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Well, the cannon got us to the desert, all right, but there don't appear to be any landmarks anywhere nearby. Appropriately desert-ish adventuring music plays here (track 14 熱砂の秘密 / "Secrets of the Hot Sands").

[SPRITE]『Pft, ptooey!
 Sand everywhere!
[GIRL]『We're in the middle
 of nowhere...
 Ick...covered with sand..!
[GIRL]:What a barren place.

Like I've said before, if that's the worst that happens when you use cannon travel, you should consider yourself fortunate.

 町をさがさないと ひからびて
[BOY]『First things first. We've got
 to find a town or else shrivel up.
[BOY]:Let's find a town
 before we shrivel up!

Some Molebears appear in the area, but mostly we'll encounter new enemies specific to this environment. Death Scorpions (Sand Stingers) may cast Protect but are otherwise unremarkable. Bumpkin Bombs (Pumpkin Bombs) only pose a threat when they decide to cast Burst and self-destruct. Spider Legs, found mostly in quicksand pits (easy to escape by moving diagonally out a corner), like to cast Earthquake (Earth Slide) when not hiding underground, making them dangerous despite their lack of mobility. Some areas of the desert also have Duck Soldiers (Mad Mallards), which can spawn additional Bumpkin Bombs.

After a few screens, the party starts to give up hope.

Specifically, this happens upon reaching one particular screen of the desert region. Other than the starting screen, the area consists of two rows of three screens each that loop infinitely when continuing east or west. Two screens in each row connect north and south to two screens in the other row, and continuing north or south from any of these four screens will also loop infinitely. The screen that triggers the event is conceptually in the same place as the starting screen, if you try to get there from the side. To advance the plot as quickly as possible, after heading north (the only exit) from where you land, go either east, north or south (same result), then west; or west, north or south, then east. If you get lost, pick either east or west and go that way twice, and if nothing happens, go north to switch rows the next chance you get and continue east or west a few times until you reach the correct screen.

 おいら もうあるけないよ。
 ほんとうに ひからびてしまう。
[SPRITE]『I'm so thirsty!
 I can't walk any more.
[BOY]『This isn't good.
 We'll shrivel up for real!
[SPRITE]:Throat' dry...
 can't go on!
[BOY]:We're finished...
 むこうに 何かあるよ!
 There's something over there!
 Let's go take a look.
[GIRL]:LOOK! Over there!

Heading north, where everyone looked, we find a large metallic object.

『船だ!のってみよう! 『A ship! Let's try getting on board! A ship! Let's go!

サンドシップ The Sandship SANDSHIP

We find ourselves facing a pair of soldiers in a high-tech environment. Regal music flavored with sea chantey plays (track 27 海辺の王様 / "Seaside King").

『ふう、たすかった‥‥ 『Phew, we're saved... What a life saver!
: Hey, who goes there! You know
 about the republic's Sandship?
 You must be spies for the empire!
YOU! What are you doing
out here? Only Imperial
spies could be so stupid!
[GIRL]『How rude!
[SPRITE]:Give us a break!
[GIRL]:How rude!

A more elaborately dressed soldier approaches.

: What's going on!?
: Sir! We've found a suspicious
 group, commander!
What are you doing?
Sir! Picked up some spies!
Commander: Now, wait. Perhaps
 they simply got lost in the desert.
COMMANDER:Hold on. Maybe
 they just got lost...

The party nods in agreement.

[BOY]『We were about to die.
Commander: Hmph, then we'll rescue you,
 but we're going put you to work.
[BOY]:We'd almost given
COMMANDER:I like you so I'm
 going to help you.
 ちょうりば、女には かたでも
: You go to the engine room, the runt goes
 to the kitchen, and I guess I'll have the girl
 massage my shoulders or something.
 You'll work the engines,
 the shrimp'll make meals,
 and she comes with me..!
「オラ!さっさと もちばに
: Go on! Get to your posts! You heard him! Move!

The scene fades, then resumes with The Boy in the engine room without the others.

「しっかり、はたらけよ! : Work hard! Get to work!

Soldiers and civilians mingle here.

