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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy IV

ドワーフのしろ  Dwarf Castle  Cecil Rosa Cain Rydia Edge  Castle of Dwarves

All seems well here. It would make sense to check in with King Giott, though.

ジオット「おお まちわびたぞ! Giott: Oh, we've been eagerly awaiting you! Giott: We've been worried!
ジオット「で クリスタルの だっかんは?
 {ゴルベーザ}は さいごのクリスタルを
 てにいれんがため ふういんのどうくつを
 ごういんに あけようとしておる!
 こうなっては じかんのもんだいだ。
 そこで おぬしらに さきに クリスタルを
Giott: So, did you recover the Crystals?
Giott: I see...
 {Golubaeser} is trying to force
 open the Sealed Cave to obtain
 the final Crystal!
 It's only a matter of time, now.
 Therefore, I want you to go and
 take the Crystal before he does.
Giott: How did it go?
{Cecil}: I am afraid...
Giott: I see...
 {Golbez} is trying to force
 open the Sealed Cave!
 It's just a matter of
 time before he succeeds.
 So I want you to get the
 crystal before him.

The EasyType changes Giott's てにいれんがため (te ni iren ga tame) to its standard equivalent, てにいれるため (te ni ireru tame).

ルカ「ちちうえ なにか?
ジオット「くびかざりを ここへ。
ジオット「なにをかくそう このくびかざりこそ
 ふういんのどうくつの いりぐちをあける
 これが なければ どうくつは なにものも
 なんとしても さいごのクリスタルは
Luca: Yes, father?
Giott: Bring me your necklace.
Luca: Is this it?
Giott: This necklace is perfect for hiding
 something. It's the key to open the
 Sealed Cave's entrance!
 The cave will not accept anyone
 or anything without this!
 You must protect the final Crystal,
 no matter what it takes!
Luca: What is it, father?
Giott: Give me your
Luca: This one?
Giott: This is the very key
 to open the Sealed Cave!
 No one can enter the cave
 without it!
 We must defend the last
 crystal at all cost!
『やってみます! 『We'll do our best! {Cecil}: We'll do our best!
ルカのくびかざりを うけとった! Received Luca's Necklace! Received Luca!

One small problem, though. How do they get there? Maybe someone has an idea.

そのくびかざりは なき ははうえの
That necklace is a memento of my
deceased mother, or something.
Luca: I heard that this
 necklace is the keepsake
 of my mother the late
ジオット「われわれは てきのしゅりょくを
 そなたらは なんせいの ふういんのどうくつへ!
Giott: We'll hold back the main
 enemy forces! You go
 southwest to the Sealed Cave!
Giott: We'll counter the
 main forces of the enemy.
 You go to the Sealed Cave
 to the southwest!
ふういんのどうくつの ちかくにも
ドワーフのすむ トメラたいりく あるー!
でも いまはようがんで いききできないー!
Dwarves live on the Tomera continent
near the Sealed Cave, too! But the
magma has us cut off from there now!
There is a village called
Tomra near the Sealed Cave
but we can't get there now
because of the lava!
そらが とべれば ふういんのどうくつ
でも ドワーフ とべないー!
あんたら たよりー!
You should be able to go to the Sealed
Cave if you can fly through the air!
But dwarves can't fly!
We're counting on you!
You'll have to fly to the
Sealed Cave! But we can't
fly, so we're counting on
you! Okay-Lali?
この ちていの どこかに げんかいに つうじる
どうくつ あるって うわさー!
Rumor has it a cave somewhere in the
underground leads to the Phantom World!
There is a cave that leads
to the world of summoned
You can't walk inside of
that cave! You have to
float! There is a magic to
float! Can you use it?
ようがんのうえ とべないー?
あの ひくうていの おっさん いれば
かいぞう できないかー?
You can't fly over magma?
Couldn't that old airship man
remodel it if he were here?
Can't fly over magma?
Where is that strange man
of the airship?

Good idea, but he blew himself up. Unless...

こないだ ちじょうへの あなが くずれて
そんとき へんなおっさん たすけたー!
いま きゅうごしつで ねてるー!
It was a big mess when the hole to
the surface collapsed the other day!
We saved some weird old man then!
He's sleeping in the infirmary now!
The hole to the upper
world crumbled the other
day! And we found a
strange man there!
He's in the nursing room!

And sure enough, snoring away down in the infirmary...

