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Storyline text and attempted translations from...

Final Fantasy V

 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Gheed's Island

As described, this small island lies just off the continent, northeast of Wyvern Valley. Conveniently, the only gap in the mountains leads almost directly here.

"Where are we...?"
Galuf: The sage Gheed's dwelling!
Lenna: Let's go!

However, the music fades out.

ファリス「ちょっと待て!? Faris: Hang on a sec!?

Faris turns around, and the screen begins to shake.

『地震!? "An earthquake!?"

The shaking gets worse, panicked music starts, and everyone looks shocked.

『島が…!? "The island...!?"
ガラフ「飛竜の所へもどるんじゃ! Galuf: Back to the wyvern!

They rush back out, and none too soon, as the island crumbles into the ocean! Meanwhile, we briefly see Exdeath in a foggy and somewhat fleshy-looking room that seems rather more fitting for an evil overlord's castle than the fairly ordinary structure we visited before.

Exdeath: Fwa fwa fwa...
 This is what happens
 to those who defy me!!

Back where we were, the wyvern bursts out of the ocean. Everyone's fine... but there's no trace of the island.

ケルブの村 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Village of Kelb

Karulu says nothing new, but maybe Kelger has some ideas?

Kelger: I see...
 Gheed's island...
"Did Exdeath do this, too?"
Kelger: He must be getting ready
 for the final battle...
"We'll invade his castle!"
     ……! そうじゃ!
Kelger: Out of the question.
 You can't even set foot near
 the castle with that barrier.
 ......! That's right!
Kelger: There's always Zeza!
 Zeza said he would take
 his fleet to destroy the
 barrier towers.
Galuf: Did he!
"You know him?"
Galuf: Zeza's one of the Four
 Warriors of Dawn. His castle
 is north of Wyvern Valley!

サーゲイト城 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Surgate Castle

The castle's name has no obvious meaning, and this spelling works at least as well as any.

Even aside from Kelger's hint, this is the next closest location of interest on the map, west and slightly south of where the island was.

It's one of only two locations marked on the map that we haven't already visited, in fact, and the other one is a town to the west surrounded by mountains and unreachable by wyvern. There's also an area ringed by mountains north of here that looks suspicious, and two towers surrounded by mountains that aren't even noted on the map, one on a small island southeast of Exdeath's Castle, the other just southeast of the forest where the party encountered a lone moogle.

On a side note, you can go visit the island where Butz's contingent arrived, if you'd like. It's south of the desert outside the Moogle Village, and still has only weak monsters that constantly drop Tents. Might as well stock up.

If, for whatever reason, you still don't have Bloodsuck, !Control a Bold Manny (ボールドマニー) in the forests near Surgate Castle, though note that they start with no MP, so you'll have to supply them with some to learn it that way.

Soldiers stand guard at the entrance, and the gate is shut. They don't take kindly to attempts to open it.

きさまら何者だっ! Who are you people!?

Fortunately, another soldier arrives from inside to clear things up.

Ah, King Galuf!
What are you two doing!?
This is King Galuf of Bar Castle!
Elite Guard: King Zeza has
 headed to Exdeath Castle
 in command of the Surgate
Galuf: Ah, I see!
Faris: Zeza? You mean one of
 the Four Warriors of Dawn?

Galuf nods.

『おやじの戦友… "My dad's comrade in arms..."
近衛兵「どうぞこちらへ! Elite Guard: Right this way, please!

The soldier escorts them inside and to the throne room.

Elite Guard: Please feel free to make
 use of anything in the castle!
Galuf: Thank you! You have my gratitude.

There's what looks to be a guard barracks downstairs. Some of them have more information.

Exdeath's castle is well defended at
the Big Bridge, but the continent's
eastern side is shorthanded.
Your wyvern should be able
to land on King Zeza's ship.

The floor below has the usual inn and shops, including a few new weapons for sale.

Upstairs from the throne room, in what must be Zeza's bedroom, we find a book lying out.

This brings back memories of times with Zeza.
It's a song we often used to sing back then.
  Obtained the Agility Song!

Speaking of books, another staircase up from the throne room leads to a walkway into a different section of the castle that houses a large library, complete with a number of scholars. Naturally, they have things to say.

The books here include writings
about the evils Exdeath perpetrated
thirty years ago. We can't let that
nightmare happen again.

Most of them, however, are particularly fascinated with one book in particular, which sits out on a table.