: This secret battleship is the republic's
 Sandship. She's protecting the Fire
 Temple from the empire.
This is the Republic's
secret sandship.
「おや、あなたも さばくで
: Ah, you must be another one who
 got pulled in from the desert.
 What's going to happen to us?
People picked up in the
desert are slaves!
: Admiral Merelia, a knight of the republic,
 captains the ship, but his grandson
 Commander Moriel runs things.
Admiral Meria's in command
but his grandson, Morie,
calls the shots!
「ていとくは まごのいいなりさ。
: The admiral kowtows to his grandson.
 Get on the commander's wrong side,
 and you'll be stranded in the desert!
Morie would just as soon
dump him in the desert.

One of them looks more like a pirate than anything else.

: Ohhhh, la la la, the sea...
 Hm? Hey, you're new!
 Wa, ha, ha, I see, I see.
SERGO:Thar she blows! Eh?
 You're new, huh?!
: The name's Sergei, the great pirate
 who sailed the world's seas!
 ...but that was a long time ago...
 I'm Sergo, pirate and
 scourge of the 8 seas!
 At least I used to be...
: ...these days, the world's seas
 have just gotten so stormy that
 business is ruined.
 The oceans have grown too
: There's no helping it, so I snuck onto
 this ship so I at least wouldn't forget
 how it feels to be aboard a ship...
 I stowed away 'cause I
 missed my ship so much.
「まあ、いつかは海に もどれる
: Well, I'll get back to the sea some day.
 Just need to stick it out until then!
 Wonder if the oceans will
 ever be safe again!?
セルゲイ「ここから にげたい?
Sergei: You want to escape?
 ...ah, you're with others...
 All right, leave it to me.
SERGO:Huh?! You wanna
 escape with your friends?
「かいだんのところの へいしに
: Go say something to the soldiers
 by the stairs.
 Leave it to me! Go talk to
 those guards by the stairs.

Might as well. What have we got to lose?

へいし「こら、もちばにもどれ! Soldier: Hey, back to your post! Guard:YOU! Get back to your
Sergei: Waah! We've got trouble!
Soldier: What!? Out of the way, you!
SERGO:Fire! Fire!
Guard:What!? Out of my way!

The soldiers waste no time abandoning their posts to run around like idiots.

「火事はどこだ!? : Where's the fire!? Where's the fire?

Sergei brushes off any attempt to thank him.

Sergei: Hey, don't sweat it.
 Just do what you need to!
SERGO:That was fun!

Atop the ship, an easily-missed soldier gives an opportunity to save, using a setting-appropriate message.

  ( はい  いいえ )
: All clear!
 Make an entry in the ship's log?
  ( Yes   No )
All's clear!
Make a log entry?
  (Yes   No)

Soldiers block the nearby door...

 だれも入れるなと めいれい
: This is Commander Moriel's room.
 We've been ordered not to let
 anyone inside.
Commander Morie's orders:
No one may enter! we'll head back below deck by another entrance. Ah, there's The Sprite!

: Hey! Cut it out, already!!
[SPRITE]『Om nom nom!
 Chomp, snarf, nom!
GUARD:Stop lollygagging!
[SPRITE]:Pant, pant...whew!
 ここは てんごくのようだね!
『Let's stay here, buddy!
 This place is like heaven!
 Just like paradise in here, eh, buddy?
「船のしょくりょうを かたっぱし
: He's eating through every last
 bit of food on the damn ship!
He ate up ALL the ship's
: You there, you know this guy?
 Hurry up and get him out of here!!
'Zat your friend? Show him
outta here!

It's not exactly a daring escape, but that's one objective complete.

 I couldn't eat another thing.
 eat another thing!

Maybe now we can get into Moriel's cabin to save him from The Girl.

 ちょうりばに ねずみがでたよ!
 There's rats in the kitchen!
 We're gonna lose all the food!!
[SPRITE]:Heeelp! Rats have
 eaten all the food!
「なに!それは たいへんだ! : What! That's terrible! GUARDS:We're finished!

The soldiers rush off.

[BOY]『ねずみ‥ねえ‥‥ [BOY]『Rats... really... [BOY]:Rats? Hmm...

The Sprite just laughs. It worked, didn't it?

Moriel: Hey! Massage my shoulders!
[GIRL]『No freaking way!
 Neener, neener!
MORIE:Massage my back!
[GIRL]:I'd rather have my
 gums scraped!