Number of times someone has survived apparent certain death: 6

あのおっさん おっさんのくせに やたら
That old man's way too
energetic for an old man!
That strange old man does
not act like an old man!
あのおっさん くいしんぼ!
まずい いいながら よくたべるー!
That old man is such a glutton!
And he says it's awful even as he eats it!
He eats a lot saying it's
tasteless, Lali!

Cid wakes up as the others approach.

{シド}「なんじゃー メシか!?
 まったく ここのりょうりは
{Cid}: What is it, meal time!?
 Blasted cookin' here
 just don't suit my...
{Cid}: Food...?
 How can these people
 eat such tasteless......
{Cecil}: {Cid}!
{カイン}「あれだけ カッコつけといて‥‥
{エッジ}「なんだ このじじい?
{Rosa}: You're all right!
{Cain}: After all that drama you put on...
{Cid}: Wa ha ha...!
{Edge}: What's with the geezer?
{Rosa}: You're okay!
{Kain}: Good grief...
{Cid}: Ha Ha Ha...!
{Edge}: Who's this chap?
{シド}「じじいじゃと!? ぶれいものが!
{エッジ}「ぶれいなのは じじいのほうだ!
{シド}「だれじゃ このなまいきなヤツは?
{エッジ}「ヘッヘ! オレさまが
 エブラーナおうじ {エッジ}さまよ!
 よろしくな じじい!
{カイン}「くちはわるいが たしかに
{エッジ}「おまけに ハンサム!
 うでも たつと!
{Cid}: Geezer!? How rude!
{Edge}: You're the rude one, geezer!
{Cid}: Who's this cheeky lout?
{Edge}: Heh, heh! I am the great
 {Edge}, prince of Eblana!
 Nice meeting you, geezer!
{Cain}: Uncouth as his speech is,
 apparently he really is the prince.
{Edge}: And handsome to boot!
 Skilled, too!
{Cid}: Chap!?
 You impertinent brat!
{Edge}: Who do you think
 you are talking to?
{Cid}: Who is this little
{Edge}: I'm {Edge}, the
 renowned Prince of Eblan!
{Kain}: He is a Prince,
 though his mouth betrays
 his nature.
{Edge}: And handsome,
 skilled Ninja as well!
{リディア}「おじちゃんは ケガしてんだから
 あんまり おこらせないの!
{シド}「なんじゃ? {リディア}の
 しりに しかれとんのか?
{エッジ}「る るせー!
{Rydia}: Uncle is injured, so
 don't annoy him so much!
{Cid}: What's this? {Rydia}'s
 gotcha whipped?
{Edge}: Sh-shut up!
{Rydia}: He is injured!
 Don't anger him!
{Cid}: Henpecked, boy?
{Edge}: Oh, shut up!

Again, Rydia's using an affectionate family term that probably shouldn't be translated so literally, except that I've headcanoned that she's "adopted" him.

Anyway, Cid's line is more interesting. He uses the passive form of the idiom 尻に敷く (shiri ni shiku, literally "sits [her] butt on [him]"), which is largely equivalent to the English "henpeck". This not only suggests that Edge doesn't dare cross her, it also implies that they're a couple. And I can't say there aren't already signs of some belligerent sexual tension between them, though some of the quipping back and forth was dropped in the English version, likely mostly for brevity.

{シド}「それより {セシル}。
『4てんのうは たおしたが クリスタルは
 さいごの ひとつをのこして すべて‥‥
{ローザ}「さいごのクリスタルを とりに
 いきたいのだけど エンタープライズは
{カイン}「てきからうばった ひくうていでは
 ようがんのうえを ひこうできん。
 ワシがいないと なんにも できんのか
{Cid}: Anyways, {Cecil}.
 What about {Golubaeser}!?
『We've beaten the Elite Four, but all
 the Crystals save for the last one...
{Rosa}: We would like to go get the
 last Crystal, but the Enterprise is
 above ground.
{Cain}: The airship we stole from the
 enemy can't fly us over the magma.
{Cid}: Hu hu!
 Seems it's my turn, now!
 Can't you do anythin' without me?
 Good grief...
{Cid}: By the way...
 What of {Golbez}!?
{Cecil}: We've defeated all
 of his Four Fiends.
 But all the crystals,
 except for the last one
 are now...
{Rosa}: We want to go get
 the last crystal, but the
 Enterprise is above on
 the upper world.
{Kain}: We snatched an
 airship from the enemy.
 But it cannot fly over
 the magma.
{Cid}: Ha Ha!
 Now it's my turn!
 Can't do anything
 without me...