りました… ただ半分しかないので
We found a book that's at least 1,000
years old... but all we have is half of it,
so we can't figure out how to read it.
The book's name is... "Sealed Book".
We can't find the remaining half of that
book, wherever we look. And we've
checked every book in this world...
This book is the oldest
one in our library...
but half is missing,
so we can't read it.
I have a feeling that in this
book is written something
of great importance...

That sounds strangely familiar. Maybe if we take a look at it ourselves...?

I could swear I've seen...
a book just like this...

Another floor has a series of labeled bookcases, three books lying out on a table, and an apparent librarian.

もうー みんな、本は読みっぱなし
Oh! They're all hopeless, always
just reading books and leaving
them sitting out...
Please help me tidy up.

The books need to be placed by title in the correct bookcases. きんだんの書 (Kindan no Sho, "Forbidden Writings") goes under か (ka), 魔物大じてん (Mamono Daijiten, "Big Dictionary of Monsters") goes under ま (ma), and ロンカのひみつ (Ronka no Himitsu, "Secrets of Lonka") goes under ら (ra).

Come to think of it, "Lonka" sounds familiar, too...

Thank you.
Now I can return to my room.

She opens a hidden door in the back of the room and heads through. Before following, though, check the left side of the あ (a) bookcase for a bit of humor.

『いや 何でもない。
'A', 'I', 'U', 'E'...
'E'... 'E'...... 'E'rmm...
 ...guess it's not here...
Lenna: What isn't, Butz?
"Never mind, it's nothing."

Presumably he's looking for エッチな本 (etchi na hon), in short, porn. Also refer to the Development Room in FFIV.

The librarian is upstairs at a table in another, smaller, room full of books.

Thank you for earlier.
...oh, yes, yes.
It seems there's a curious spell for
floating somewhere in this castle.

A book on the table gives a bit of a gameplay tip.

A book written by a mage.
"Wyrmblade on a mage...
 It's the secret to my strength..."

Down another staircase, along with a chest containing some money, is an old man.

I've just now returned from the
lake to the north... know,
surrounded by mountains...?
Along the way, I was glared at by
some huuuge eye. It's practically
a miracle I'm still alive.

Of course, the lake, being surrounded by mountains, is unreachable for now, so let's keep exploring the castle. A door leads outside, where passing under the earlier walkway leads to a remote storeroom, containing...

「レビテト」を手に入れた Obtained "Levitate".

That fills the annoying hole in the Timespace magic list. Now, let's go find Zeza!

 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Zeza's Flagship

As the soldiers at Surgate Castle suggested, the fleet is anchored east of Exdeath's castle, and the wyvern can land on the largest ship.

Incidentally, Zeza's fleet does not appear until after both seeing Gheed's island sink and visiting Surgate Castle. On another side note, trying to approach Exdeath's castle directly, by either land or sky, just results in being pushed back by the barrier.

Consider taking a side trip to the forest on an island to the southeast if you're missing any of the following Blue Magic skills.

Shadow (シャドウ) has Bloodsuck, Black Shock, and Guard Offer in its !Control list. However, it also has no MP, so you'll have to provide some.

Hedgehog (ヘッジホッグ) has 1000 Needles in its !Control list. Like Shadow, it starts with no MP and will need to be given some to use it.

Several soldiers stand on deck with a man, familiar from flashbacks, who wears armor that has includes a distinctive teal horned helmet.

ゼザ「あの飛竜は? Zeza: That wyvern?

A shadow passes by, and the soldiers group up as though preparing for a fight.

Zeza: Wait!
 They're not enemies!

The wyvern lands and everyone gets off. Galuf steps forward.

Zeza: Well, if it isn't Galuf!
Galuf: Zeza!
 It's been so long!
Zeza: And your companions?
Galuf: Dorgan's son...
Zeza: Dorgan's!?
Galuf: And these two are royalty
 from the other world.
Zeza: I am the swordsman Zeza.
Galuf: Not King Zeza?
Zeza: No... the whole king thing
 isn't really my style...
Galuf: It sure isn't!
 And the same goes for me!!

They share a laugh.

Galuf: Can you get into
 Exdeath's castle?
Zeza: Oh, I have that handled!
Zeza: For now, head inside
 and get some rest!

The soldiers are chatty enough to give some idea of what he's up to.

We can attack Exdeath's castle
if we can bring down the barrier.
The barrier ought to go down if we
can destroy even one of the towers.
We're digging a tunnel at
the bottom of the ocean.
This fleet is a decoy.
If we can just buy a little more time...