Actually, she vocalizes a childish rude gesture that involves pulling down a lower eyelid and sticking out the tongue. How do you translate that?

The character graphics not having enough detail to show that particular expression, The Girl turns her back on him.

Moriel: Why, you! How impudent!
[GIRL]『What, you wanna fight!?
MORIE:Spoiled BRAT!!
[GIRL]:I oughtta..!

That gets her to whirl back around in an aggressive stance. Before this escalates any further, though, another prominent soldier enters.

Merelia: Now see here, Moriel!
 A knight does not lift a hand
 to a woman!
MERIA:Morie! How dare you!
Moriel: Oh, grandpa.
 She's so impudent, though!
MORIE:But Grandpa, she's
 being a...
Merelia: Well, that's just too bad.
 Hey, woman! Get out!
MERIA:You're pathetic!
 Woman! Get out of here!

Another rude gesture, but this one is just the sticking out the tongue part, so that's close enough.

Also, Merelia's comment is basically a sarcastic "oh, you poor thing" directed at Moriel. Something that sounds sympathetic if taken literally, but doesn't indicate any actual sympathy at all. From a less dignified character, I might translate it more like "too bad, so sad" or "sucks to be you".

Regardless, she's clearly not amused. Then she notices the others.

[GIRL]『Oh, you're all here!
 Did you hear that? He's awful!
[GIRL]:Am I glad to see
Moriel: Hey! It's you!
 You've deserted! They're
 trouble, grandpa!!
MORIE:They've escaped!
 This is your fault,
Merelia: R-really!
 Deserters! Arrest them!
 Escapees! Grab 'em!

Just when things seem like they can't get any worse, the ship starts shuddering.

『な、なんだ!? 『Wh-what!? What the..?
: It's the enemy! The empire is attacking!
Moriel: Waaah, I don't wanna die!
 Let's surrender!
GUARD:The Empire!
MORIE:Aiee! Let's
Merelia: ...y-you fool!
 And you call yourself a knight!
 All hands to battle stations!
MERIA:You IDIOT! You're no
 soldier! To arms!
Soldier: Forget it.
 Run away, run away!
 We can't keep up with Moriel!
 We're with Morie!

Well, that was pathetic. Fade out, then back in above deck, now swarming with soldiers, with Gestahl leading the imperials. "The Boy Heads for the Wilds" plays.

Gestahl: What's this?
 I didn't expect to meet you
 all in a place like this.
GESHTAR:Hm...didn't think
 I'd see YOU here!
: You must be that group of three
 who came up in the report from
 You must be the ones
 Thanatos warned me about.
: Very well, then, I shall challenge
 you personally!
 How 'bout a little game?!


Suddenly we're out in the desert on foot. Gestahl speeds by on some kind of hoverbike, as Machine Rider (Mech Rider). "Crisis" plays.

ゲシュタール「いくぞ! Gestahl: Here I come! GESHTAR:So long, chumps!

Gestahl mainly attacks by charging in straight horizontal lines from one side of the arena to the other. Dashing diagonally usually works for getting out of the way, and taking advantage of his slow vertical movement to harass him with magic and long-range weapons should make the fight fairly simple.

Gestahl may also cast Quick (Speed Up), which, beside its usual effects, appears to be responsible for enabling a homing missile attack he can use while trying to line up for a charge. Try to take him out before he can cast it. Freeze is likely to be your best bet for offensive magic, since he has no weakness.

With his bike starting to explode, Gestahl flees.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
ムチのパワーが アップ! Whip's power up! Got Whip's Orb!

"Seaside King" resumes, but now all the other non-Imperials from the Sandship are stranded in the desert with us.

Moriel: *sob*, *sob*,
 my ship...
Merelia:'re pathetic!
MORIE:Oh! My beautiful ship!
 いなかったら どうなっていたか
Merelia: Oh dear, I'm embarrassed
 to think what might have happened
 if you hadn't been here...
MERIA:What a mess...
 Everyone's run away!
: What! You know Gemma!!
 Then it's you in the Holy Sword rumors!
 So that's why... ah, now I see!
 WHAT! You're Jema's
 friends? Then you're...
「まごを あまやかしすぎた
: It seems I've been too lenient with my
 grandson. I ask your forgiveness.
 I won't go easy on retraining him.
 I must apologize for my
 grandson's actions.
: I'd nearly forgotten the heart of a knight,
 but I feel as though I've seen it in you.
 Thank you all...
 I had almost forgotten how
 true soldiers act!