Cid's theme starts and he quite literally leaps out of bed. The dwarves don't take well to that.

ドワーフ「おっさん ねてなきゃダメー!
ドワーフ「ケガなおるまで まつー!
Dwarf: You have to stay in bed, old man!
Dwarf: Wait until your wounds heal!
Dwarf: You must stay
 in bed, Lali!
Dwarf: Wait until you
 heal, Lali!
 ゆうちょうなこと いっとれんわ!
 おまえらも てつだわんかい!
{Cid}: You ain't no spring
 chickens yourselves!
 Quit yappin' like we've got all day!
 Help me out, why don'tcha!?
{Cid}: Oh, shut up and
 help me remodel the
 We have no time to waste!

He heads out the door, dragging them with him.

{ローザ}「しんぱい なさそうね。
{Rosa}: No need to worry, it seems.
{Rosa}: He looks fine.
{Cecil}: Yeah!

A textless cutscene follows, with Cid rushing around the airship deck directing the dwarves, then dragging Edge onboard to help, though they seem to spend as much time arguing as anything else. And one of the dwarves nearly falls off the pier before the scene fades out...

Back in the infirmary, Cid is back in bed, where he probably should have been the whole time.

{シド}「これで ようがんだろうと
 なんだろうと きにせず とべるぞい!
{ローザ}「たすかったわ {シド}。
{Cid}: Now you can fly over magma,
 or whatever else, no problem!
{Rosa}: You've been a big help, {Cid}.
{Cid}: ...
{Cain}: {Cid}!
{Cid}: Now you can fly
 over the magma!
{Rosa}: Thank you.
{Cid}: ......
{Kain}: {Cid}!

Sad music starts playing, but...

{シド}「グガー グガー‥‥
{リディア}「よっぽど つかれてたのね。
{Cid}: *snore* *snore*...
{Rydia}: He was really tired out.
{Rosa}: He pushes himself too hard...
『Thank you... {Cid}!
{Cid}: Zzz... Zzz...
{Rydia}: He must have been
 very tired.
{Rosa}: He has overworked
{Cecil}: Thanks... {Cid}!

...he didn't work himself to death, just dozed off.

あのおっさん あんなことできる
That old man was in no condition
to do something like that!
He shouldn't have done
such thing!
あのおっさん らんぼーだけど いいヤツー! That old man's reckless, but a good fellow! He's a bit strange, but
a nice guy, Lali!

Now the Falcon can fly over magma, opening up several new areas. There's a cave in the northwest, another cave on an island in the west, a town and cave southwest of the castle, and an isolated house in the southeast. Don't forget the healing pot in the castle's back entrance, either.

There's something of a curious oddity in how monster encounters are zoned down here. The underworld map is divided into 16 regions, with a 4x4 grid, which so far is typical and unremarkable. The nine zones toward the top right, which is everything you can reach without an airship, have one set of encounters, including the monsters Armed Mammal (Armadilo), Goblin Captain (Dark Imp), Black Lizard (BlackLiz), and Magmantoise (Tortoise). Most of the zones along the southern and western edges have a second, different set of encounters, including the monsters Blood Flower (TrapRose), Chrysalis (RocLarva), Hell Flapper (RockMoth), and Undergrounder (Centpede). Again, no big deal. One set of encounters pre-airship, another set post-airship for the second time underground.

However! The zone just below the top left one, which covers only the southern edge of the northwestern landmass and a tiny bit of land along the wall south of it, has its own unique set of encounters, including the monsters Blood Flower, Gloom Wing (GlomWing), Misleader (Crawler), Medusa, Gorgon, Stone Golem (Stoneman), Alraune (Talantla), Coeurl (BlackCat), and five different varieties of eggs that may hatch into Black Lizard, Lamia, Naga Raja (HugeNaga), Green Dragon (Green D.), or Yellow Dragon (Yellow D). And the Gloom Wing, Gorgon, and Alraune don't appear anywhere else in the game!

かじやのククロのいえ  Blacksmith Kukuro's House  Cecil Rosa Cain Rydia Edge  Kokkol, the Smith's

First, the house in the southeast. In the main room are two apprentices.

