
 Now I'm the leader here!
{Rydia}: Weird guy...!

The not-so-good doctor gives off a strong "mad scientist" sort of vibe.

{ローザ}「しいッ! {Rosa}: Shhh! {Rosa}: Hush!

But he's already noticed them.

はかせ「そこに おるのは
Doctor: And who might that be
 over there?
Dr.Lugae: Who's there?
はかせ「きさま {セシル}!
Doctor: You're {Cecil}!
 When did you...!?
{Cecil}: Ooops!
Dr.Lugae: {Cecil}!
{カイン}「フッ。 ルビカンテはいまい!
 おまえに おれたちが
{Cain}: Hmph. Rubicante's gone!
 Think you can beat us?
{Kain}: Won't you call for
 help, doctor?
はかせ「キーッ バカにするでないわ!
 4てんのうには くわわれなかった
 とはいえ {ゴルベーザ}さまの
 ブレインといわれる このルゲイエ!
 このバブイルのとうは ワシの
 メンツにかけて まもるわ!
Doctor: Ooooh, don't you mock me!
 Though I may not be part of the
 Elite Four, it is I, Lugae, who am
 known as {Golubaeser}'s brains!
 My reputation's at stake if I don't
 defend the Tower of Babwil!
{Cain}: Don't make me laugh!
Dr.Lugae: Don't take me
 lightly or you'll get
{Kain}: Makes me laugh!

The EasyType replaces the English-derived ブレイン (BUREIN, brain) with ずのう (zunou, brain).

 このルゲイエの うみだした
 さいあいのむすこが きさまらの
 くびを いただいてやるわあ!
Dr. Lugae: Urrgh!
 My most beloved son that
 I, Lugae, have given life to
 will have your heads!
Dr.Lugae: Now face my
 beloved child, Balnab!

The doctor attacks, directing a bulky robotic minion.

はかせ「ゆけ!バルナバ こてんぱんにするのだ Doctor: Go! Annihilate them, Barnabus! Dr.: Go, Balnab!
バルナバ「ウガー! Barnabus: Ugah! Balnab: GRRRR!

The robot isn't too bright, though, and hits the doctor when he first attacks.

はかせ「いてっ わしを なぐってどうする Doctor: Ow! What good is hitting me? Dr.: ...... OUCH! Not me!
「あっちだ あっち わかったな! : Them, over there! Understand? Them! Over there!
バルナバ「ウガー! Barnabus: Ugah! Balnab: GRRRR!
はかせ「よし おまえのパワーを みせてやれ! Doctor: Good, now show them your power! Dr.: Beat them up!

Every few turns, the doctor, who otherwise takes no action, oils Barnabus. Functionally, this is a status cure, and has no real effect.

はかせ「あぶらが きれては いかんいかん! Doctor: Mustn't let his oil run out...! Dr.: I must oil him......
バルナバ「ウガー! Barnabus: Ugah! Balnab: GRRRR!

Neither has any weaknesses or resistances. Barnabus counts as a Machine, however, so Yang with a Thunder Claw and Rosa with Thunder Arrows will get massive bonuses to their attack power against him.

There are two ways this battle can end up. If Barnabus outlasts the Doctor, he ends the battle with Self-Destruct now that he's not being oiled any more.

バルナバ「ア‥ブ‥ラ‥ク‥レ‥ Barnabus: Give... Balnab: O... Oil... O...I......L...

However, if the Doctor outlasts Barnabus, he gets mad. This is the more likely outcome, since he's hiding behind Barnabus until then.

はかせ「よくも かわいい バルナバを‥! Doctor: How dare you! My dear Barnabus...! Dr.: Oh...... My dear......!
はかせ「こうなれば わしが みずから Doctor: Very well, then, I shall just Dr.: I will operate him
バルナバを そうじゅうじゃっ!  have to operate him myself!  directly now!

It's also the preferable option in any version with a bestiary, because...

This replaces them with the Combined Mecha (Balnab-Z), which attacks for two turns, and if not beaten before the third...

はかせ「およ なんじゃ このボタンは‥ ポチッ Doctor: Oh? What's this button do...? *push* Dr.: ...What's this button?