Others here include our pirate friend...

Sergei: Wa, ha, ha! You're strong!
 A guy could really get to like you!!
SERGO:Let me know if you
 need jobs!

...and several generic soldiers.

「これで メレリアていとくも
 昔のように りっぱな騎士に
: Perhaps now Admiral Merelia will
 return to being the fine knight he
 once was.
The Admiral will become
the knight he used to be!
「われわれは ここで本国からの
( はい  いいえ )
: We will wait here for relief
 from our home country.
: Will you be leaving now?
( Yes   No )
 A rescue team's coming.
 Are you leaving?
  (Yes   No)

We're done here, so let's be off.

: Go north from here to reach the
 Oasis Kingdom Kakkara. The
 Fire Temple lies to its west.
Go north to the kingdom of
Kakkara, then west to the
Fire Palace.

How surprisingly helpful. The soldier takes us to a different part of the desert, just south of an inhabited area.

This section of the desert is about the same size as the pre-sandship area, though it may feel smaller because it doesn't loop on itself in any direction. We can never again return to where we first landed, or to the sandship itself, but there's nothing of any importance there anyway, so it's no loss.

カッカラ王国 Kakkara Kingdom KAKKARA

"Roses and Spirits" plays here, presumably due to the dryness of the oasis. As usual, Watts has set up shop.

Watts: Whew, I'm beat!
 This heat's exhausting.
 Okay! Time to get back in the spirit!
WATTS:I'm 'bout to pass out
 from this heat!

To the south of him is an item merchant with some new equipment. But let's see if we can find someone who can tell us more about what's going on.

Salamander, the Fire Temple's guardian
spirit, has been abducted by someone.
Someone's nabbed Salamando,
keeper of the Fire Palace.
On top of that, the seed is missing from
the temple, and desert monsters have
started settling in there...
What's more, the Fire seed
is gone!

Maybe the merchant next to him can...

Round Drops? How rude!
I may not look the part, but I am
King Amur III, ruler of this kingdom!
AMAR:Candy?! Listen, you,
 I'm King Amar!
But I suppose there's no helping the
mistake... and with the oasis water
dried up, our country is done for.
 But I've worse problems.
 Our water's gone. And some
 guy named Jema said...
A traveler named Gemma or some such
said it's because the Mana Seed is missing
from the temple to the west, but who...!?
 ...that the Mana seed's
 been stolen from the palace
 to the west...

There's not much point in going there now, then. Let's check the rest of town for helpful rumors.

Little by little, everyone is leaving the
country... with how things are, should I
just give in and move to the Ice Country?
Everyone's moving away...
I think I'll move to the
Ice Country...
People are talking about a heavenly
town there that's just about as warm
as it is here!
I heard there's a town as
warm as this one there!

That sounds suspicious, and the town's cannon travel center has the Ice Country as a destination, conveniently enough. Let's go!

: Be careful you don't catch cold
 in the Ice Country!
 Don't catch cold in
 the Ice Country!

氷のトド村 Icy Sea Lion Village TODO VILLAGE

After a kingdom full of walking, talking mushrooms, maybe a village full of walking, talking sea lions shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. "Color of the Summer Sky" plays in the town, as it's a largely happy and peaceful place. The item shop carries all the same equipment as Kakkara, and as usual, Watts has made himself at home as well, not caring that the village already has a blacksmith.

I'm supposed to be the village
blacksmith, but that guy just barged
in on me. Oh dear, oh dear.
I'm the town's blacksmith!
Who's this creep?
Watts: Achooo! *sniffle*
 Hey, I've been waiting! Have
 any weapon power saved up?
WATTS:Burr! What kept ya?
 Weapons powered up?

Let's see if the sea lions have anything interesting to say.