ここは せかいいちの かじや
ククロししょうの いえラリ。
This is the home of the world's greatest
blacksmith, Master Kukuro, lali.
This is the home of the
world's greatest Black-
smith Kokkol, Lali!
ししょうは すっかり やるきをなくして
The master's lost all his motivation
and just sleeps all the time, lali.
Boss has lost his
confidence, Lali.

Upstairs, the master won't get out of bed.

けんなぞ もう うたんぞ!
でんせつの こうせき アダマンタイトも
I'm not forging any swords!
Can't even find the legendary
ore Adamantite...
I'm not going to make
another sword!
I can't even find the
legendary ore Adamant...

The EasyType replaces うたん (utan, won't forge) with つくらん (tsukuran, won't make), presumably because there are several different うつ (utsu) verbs.

Search his shelves for a Soma Drop (or Elixir in versions without those), and walk rightward through the wall after coming downstairs to find a chest with some money. Other than that, there's nothing else to do here for now, but it's worth keeping in mind if any Adamantite turns up.

トメラのむら  Tomera Village  Cecil Rosa Cain Rydia Edge  Tomra

The town features a weapon and armor shop with new equipment (mainly diamond armors), a few minor treasures for the taking, and more chatter and rumors.

ラリホー? うんにゃ ここじゃ ハイホー! Lali-ho? Nooo, it's heigh-ho here! Lali-ho?
No, it's Hi-ho in here!
ちじょうから きたー?
あれま ほんとに ちじょうって あったんだ!
You came from the surface?
Whoa, the surface really does exist!
Came frum the upper world?
Where's that?
ちじょうじゃ うみが あおいってーから
I hear the ocean on the surface
is blue, so that's pretty gross!
Is the ocean on the upper
world really blue?
Yeah!? ......That's gross!
こっただとこまで よくきたな!
なんでも もってけ ほれ!
Amazing you came all this way!
Here, take anything you want!
Glad you came this far!
Take whatever you want!
ほくせいの しまの どうくつが
げんかいに つうじてるらしーべ。
Did you know?
The cave on the island to the northwest
supposedly leads to the Phantom World.
Real scary!
Know somethin'?
The cave on the northwest
island leads to the land
of summoned monsters!
ほくせいの すみっこにゃ シルフって
ようせいのすんでる どうくつがあるっぺ!
There's a cave in the northwest corner
where faeries called Sylphs live!
Cave of fairies called
Sylph is at the northwest
end of this land!
シルフたち こわがり!
オラたち やさしいのに!
The Sylphs are scaredy cats!
Even though we're nice people!
Sylphs are afraid of us!
But we are nice, you see?

シルフのどうくつ  Sylph Cave  Cecil Rosa Cain Rydia Edge  Sylvan Cave

Although I can understand wanting to use "sylvan" as an adjectival form of "sylph", I'd expect a sylvan cave to be in the woods, or full of trees.

Note that this cave can be saved for later, or even skipped entirely, but you'll miss out on some rewards if you wait too long...

Parts of the floor glow and will damage the party if stepped on. Rosa can cast Levitate (Float) to avoid this, but note that it wears off after moving to a different level of the cave. If Rosa hasn't learned Levitate yet, it's probably a better idea to leave for now and come back later.

The cave is loaded with treasures, though most of the chests with interesting prizes also contain nasty monsters.

Speaking of nasty monsters, the cave has quite a few of those already, particularly the Malboro with its trademark Foul Breath attack. Note, however, that immunity to any of the status effects it causes blocks the entire attack. Relatively little equipment gives status immunity, especially before the endgame, but the Rune Bracelets sold in the castle prevent Silence and can keep at least your mages and ninja protected. The fighters can use the Ruby Ring (prevents Pig) if you kept any after clearing the Magnetic Cave, or the Giant's Bracer (prevents Minikin) if any ogres or golems happened to drop one.

Furthermore, the Malboro is itself vulnerable to many status effects, including Toad, which will completely neutralize it as a threat. Maybe the occasional Toady Witches and Toady Toads in the cave were meant as a hint? Regardless, have Rydia hex them, and then Edge can steal a healthy stockpile of Panaceas.

After going down the first set of stairs, take the north stairway for a route riddled with secret passages that eventually leads back outside, with the Faerie Rod along the way (unguarded) and the Full Moon and Avenger in a cluster of six chests (all six with monsters inside) right before the exit.