...ends the battle with Self-Destruct anyway. Take off as much health as possible first to minimize the damage.

Don't forget that casting Slow will make those turns take longer! Alternately, although it's tricky to manage without being able to check on their health, taking down both the Doctor and Barnabus at the same time, or nearly so, in the first phase will prevent either of them from reacting to losing the other.

The DS remake switches the default target to Lugae, but otherwise doesn't change this particular battle much as far as I can tell. I'm not sure about the combined form since I accidentally finished off the doctor too quickly for that part to happen.

ルゲイエ「おのれ よくも!
 ワシの ほんとうのコワさを
Lugae: Oh, how dare you!
 Now know how fearsome
 I truly am!
Dr.Lugae: I'll show you my
 real strength!

A new battle begins, this time with proper boss music. Shortly thereafter...

「ほんとうの きょうふを みせてやる! : I will show you true terror! Now... the real fight!
「へんしーーーん! : Transforrrrm! ............ Watch!!

Lugae hops off the screen, then comes back down in a more monsterous form and attacks with Poison Gas immediately. For the rest of the battle, he cycles between Beam, Laser, Flamethrower, and Treatment. That last one, curiously, targets the party, curing most status effects, including Poison and Sleep. This comes in handy especially since Lugae counters with Sleep Gas whenever he takes damage.

With counters being a concern, try to stick with attacks that do a lot of damage all at once. Like Barnabus, this cyborgish form counts as a Machine, so Yang with the Thunder Claw is the perfect choice, especially when using a charged attack if that's an option.

In the EasyType, Lugae's attack pattern instead goes Beam, Flamethrower, Laser, Treatment, and then a double use of Beam before repeating. This change, oddly enough, makes the battle more difficult, since he not only gets two attacks every fifth round but is attacking on more of his turns to begin with.

The DS remake changes the battle far more drastically, centering it around a Reverse Gas skill that inverts damage and healing for everyone. Lugae will use this at the onset of battle, and can continue to use it without warning as combat continues, toggling the effect at will, which makes anything with a casting time risky to use. Reverse also lingers on fallen characters and makes it impossible to revive them for the duration of the effect. While the Reverse status is active, Lugae tends to hit the party with a fairly powerful healing spell, and when it's not in effect, he likes to use a similarly potent multitarget flamethrower attack instead (which is at least subject to elemental resistance), so he's inflicting damage either way. Fortunately, he has relatively little health. Also, having Rydia summon Whyt will reportedly clear the Reverse status from her, which can put her out of phase with Lugae's attack pattern so that he'll constantly be healing her.

Lugae will always drop Lugae's Key, which the game won't let you leave without taking. Unfortunately, the text for this was missed in translation.

An important item
 still remains.
[garbled junk]

The post-battle item collection screen lets you dispose of held items to make room for new ones, which is presumably why the key is awarded as a combat drop. What happens, though, if your inventory is full when the game tries to give a key item through a scripted event? That's something I need to look into...

Lugae remains undaunted even in defeat.

 このバブイルのとうは だいちを つらぬき
 ちじょうと ちていを むすんでおる‥‥
 クリスタルは すでに ルビカンテが
 ちじょうへ うつした!
 ドワーフは ワシのつくった きょだいほうで
Dr. Lugae: Hya hya hya...
 The Tower of Babwil pierces the land,
 linking surface and underground...
 Rubicante has already transported
 the Crystals above ground!
 The giant cannon I made will wipe
 the dwarves out... hya hya hyaaah!
Dr. Lugae: Ha Ha Ha!
 This Tower of Bab-il
 connects the ground and
 ... Rubicant has already
 moved all the crystals
 to the upper world!
 And I shall annihilate
 the dwarves with my
 Super Cannon!

And then he explodes.

{Rydia}: The dwarves are going
 to be killed!
{Rydia}: Dwarves are in
{ヤン}「きょだいほうとやらを! {Yang}: The giant cannon! {Yang}: We must stop the
 Super Cannon!
{カイン}「はかいせんと! {Cain}: We must destroy it! {Kain}: We must destroy it!