The ice forest has an eccentric
old man. He's always angry.
Rather frightening.
There's a strange old man
in the Ice Forest...
It's been kind of warm lately. The ice
is melting away, too. It's hard to live
comfortably when it's so warm.
It's growing unbearably
のどこかに 南国のような
They say there's a paradise like
the southern countries somewhere
in the ice crystal forest.
A paradise is hidden in
the Crystal Forest.

This is kind of interesting, linguistically. Most references to the forest (including the location on files saved there) call it 氷の森 (koori no mori, ice forest), but in this line it's both that and the English-derived クリスタルフォレスト (kurisutaru foresuto, crystal forest). That could be taken to mean that "ice forest" (written with Japanese terms to ensure the reader understands the meaning) is a descriptive generic name and "Crystal Forest" is its proper name (similar to if an English writer were to mention a "Shinkansen bullet train"), or that 氷の森 is meant to be pronounced as クリスタルフォレスト, and may suggest that the writer regarded "crystal" as being the English counterpart to 氷, as though it were a simple synonym for "ice".

We'd better go investigate.

氷の森 Ice Forest FROSTY FOREST

The music here sounds icy and desolate (track 16 ねがい / "Wish"). We encounter large numbers of aggressively pouncing Jackals (Howlers) here, significantly more than can appear all at once, which results in finding them all over sections of the map we thought we'd already cleared out.

Many screens of the Ice Country map are fairly obvious copy/pastes with only minor changes. The desert is similarly monotonous, but there it's all wide open maps that give a sense of vastness, and also help make the area more disorienting after initially landing, so it comes across as a deliberate design decision. The filling of each screen there varies, too: rocks, ruins, cacti, giant shells, sand pits, stars. Here, other than a few set pieces and the screen just outside of town, the forest consists of three screens that are identical except for the exits and a few moved barriers, and it just feels like the map design was rushed.

The next screen has a lone house and a red-nosed reindeer, which, of course, talks.

 ご主人さまが ゆくえふめい
: Waaaah, wah, wah!
 Master's gone missing!
 My master's gone!
: A monster has moved into the
 icy Crystal Palace that used to
 be abandoned!
 No one's in the Ice Palace
 except a monster!

There's another doubled-up name, this time 氷のきゅうでん (koori no kyuuden, ice palace) with クリスタルパレス (kurisutaru paresu, crystal palace). Also note that, unlike the buildings that house the mana seeds, which are 神殿 (shinden, temple), this location is a palace even in Japanese.

: Master must have been
 abducted by the monster...
 Waaaah, wah, wah!
 The monster's got Master!

O... kay? Continuing on, we find more Jackals, as well as a few Molebears. We may also see Tortoise Knights (Shellblasts), which can move surprisingly quickly, and incorporeal Gas Clouds (LA Funks), which mainly attack with magic but take damage only from magic.

Then, on the next screen, a sudden boss battle! The Ochu Face (Boreal Face) resembles the Bud we fought earlier in the Dwarf Village. It comes with a Blood Roper (Brambler) or two, which this time around do respawn if killed, but they're no stronger than before and should pose no threat. While the Ochu Face can heal a little, the more open battlefield makes landing hits easier. Offensive magic and stronger charged weapon attacks let us dispatch it with minimal trouble.

Speaking of which, Ochu Face is Wood element, so has no weakness. As usual for this situation, use Freeze for its high power and low cost.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
弓矢のパワーが アップ! Bow's power up! Got Bow's Orb!

This brings us, oddly enough, to a tropical village. Since "Strange Incident" plays, we should know better than to trust this, but what's going on?

: A tropical village in all this ice!
 Nice and warm, isn't it?
Welcome to the tropics!
: It's always nice and warm here, even
 when there's a snow storm all around!
 How luxurious. O ho ho...
It's hot here even when
it's snowing outside!
: This village is newly built.
 I just moved here myself.
This place is gonna be
: All the people living here are
 rich. You have to pay a huge
 amount of money to do it.
: Those who aren't satisfied with
 ordinary luxury come here in
 search of the ultimate in luxury.
Everyone here has deep
pockets. Even Kings are
dazzled by this place!
: The truly wealthy spend their money
 on things ordinary people wouldn't.
Money's better than Mana!
: I moved here from Gold City
 on the Golden Isle.
I moved from Gold City.
: Right now on the Golden Isle,
 a vacation home at this resort
 is the highest of status symbols.
It's "in" to own a 2nd
house here.