There's nothing else to do for now except take a nap belowdecks.

Though you can still fly off on the wyvern if you'd like to.

Unfortunately, the opening chord and cymbal crash of "Battle on the Big Bridge" soon startle everyone out of bed.

: Monsterrrs!
: The enemy's attacking!!

Better head back above deck and check. The wyvern is flying around, so there's no escaping now.

Galuf: Zeza, what's going on!?
Zeza: The enemy's attacking!

Monsters appear fore and aft on the ship. That one out on the bowsprit looks familiar... One soldier gets knocked around a bit, but Zeza and Galuf meet up in the middle of the ship and arrange themselves back to back, ready for a fight.

ガラフ「はさみうちか! Galuf: So, we're surrounded!

Zeza steps up to engage a more distinctive winged monster.

Zeza: Leave this one to me!
Galuf: Don't foul up!
Zeza: Same to you!
Zeza: Graaaaaaaah!!!

The cutscenes here set Galuf as the displayed party leader, and I'm defaulting to that in describing the following scenes (it also fits the dialog better this way). However, entering the menu will reset the displayed leader to whoever is in the lead slot, as usual.

Those two fight their way right off of the ship and continue battling each other on a neighboring one. The remaining monsters chase Galuf and the rest of our party.

Curiously, merely coming in contact with one doesn't lead to a battle. You have to actively interact with them.

Each lesser monster on the ship is a Gobbledigook (ガブルデガック), which has a 33% chance to use Goblin Punch every second turn. I can't imagine why you wouldn't have long since learned that, but it's the only thing about them that's even slightly remarkable.

All that matters is heading for the prow, where beating the monster that stands guard triggers another scene. Zeza, running from one ship to another, blasts a pursuing monster with lightning, and seems to have the upper hand until the winged monster he was fighting before swoops in and slams him against the ship's railing. Back on the main ship, the party can now approach Gilgamesh.

But make sure you have someone who can steal before engaging him, since he has a unique item this time!

Gilgamesh: Bluuuue skies,
 vaaaast ocean...
 Disturbing me as I bask
 in such a fine mood...
   Who dares!?

As far as I've been able to find, this line, though unusual enough to be memorable, has no particular significance.

Steal from Gilgamesh to get the game's only Genji's Bracer. After he takes a bit less than 3,000 damage, a winged monster appears behind him.

ギルガメッシュ「おそかったなあ? Gilgamesh: Took you long enough.
エンキドウ「あの じいさん Enkidu: That blasted old man
「えらく てこずらせやがって…… : gave me quite a lot of trouble...
ギルガメッシュ「てあてをたのむ! Gilgamesh: Treat my wounds, if you would!

Enkidu casts White Wind, healing both of them for 4,000 health (which also shows how much health Enkidu has).

He has only a small chance to heal after this, fortunately. Wind Scythe and some nasty Blue Magic are most of what can make this battle challenging.

Unfortunately, you can't learn White Wind here, since it's not in Enkidu's !Control list and can't be reflected, even if that were a practical option.

However, Enkidu does have several Blue Magic skills that you can learn if you haven't already. Aerora comes up 33% of the time on the first turn of his five-turn cycle, Missile 33% on his second turn, and Bloodsuck 33% on his second and fourth turns.

Gilgamesh can also use Missile (33% on the second of his four-turn cycle before Enkidu appears or on the first of his three-turn cycle after), and can additionally use Death Claw (33% on the fourth of his four-turn cycle before Enkidu appears or on the third of his three-turn cycle after).

If Gilgamesh is alone when beaten, he has a few extra lines (nothing special happens if Enkidu outlasts him).

ギルガメッシュ「エンキドウ! Gilgamesh: Enkidu!
「あとはおまえに まかせたぜ!! : The rest is up to you!!

Hearing no response, he turns around to find himself alone.

「ありゃ…… エンキドウ…… : What...? Enkidu...
「おいてけぼりは なしだぜー! : Don't leave without me!

The Mesopotamian myths involving Gilgamesh also include a wild man named Enkidu who eventually becomes his closest friend and constant companion. Enkidu dying prematurely (after being struck ill by the gods) is part of the Gilgamesh myth, too, so perhaps that's relevant to this special reaction.

Neither has any elemental weaknesses or strengths, except that Enkidu is immune to Earth damage.