The Faerie Rod has the second best intelligence bonus of any weapon, and its item effect reliably Confuses enemies that aren't immune.

The south stairway instead leads to a save point, with the Elven Bow through a secret passage north of it, then the Mage Masher through another secret passage on the floor beyond it. This route eventually leads the party to an unexpected house deep in the cave. The Sylphs mentioned in town live here.

キャ! にんげんだわ! Eek! Humans! Wow! Humans!
なにしにきたの でてって! What are you here for? Get out! What are you doing here!?
Get out!

Oddly, treasure chests nearby contain a Cat Claw and a Hell Claw. Or perhaps it's not so odd, because there's a familiar figure resting in bed...

Number of times someone has survived apparent certain death: 7. And this is his second time!

{ヤン}は わたさないわ! We won't hand over {Yang}! I won't let you take him!
この あなの いりぐちで たおれてたの。
でも それっきり めをさまさないの。
ずっと かんびょうしてるのに‥‥
わたしたちの あいじゃ だめなのかしら‥‥
He was collapsed at the entrance to this
cave. But he hasn't woken up since then.
Even though we've been nursing him the
whole time... Isn't our love enough...?
He had collapsed in front
of this cave and has been
unconscious since. Aren't
we doing enough?

Sure enough, Yang is completely unresponsive.

‥‥ ... ...

There's nothing more to do here for now. A teleporter upstairs conveniently leads back outside.

げんじゅうのどうくつ  Genjuu Cave  Cecil Rosa Cain Rydia Edge  Land of Monsters

There's one of the weaknesses of translating げんじゅう as "summoned monsters". It's far too generic. Add in the tendency to abbreviate everything due to space limitations, and you get things like this cave, where what was supposed to be a special term turns into just an area full of monsters. But isn't every area?

Note that this cave can be saved for later, or even skipped entirely.

{リディア}「げんかいから くるとき
 ここを とおったわ!
 そうだ リヴァイアサンたちにも
 ちからを かしてもらおうよ!
{Rydia}: I came through here on my
 way from the Phantom World!
 Hey, let's get Leviathan and
 the others to help us, too!
{Rydia}: I came here on my
 way from the land of
 Summoned Monsters!
 Let's ask for help!

Like the Sylph Cave, this cave has some glowing floors that will inflict damage unless using Levitate to avoid them. Additionally, the remaining floors are see-through, showing the next lower level of the cave, which can be a bit disorienting until you get used to it. Also like the Sylph Cave, there's a good deal of treasure here, including the Defender, the Poison Axe, and Edge's strongest general-purpose weapon yet, the Kikuichimonji. Only the Defender is guarded.

The monsters here generally aren't as bad as in the Sylph Cave, though. Of particular note is the Summoner, which summons another monster, then replaces it with another of the same if the summoned monster is slain. It's great for farming, and may be the best chance to win a Goblin summon item.

Secret passages normally look just like solid walls in the original Japanese version, but here in this cave, they're instead partially see-through in all versions, revealing themselves by showing glimpes of the level below when there's anything below them to show.

Deep inside the cave, a teleporter leads to an area inhabited by NPC monsters, with a different look that seems more like deliberate construction, and featuring different music. These monsters are particularly friendly to Rydia, and no random encounters occur here.

{リディア} もどってきたんだね! {Rydia}, you came back! {Rydia}! You came back!
ここは げんかい。
げんじゅうたちのすむ せかい。
This is the Phantom World.
The world where the Genjuu live.
We are the monsters, and
this is our world.
Callers can summon us to
your world.
げんじゅうおうは げんかいの おくふかくに
The Genjuu King is deep
within the Phantom World.
Our King resides deep in
this world.

One more teleporter leads to the town proper.

げんじゅうのまち  Genjuu Town  Cecil Rosa Cain Rydia Edge  Town of Monsters

The main town includes an inn, a save point, and weapon and armor shops with new equipment.