These workers have a familiar uniform, though. Aren't these the guys who stole the Water Seed?

: The boss's resort plan
 is a huge success!
Our resort's a hit!
: The boss treats people rough.
 Slack off, and you're in for a beating.
We're like slaves here!

One of them watches over a stove outside.

: Huh!? Who're you guys?
 Haven't we met somewhere?
 ...well, whatever.
: Anyway, could you keep an eye
 on this stove for a bit? It doesn't
 need fuel, just hit it every so often.
: Okay, I'll leave you to it.
Hey, who're you?
Haven't we met? Oh, well.
Watch this stove.
Just whack it if it cools
own. Okay?

How curious. We try hitting the stove, and something inside seems to hit back.

  ( はい  いいえ )
『It's making a noise...
 Try opening it?
  ( Yes   No )
 I hear something...
 Shall I open it?
  (Yes   No)

Opening the stove reveals something resembling a fiery lizard. Energetic music (track 10 妖精族のこども / "Sprite Child") plays.

: Pwahaah! Y-you've saved me!
 Thanks, I'm the fire spirit
 Salamander! Fwoosh!
SALAMANDO:Whew, thanks!
 I'm the Fire Elemental
: Now that I'm finally free it's time
 to burn, dammit! Fwoosh!
 Yeaaah, not wild enough!
 How dare those creatures
 use me as a heater?!
: All right, I'll lend you guys my power!
 Go ahead and go wild using it!
 Booyah!! FIRE!
 Now, let me teach you the
 power of FIRE!
 精霊サラマンダーの力をえた!  Gained the spirit Salamander's power!   Got Salamando's powers!

The Sprite gets three direct damage spells. Unsurprising, if a bit boring. More interestingly, The Girl also gets two direct damage spells, which, while not as powerful, do inflict status effects. These all prove especially helpful against the many Water-element enemies in the area. The Girl's third spell is a saber spell that has minimal cost and lets weapons set enemies on fire. Neat!

"Strange Incident" resumes. Without Salamander heating the town, it reverts to an icescape. The Scorpion boss is not amused.

Scorpion: What have you done!?
 You people again! You idiots!
 Didn't you recognize them!?
Lackey: Sorry...
BOSS:YOU again!? Didn't
 you recognize them?
BOYS:Uh, sorry...
Scorpion: Eeep! Really, now!
 We were finally raking in money,
 and now everyone's run away!
BOSS:Everyone's gone!
 I was about to become rich!
: ...what? The Fire Mana Temple's seed?
 How should I know! I've had more than
 enough of Mana Seeds!
 Fire Palace seed?
 I haven't a clue.
Lackey: Come to think of it, there was
 some weird old man there when we
 went to catch Salamander.
BOYS:I saw an odd old guy
 when we nabbed Salamando!
Scorpion: Aiiee, why are you being
 friendly and telling them!?
 Oh! You'll pay for this!
BOSS:Don't HELP them!
 See ya, bye!

They leave, and "Wish" takes over as the music. Nikita shows up in a dead end further into the forest to save the game, and also sells goods that are remarkable only for their inflated price. That's not what we're looking for, though...

Crystal Palace

Interestingly, the Crystal Palace is one of those rare places where the game prevents a game over. If the party wipes when inside (or at the entrance), they're returned outside. A voice sounds out of nowhere, and then The Boy (and only The Boy) is fully healed.

 ‥‥かえれ!!‥‥  ......go away!!......   ...SCRAM..!

This protection only works at the palace itself, and is removed upon leaving the area. It also no longer applies after finishing the events here, but at that point, no monsters will spawn here anyway, so it doesn't matter anymore.

The music here (track 25 八点鐘 "Eight Bells", apparently in reference to nautical timekeeping) still sounds icy, but it's rather more energetic and adventurous than the music in the Ice Forest. Enemies consist largely of more Tortoise Knights and Gas Clouds, with the addition of Blue Bavarois (Blue Drop), icy monsters similar to Green Slimes. Like other slimes, they often split to make more, and this varient can also inflict Snowman status when attacking. Some rooms also have Specters, another type of incorporeal enemy, though we can temporarily disable these by standing on them.