I never quite understood this part. Weren't the tanks taking fire already? What's different now that demands immediate action? For what it's worth, the game still lets you leave the tower and head back to the Dwarf Castle for now if you want to recover and manage your inventory before continuing.

There's no following Rubicante...

『ワープそうちのようだが ぼくたちには
『It appears to be a warp device, but it
 doesn't seem as though we can use it...
{Cecil}: Looks like a warp
 device, but we can't use

So backtracking it is. Unsurprisingly, we're heading to that locked room on floor five.

Make sure Yang doesn't have anything irreplaceable on before entering...

Three monsters stand at what appear to be control panels.

「ワハハ しね ドワーフどもめ! : Wa ha ha, die, you damn dwarves! Good-bye, dwarves!
『そこまでだ! 『Hold it right there! {Cecil}: Your fun is over!
「どうして ここへ!?
: You!
: How did you get in here!?
: Get them!
How did you get here?
Get them!

They're just a few Goblin Captains (Dark Imps), so it should be an easy fight. Unfortunately, they don't know when to quit.

「クソー こうしてやる! : Damn, take this! How about this!

They run over and sabotage the controls. The room shakes ominously...

「これで だれにも きょだいほうは
: Now no one can stop
 the giant cannon!
No one can stop the Super
Cannon anymore!
{Cain}: What a mess!
{Cecil}: Oh...
{Kain}: What...!

Yang steps forward.

{Rosa}: What are you doing?
{Cecil}: {Yang}!
{Rosa}: What are you doing?
{ヤン}「ここは わたしがひきうける!
 みんなは はやく だっしゅつを!
『ぼうはつするぞ {ヤン}!
{Yang}: I'll take care of things here!
 The rest of you, hurry and escape!
{Rydia}: NO!
『It's going to explode, {Yang}!
{Yang}: ...forgive me!
{Yang}: I'll take care of
 this! Go on, escape!
{Rydia}: No! Don't!
{Cecil}: It'll explode!
{Yang}: GO!!

The specific word Cecil uses normally refers to a weapon firing when not intended. Here I think it's more that it's going off in an uncontrolled, backfiring sort of way.

He swats them out of the room.

{ヤン}「つまに つたえてくれ‥‥
 わたしのぶんも いきろと!
{カイン}「あけるんだ {ヤン}!
 ばかなまねは しないで!
{ヤン}「たのしい たびであった!
『あけろ {ヤン}!
{Yang}: Tell my wife...
 to live for the both of us!
{Cain}: Open up, {Yang}!
{Rydia}: {Yang}!
{Rosa}: Please!
 Don't do anything foolish!
{Yang}: It was an enjoyable journey!
『Open up, {Yang}!
{Yang}: Graaaah!
{Cecil}: {Yang}!
{Yang}: Tell my wife...
 to live for me!
{Kain} : Open up, {Yang}!
{Rydia}: {Yang}!
{Rosa}: Please!
 Please don't do this!
{Yang}: It was a good trip
 with you all!
{Cecil}: {Yang}!!
 Open the door!!
{Yang}: Aaaagh!

Massive explosions rock the room, and sad music follows.

『{ヤン}ーー! 『{Yang}——! {Cecil}: {Yang}!!

There's no going back in, either.

こわれてしまって あかない‥‥ It's too badly damaged to open... It doesn't open.

With the Crystals out of reach and Yang beyond help, the party has little choice but to head back. However, on the way out of the tower...

「なかなか たのしませてくれる‥‥ : You've proven quite amusing... You have amused me a lot...

Oh, dear. That sinister theme music sounds all too familiar, and the dimmed screen isn't reassuring, either.

{ゴルベーザ}「おにの いぬまに いのちの
 あそびは これまで‥‥
 そろそろ おわかれを いおう。
{Golubaeser}: Enjoying your lives
 while the cat's away, little mice?
 Playtime is over now...
 It's time we parted ways.
{Cecil}: {Golbez}!
{Golbez}: This is all for
 play, kids.

The walkway burns away underfoot, leaving them falling...

エンタープライズ  The Enterprise  Cecil Rosa Cain Rydia  The Enterprise

...until a familiar airship swoops down to catch them.