ちがうせかいじゃ なかまが わるさしてるって
They say our fellow monsters are
doing bad things in other worlds!
I heard that in other
worlds our friends are
not behaving themselves!
この げんかいは じょおう アスラ
そして げんじゅうおうが おさめている。
Queen Asura and the Genjuu King
reign over the Phantom World.
This world is ruled by the
Master of monsters.
And we have a Queen named
アスラさまを たおさなきゃ
げんじゅうおうには はなしも
きいてもらえないって いうぜ!
They say you can't even get
the Genjuu King to listen to you
unless you beat Lady Asura!
You have to beat Queen
Asura to be able to even
speak to the King!
おれたちは しずかに くらしていたいんだ。 We want to live in peace. We want to live in peace.
チョコボ シヴァ ラムウ‥‥
みな このげんかいの じゅうにんさ。
Chocobo, Shiva, Ramuh...
They all live here in the Phantom World.
Chocobo, Shiva, and Indra...
They all live here in the
land of summoned monsters.
イフリートのヤツ あいかわらず
I'll bet that Ifrit's burning up,
same as always.
I guess Jinn is burning
as usual, huh?
タイタンなんざ レビテトさえ かけとけば
ただの でくのぼうさ!
Titan? He's a joke if you
just cast Levitate first!
Titan is only a blockhead
if you can use the magic
spell of Float!
ここは げんかい としょかん。
あらゆるちしきの ほうこさ!
This is the Phantom World library.
The treasury of all knowledge!
This is the Library.
Why don't you study a bit?

Yes, there's a library, too, full of readable books.

だいちをゆるがすきょじん タイタン‥‥
そのちからは ちをひきさき
ほとんどのものは そのじわれに
The earth-shaking giant, Titan...
His powers rend the earth,
and nearly all are swallowed
into the fissures.
Titan, the King of Giants...
His power can crack the
earth and most foes will
be swallowed into it.
ほのおのまじん イフリート‥‥
そのかえんは すべてをやきつくすとさえ
The demon god of flame, Ifrit...
It is even said that his blaze
burns all to naught.
Jinn, the Burning Master...
His flame is said to
consume everything it
いまだ だれもしらない しょうかんまほうも
Summon Magic that no one yet
knows is said to exist, too...
Legend tells us of the Art
of Summoning unbeknownst
to all...
おんこうなろうじん ラムウ‥‥
だが そのいかりは あんうんをよび
いかづちによって いましめられる。
Gentle old Ramuh...
But his wrath can call storm clouds
and castigate with thunder.
Indra is slow to anger...
But when he does, his
wrath will strike down
offenders with a terrible
こおりの じょおう シヴァ‥‥
かのじょを おこらせたものは
しんぞうさえも いてつくことだろう。
Shiva, empress of ice...
She might freeze even the hearts
of those who anger her.
Shiva, the Queen of Ice...
Those who anger her will
be frozen to the bone.
にげあしと あいきょうなら いちばんである。
The best, at least in terms of fleeing and charm.
Chocobo, is the best of
the summoned monsters...
as far as quickness of
flight and cuteness.
げんじゅうをよびだす まほう。
そのちからを もつものは
いまや ごくわずかとなった。
Summon Magic...
Magic to call forth Genjuu.
Only a scant few remain
who possess that power.
The Art of Summoning...
Now there are only a few
humans left alive to wield
this power.
げんかいは にんげんかいより はるかに
ふるいれきしを もつ‥‥
The Phantom World has a far older
history than the human world...
The history of our land
traces back to the past
when humans did not exist...
にんげんかいへとつながる どうくつ‥‥
つよき せいしんと からだを もつもののみ
The cave connecting to the human world...
Only those strong of mind and body
can pass through it...
One must be strong in body
and mind to pass the cave
leading to the world of
ライブラすらも つうじぬ まものたちも
かいじゅうずかんに よって その すじょうを
あきらかに されるであろう‥‥
The traits of those monsters that even
Library fails to work on are laid bare
with a Monster Guidebook...
Wizards with the power to
summon monsters of the

The English version is completely unrelated, presumably due to the item being removed. The EasyType has yet another completely different message:

しろまほう リフレク‥‥
じかんに かぎりがあるが じぶんたちに かければ
てきの こうげきまほうを はねかえし
かいふくまほうを つかうてきに かければ
そのまほうで じぶんたちを かいふくすることも
The White Magic Reflect...
It has a time limit, but when cast on yourselves
you can bounce back enemy attack magic,
and when cast on an enemy that uses recovery
magic, you can heal yourselves with that magic,
as well.
げんじゅう まもの にんげん‥‥
どこからきて どこへゆくのか‥‥
Genjuu, monsters, humans...
Where did they come from, and where
will they go...? It is an eternal riddle.
Summoned monsters, humans
and monsters... From where
they came and where they
will go, we cannot know.
そのむかし つきより おおいなるくじらが
このちに おりたった‥‥
いまは りゅうのなかで ふかきねむりに
Long ago, a great whale descended
to this land from the moon...
It now lies in a deep slumber
inside a dragon.
Long ago, a great whale
descended from the moon.
It is sleeping inside of
a dragon now.