If you don't mind cheap tactics, Gilgamesh, although Heavy, is vulnerable to standard instant death. Not much of that is available at the moment, but mixing a Death Potion (Phoenix Tail + Dark Matter) will do him in. So will the random [black magic]Death from a Death Sickle, assuming you have any handy, though it's rather less reliable. Alternately, he's level 31, so Black Shock will halve that to 15, letting Level 5 Death work if you have that. Enkidu, on the other hand, can be neutralized with the Beast Tamer's !Control command, and is not Heavy, making him vulnerable to skills like [time magic]Gravity and Death Claw.

Regardless of how and in what order you take him down, Gilgamesh drops a Gold Shield.

Again, the Genji's Bracer Gilgamesh carries in this battle is the only one in the game. Don't miss stealing it!

Gilgamesh: Ghh!
 I'm taking you with me!
 Sink into the sea!

He leaps off the bowsprit, pulling Galuf along with him. Though Gilgamesh falls in the ocean, Galuf manages to grab hold of the anchor chain.

 ゥがばゥ ガボォ ぶくゥ……
Gilgamesh: Hey!
 Just you? No fair!
: You'll pay for this!
 *blurgle* *glug* *blurp*...

Unfortunately, Galuf's grip is tenuous.

ガラフ「うわァ!! Galuf: Whoa!!

Gilgamesh washes away. Zeza steps out onto the bowsprit of the next ship over, but he's not very close.

Galuf: Ugh... hand's going numb.
Zeza: Hold out until I get there!
Galuf: It's no good...
 I can't hold out anymore!

Just as Galuf loses his grip, the wyvern swoops down to catch him at the last second.

Galuf: Wyvern!
Zeza: Now, then, it's our turn
 to go on the offensive!
 Follow me!

As the wyvern carries the party back to safety, Zeza heads below deck. We find him standing on one side of a large box.

Zeza: Take the handle on the
 other side of this box!

Together, they lift the lid. He hops into the opening revealed, and the others follow to find a small hi-tech-looking room, where Zeza stands by a large device.

ゼザ「よし!行くぞ!! Zeza: All right! We're off!!

A brief view from outside shows a submarine moving. Galuf looks around in apparent confusion.

Galuf: What's this?
Zeza: The ships are a decoy...
 We're sneaking into the barrier tower
 from underwater with this submarine.
Galuf: I see!
Zeza: The tunnel to the barrier tower
 is complete.
 We're off!

Zeza pilots the submarine to a nearby opening. Once there, he heads for the door.

ゼザ「行くぞっ! Zeza: We're off!!

Examining the controls at any time during this mission prompts Zeza to return...

ゼザ「ひとまず、たいきゃくだっ! Zeza: We'll withdraw for now!

...and take the submarine back to his ship. The wyvern has finally settled onto the deck and will fly the party elsewhere until they're ready to return.

The submarine itself also has a lower deck with seats that are evidently comfortable enough to sleep on, for it functions as a free inn.

Following Zeza out the door leads to a small cave. He waits at the far end.

ゼザ「さがってろ! Zeza: Stand back!

Zeza sets off an explosion that blasts an opening...

 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Barrier Tower

...into a building on the other side with architecture vaguely similar to the Wind Temple.

Galuf: The barrier tower?
Zeza: Right.
 Destroying this ought to bring
 down the barrier!
Zeza: I'll go to the underground power room.
 There should be an antenna on the top
 floor... you head there!
Galuf: And take out the antenna?
Zeza: Right. Blow up the antenna while
 I have the power stopped!

Zeza fishes something out and approaches Galuf.

ゼザ「これをわたしておく。 Zeza: I'll give you this.
ゼザから「ひそひ草」を受けとった Got Whisper Weed from Zeza.

Neat! That's what the spoony bard gives Cecil in FFIV!

Galuf: And this is?
Zeza: We can use this to keep
 in contact.
 We're off!

He heads to a nearby doorway...

ゼザ「たのんだぞ! Zeza: I'm counting on you!

...and continues through. There's no point in following him...

Zeza: What are you doing?
 Hurry to the antenna
 on the top floor!

...and the apparent doorway to the south doesn't work, so there's nowhere to go anyway except upstairs, or back to the submarine.

The Level Tricker (レベルトリッカー), as its name suggests, specializes in level-based Blue Magic. It may use Level 4 Graviga with 33% probability every turn, and has both Level 5 Death and the newly available Level 2 Old in its !Control list. Unsurprisingly, Level 2 Old causes 'aging' status and hits only targets with a level evenly divisible by two (and, like Level 5 Death, it works regardless of immunity when it hits).