「ギリギリ セーフじゃったの!
: Just in the nick of time!
{Rosa}: {Cid}!
Just in time!
{Rosa}: {Cid}!
{シド}「? {ヤン}は どうした?
『きょだいほうを くいとめて‥‥
{シド}「そうか‥‥ {ヤン}‥‥
『ミストの いきのこり‥‥
{Cid}: ? What happened to {Yang}?
{Rosa}: He...
『To hold off the giant cannon...
{Cid}: I see... {Yang}...
{Rydia}: *sob*...
{Cid}: Who's the chick?
『A survivor of Mist...
{Cid}: Where's {Yang}?
{Rosa}: He...
{Cecil}: To destroy the
 Super Cannon...
{Cid}: I see...
{Rydia}: Poor {Yang}...
{Cid}: Who's this girl?
{Cecil}: {Rydia}...
 The Caller of Mist.

No time for that now, though, since we hear another airship approaching.

{シド}「ちッ! おってきおった! {Cid}: Dangit! They're chasin' us! {Cid}: Shucks!
 They are coming!

It's a Red Wings airship, of course, in hot pursuit.

{シド}「こっちのほうが せいのうは
 ヤツらも あかいつばさを かいぞう
{Cain}: Can't we shake them off!?
{Cid}: We oughta have the edge
 on 'em in performance...!
 Seems they've done some remodeling
 of their own to the Red Wings!
{Kain}: Can't we shake
 them off!?
{Cid}: Looks like they've
 modified the Red Wings!

The airship continues pursuit...

{シド}「ふんばれ エンタープライズ!
{Rydia}: We're being overtaken!
{Cid}: Come on, Enterprise!
{Rydia}: He's catching up!
{Cid}: Give it your best,

The airship continues pursuit, this time approaching the hole to the surface...

 かわれい {セシル}!
{Cid}: The engine won't hold out!
 {Cecil}, take the helm!
{Cid}: The engine can't
 last much longer!
 Take the control!

Cid heads off to the side of the deck.

{Rosa}: {Cid}!
『Where are you going!?
{Rosa}: {Cid}!
{Cecil}: What are you doing!
 ちじょうに でたところで このばくだんで
 あなをふさぎ くいとめる!
{Cid}: Once the Enterprise gets
 above ground, I'll use this bomb
 to seal the hole an' cut 'em off!
{Cid}: Get out of the
 I'll close the hole with
 this bomb!
{ローザ}「{シド} あなたまで!
 {ローザ}と {セシル}の こが
 おまえたちは バロンじょうに むかい
 ワシの でしたちに あえ!
{Rosa}: {Cid}, not you too!
{Cid}: Hu hu...
 I wanted to see you and {Cecil}'s
 kids... but we can't leave {Yang}
 all by his lonesome.
 You guys head to Baron Castle
 and go see my apprentices!
{Rosa}: Oh, {Cid}...
{Cid}: I wanted to see
 your children...
 {Rosa}...... {Cecil}......
 But I guess I'll stay
 here for a while.
 Go to Baron and get my
 workers to help you!
{Rydia}: Gramps!
{Cecil}: {Cid}!
{Rydia}: Come on!
{シド}「せめて おじちゃんと よべ! {Cid}: At least make it "uncle"! {Cid}: Be good, {Rydia}!

As usual, the age joke involving family terms for non-family (common in Japanese) doesn't translate well. Basically, she uses an affectionate form of address for an elderly man, and he quips back that she should at least use the one for a middle-aged man. A localization ought to use something like "Hey, I'm younger'n that!"

The DS retranslation sort of writes around it, keeping the general idea fairly well, though without Rydia implying that Cid's an old man to provoke his reaction. As I recall, the exchange goes like this...   Rydia: But you'll die!   Cid: And so young, too!

 バロンじょうへ いそげ!
{Cid}: Listen up!
 Hurry to Baron Castle!
{Cid}: Hurry to Baron!

Though Rosa tries to stop him, Cid leaps off the side of the ship.