Thankfully, the Crystal Palace has more varied and interesting map layouts than the forest outside.

Searching the side rooms finds...

グラブのパワーが アップ! Glove's power up! Got Glove's Orb!

Further in, we find Viledars (Weepy Eyes), floating eyeball enemies that can shoot energy pulses and attack with holy magic. Magic Books (Mystic Books) also appear, and unsurprisingly use a lot of magic, including Freeze, Air Blast, and a new spell that blocks several physical attacks. In one room that resembles a library, the entrance closes up behind us, and the far side opens into a pit that drops us into a battle with three Omnom Tadpoles (Tonpoles). Fortunately, though there are three of them, they're no stronger than in Undine's cave, and focusing on one at a time helps things go smoothly, as does a bit of magic.

Unfortunately, beating the lizards doesn't give us any prizes other than returning to the previous room minus the tricks and traps. A short whipping segment and a teleporter later, however, brings us to a large chamber similar to a throne room. A voice sounds from out of nowhere:

 ...depart at once...!
 Be gone!
  ( はい   いいえ )
  ( Yes   No )
  (Yes   No)

Leaving does no good, so we'll refuse.

 You've got a lot of nerve for children!
 You need to be punished! Come here!
Quite conceited for a child!
Time for yor punishment!

We're moved to another room where we have to fight the Frost Gigas. The fight will strongly resemble the one against the Fire Gigas.

Though he mainly attacks with ice-based magic, the Frost Gigas also tends to cast Ice Saber on the party. Presumably, this was meant to hinder weapon damage, but since attack elements are bugged, it instead just gives a small damage bonus. In any case, magic will hurt much more effectively, and since both casters have offensive fire spells, they should be able to take him down with ease as long as they have enough MP left.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
ブーメランのパワーが アップ! Boomerang's power up! Got Boomerang's Orb!

"Orphan of the Storm" plays as we return to the throne room to find... Santa Claus?

『!?あなたは‥‥? 『!? You're...? [BOY]:And you are..?!

A reindeer enters before he can respond.

Reindeer: Master!
 Master Santa Claus!!
 You're all right!?
 Santa Claus!
 Are you all right?
Santa: Ah, reindeer.
 I'm sorry I worried you...
 I'm fine now.
 Sorry to have worried you!
 I'm fine, now!
: I was the Frost Gigas...
 Children these days have all
 stopped believing in me...
 I turned into Frost Gigas
 because kids just no longer
 believed in me.
: Even children lose their hopes
 and dreams when Mana gets
 so scarce...
 When Mana fades, kids lose
 their hopes and dreams.
: I just wanted to bring them
 back their dreams again.
 I wanted so badly to bring
 back all of their dreams...
: A Mana Tree is supposed to grow
 up big in the blink of an eye.
 Then I heard that Mana
 Trees grow instantly, and
 become huge!
: I wound up taking the Mana Seed,
 hoping to raise a huge Christmas
 I set off to find a Mana
 Seed, thinking I could grow
 a huge Christmas tree!
: But the Mana energy affected
 my body and turned me into
 that monster...
 But it was the SEED that
 changed my body, and turned
 me into that monster!
: The power of Mana is very
 dangerous if used the wrong
 If the power of Mana is
 abused, it can be VERY
: I've caused you such trouble!
 I'll return the Fire Seed.
 Here, take the Fire Seed.
 You need it, right?
  火の種子をとりかえした!   Took back the Fire Seed!   Got the Fire Seed!

And we automatically leave the palace.

氷の森 Ice Forest FROSTY FOREST

Let's pay Santa a visit on the way back.

Santa: I'll do all I can to help children
 take back their dreams and futures!
SANTA:I'll work to make
 kids happy again!

There's also a chest here with this:

ヤリのパワーが アップ! Pike's power up! Got Spear's Orb!

After checking again, it turns out this has been here for the taking all along, but thematically, doesn't it make more sense to get it now?

There's a cannon travel outlet in the forest that offers routes back to Kakkara or Matango.