This brief story is the only mention of a whale in the original Japanese text. It at least sort of explains something in the English version later on.

げんじゅうおうを こえるもの‥‥
げんじゅうたちを つくられた げんじゅうしんは
かなたから われわれを みまもっているという。
いまだ はいぼくをしらない
げんじゅうしんに うちかつもの‥‥
それは げんじゅうしんの ちからを
はねかえすことが できるもののみであろう。
One surpassing the Genjuu King...
the Genjuu God who created Genjuu
is said to watch over us from afar.
One who would overcome the Genjuu
God who as yet knows no defeat...
that could only be one able to rebound
the Genjuu God's power back upon him.
Our true Master...
The King of the summoned
monsters created us. He
watches over us from afar.
The only way to beat him
is to reflect back his
power. So far, though,
no one has succeeded.
たいこのそらには そのつきは
The two moons...
It is said that the ancient sky
had but a single moon.
The two moons...
It is said only one moon
shone upon the primeval

The EasyType makes a small change, replacing たいこのそら (the ancient sky) with むかし そら (the sky long ago).

げんかいの じょおう アスラ‥‥
げんじゅうおうの つまにして
げんじゅうおうへの かんもんでもある。
かのじょのちからを うまく りようし
うちかったもののみが げんじゅうおうの
すがたを みられることだろう‥‥
Asura, queen of the Phantom World...
As wife to the Genjuu King, she is
also the gateway to the Genjuu King.
Only those who skillfully use her
power and overcome her shall be
able to behold the Genjuu King...
Asura, our Queen...
She is the Queen of our
Master and the gateway to
his audience.
Those who beat her will be
able to see the true form
of our Master...

The EasyType adds かいふくまほうの to describe her power, specifying that it's the power of recovery magic.

きたのうみより あらわれ
おおうなばらの ぬしといわれる
むてきを ほこる げんかいの あるじ。
The Genjuu King...
Appearing from the northern sea, he is
the unrivaled master of the Phantom World,
called the Master of the Great Deep.
Our Master...
Referred to by humans as
the Master of Oceans, he
is a ruler of might.
いちげきひっさつの ざんてつけんを ほこる
かつて やぶれたことは そのけんに
いかづちが おちたときのみ。
Odin, who boasts the one-hit
sure-kill Zantetsuken...
He has only ever been beaten
when thunder struck his his sword.
Odin, a knight with a
sharp blade... He was beaten
only once when lightning
struck his sword.
かぼそく やさしいもの シルフ‥‥
ちからをあわせたとき そのちからは
Sylphs, the frail, gentle ones...
When they join their strength,
their powers become evident.
Sylphs, the gentle, frail...
They can unite their power
together and unleash a
potent magic.
げんじゅうかいの おきて‥‥
つよさとは ただしきこころ。
そのつよさを みきわめずして
そのちから よういに あたえるべからず。
The law of the Genjuu World...
"Strength" means a righteous heart.
One must not simply confer one's
power without confirming that strength.
The Law... True strength
lies in the just mind.
Test a Caller before you
answer the summon.

Another teleporter in the library leads to a distinctive chamber.

ここは げんじゅうおうと おうひの おへや。 This is the room of the Genjuu King and Queen. This is the room for the
King and Queen.
げんじゅうおうに はなすには
アスラおうひの おゆるしを
いただかなければ なりません。
To speak with the Genjuu King,
you must first receive the
approval of Queen Asura.
You need Queen Asura's
permission to talk to the

It's fairly obvious who the king is, but he denies everything.

いやいや ワシャ ただのジジイですじゃ!
Genjuu King?
No, no, I'm just an old man!
The King? Not me!

So Queen Asura will have to come first.