 ひくうていぎし {シド}
 いっせいちだいの みせばじゃあッ!
{Cid}: {Golubaeser}!
 Here's the airship engineer {Cid}'s
 dramatic scene of a lifetime!
{Cid}: {Golbez}!
 I'll show you the great
 fire works of {Cid},
 the Master Engineer!

Cid sets off the bomb, sacrificing himself to seal the hole. Although the Enterprise makes it out safely, it doesn't feel like much of a victory.

{リディア}「なんで みんな‥‥
{カイン}「どいつも しにいそぎやがって!
{Rosa}: {Cid}!
{Rydia}: Why must everyone...?
{Cain}: So many fools, rushing to die!
{Rosa}: {Cid}!
{Rydia}: Why!?
{Kain}: It's too dangerous!

Difficult as it may be, there's really only one conclusion Cecil can come to.

『バロンへ‥‥むかう! 『Let's... head to Baron! {Cecil}: We'll head toward...

バロンじょう  Baron Castle  Cecil Rosa Cain Rydia  Baron

Cid's apprentices are loafing around in their usual spot in the eastern courtyard.

おやかたに たのまれていたんです!
このフックを つくって エンタープライズに
なーに あっというまですよ!
The boss left us orders!
He had us make this hook, and
we're to install it on the Enterprise!
Don't worry, it won't take long!
{Cecil}! Boss ordered us to
attach this hook to the
No, it won't take long!

After working on the ship for a little while, they report to Cecil.

「これで ホバーせんを ひきあげて
「エンタープライズに のったままで
 ホバーせんにかさなり けっていボタンで
 がったい ぶんりが できます!
「これで バブイルのとうのある
 エブラーナのどうくつにも ゆけます!
「たいりくのあさせに ホバーせんをおろし
: Now you can pull up the hovercraft
 and move it somewhere else!
: While riding the Enterprise, fly over the
 hovercraft, and you can use the decision
 button to combine with or detach it!
: This can even get you to Eblana
 Cave by the Tower of Babwil!
: Lower the hovercraft at the continental
 shallows, change ships, and go!
Now you can hook and
carry the Hovercraft!
To hook or let go of the
Hovercraft, press A over
the craft.
Now you can go to the
Cave of Eblan by the
Tower of Bab-il!
Bring the Hovercraft to
the shore and detach it
there, then use it to get
to the cave!

The EasyType makes an interesting change here, replacing ホバーせんにかさなり けっていボタンで がったい ぶんりが できます (overlap the hovercraft, and you can use the decision button to combine with or detach it) with ホバーせんに かげを かさね Aボタンで ひきあげたり おろしたりできます (overlap your shadow with the hovercraft, and you can use the A button to pull it up or lower it). Aside from using more straightforward verbs, it also clarifies that it isn't the airship itself but rather its shadow that needs to line up with the hovercraft. Additionally, like the English version, it can and does refer to the A button by name instead of using a more generic label, because only the original Japanese version includes the option to remap buttons.

Reluctantly, Cecil begins to explain what happened to Cid...

『じつは {シド}は‥‥
「げんきすぎて おこまりでしょう?
「ころしたって しぬようなひとじゃ
「それじゃ ぼくたちは しごとが
 やまづみなんで! がんばってください!
『I need to tell you that {Cid}...
: Has so much energy it's a pain, right?
: After all, he's the sort of guy who wouldn't
 stay dead even if you killed him!
: Well, we've got a pile of work to get to!
 Do your best out there!
{Cecil}: {Cid} is...
Oh, I can tell you are
having trouble handling
him. But I won't blame
you! Well, good luck!

They rush off before he can explain what happened. Perhaps it's better this way. Regardless, it seems Eblana is the best shot at getting those Crystals back...

ファブール  Fabul  Cecil Rosa Cain Rydia  Fabul

But first, Yang's wife deserves to know what happened.

うちのひとが? なにいってんだい!
あのひとは そんなんじゃ しにゃあ
しないよ! あのひとは‥‥
My husband? What are you saying!
There's no way he'd die from something
like that! Not him...
My husband's gone?
Don't be kidding!
He won't perish!

Seems she's in denial. Unless...

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