Note that any offensive skill that always targets a group will automatically target all monsters when used through !Control, so Level 5 Death and Level 2 Old here need to be reflected for anyone to learn them. The [white magic] Reflect spell isn't available yet, but there's at least one alternative (refer to the notes on Red Dragon, below), and Level Tricker may appear alongside Reflect Knight (リフレクドナイト), which has 'reflect' status innately, further up the tower. This is inconvenient, of course, especially since you can't choose who to reflect it to, but at least Level 5 Death can't wipe out the entire party here. On that note, Level 5 Death is worth going after if you didn't get it in the Ancient Library, and don't forget that Black Shock may be able to adjust your levels into the target zone if needed.

Traveler (トラベラー) knows another new skill, Time Slip, and has a 33% chance to use it every other round, or can be controlled into using it. Time Slip inflicts the 'aging' and 'sleep' status effects, thoroughly debilitating enemies vulnerable to those.

Ziggurat Gigas (ジグラトギガース), found only on the higher floors, uses Guard Offer 33% of the time every other turn.

Last and least, Neon (ネオン) has a 33% chance to counter physical attacks with Flash, neither new nor particularly interesting.

Aside from potentally helping with learning Blue Magic, Reflect Knights also have a decent chance to drop a Reflect Ring.

The second floor provides a save point. The third features two treasure chests, one of which contains either one Red Dragon or two Yellow Dragons.

A Red Dragon here is technically the first possible chance to learn Level 3 Flare. However, not only do you need to have a compatible level (or be able to adjust to one with Black Shock or Chemist brews) and !Control it (since it won't use the spell on its own and can't be confused), you'll also need to find a way to reflect the spell (since it automatically targets the monsters when used from !Control), and then hope it bounces to a character with Learning. [white magic] Reflect and Carbuncle aren't available yet, so I think that leaves the Dragon Armor !Mix (Phoenix Tail + Dragon Fang) as your only option if you want to give this a try. Also note that Level 3 Flare (when not reflected) will substantially damage the Red Dragon itself.

The Red Dragon additionally has a Flame Ring as its rare steal, which is good enough that it might be worth considering using [time magic] Return to reset the battle and try again if you get the common High Potion instead. A Yellow Dragon, on the other hand, can potentially give you a Coral Ring, also quite good, but as a rare drop, so resetting that chance means loading from a save, and you might not even get the same battle then.

In any case, the chest gives a Blood Sword after the battle. Continuing up the tower, the party hears a voice shortly before entering the eighth floor.

「聞こえる…か… : Do you... read me...?
"From the whisperweed?"
Galuf: It's Zeza!
Zeza: Do you read me...?
Galuf: Read you loud and clear!
Zeza: I've reached the power room...

The scene shifts to Zeza outside a large door presumably in the basement. A monster approaches him from behind.

Zeza: Everything's fine here...

Noticing his attacker, Zeza leaps aside, letting it run into the door before he finishes it off with a lightning strike.

Galuf: Zeza, what's wrong!?
Zeza: Oh, it's nothing.
 Anyway, hurry to the top floor!
Galuf: Roger that!

Zeza continues to the door, and Galuf's party continues up the tower.

A chest on the left side of the tenth floor holds another Red Dragon or two Yellow Dragons, and after the battle gives a Gold Headdress, which halves MP consumption. A save point awaits on the righthand side of the floor. Soon after comes the very top, where a large device sticks up, ringed in electricity.

Galuf: Zeza! We've reached the top floor!
Zeza: Alright, roger that!

The scene switches to Zeza in a room full of vibrating machinery. He shuts it off.

Zeza: Now!
 Blow up the antenna!

Back on the roof, the electricity fades away, but the screen goes dark.

「好きなようにはさせん! : I won't let you do as you please!

Atmos (アトモス) likes to spam Comet until taking someone down. Once anyone falls, the boss gets less aggressive, but gradually draws any 'incapacitated' characters in closer, and if they get too close, it uses Wormhole, and they get...

異次元にひきずりこまれた! Dragged into another dimension!

Once that happens, the affected character cannot be recovered for the rest of the battle.

Since Atmos is far less aggressive while occupied with sucking people in, the basic strategy is to just leave a sacrificial victim lying there while everyone else piles on damage, possibly reviving them before Wormhole can happen. Atmos has a lot of health, but unremarkable defenses.