アスラ「ひさしぶりですね {リディア}‥‥
{リディア}「あなたたちの ちからがいるの!
 といいたいところですが おまえたちの
 ちからを みきわめねばなりません。
 それが げんじゅうかいの おきて。
 わたしに いどむ ゆうきと
 わたしを たおすちからを もっていますか?
{Rydia}: Your Majesty!
Asura: It's been a while, {Rydia}...
{Rydia}: We need your strength!
Asura: I will lend my aid...
 or so I should like to say,
 but I must test your strength.
 That is the law of the Genjuu world.
 Do you have the courage to face
 me and the strength to defeat me?
{Rydia}: Queen Asura!
Asura: Glad to see you
 again, {Rydia}...
{Rydia}: Please help us!
Asura: I am willing to...
 But first I must see
 your worthiness.
 Do you have enough
 courage and power to
 challenge me?
ならば ためしてみましょう! Then I shall test you! Then shall we test!

Asura is sort of a puzzle boss, with three faces that she cycles between and a spell for each one: Protect (changed to Cure4 in the English version), Cureda, and Raise. Each time she uses a spell, she switches to the next face; each time she takes damage, she attacks and switches to the previous face. As the book in the library suggests, using her power is key to overcoming her. But how? Simple! Cast Reflect on her and watch as her magic bounces right off.

Reflect may need to be renewed every so often. Asura's strikes are surprisingly strong, but note that she only attacks as a counter, so holding back on damaging her will keep her from attacking you. Finally, she's flagged as a Mage, so weapons like the Mage Masher and Rune Axe will provide quadrupled attack power, and by the same token, the Aegis Shield sold right here in town and the Rune Bracelet sold elsewhere will halve her effective attack power.

It's possible to win without using the Reflect tactic, particularly if you carefully manage her state to keep her using Raise and only Raise as much as possible. Absolutely use Slow to delay her turns and Haste to speed up your attackers if attempting this. The English version complicates things by giving her another healing spell in place of Protect that can fully restore her health, though at least the full heal effect that Curaga (Cure 4) has when single-targeting is also glitched for large values such that it starts overflowing and recovering MP instead once she's damaged badly enough (more than 16,384 damage taken).

つよくて やさしい よいともだちを
いつでも わたしをよびなさい‥‥
You have good, strong,
kind friends.
Call upon me at any time...
You have fine and brave
friends. Call me whenever
you need my help.
{リディア}が アスラを おぼえた! {Rydia} learned Asura! {Rydia} learned (summon magic)Asura!

With Queen Asura defeated, King Leviathan is willing to talk.

アスラまで たおしたのは
おまえたちが はじめてじゃ。
じゃあくなちからに たいこうするには
つよいちからだけでは かてん。
そのちからを ただしいほうこうに
みちびける よりつよい せいしんが
いにしえより たたかいによって
そのせいしんを みきわめてきた‥‥
どうじゃ ワシと いっせん まじえてみるか?
You are the first ones to have
defeated even Asura.
But when you oppose the evil power,
you cannot win by great strength alone.
You need an even more powerful
spirit that can guide that strength
in the proper direction.
Ever since antiquity we have
tested that spirit through battle...
So, care for a match with me?
You are the first ones
to defeat Asura. But
strength alone is not
enough to counter evil.
You must have an even
stronger will to guide
your powers toward good.
Will you contest me so
that I may ascertain the
strength of your will?

Leviathan is distinctly not a puzzle boss. He just hits hard and fast, using Greater Tsunami (undefendable damage = 25% of target's max HP) and Blizzara. He's predicably weak against Thunder, and has no other resistances or weaknesses.

There's not much depth of strategy to be had here. Stay healed, use Slow and Haste to help compensate for his speed, and Berserk the fighters if you get the chance. Asura could come in handy as an emergency heal, but might waste Rydia's turn and MP instead. Have Edge use the Thunder Claw with the Kikuichimonji for best results. Rydia can use Thundara or Ramuh for damage, and Cecil and Cain mostly just attack with their strongest weapons.

たしかに ひかりのちから!
この げんじゅうおう リヴァイアサンの
ちからを かそう!
That is surely the power of light!
I, the Genjuu King Leviathan,
will lend you my strength!
It sure is the Power of
Light! I, the Master of
the summoned monsters will
be your help from now on!
{リディア}が リヴァイアサンを おぼえた! {Rydia} learned Leviathan! {Rydia} learned (summon magic)Levia!

On the way out, there's a Rat Tail in a chest by the teleporter to the outskirts of the town. Better hidden is a nearly invisible teleporter in a nook on the south side of that floor. This leads to a group of four chests that include Yoichi's Bow. The treasure room also has another stealth teleporter that leads back outside.

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