If we come to the Ice Country without first visiting the desert, the cannoneer refuses to send us to Kakkara until after we have the misfire from Matango into the Sandship adventure:

Ah, sorry. Not quite enough gunpowder.
I think we can just reach Matango?
 Sorry! Not enough
 gunpowder. Matango's my

Going to the desert first gives us an in-universe reason come to the Ice Country and makes more plot sense because of it. On the other hand, coming here first means having access to better equipment for the Sandship sequence, so that may make more gameplay sense if you know about it.

カッカラ王国 Kakkara Kingdom KAKKARA

Fortunately, after that first attempt, cannon travel to Kakkara always takes us straight to the town.

Magic Walnuts? Argh! Why does
everyone keep making fun of...
What? That's not it?
AMAR:Faerie Walnut?! Oh,
 please! Huh!You mean...
Oh, you were talking about the
Mana Seed! Sorry, sorry.
...oh, so that's what happened!
 Oh, you were talking about
 the Mana seed. Sorry!
You're going to put the seed in the temple?
That's much appreciated! The place is a
monster hangout, though. Be careful!
 Watch out for monsters when
 you return the seed.

Well, he's as overly self-conscious as ever... Anyway, let's get to work!

Fire Temple

Curiously, "Prayer and Whispers" always seems to play here, even with the seed missing.

That has to be some kind of a bug or an oversight or something, right? It's such terribly unfitting music for fighting through a temple crawling with enemies...

Spider Legs lurk in unmarked spots along the approach. The Porobin Foot (Robin Foot), a stronger Poron variant, appears in and around the temple, and may use Flame Saber to enhance its arrows. They might drop Porobin Hoods, an upgrade for The Girl or The Sprite. The Red Marshmallow (Red Drop) and Dark Smog (Dark Funk), fiery counterparts to the Blue Bavarois and Gas Cloud, also appear inside, and both have an annoying tendency to set characters on fire.

An unusually hot room bars the way not far from the entrance.

『うっ!すごい炎ですすめないよ! 『Urgh! Such flames! We can't go on! Wow! Talk about flames!
End of the line..!

There's a crystal orb here. Unfortunately, the obvious choice of magic doesn't help.

『!? It's no good! The flames are so much
 fiercer that Freeze doesn't work!
Whew! Even "Freeze" won't
affect the flames!

Time to break out Detect (Analyzer).

Will react to magic from Salamander Salamando's magic
will work!

Good thing we brought Salamander! Somehow, casting Explode cools the lava.

『やった!炎が ふきとんだぞ! 『It worked! We blew the flame away! We blew the fire out!

Another orb two floors above needs a shot of Fireball to extend a bridge. A side room above leads to one of those chests we always hope to find:

オノのパワーが アップ! Axe's power up! Got Axe's Orb!

This dungeon is fairly light on the puzzles, though there is one interesting puzzle-ish room before the boss. Stepping on a switch lights torches all over the room and makes a crystal orb appear. This time, Freeze works, putting out all but two adjacent torches. Walking between them reveals a stairway in the middle of the room, which leads to a boss arena that boasts a Minotaur. Though intimidating and hard-hitting, it's also slow-moving and vulnerable to ranged attacks.

Despite this being the Fire Temple, it's an Earth-based monster, so The Girl's Fire Cocktail (Fire Bouquet) works just fine, while The Sprite should favor Air Blast. The Minotaur may also cast Protect (Defender) and Earthquake (Earth Slide) if given the chance. Ideally, try to keep it stun-locked as much as possible. At lower health, it turns red and gains the ability to rush horns-first, causing Asleep in addition to damage, but can only charge in the four cardinal directions, so take cover in diagonals and pile on the magic.

『やったー! 『All right! Way to go!
スピアのパワーが アップ! Javelin's power up! Got Javelin's Orb!

"Prayer and Whispers" resumes after winning. The usual altar is in the next room, and we return the seed automatically.

さいだんに種子を戻した! Returned the seed to the altar! The seed's on the stage!
『さあ、種子と共鳴させなきゃ! 『Now, to resonate with the seed! Hold up the sword!

The seed reacts as the others did, this time with a bright red glow:    

 種子と聖剣が共鳴した!  The seed and Holy Sword resonated!  Received the Seed's power!

Mana Energy is now 4.

As usual, the monsters inside the temple are now gone, and so are the ones in the area immediately outside of it. But what comes next?

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