As usual, several cheap tactics are also possible. 'Sleep' status will work, though it won't last terribly long. 'Berserk' isn't supposed to work, but the Kiss of Blessing !Mix (Maiden's Kiss + Holy Water) doesn't care, and will leave Atmos stuck using pathetically weak physical attacks until you put it out of its misery. However, Level 5 Death, if you have it, takes the prize again, though Atmos is level 41 and needs Black Shock to lower its level to 20 first.

That's worth 12 ABP and a Dark Matter, at least. The antenna explodes, too. Everyone jumps with excitement.

"We did it!"
Galuf: Zeza! Do you read me!?
 We blew it up!

The scene switches to Zeza in the power room. Everything is vibrating again, and worse, much of it is throwing off sparks or outright exploding. One large arc of electricity blocks off the entrance as he approaches.

Zeza: Guess I'm not making it out...
Zeza: Galuf!
 It's dangerous here. Hurry and escape!
 With nowhere to go, the energy is
 going to build up and explode!

Back on the roof, the whole tower is shaking. Lenna and Faris walk to the edge as a familiar cry is heard

Lenna: The wyvern!
 Let's hop on.
Galuf: Zeza! I'm coming to save you!
Zeza: Don't!
 Wait in the submarine.
 It's fine. I'll come later.
Galuf: No!
 Are you trying to die!?

Butz grabs Galuf and pulls him away from the stairs down.

『ガラフ 危険だ!
"Galuf, it's not safe!"
Galuf: But!
"Lenna and Faris, you go first..."

They nod and leap off together.

Galuf: Zeza... you knew all along
 this was going to happen!
 You knew, and sacrificed
 yourself to...
Zeza: Wait at the submarine!
 I'll come. I promise.
 Over and out!

Galuf tries to force his way through Butz, taking both of them partway down the stairs.

ガラフ「ゼザーーーーァァ! Galuf: ZEZAAAAAAAA!

The music turns sorrowful as the scene returns to Zeza in the power room.

Zeza: Of course I knew...
 But there was no way
 I could let you go.
Zeza: I entrust the new Four Warriors
 protected by the Crystal shards
 with overthrowing Exdeath.
Zeza: Galuf... and
 Lenna, and Faris...
 The rest is up to you...
Zeza: Don't worry...
 I'll come help again any time...

The room continues destroying itself around him as the scene returns to the roof...

ガラフ「ゼザーーーーァァ! Galuf: ZEZAAAAAAAA!

Butz shoves Galuf back up to the top...

『しかたない "I don't have much choice."

...knocks him down, and carries him off the side of the tower and onto the wyvern.

 go to the submarine.
"Galuf... Zeza has to be..."
Galuf: It's the last promise
 I made with him.
 Let me keep it...

The wyvern flies away, the tower explodes, and the barrier around the castle collapses.

Some time later, Galuf waits by the opening in the cave that led to the tower.

『ガラフ… あきらめよう…
ガラフ「もう少し 待たせてくれ。
"Galuf... give it up...
 With him in that explosion..."
Galuf: Let me wait a little longer.
 Just a little longer...

After a little while, he drops his head as he finally acknowledges the unavoidable truth.

Galuf: Zeza...
 Trying to look cool
 all by yourself...

Inside the submarine, Faris approaches Butz at the controls.

Faris: The submarine might
 be able to get to Gheed's
 sunken cave.
"You have a point."

Lenna comes up from below.

"How is he?"
Lenna: He ought to be all
 right after some rest.
"Okay, let's go!"

The scene ends on Galuf, resting by himself and seemingly still stunned.

エクスデス城 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Exdeath Castle

The submarine starts just outside the underwater cave, which is no longer accessible. There's no sign of Zeza's fleet, but the wyvern sits on the land nearby, and the southeastern barrier tower is also gone without a trace. We can now approach and even enter the castle.

Zeza's soldiers have also reached the castle now that the barrier has collapsed. However...

The lock on this door
won't open...
Damn that Exdeath!
The sage Gheed might
know something...

...we can't reach any more of the castle now than we could when Galuf rescued the others before the barrier went up.

バル城 Butz Lenna Galuf Faris Bar Castle

In case that wasn't enough prodding, Karulu's line has changed, too.

Karulu: Gheed is calling...
 from the sea floor...
 Grampa, hurry and
 go to Gheed...!!

Well, if he's still calling, that must mean he's fine... right? We'd better go check.

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